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over credit cards for most transactions it's a cultural phenomenon and we'll find out why. but we begin with prince because this memoir called the beautiful ones has just been published and is flying off the shelves at the moment. prince died of an accidental drug overdose in 2016 but had already chosen a co-author for his autobiography the young journalist and found on pipe and bring the book contains princes in complete text and never before seen photos notes and hand written written lyrics. and david leavitt is here with me you've had a peek at the book this is as close to an autobiography as we're ever going to get i mean prince had turned on the idea of a memoir before suddenly changed his mind in 2016 why well that is
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a pretty big question because prince was always a very elusive kind of artist in some ways more persona than person as far as we could see but what his co-author dan pipe in bring says is that prince in his last years started to feel that he had a lot to say that he couldn't express just in music he was increasingly political particularly passionate about the black lives matter movement and also he started to think about his own mortality and what he was going to be leaving behind and that was possibly also because his great friend and musical rival michael jackson had also died you know when i was you know. imprints him self died a few months into the project he'd actually barely written anything on his memoirs and that's where been bring his co-author really faced a dilemma what do i what do you do with these very incomplete memoirs but what piper bring did is he got access to princes studios paisley park and he went in
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there like an archaeologist basically and that's where he found all of these handwritten notes these never before seen photos handwritten lyrics from all of prince's greatest hits and what he also did with the memoir is he talks about his own experience meeting up with prince and how prince was basically a total control freak and he was very careful he would wanted to control what words were used to describe him prince that he did not want the word magic used he said funk music is not magic it's rules this is a guy of course who was very disciplined he went $27.00 instruments to create his 1st album talking of discipline how does someone so discipline end up taking in opioid. i mean do we get any insight into this in the book well pipe and bring basically says that it was. it's a total shock to him and he really believes that prince was taking these drugs to maintain to battle pain so that he could keep working as he was used to by brain actually says that prince did not have
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a he didn't stick bone in his body ok but all the special insights that happen he. does talk about what he calls his central dilemma which is basically this feeling that he has these 2 opposing poles within him they're actually his mother and his father his father very religious very hard working just wanted to put food on the table basically and his mother was outlandish she wanted to party this is actually what the song when doug's cry is all about. he sings he's. right he sings maybe i'm just like my mother she was never satisfied the song was actually about their divorce and trying to reconcile what that was all about david but thank you very much for all the prince i always feel sad hearing about this but his memoir the beautiful ones david thanks as well have a checking it out. all november the 9th it will be 30 years since the fall of the
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berlin wall every day this week we have eyewitness accounts of people who lived in the east and the personal experiences surrounding this historic day the photographer gabriela shirts was about to give a speech or demonstration against the regime in our hometown of effort when she heard the news. 989 right before i went up to hold my speech someone tell me on the shoulder if you want you can say that the war has false guns and i thought right very funny of course i didn't believe it. for 41 years germany was a divided country from 1961 until 989 a while even split berlin into the western part belonged to democratic west germany the eastern part to communist east germany it guarded its borders zealously anyone who tried to escape was arrested or shot criticizing the regime could land you in jail. as well was put in jail an effort for her political protest heroes
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and here we are on the street to the former stars he remained to prison. before. the stasi was east germans dreaded secret police. just remember this is when you heard that the kids knew something was up and those sounds started . really hard to forget. long and. in the early 1970 s. there was a university student in alford majoring in german and art. over . the kind of concept of the day version control. let's all go away from this also. in east germany that triggered a wave of. protests among artists and dissidents including. who was arrested.
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this was the only connection to the outside world. spent 5 months in detention in 1977 she was sentenced to a year in jail at a women's prison in sacks of. one class which may have been in jail i decided to do art because with art they don't jail you right away. what i belong to the underground scene i had a private gallery gallery in floor. that's where the artist showed her pictures short films and photographs not official public exhibitions had to be authorized by the authorities. up against germany i had at least 20 i am some about who were always trying to incriminate me. or unofficial collaborators acted as informants for this. they often reported on their own friends and family.
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we later discovered that the secret police were given the task of destroying all of the stars the fires by december 14th 1989 when smoke rose from the chimneys one morning we went there right away i made a poster like this for the 1st occupation of an east german stars a headquarters that was in africa and was organized by 5 women that's when we took control. of the fall of the wall did a lot for me it gave me freedom freedom to develop as i wished as a person an artist and a woman. we are becoming a cashless society more mole certainly here in europe it's easy to get credit cards and now so wiping is the name of the game you just pass your card over the machine
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and it automatically takes show money but germany is actually bucking this trend and here more than in any other european country cash is still came why well there are various theories there's more. across europe many consumers are increasingly using digital payment nothing except the germans more than half of the country's population can't imagine going completely cashless far more than the european average german still want people to show them the money. why not i'm worried that it's easier to get ripped off when you use cards i prefer to have money on my wallet to put me in the know it's really in the lead you have to use cash for everything i pay by card all the time but in germany that's not so common so you you should have cash i think it's because of the mentality or the way people think i respect that because i think it's always
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nice to have some money in your pocket but when i 1st came to germany. it took me some time to get used to it promise me to take cards unfortunately no. paying cash maintains anonymity which is perhaps why the germans are so unwilling to give it up. business psychologist. has been studying the popularity of cash payment in the german speaking world and its causes so to go before considered there's an intense fear among us of cashews being drastically reduced or eliminated and see we don't want others to have too many an over us we want autonomy and we want freedom and the practicality that using cash offers are good for. germans are slowly getting. used to cashless payment methods 2018 was the 1st year when more transactions were done by payment cards going in cash but each german has an average of around $100.00 euros in their wallet that flex their skepticism because
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the cash offers a good overview of your own spending. by when you paying cash i can immediately see and experience the pain of your own spending. fairly well and it seems to be a particularly german skepticism many in britain for instance don't carry any cash at all they're increasingly paying without paper notes or coins like here at a market in london. even street performers are starting to switch from coins collected in a guitar case to cashless payment methods princes trini has been busking in london for 2 years and always has his portable card reader with him he says the cashless option makes people more likely to give him donations money even buy his c.d.'s. a couple of years ago. because i've noticed that loads of people are now carrying our all cash i decided to buy
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a portable carita. that actually gave gave me a big difference of my income. a london based anthropologist and author brett scott has studied monetary systems and digital payment methods he's currently writing a book about the cashless society he takes a critical view of the developments in britain and doesn't think that street performers and other groups really benefit from the trend towards cashless payment . it's not like they're making more money now $7.00 if they're taking digital payments just a bit of i don't think digital payments in a city like this very going to be excluded one is an observation about living in the u.k. but i would say the country has a kind of like a low. a low immunity it's a corporate takeover you know if you go to certain countries you'll see that people . resist chain stores they resist these huge institutions taking over everything whereas in the u.k. people since this kind of black acceptance even britain's nonprofit institutions
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are joining me cashman say each admission to the tate modern museum is free but museums are encouraged to make a donation which they can now do just by tapping. moral of this story many of us in the world of arts and culture on our website updated every dot com splash culture but that's just money's worth for this tradition thanks for watching about. the fun. and.
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documentary goes to italy and china and looks appealing the glamorous facades of fashion houses. luxury klim her stores no membership going to a w. . this is news and these are our top stories voters in the u.k. will be heading to the polls on the summer 12th after lawmakers voted to hold a snap election prime minister boris johnson had pushed for the election after failing to get his present bill through parliament the house of commons will be dissolved next week to allow for a 5 week election campaign. lebanese prime minister saad hariri has resigned after 2 weeks of protests.


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