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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 4, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm CET

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this is d.w. news live from ballet west festivities all kicking off to mark 30 years since the fall of the war and they include this art installation on funding in front of the brandenburg gate our correspondent joins us with the with details also coming up. we're just 2 years ago before the next presidential election in the u.s. d.w. visits a town in rural wisconsin considered a bellwether of the political news one of the locals but predicting. an undersea year with john mcdonald has fallen at over a consensual relationship with an employee always being
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a corporate crapped out on the dating in the workplace and german football champions manjunath former coach nico kobayashi the top such as its worst in defeat in over a decade we'll look at who's in the running to take his place. on how the humphrey glad you could join me germany is celebrating the 30th anniversary of the fall of the berlin wall which happened on the 9th of november 1989 today kicks off a week of celebrations with 200 events exhibitions and art works like here at the brandenburg gate this 150 meter long installation is made up of 100000 colorful streamers with messages written by germans floating a joint wave right in the center of.
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and just 2 kilometers away alexanderplatz but in many had not i will be officially launching the festival we can that is where our chief political correspondent melinda crane is standing by for us melinda what is happening today where the mayor will inaugurate to this commemoration of the fall of the berlin wall it's being billed as you said as a festival celebration but in fact as you can probably discern it's a little bit more understated than that behind me is a stage where there will be performances also as soon as it is fully dark there will be projections of historic events on the buildings all around me and this commemoration is being called 7 days 7 places which is basically in recognition of the fact that although most of us think of the moment of the
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peaceful revolution here in germany that ended the division of the country as the 9th of november when the berlin wall actually fell in fact the revolution was a sequence of events over a period of weeks or even months and one of the absolute milestones of that sequence occurred right here 30 years ago when a massive demonstration took place the largest in east german history you have to imagine a sea of humanity gathered around this world clock behind me and emanating out all across this historic square let's take a look back to find out more. in november 989 the exodus of people leaving east germany reached a peak those who decided to stay demanded more freedom more than half a 1000000 staged a mass protest on east berlin alexanderplatz the largest demonstration in the history of east germany it is. it's as if someone has pushed open the
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window. of the years of intellectual economic and political stagnation. of the. only years reeking of apathy 2 years of double speak and bureaucratic despotism but your local coffee shop is here the communist regime had subtly and publicly lost all support but even then no one predicted that just 5 days later the berlin wall would fall. so milestone moment as you point out that melinda just tell us a bit more about the importance all that demonstration 30 years ago where you're standing now. the demonstration was organized by artists by actors by members of church groups academics students members of civil society a very diverse group some of them very very prominent others largely unknown and
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they actually went to the unusual step of applying for a permit to demonstrate here that was the 1st time that it occurred in east german history in the 1st time that it was also authorized nonetheless when they gathered here that morning 30 years ago they could not know 1st of all how many people would attend and whether in fact a protest would be met with violent recession by the authorities because in fact there had been police violence at protests a month before in my position elsewhere and also the then new head of the east german government was known to have spoken with understanding about the chinese harsh chinese violent repression of the uprising on tiananmen square earlier that year nonetheless there was no violence in fact those who spoke on the stage here at alexanderplatz were able to air their demands for more freedom democratic freedoms for justice for transparency peaceably in the presence of communist party officials
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and in fact the whole thing was televised which had an enormous impact throughout east germany televised although in fact that wasn't officially authorized by the state now amongst those who spoke were not only these members of the opposition who had organized the demonstration but also a member of the politburo of the state and one of the organizers said that when she saw his hands shaking as he read from his paper she knew that the days of the regime were numbered and of course she was right and thinking about those people who were that mean 30 years ago in the grand scheme of things isn't so long ago so what do they feel about what has happened since then. well i think the short answer that many would give is it's complicated many people would say in from east germany would say their lives have changed for the better since unification and yet
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those i speak with also say they are painfully aware of the ongoing to visions divisions between east and west between people from the former g.d.r. and people from the former federal republic but also larger divisions about the meaning of the events here 30 years ago about the aftermath of those events about the way that unification transpired and what that meant for east german sense of identity and belonging divisions that run through families that run through a circles of friends and many of those i speak with say you know the fact is history takes a long time to play out and many of our feelings are ambivalent and that's why perhaps the commemorations here are going to include a lot of discussions that pay tribute to that sense of ambivalence when our chief political correspondent melinda crane putting it all into perspective for us thank you so much. well much has changed here in berlin since the wall
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fell the once divided city has been reunify but as we report some divisions do you still remain. the center of berlin skyscrapers and tourists filled the streets but this was the death strip until 1909 as oh no belinda was allowed to enter get danica grew up in east berlin the wall stood right next to his home this is where he started taking photos. when i was renting if i took my zoom lens and photographed it from far away. that it is because it was strictly forbidden to take pictures of the border area that's going to resolve one of. his pictures show berlin's radical transformation this wasteland has become germany's government quarter the city may change but some things stay the same people need to love and to eat.
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i used to love to come back here with my camera because there was lots of life here lots of images to be captured and one thing that hasn't changed is counted because it's still here today but. famous for its color you boast cannot get has been selling sausages for 90 he is now and still serves the same menu the kleins today and different though. we have this used to be a working class neighborhood there were factories everywhere everyone dropped in here after their shift or on their way to work. the book ate from most east berlin as this was the end of the world today the city has been reunited but forget donegal somethin still remains. i mean it's a slow death if i still have the wall in my head. and when i travel across it on
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public transportation in my mind i'm travelling from east to west or from west to east that's just stayed in my head than a. professional and that's why i'm envious of the young people who do not have the same side on them. for those who born after the war what remains is just part of history. and all this week will be re you special coverage on reports of the events which led to the full all the berlin wall 30 years ago right here on now to some of the other stories making news around the walls in baghdad at least 5 people have been killed in clashes between anti-government protesters and security forces dozens more were wounded when security forces means live rounds and t. gas on protesters moving towards the fortified green zone where the government is headquartered in $250.00 people have died since anti-government protests erupted
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last month. iran has announced new violations of the landmark nuclear deal it signed with world powers in 2015 tech rons new kitchen says it's developing a new generation of advanced centrifuges which can enrich uranium up to 50 times faster iran began violating imitation is on the radio enrichment off the u.s. president donald trump pulls out of the new kid deal last year. greek police has found 41 refugees alive in a refrigerated truck in the north of the country but he stopped the truck on a highway needed city of santee for a routine check officials say most of the people inside were from afghanistan and were on the home as the refrigeration system was not turned on the driver was arrested. first as is demanding political reform in lebanon have blocked roads across the capital beirut that amount to an end to corruption and calling for
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president michel to step down the protests have been going on for more than 2 weeks and that to the resignation of the government last week that now supporters of the president will say taking to the streets for. a human roadblock to help our allies a country they say just isn't working these protesters have little confidence in the future accusing the government of not only corruption but also incompetence. we are escalating our protests because we don't trust this corrupt government they are negotiating with themselves we warned them that if we take to the streets we wouldn't go away we used to come and block the roads until noon and then leave this time block forever there go further. for protesters have blocked key roads across the country more than one quarter of people in lebanon live in poverty the economy has stalled and the country's lurching from one political crisis to another. but
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supporters of president michel aoun are rallying around valley thousands turned out to push back against calls for him to step down they say lebanon needs him to root out and tackle the problems facing it. pays your money in the president isn't to blame for lebanon he's not responsible for everything wrong in the country today he shouldn't step down protesters think if the president needs power the problems will be solved on the contrary 6 if that happens the crisis will worsen the window and there is the image that the. president has appealed to the protesters for patience. dari. we have put together a roadmap to deal with 3 points corruption the economy and a civil state. they are not easy points to deal with. i met danny.
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but public opposition against him bridges religious and economic divides demonstrators say no good can come to the country until the current system of power is overthrown. well you're watching the news still to come about shift sucks and big changes on the way from germany's most successful football club what is next for much. of the u.s. presidential election is a year away and donald trump could be heading for a tough race an average of all the opinion polls puts trump approval rating at just above 41 percent but more seriously for him almost 55 percent of americans disapprove of the job that he is doing when a key question is who will trump face in the 2020 alexion most polls predict that if it is former vice president joe biden trump will lose that many polls suggest the more progressive democratic candidate elizabeth warren could also have a slight edge over trump well richmond county in wisconsin has long proven to be
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a reliable indicator of the outcome and since 980 the county has always voted for the winning candidate the correspondent of a saw that went there to gauge the marriage feeding time for dairy farmer mark stalls and his calves like most people in richland county stoltz voted for president trump in 2016 but twice for barack obama in the elections before this time he says the political mood is anything but clear. we tend to we tend to like trust more than most people saw i don't i we don't talk a whole lot about it but it can get very testy very quickly even within our family i'm going to give give give give give give give give give give give give give give give give give give give me even though you voted for trump in the last election marks told skiers of old key democratic issues like health care and climate change he also wants an end to the president's trade more hit farmers like him
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particularly hard he says so that that's hurt we don't have a good place to ship malchen way products and cheese and you know so right now the markets got a lot of milk and cheese on it and americans are drinking less milk wisconsin lost over $600.00 dairy farms in the last year. richland center with its 5000 citizens is the largest town in richland county a bellwether for the presidential election since 1980 the majority here has always voted for the winning candidate. richland county is traditionally a republican county. do we always vote that way you know i wouldn't vote for a i don't like him i think he i think if he keep his mouth shut they offer twitter he would be fine i think it's with all the impeachment so it's going to be very noisy and interesting for the next year but if i was betting today i would bet
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he'll get elected again. at the local newspaper editor dawn key 1st says left and right wing supporters in the county are fighting for the public's attention she is often criticized for printing opinion letters that are too critical of president trump i suggest to those persons they ought to write letters their their own selves expressing their beliefs but most of those people declined and they don't want to explain why not i suspect they don't want their name in the paper. dairy farmer mark stoled says the decisive factor for him will be who the democratic contender is if the candidate is too progressive he might stick with donald trump even if that means more suffering for him and the farmers of richland county. seems minute have
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parted ways with coach nico co that following the club's 51 defeat to frank but on saturday at mackay bridge from the sports joins me in studio to talk more about this well rather sensational bit of sports news welcome to you ed i mean it was certainly a brutal loss of course for by on saturday do you think it was the final straw well i think it was the nature of the defeat that really was the final nail in the coffin for nico coaches reign by munich results have been paul throughout the season binded failed to win hearts of their blunders league matches until this point in the season so 2 losses and 3 draws from the 10 match days of start the season that did murmurings of play on play on rest one of the club's icons thomas miller said he felt like he'd been pushed to the sidelines and he wasn't getting the game time he wanted and i think once the players start coming out to the media and saying we're not really happy with the training and things like that then you're in a bit of trouble but like i say i do think it was the nature of this humiliating defeat against frank but that's all you need when things are going to and that's what cost him his job so right now then death forced in the table which actually
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doesn't sound that relative but of course i mean it's all relative in buying a used to being pretty near the top so is this really a crisis for them to think well it is a crisis if you just do it like you say 3 to 3 isn't exactly through the prism of the expectation on a buy a new coach yes they fall from the table they're still in the cup actually have a perfect record in europe 3 games 3 wins in the champions league they've only lost 2 games all season and have done all of this actually with a pretty depleted defense which certainly isn't coaches fault however he was handed $140000000.00 euros to spend during the summer which is a lot of money can. scored basically gave him everything he could have possibly one seed and he didn't get the results that they're happy with and that's what happens . now we actually have reports that we've prepared so give us a little more background information on what happened over the last days and weeks up on unit so let's take a look at that now you mainly ating 51 defeat on saturday against nico kobach his old club eintracht frankfurt it was simply too much for
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a buy here munich bosses who parted ways with the coach on sunday night his contract was supposed to run until the middle of 2021 the berlin born coach had been with the bavarian since july 28th scene and after a shaky start he won the league and cup double with biron in his 1st season but recent weeks have seen inconsistent results and discord within the team after the frankfurt debacle. this is what has happened is no fluke if you saw the cup game in bochum last week and what has happened isn't really a big surprise to me it's kind of reasonable rational superconscious be blamed on getting a red card early in the game just it's the order card to nothing worked out. so now we are in a situation which we have to confront and that's what we were going through as i was another we will have to analyze things and talk about it but of course we have to change something on even co about himself saw the need for improvement before
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learning of his sacking. video is a man unless we shouldn't be losing $51.00 what we have to grasp is that sure the man less is going to be more difficult so when. something like that should never happen. now those same worries will be inherited by covert as successor in the hot seat at byron i. that is officially out the question is now of course he takes over well in the short term hands he flicked the assistant manager and he'll be taking over for the next 2 games course in the champions league this week and then. dortmund this weekend so 2 big games now for any of our viewers out there thinking where do i know that name from hands you flick he was actually the assistant coach when germany won the world cup in 2014 so there is some coaching pedigree there however he isn't a real 1st team coach from elite club and they do need to find somebody now some of the names in question at the moment erik 10 hogg the coach of a very young at heart pressing dynamic team to the semifinals of last year's
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champions league. should say no it's not a hotspur didn't actually fantastic job you know revolutionizing that club of the last few years and a few old heads have also been asked and shows a marine you know 2 people very famous in england from their time in the premier league and also might select with the former you francis boss but they can have to find somebody quick probably somebody who's unattached from a club so the front runners are probably a leg greenery neo then people like that but they don't have to do something very quick because the big names out there it still sounds like a tough. jobs there and do you think that buying can actually salvage this season now i think they are absolutely can i think they're back to the time where they think you know we could wait and see how bad things get they've not done that they've they've gone straight in there they've made a big decision of a still they're still definitely good enough to win the pot as they like i said there was 140000000 euro out why they didn't buy dross they're very very good players and i think of a new coach comes in he can really change their season around they may still win the bundesliga. at mccambridge thanks a lot thank you. the global fast food chain mcdonald's has fired its chief
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executives for having had a consensual relationship with an employee in a statement the fast food giants board said steve easterbrook had violated company policy and shown poor judgment company policy forbids managers from having romantic relationships with subordinates but donald shares have almost doubled since easterbrook took over 2015 he would also leave the board of directors. alex forrest whiting is here with me in the studio to take a closer look at this alex the company said that this was a consensual relationship so why was easterbrook fired because that is the company's policy even though it was a consensual relationship as you said before manages and not allowed to have a relationship with a subordinate now we don't know anything about this relationship we don't know about the person involved whether they were a fellow executive whether they were flipping burgers a what we do know is that is to book joint mcdonald's back in 1993 worked his way
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up left the company came back and was made c.e.o. in 2015 and cheering that time at the top of the company the share price more than doubled but he has been controversial and with him before his pay packet a last year was more than $14000000.00 a year is now that is 2000 times more than the average or the median worker's salary at mcdonald's while we should say as well the back donald actually isn't the only company to have a policy in place like this is it that's right intel which is the electronics company had a similar situation last year and they dismissed their boss for exactly the same reason he was involved in a consensual relationship with somebody at work now there was a study that was to that took place last year by p w c the global order to company and they said actually that for the 1st time a number of c.e.o.'s who have been dismissed would done so because of ethical issues rather than say
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a financial problems or even rounds within the boardroom and we mustn't forget that there are some companies out there that don't allow any relationships between staff any romantic relationships between starts or doesn't even matter what level you're at they are banned but just coming back to this relationship i mean it was consensual but overall i mean i think it's fair to say that the company doesn't want to he has the best record when it comes to making sure that women are all safe that they. all comfortable in the workplace does it and that's right mcdonald's has had quite a few issues over the past few years there have been a number of sexual harassment claims against them including 23 new ones earlier this year have been one day strikes that have been held by women who work for mcdonald's saying that this has to stop it's the so called me to a movement that's what they have called it mcdonald's taking it very seriously just last month that launched they they launched their own a training for people working with donors across america so that's hundreds of
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thousands of staff to stop bullying to stop sexual harassment but it isn't just mcdonald's it is the foss food chain and there was a study that took place in 2016 that said of the women who what in the fast food industry in the states 40 percent said that they had been sexually harassed at work so a very serious problem within the industry absolutely shocking a very important facet to this story for us watching thank you so much for bringing it to us. you're watching the news coming up next in d.w. news asia a new human rights watch report says cia backed afghan troops are committing crimes against civilians. and as so bad it exceeds what instruments can measure how are officials trying to combat the deadly toxic. pile up next it is melissa chan with a news asia don't forget you can always get the latest news and information around the clock on our website d.w. dot com on the announcer in berlin thanks as ever to your company.
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game so special. for all true fans. more than football online. this is. coming up proposing peace while still waging war as the u.s. looks to exit afghanistan human rights watch says cia backed. afghan soldiers are killing civilians as part of their fight against the taliban. plus the smog suffocates delhi and for it officials extreme circumstances demand extreme measures we'll tell you what they're trying out to. the ballet lead.


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