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this is due to overuse line from berlin joining forces turkey and russia begin joint patrols in northeastern syria the operation aims to move kurdish militias out of the region turkey's president everyone plans to resettle some 2000000 people opponents say it's a human catastrophe in the making also coming out german chancellor angela merkel talks trade and security with indian prime minister narendra modi on the table closer and gestural and strategic ties. plus speaking out for cycle of freedom in
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russia a new law allows the authorities to switch off the internet critics fear the kremlin could use the measure to silence his critics. and one of the toughest sports on the planet prepares for its world cup final dylan's work the players are the favorites against south africa the springboks have made a habit of cool running out wins in japan 2. on what mark thank you so much for your company everyone turkey and russia have launched joint ground patrols in northeastern syria the operation as part of a deal struck by the countries to force kurdish fighters out of the territory near turkey's border while the patrols will begin with a 10 kilometer within a 10 kilometer zone rather along the border this step marks a new major power shift in syria. a month after president donald trump would drew
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u.s. forces from that area or at least get you more on these developments i'm joined now by our correspondents in istanbul a 1st off what are these patrols about what are they trying to achieve well the deal that you mentioned there between the uncle and moscow struck last week provided for the withdrawal of syrian kurdish fighters some 30 kilometers from the turkish border now ankara considers these fighters as terrorists so it was a condition for the turkish government to end its a deadly military offensive there in the north in syria so from what we understand there are ground troops now on the day calls and drones patrolling the area now an area from which russia has said some 34000 fighters have with drawn but turkey doesn't quite seem to believe it they said they want to use the joint
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patrols to confirm this and prison edwin in the past days has repeatedly threatened to restart the whole military operation if deemed necessary all right and in the meantime yulia president assad addressed the turkish joint turkish russian joint operation on syrian state television this is what he said. this agreement is a positive step it does not achieve everything in the sense that it will not pressure the turks to leave immediately however it limits the damage and paves the way for the liberation of this region in the future will the immediate future. so you'll hear is that a ringing endorsement from president assad for this joint operation. no it isn't but he appears to feel like he is the vaiko winner of everything that we have been witnessing there in north and syria in the past week since early
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october since u.s. president donald trump announced the withdrawal of american forces from the area that's when turkey started its military operation the cuz the kurdish forces there then turned to the syrian regime and its most powerful ally russia for help and this allowed us to swiftly deploy forces to the area to reclaim territory there in within syria that he had essentially lost in the early years of the syrian war so now the cuts hoped for some kind of political solution with some kind of self rule deal but he said in his speech yesterday also that he aims to restore state authority over the kurdish controlled areas in the north and syria so he made huge stops towards winning the syrian war and that's why now expectations are very low that he'll make any kind of concessions in the u.n. brokered talks aimed at coming up with
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a new syrian constitution that are currently under way in geneva and speaking of the u.n. yulia u.n. secretary general antonio guterres was in turkey today and met incidentally also with the turkish president erdogan do we know what they discussed. we haven't heard any public statements emerging there from this meeting but we do know that present edwin want to talk about his so-called safe zone plans for northern syria with antonio good tariffs let me remind you this is a major objective of this turkish military offensive add on ones to resettle some of the 4600000 syrian refugees living here in turkey to these areas he wants to build houses police stations hospitals schools and so on and this is of course a hugely costly project and it would cost an estimated at least $26000000000.00 u.s. dollars according to turkish state media so add on needs money and he said he would ask
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a terrorist to come up with some kind of an international donors conference the big question here is what the u.n. would a get on board because these so-called safe zone plans that by the turkish president have received huge criticism outside of turkey internationally some say this is turkey trying to occupy territory in syria or trying to change the demographics of that area and then of course the other question is how many refugees would feel safe enough to return to these areas aren't your honner reporting from istanbul thank you. and to us point many observers fear their president was planned to resettle nearly 2000000 people is a human catastrophe in the making we have this report now from the turkish town of it's home to many syrian refugees who've already been caught in the crossfire and are fearful about the future. shortly after turkey made its incursion into northern
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syria 3 weeks ago kurds from the y.p. g militia in the region hit back returning fire at the upholstery store where her little and his brother work was hit both men a syrian refugees living in the border town of. how. we've lived here in peace but then they started firing rockets at us and everyone ran for cover we wanted to carry away the wounded but then i was also hit by a shell. to the. house says the kurdish militia wanted to take revenge on ticky and instead hit refugees he has a piece of shrapnel in his abdomen and another in his cheek he and his family fled to turkey from syria's civil war 5 years ago he's still worried about the power of the syrian regime. i took off from the syrian army my problem is president assad because i deserted if i return i will be publicly executed because i am
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a desert or. a hand that not only are i asked terrorists so are assad's soldiers we don't want the assad regime there even stronger than i asked. and now the turkish president wants the refugees to go back to the syrian side in the buffer zone where assad's troops have moved in the brothers don't want to return but fear they have no choice this is what else can we do there's nothing we can do against them if they decide that we should go back last you know a lot of you may not know that. today more than half of the inhabitants of act jacqueline are syrian refugees many like this month have lived in turkey for years he was injured in the fighting and is now taking combat leave faizal is a syrian fighter who was sent in by to key to battle the kurdish y.p. jean his unit is supposed to have massacred many of them feisal says he's really fighting for his homeland for him living together with kurds is unthinkable. before
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i joined the free syrian army the kurds entered our village and expelled us from our homes they've storm our land and forced us to flee. no i cannot return to our village as long as the white paint genie is there. the kurds have reason to be concerned about 5 free syrian army just as pfizer has reason to fear the kurds of the y.p. . still others are worried about assad's troops it's a complicated situation involving multiple sites where no one is innocent and where there are no simple solutions. germany's chancellor angela merkel arrives in india for a 3 day trip she kicked off her visit with trade talks with prime minister narendra modi in delhi while germany is in india's is india's largest trading partner in europe the 2 leaders have signed wide ranging agreements to deepen their strategic cooperation modi also said they will work to combat terrorism and extremism.
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dermatitis i'm going to machall arrived in new delhi meeting a prime minister beaming with confidence narendra modi was just reelected into a 2nd time in office with a resoundingly lection victory for his b j p party he wants to create a new india and germany clearly wants to be part of it but it is tension in kashmir also concerns that the climate also in civil society might be changing these are issues germany sees as worthy of criticism but nothing that will stop germany or europe from seeking closer cooperation with a country of 1300000000 inhabitants at the same time the largest democracy in the world so the hope is that india can one day become an economic but also a political counterweight to the present china and that of course was the chief
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political editor christina reporting for us on chancellor americal visit sending us her assessment of the visit so far i want to tell you now about some of the other stories making news around the world. in pakistan the 1st funerals of some of the victims of thursday's train fire taken place 74 people died after the blaze broke out on a passenger train in eastern punjab province many of the victims were residents of a single town. in. iraq's top clerics used friday prayers toward international powers against interfering in the country's politics as protests against the government entered their 2nd month the protests have been to have seen 250 people killed by security forces and thousands injured. the so-called islamic state has confirmed the death of its leader abu bakar al baghdadi
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american special forces attacked by daddy's hideout in northwestern syria on saturday he had been on the run since 2017 the terrorist group has named baghdadi successor he is. yes it's there apologies we seem to be having some technical issues that we're trying to resolve but i have here with me my colleague ali the car because we're going to talk about a new bill that's been introduced in russia that gives the government the power to disconnect the country from the global internet the kremlin says it is doing this to protect itself from cyber attacks but critics have slammed the law as a step towards more censorship and all it will tell us more about this walk us through this bill so it's known as the sovereign internet lol and in essence it's
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part of a bigger plan from russia to create in russian internet that is separate from the rest of the internet now russia is saying they're introducing this this this law to protect itself from foreign cyber attacks but critics agree disagree with that now but there are 2 parts to that all firstly russia is aiming to route all of its web traffic through services that are controlled by the government that will give it the opportunity to basically shut down the entire russian internet if it so chooses to the other part is that the law demands that internet service providers install equipment on then networks that will make it easier to monitor the content and that could for example give the state a better tool to shut down individual websites sounds like a mammoth task what have critics fans and well we have the media rights organization reporters without borders they've come out and condemned this law they
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called it a dangerous step towards comprehensive control and monitoring of digital communications i was of a tweet from the asia and europe director of human rights watch tanya look she now she says russia's sovereign internet low allows for colossal extrajudicial blocking of speech and information without transparency from the judicial authorization or meaningful oversight now russian you internet users citizens have also been protesting against this in the last year because of from march when this bill. signed into law and all of these critics basically agreed this door will make it easier for surveillance and censoring of internet usage in russia and when do we expect to see these changes go into effect well some of part of the system is only meant to be up and running by generally 2021 that's the pot that will route all the traffic through russian service so that's a bit over a year away still other parts of the system are already being tested there are some
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technical hurdles that they have that's according to media reports robyn some technical hurdles when it comes to this equipment that internet service providers are already being tested there are some technical hurdles that they have that's according to media reports robin some technical hurdles when it comes to this equipment that internet service providers are supposed to install but that's a matter of time we're not talking about you know chinese level of internet. of internet censorship here but once this is all up and running it's it will definitely limit internet freedom in russia. on house a car thank you so much for the explanation thank you. europe has a new monetary chief christine legarde is the 1st woman to head up the european central bank in frankfurt her predecessor mario draghi has stuck with low interest rates to ward off recession like i did once governments with big budget surpluses like germany and the not less to do more to prescript. the new head of the european
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central bank hasn't given too much away about how she intends to proceed in her new job but she has given some indication of what she thinks the institution needs to do the z.b. needs to listen to understand markets need not be guided by market but is certain is to listen and understand but it also needs to listen and understand the people. because a currency is off the role of public good that belongs to the people we can let go and is widely expected to maintain the loose monetary policy spearheaded by her predecessor mario draghi the combination of super low interest rates and a massive bond buying program helped stabilize some of the euro zone's weakest and most indebted economies in the wake of the financial crisis but those policies have of course been bad news for savers who feel there is no longer an incentive to park
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their money in the bank and fear they could soon be even punished for doing so christine legarde previously served as finance minister of france before taking over as the head of the international monetary fund both jobs demanded some degree of crisis management experience that could well come in handy in her new job as e.c.b. head. well our financial correspondent in frankfurt chelsea delaney told us what the european central bank's new boss should expect from the job. problem i mean really going to try to build some sort of cold game sort of common ground with and the governing council there's a lot of. a lot of discrepancy in how. you hear. what you would like to do you a company where you have the. union are getting poorer working i'm not going to.
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conny in banks all throughout the year and. i think they're going to continue on the. margins are going really starting to try and get countries like germany that run budget surplus to do more in terms of the name and a lot of. countries there are spending as much as they can but i think that's where and that's really markets are going looking her diplomatic our political. hope her do something about markets are you really wasn't able to do i. mean just to do any of their reporting from frankfurt all right we're talking about some of the other stories making news around the world and i've been on the banks have rio grande for the 1st time in 2 weeks following a wave of protests that forced the government to resign and most banks are operating normally but artists are storm to have quarters of one back chanting anti capitalist slogans. a court to barcelona has found 5. guilty of gang raping a 14 year old girl not guilty rather of sexual assault equivalent to rape under
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spanish law while the court convicted the men instead of a lesser charge of sexual abuse on the grounds that the victim was under the influence of drugs and alcohol. nearly 200000 residents of sonoma county in california have been allowed to return home their houses spared by wildfires that continue to burn in other areas while the fire service says it's making headway against the blazes as winds dropped the fires destroyed at least $140.00 homes in sonoma county. the men's road the world cup final takes place on saturday with south africa facing england in yokohama japan england are on a high after defeating 2 time champions australia and holders new zealand in the last 2 rounds south africa have had an easier route to the final and welcome back
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a key player from injury. it's finally crunch time at the rugby world cup after the tournament spread over 3 months england coach eddie jones will send his side out as clear favorites for the final against south africa we just want to imply the great thing for us is that we've now done the preparation we know we've done the preparation we're ready for this occasion you know we have spent 4 years getting ready for this occasion so that's why the players can be relaxed can be relaxed because we know we've done the work rugby can be a brutal business 2003 winners england have been forced to do it the hard way this time around and victory in your karma will therefore feel extra special according to one former player. if they were to be training with a call to father even the 7 for those who offer the father what anyone could.
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probably including new zealand's efforts for the last 8 years probably the best world cup achievement ever rude but south africa still have a chance a team forged in the image of the rainbow nation have produced a series of dog displays in japan. the springboks tilt at a 3rd world cup title has also been given a boost by the return from injury of one of their top stars. always keep in mind that he will go on the field. and it is seen. as being selfish i think as a player. the stage is set for an intriguing final in one of the toughest schools on the planet but only one team can reach their goal. and add mccambridge joins me now from d.w. sports good to see you ed after dethrone ing the all blacks last weekend england are clearly the favorites what are the expectations for this game well i don't want
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any views out there pinning my accent and thinking that there's some sort of v.w. boys here that. isn't england really are generally considered the heavy favorites going into this final but rugby does have a habit of surprising people england actually came through this i mean final as underdogs against the all blacks the winners of the previous 2 world cups so south africa would have seen that though you know actually think it seems can be overcome now having said that england on paper at least a poll would be the stronger team man to man in almost every position except perhaps for that we know that we just saw cody who's returning for south africa what booze that is the have him back but these finals are often very tense affairs even more so than in football world cup finals are in a very low scoring the all drop goal can end up winning the game so you know england heavy favorites but south africa certainly in with a chance what talk to us about the strengths of the england team while many of the strengthening team draw from their coach eddie jones who is actually australian but is still willing to win of course if they get that far. but he was very bold before
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the tony very calm figure normally very defensive coach he's been very relaxed all week ahead of this final but he did a very bold thing right for the 21 and he said many of his older players were out for aging a little bit and so he scrapped a lot of them and brought in some fresh blood and england have looked a lot hungrier and they put in a defensive master class against new zealand in the previous round gave away almost no penalties whatsoever and if they play like that again they're probably going to win now this isn't the 1st time that they're meeting in a final they met i understand 12 years ago south africa won their title that could be a happy omen for the springboks well this is the sort of you know athletes tend to be quite superstitious bunch and it will help of course that south africa have won every rugby world cup final it's been in 1905 and in 2007 england just one of the 3 that they've been in and of course their previous well cup final appearance was the loss to south africa 12 years ago but it's probably worth pointing out actually
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that south africa aren't quite the same base they were 12 years ago they had the player the star of the tournament cry. he was so far sighted fact he once raced the cheetah for p.r. event he was the star man of the previous world cup they don't quite have as much individual stock quality as they did back then and it's going to be a much tougher game for them this time winning the record rugby a cup title this time around for south africa what we would it mean for that country well of course it would be a huge deal that they're rugby mad down there but it's also big for more political reasons or see the one of the world cups they won back in 1995 is fondly remembered as the one with nelson mandela in his springbok jersey after apartheid and for so long the springbok jersey had been this symbol of white south africa but they've actually got the caps and we can see him on the screen there the 1st black captain of this current south africa squad called c. a khaleesi born in a township the day after apartheid was repealed the symbolism exactly so that it's all coming together i way they were not a win what a story it's been for him to captain his team is well thank you so much ed
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mccambridge for. now to tokyo because the public spat over the location of tokyo so when that marathon next year has finally been resolved tokyo has reluctantly agreed to the marathon being moved to the northern city of sapporo well instead of the capital while the international olympic committee made the decision after concerns over tokyo sweltering summer heat in august tokyo's governor wanted the decision reversed but has now given in after days of talks. this is due to be news these are top stories. turkey and russia have launched joint ground for trolls in north eastern syria as part of a deal to halt turkey's offensive against kurdish militias the step cements the power shift in syria a month after president donald trump would troop u.s. forces. german chancellor angela merkel is in india for
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a visit focusing on boosting trade and business ties americal and indian prime minister new renter modi are holding talks on a range of issues including smart cities renewable energy and urban transport. russia has introduced a new law that gives the government the power to disconnect the country from the global internet the criminal says it is doing this to protect itself from cyber attacks but critics have slammed belong as a step towards more censorship. christine legarde has taken over as president of the european central bank in frankfurt she is the 1st woman to have the euro zone's central bank on taking the reins she called on euro zone countries with large budget surpluses to invest more to boost economic growth markets this is g.w. news from berlin for more follow us on twitter at the news or visit our website
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it's t w dot com. coming up next is eco in the of the environment magazine don't forget you can get all the latest news and information around the clock right heading to our website as d.w. dot com little rock and roll in for now thank you for spending this part of your day with us we'll see at the top alex.
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eco india. roads factories cities their numbers are increasing while the forests are decreasing how can they be protected and how can the reforestation be done right. for the climate for wildlife for
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humans the forest is a dire. importance. no you. have fronts dear antonio dear cecilia this is obvious and as i'm sitting on the terrace in twilight it's peaceful my 3 grandchildren sleep untroubled that's. when i was 8 transitions in germany was split in 2 and remain divided for a decade since it was my given was when your mother was born in 1969 the world once already 8 years ago and you know my grandchildren who were born after the war film born in neighboring unified germany among the full time a time of great joy. 3 generations one family
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on a journey through recent german history. that nothing is. darkness has fallen and it's still peaceful and they have remained so for your sakes my grandchildren. or family because store still number 60 on t.w. . forests are the lungs of b. a b. country afford to live life without healthy forests but every year it 28000000 hectares of forests the being destroyed making before every imaginable human
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activity from bomb why plantations and soil feels to ruins to amusement parks for parking lots ho welcome to india and some of the drug.


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