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tv   The 77 Percent  Deutsche Welle  November 2, 2019 3:30pm-4:01pm CET

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the night the wall came down. to. take. us. with you. to make a special. treat. for the. long line. playfield. low and a while welcome to a brand new edition of the 77 percent show but expo was what might as well because young majority i'm your host once you thanks for joining me today. in today's program we've been looking at the population board in nigeria and salaries for to each of you money take those $3.00 debates to.
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even more of them big will be jumping on a so-called mike. and last but not least will be heading to total to make that call to tell giants to go i think so this was all the wonders of the capital you know me. as you can tell the lot or agenda once again report takes us to west africa where the ba'ath weight is one of the highest in the world this growing young population could drive the local economy i guess that's what many people think but how many children can cause a financial bottom for 5 and a serious health problems for women having several 7 pregnancies in a row but family planning and contraceptive methods a state of will subject in many of the conservative with the majority countries of the region however in senegal the inflight slowly be changing a growing number of young couples want to take control over how many children they
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will have and when every day. goes door to door visiting family some head to khan neighborhood she said but the district godmother or until she wants to see change in her community. in the privacy of their homes she talks to women about sex and contraception. so not every woman is able to go to the clinic and choose a contraceptive method. she needs her husband to agree and sometimes also how much they long while some women come to the clinic and say my husband wants me to take this specific method even if it's not safe so we go and speak to the has meant to raise his awareness of our role is to media. yes you. have unmediated such a crossroad level makes a big difference says sophie put young to rate
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a midwife interview health center 10 years ago the government launched this outreach program to make family planning a priority they hope to decrease my channel and unit told that. according to the world bank the fatality rates dropped below for. 5 children per woman in 2016 it was the 1st time in senegalese history the better rate is now $4.00 lower than other countries in the region such as new j. old nigeria and the queue outside sophie's practice is always growing i don't mean that. in 2009 when i started working here we had around 400 women a month we wanted contraceptives but now we have up to 2500 women a month so the growth has been exponential. and massimo i did really well. i think it's because of all the awareness campaigns the media the
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funding's also women now realize the benefits of spacing out pregnancies for their babies their husbands and for themselves. do bear fair to. this mother of 3 comes here regularly to get the pale she doesn't want any more children as she wants to make sure her kids get the best education possible. family planning i have peace of mind now i can do whatever i want without thinking of getting pregnant. with the simple. and silly go our own mental 5 percent of the population is muslim. society here is conservative softball as part of a growing young generation of religious leaders who promote from any plan and for how strained more than $2500.00 moms across the country he insists that
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a koran advocates pressed feedin and spacing out pregnancies. but when you read the deals of the words of the professor you can clearly see that he was against both pregnancy said he had terrible consequences for the newborns and for the mother. more and more mired couples are now using contraception but because sex outside marriage just consider top all single young people are often excluded from awareness campaigns on sexual and reproductive health. because the priority is to educate the youth the compound's. you have to make them understand what is at stake when there is an unwanted pregnancy. what is at stake when they have an uncontrolled sexuality. this is my. day. in a country like some ago it must be a priority to. progress has
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been made but there's still a long way to go. women and. women across africa don't always have the freedom to make decisions all over their own bodies often because of social pressure and tradition but family planning will play an increasing role in years to come because according to the world bunk africa's population is likely to double by 2050 meanwhile the resources are becoming. phosphate debate our reporter aided him money he said nigeria which is projected to become the most populous country in the world. africa's population is growing fast predictions say that by the year 2100 bill
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before point 5000000000 africans that's about a 3rd of the entire global population so we're here in congo the most populous state in the most populous country in africa to find out how exactly that future we look for africa is my i want to begin with you should we trust these numbers are they accurate and where do they even come from for me the numbers are accurate because when you look at the investment the agencies like unicef are putting in to intrude into research and i think you have no other reason than to accept this that is what. it is you know it's something i have thought about but because we all know most of them manipulate this number well it's going to be you know so the numbers might not be extremely precise but we know that africans are going to increase and i want to come to sign up because you're an advocate for children and adolescents and specifically against child marriage and i want to find out from you why do you think africans are increasing in population where the rest of the world the trend
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seems like they're decreasing well because there are some months not some regulations with the guts of population growth like population is booming and is increasing day by day and we're not doing anything about it in maine judea precisely do not and the increase of child marriage i know a lot of braids and given by that have very young age and women of the population so this is causing a lot of problem from lack of access to healthcare. a so mr director general we're hearing that resources are stretched thin are you feeling it when you are governing indeed it is very it's true that facilities overstretched at the moment we have 3000000 children in public primary schools which means. a little forms are needed to my needs education of these children under the government at the moment there's no top of these foods so if the
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government doesn't have money to take care of the people that it has right now how is nigeria going to take care of itself in the future zine i want to come back to you because i really want to get to the heart of this why then are we not we having 5.7 children that's the average age of number of births per woman in nigeria compared to one point something in europe why are we still having so many children if it's not working if we can't afford it yet because we like i think access to parmalee plan and i think there are a productive health rights and we are growing to leave without any make i said in the post place and also dieties some really just one question i propose that is i picked in that also because of the system of my age and the prime least him or not that's so. so weighs the balance between religion culture and really just being rational family friend in islam is allowed when there are problems
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but it is not allowed when it is intentionally mad to check the will be the idea of let me how 2 people or 3 people like how other people are doing in their culture is prohibited i want to understand to what degree do women have the agency not necessary for family planning but even to space their children actually i do think they have a lot of say because i just had to be be 5 months ago so i was like my husband and i decided to space you know to perth and i like let's go and check out the child space and you need to be sort of like 5 to 6 women i think 3 of them came on their own but the hospital said do you have to bring the husband or a written letter from him signed that he has agreed you know for them to do this piecing like a metal. we've been at the child spacing unit she's 39 and she's just tired she has 8 children so she doesn't want to you know do it anymore but the husband is and is
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insistent that she has to do it again what is going to happen to descent of women because a lot of them out there they are tired they are sick but the husbands which are not even able to take care of them still wants them to keep giving birth why why is a. line and when you talk about these issues the most vulnerable ones i guess because of the issue of gender equality it's like when they're talking about education because again it goes i indicated all discussions will go down they are not even making any approach to have a bill i'm going to sign a bill up 10 right and so that it will i just say at least let's do this just going to school education ok let me come to the director general because he spoke directly to him that the idea of free education is really incompatible with what's happening right now because you're not even addressing things like child marriage indeed we are addressing things like child marriage and we have this arrangement where we give monies to parents of goes to allow them to continue their
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education to secondary school level that we find out what is that what will a consequence is if a parent is found to have given their child out for marriage when they're too young of course they're very extant laws if you refused to take your girl child to education. process would be for that anything. about legal process. i'm not a lawyer. and you know if i thought it would be like a well known law but intimate like to come back to you. allow me to ask what would happen if the government of nigeria today the federal government said that the problem of population growth is to begin nigeria and we now have to cap the number of children to one per woman one is is just an assumption the question is based on the assumption yes of course but i'm asking you is this something that
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you think could work in nigeria in cannes or even in africa it will work somewhere and it will not work somewhere. that. that is in line with their culture and believe will accept those that see it as negative would reject it while we were able to do one thing that he's in power and creates awareness and late in the game give them education because this i had people that i give in but so if you light in them and give them a when is that if you need this is the point is that will happen if there is a population crisis in the country so it's not for you to lead the type of the the number of children that you're going to be even better you can talk to the husband look i'm not eager to get married because of i'm not ready to give but because of my health condition because you can enlighten them even to people in new areas and once and that is my take so information for you is what would they mom is refusing but i'm not going to stay there because i don't want to start a war i wonder what do you think it's been a very exciting debate here in cannes oh i'm eager kimani thank you for watching.
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what i make fighting debate thanks and thanks to all but. now if you would like to watch the full version of this straight debate please have a local lawyer you tube channel we can't wait to read all your comments. the rapidly growing population is also a challenge in mozambique where since 2005 the number of residents has increased by over 30 percent and more people means more and more cars and trucks on the road will be it is a bail struggle for many was on because as we found out on the streets of more fruitful but innovation is on its way. each morning before sunrise thousands of commuters cram into overcrowded mini buses in the outskirts of. the often have to wait for hours to get
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a free seat on one of these open trucks. they're known locally as my loves because the passengers on the crowded transporters have to hang on to each other in order not to fall. in or on the other as a teacher who has to take this meat each day getting to work takes her 2 hours she has had enough of it. no. cooking this is north of which transportation system but you don't have any other option available but today at least i'm lucky because i'm sitting in the front seat well spent most of the days and in the back this is not safe for talk or put our lives in danger every day but i'm glad i'm not in which not only is public transport. it is also unsafe the number of motor vehicles registered in mozambique has grown by more than 50 percent in the past 5 years and this has also resulted in increased bloodshed on the roads several 100 people are killed in traffic accidents to each. driver. has
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experienced many accidents. over the one where i want to tell you the story that keeps running through my mind you know the roads here are not ok once one of the drove us had to hit the brakes abruptly and all the people fell on the street all of them all of them from the shipyard. but. in order to make the streets safe of course he has tried to ban the use of open trucks in the past but the day they stopped operating tens of thousands of people failed to get to work bringing the city to a standstill authorities were forced to withdraw the decision. but safe alternatives are on their way software developer body talk has been well. mobility designed to get you to work on time and without stress. on its name where i work and sort of useful. against direct feedback. is
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a service that is going to help was empty cans with a transport most people are suffering every morning waiting for taxes all scrambling for my last year there might be a but then we are going to solve this problem. by. connects motorists who have empty seats never be a cold with passing just wanted to catch a lift into town. payment is done by a mobile money platforms such as mtesa. one kilometer of the journey costs about $3.00 euro cents. this is not too expensive the public transport system costs around 20 louis and flat but it means that i have to go through so much trouble in the morning i have to fight for my place in the taxi so for me it's much better to pay a bit more for better and more reliable service this is much more efficient than
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the taxi speak of. the founders of i want to revolutionize the private transport sector and provide a more dignified mode of transportation however the service is still in its infancy so far the only 4 drivers taking part in the service and about 50 paying passengers . there's no money for publicity work. from home like all startups we are still a small enterprise we need to be patient for now and direct all our efforts into the right direction. is to keep growing we expect to be able to transport about 1000 people pay a day in diffusion. now which changed to a different will in kenya actually well known for its world records in a letter but not necessarily it's. not yet. with skateboarding
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kicking off in east africa in the lead up to its debut in the next olympics d.w. met the children of nairobi were dreaming of becoming the world's best kid when they grow up. can't say again sketching helps me to be strong when i am on my schedule but i feel free when i'm moving on a board especially when i'm dropping into the ball and i come out i feel so good. 16 year old. whenever she gets the chance. to shine in my role being. $100.00 children but a speech box is the best part at least the children think so.
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because out. of the park opening 2014 it's not just stuff that just passed but also it's just the feeling of being felt confident they've been able to express themselves they've been able. to pull from them both to open up and appreciate but he says when she watches the children she sees cost of neglect and abandonment fade away she sees a brighter future. as often as i dream of going to the olympics one day and introducing women. showing them they shouldn't be afraid of skating because nothing is impossible when you just have to have to move around and be feeling and have enough confidence confident enough. to make a living but skateboarding one day and when she wants to build
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a home for nairobi's underprivileged children. and i'm sure what dream house well thought really be kate. now from east africa to west africa we're traveling to talk it's time for i'm outta my. today a guy to go on how to always keen to share his passion about the totally capital with us. i'm glad she's so scott told giants i'll introduce you to my beautiful city one of my sources of inspiration i hope you like it. at the soul was born into a good capital which is home to more than 1700000 people. voted on the border with ghana the coastal city of course not only miles and miles of beaches but it's also home to the leading container port in west africa but the city does
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not profit much from it as it is mainly used for transfer shipments the majority of the population from what truly. no man is account please and these sense of trans community is also noticeable in a studio located in the neighborhood of the coming. war this is why i communicate with the would i like to bring new life to the dead my sculptures can be up to 4 metres tall i use my artworks to talk about a feeling in my heart my goal is to give something new to the world. the 20 year old artist never picks up wood from living trees conserving nature is very important to the end sculptor also incorporates recycled materials into his act works to make people aware of the importance of protecting the environment like many cities in west africa the man has
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a problem with its with management this is very much i always feel shocked when i see people to rubbish on the street that is why i gather the waste to include it in my work i even pay people to go to the. damn and collect trash for me if you're so . good at the so also looks for inspiration beyond environmental issues he also gathers ideas from the local acts in china and historical trade routes such as rome is old pierre which was built by the german colonial regime in the early 20th century what i'm what i'm really saying here i think the old port is like a giant sculpture it's like a museum where parents can tell their children about the colonial history of togo were new york. was a german colony and see while one at which point it was taken over by britain and france in the commercial heart of la may this colonial heritage blends with more
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than acted like the piece monuments located into one the sculpture takes its inspiration from picasso this piece down. this statue inspires me a lot it's a great monument to directors and species in the world there's also this moral project initiated by 2 goalies artist jimmy hope. many took all these artists have worked on this mural. 8 whenever i come here i feel like i am immersed in a world full of art around. often comes to the beach to share his act with everybody but on these occasions they usually made out of sand on sundays the beach of london becomes the city's main gathering please come here to eat and drink one and dance with your friends
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and to laugh once a great week into the week and the pathic sport to say goodbye to tell me it was a pleasure to show you around my city law me i hope you liked it come and discover it for yourself see you soon. yes. you did for 15 well we have come to the end of wash i hope you have enjoyed yourself i know i have is what you can look forward to you know when next program easy that african film festival in florida where we talk about what should you choose and challenges in the african film market. and we head to uganda where we meet 13 year old musicians which will m. who is fighting for the rights of girls with us. and if you would like to give us a story suggestions are also give feedback on the show you can write to us at 77 d. dobbs dot com and as usual i leave you with the gift of
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a beautiful song this is by kwame eugene from gaza enjoy. what you. would get. to. bring. you. food. food. food food.
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food. because he wrote it. he passed it on. and he read it. there were 9989. the story behind one of the most remarkable days in recent german history the bosky snow the night the wall came down going to 50 some odd.
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welcome to the what is the game here for ditto for a place to talk about a. list of countries that's a whole. one. luxury behind the mirror humans are exploited and animals crudely small herd big brands have committed to fair working conditions and sustainable production but who is monitoring the subcontractors and investigative documentary goes to cali and china and most behind the glamorous facades of fashion house of luxury behind the mirror
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starts november 5th on d w. you may run through me and down in history but you know i'm bitter twisted not you may try of me in the very dirt but still night. did you want to see me broken down. so live for. me in the batman so. there's manifestation this is. new day here's a. look. at it. from a past rooted in pain i'm. not. claiming i'm in.
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place. this is deja news live from berlin hong kong police strike early firing tear gas to disperse an unsanctioned protests for demonstrators again take to the streets in what they say is an emergency call to protect hong kong's autonomy also coming up. centered jubilant as south africa or the new book the world champions the south african side put on a dominant displaying outclassing england 3212 in the final it's south africa's 3rd
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world cup title. and as germany gets ready to sell.


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