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this is news coming to you live from berlin and voters in the u.k. will choose a new government on december 12th after lawmakers back a snap election. the right 438. good news for the man to try and save. the motion passes by a huge majority in parliament will go to london to find out what this means for brakes also coming up lebanon's prime minister saad hariri steps down after 2 weeks of political protests but some protesters say hariri is departure is not enough to
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satisfy their demands. russia and turkey's ceasefire comes to an end in northeastern syria moscow says kurdish militias have met a deadline to withdraw from the turkish border region. a rare moment of joy as friends find each other in a refugee camp they fled the turkish incursion in northern syria and a huge question now hangs over their future. well i'm terry barton good to have you with us the log jam in britain's parliament has finally broken after almost 2 and a half years of wrangling caused by a government that has no majority lawmakers have overwhelmingly approved prime minister boris johnson's call for a snap election on december 12th and will likely center on britain's depart. there
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from the european union which johnson with johnson hoping to secure a majority to finally get his brags deal done a vote of maybe the last chance redish voters to have their say on the issue. finally something they could agree on britain needs a shake up. the our eyes to the right 438 the notice to the left 20 so the eyes have it the ayes have it it was a moment of near unanimity it is not and the most devoted of parliament. there is only one way to restore the esteem in which our democracy is held and to recover the respect to which parliament should be held by the people of this country and that is finally to offer also to the judgment of the people of this country and i have to say boris johnson is hoping fresh elections deliver him a majority to force through breaks it once and for all his opponent however will be
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campaigning on other issues labor backs a general election because we want this country to be rid of these reckless and destructive conservative government. a government a government that has caused more of our children to be living in poverty more pensioners to pay in poverty and more peoples of a i am in wook poverty. such themes may contrast with the mood in what will be the 1st christmas election since 1923 politicians have a job on their hands ring a weary electorate more preoccupied with shopping. i just i think disillusioned is the west but i think a lot which is paid to the situation says something's got to be right because i'm sick and tired is that most of the population of this country is sick and tired of brecht's it. is running out. with polls showing this election could result in
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another divided parliament the season of giving may well threw up some unexpected surprises. for the very latest now let's cross over to london where our correspondent there get massive stunning by berger that britain is still deeply divided over breaks it how is of fresh elections supposed to settle the issue well boris johnson clearly hopes that he's having a new paul and often this election so he's been blaming parliament for taking defeat for not making breads and happen haldeman has really scrutinize boris johnson's government very hard and they forced him for example to an extension to not leave the european union no idea but they really made him also an extension so boris johnson and paul amend are really at loggerheads with each other and he's hoping that the new parliament will come with
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a clear conservative majority now in the polls that might be the case he is leading but we don't know whether this actually is going to turn out the way he likes or whether at the end of this we are none the wiser. and his conservatives are facing really strong opposition from a number of areas what sort of difficulties is he going to face going into this election with the especially against the against the labor party. well against the labor party they're going to campaign also on domestic issues they want to also tighten slightly away from direct campaigning on renationalisation maybe on health service boris johnson has a lot to fear there also from niger for us to say johnson's conservative government already trying to come across as the government that pushes spreads to true however he hasn't made it happen yet and nicer for us with this new brigs of party is
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a very effective campaign a more or less been campaigning for the last months so they might eat away votes on the right of the conservative party so it's not going to be plain sailing for boris johnson even though in the polls he is leading and has much better pinioned polls also than he's direct opponent jeremy corbyn from the labor party ok so we've got a winter vote coming up december 12th close to christmas the 3rd election in 5 years or voters in the u.k. looking forward to their spirit. i think if you ask voters most of them will have a deep sigh as and oh my god another election and i can't hear anything more about bricks and so they really worn out by the whole political debate by the back and forth about brett said but i think a lot of people do feel very strongly about brecht in the end i think that they
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will come out and they will vote even though they might rather snuggle on the sofa with a blanket when it's cold in december ok very good thank you so much our correspondent there in london. now let's catch up on some of the other stories making headlines around the world today thousands of anti-government demonstrators have taken to the streets in chile's capital santiago for a 12th day of protests demonstrators clashed with police who used tear gas and water cannon the protesters are demanding greater equality and better public services. a u.s. army officer says he heard donald trump press ukraine's leader to investigate his democratic rival joe biden colonel alexander been or was so worried that he supports reported the phone call that been is the 1st white house staffer to testify in the impeachment inquiry against president trump. in somalia at least 5 people have died after
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a boat capsized during severe flooding 2 children were among those who drowned in the accident weeks of heavy rains have swollen rivers destroyed parm land more than 180000 people have been forced to leave their homes. for now northern syria where the ceasefire has officially ended the deal was agreed last week by turkey and russia calling for kurdish militias to retreat from the border zone russian officials say kurdish forces have completed their withdrawal earlier than planned turkey says it will verify the withdrawal in joint patrols with russian troops meanwhile violence has flared in the region for the 1st time since turkey spent. well thousands of kurdish refugees have fled northern syria since turkey launched that incursion many have ended up in camps in neighboring iraq. hama and her daughter lyin are looking for
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a neighbor they lost track of when they fled northern syria they've been combing the refugee camp in iraq for the past 3 days. well barbara that there were you're. ringback the one who has evolved from her run with the little. while michelle i'm happy she's my neighbor my aunts my mother everything i love her and her daughter very much we're always together fuck her husband mohammed and their 2 daughters survived the turkish military often siv they say it was a gift from god. george would grow just that came out of the turkish army didn't invade commercially it just bombed the city from the other side of the border we fled our houses very close to the border our children were afraid the bombing was indiscriminate people die. you would jani much too
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and now turkish president heritable and is planning to resettle a 1000000 syrian refugees from turkey in northern syria. is really forcing some people out in order to make room for others is not acceptable. the barda rush camp in northern iraq is overfilled the syrian refugees are being brought here in buses from the syrian iraqi border the turkish military incursion took many residents by surprise the refugees were not able to bring much with them. mohamed fetches water he's afraid that he and his family will have to stay put here a long time after all the occupying turkish forces are cooperating with the free syrian army which includes many radical islamists in its ranks. the world the new if the turks and the free army stay we can't go there. where
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afraid because they're cooperating with i yes they're letting us fighters move through their territory for dollars more and i do. feel like hopes that her family will be able to return home again one day she wants to be a role model for her daughter she doesn't want to let turkey's resettlement plans following her. i knew there had that you know if they came they'd be welcome if they have no homes i take the mending give them something to eat and drink it doesn't matter if they're arabs current's christians or muslims we're all syrians. quad just for fun the worst thing about being displaced is that her children will not be able to go to school again for a long time and opportunities could pass them by. now to lebanon where protesters have been celebrating the resignation of prime minister saad hariri and his government really announced on tuesday that he was stepping
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down following nearly 2 weeks of mass demonstrations they've been fueled by anger over rising living costs and frustration with the country's sectarian form of government but hariri is departure is unlikely to bring calm to the country the protesters are demanding more sweeping changes. hariri is gone but the demonstrators remain 1000 stayed on the street into the night at the main protest camp close to the prime minister's headquarters they see her again ation is a victory but for them it is just the 1st step basically on the part of the if they were present say that we did not say yes we will start with the would be it would be a government. with the it will be with this that this group that left it at that station was to change still insist that my seat at the school and my political life to
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protect god there was earlier protesters celebrated the moments of the 1st big changes so that political system was prime minister hariri announced to the nation that he was stepping down i'm not above them i am going to the presidential palace to submit the government's resignation to president michel our own and track people in all regions in response to the will of the many lebanese people who have taken to the streets to demand change. but there are powerful forces in lebanon who are against the change the protesters are demanding . therefore hariri announced his resignation supporters of the shiite muslim political movements hezbollah and amal rampaged through the main protest camp. lose the war so violent since protests started nearly 2 weeks ago. activists are back at that camp on are determined to continue their fight. hariri
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is departure has lifted their spirits but it may not be enough to end the country's turmoil. a nipple these mountain climber has broken the speed record for conquering the world's 14 highest peaks all over 8000. meter's nirmal poor wrapped up the record by scaling mount shisha punk in china that was only 6 months and 6 days after setting off on his record breaking effort the previous record holder took 8 years to complete the same pete. just reminder of the top stories we're following for you here today on d w news britain will be heading to the polls on december 12th after lawmakers voted to hold a snap election prime minister boris johnson had pushed for the election after failing to get his brakes of bill through parliament. and lebanese prime minister saad hariri has resigned after 2 weeks of protests against corruption and
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sectarianism opponents say hariri sparser is not enough to satisfy their demands they want a complete overhaul of the political system. watching the news from berlin up next our documentary chicago survival in the shadows thanks for being with us. the adventures of the famous naturalist and explorer. truce in the breach of comics on the phone it's 250th birthday we're importing on a voyage of discovery. expedition voyage on to.


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