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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 8, 2019 7:00pm-7:16pm CET

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for you. this is the w.'s lie from the german capital boxer 30th anniversary of the fall of the berlin wall will take you to this city symbolically the brandenburg gate in the heart of the city itself it's the center of this ring celebrations installations in place of progressions underway concert tomorrow we'll take you there also on the program u.s. secretary of state mike pompei or says nato must grow and change or risk becoming obsolete visiting germany for the for the 1st rematch with chancellor angela merkel
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and welcomed a planned increase in german defense spending. and the vigil in hong kong for a pro-democracy demonstrators who died of his injuries after falling from a building charts and longest the 1st student to die since the start of the anti-government encounter activists say they will ask their protest. time for girl welcome to the program as part of d w special coverage of the 30th anniversary of the fall of the birth of focusing on the city's most prominent lombok the brandenburg gate on the 9th of november 1989 thousands of people gathered at the gate which lay behind the wall in east berlin euphoric crowds clambered up to the wall which had been off limits for decades the symbol of german division would soon become one of the unity.
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new political correspondent simon young is there that welcome simon we've just been looking at scenes of jubilation from the 30 years ago what's the scene that now. well not quite the same level of jubilation but of course people are free here now to mill around come have a look see what they'd like to do and you have to imagine 30 years ago up to that point where i'm standing right now is in the middle of the death zone it was an absolute no go area you couldn't cross from the east where i'm standing to the west or vice versa and you know there was a lot of pain associated with that it was a symbol of german history the brandenburg gate behind me an important building and everybody recognizes it around the world but you know nobody could really come and visit it up close and i think for that reason people come down here now to
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take a look remember those days and of course one of the things we've been doing in recent days is looking through some of that emotional archive footage from 30 years ago in particular one piece we've dug out let's have a look this is an east german woman who came down to the brandenburg gate in 989 she wanted to cross to see her relatives in the west this is what happened to her. guarding the brandenburg gate the highest duty for border guards until november 9th . i can't take it anymore. and i just wanted for once in my life to go through the brandenburg gate to take a look around just once and the other part of burma and. i've never been over there and i. had no fake on no grandmother no uncles over there do you understand that. i wanted to go through and come back with my head high my love and you know by that
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if you keep going like this will never get better is that so hard to understand. that we had so much. pleasure. shoot or deal with her as a person the border guards at the brandenburg gate seem to be waiting for orders only gradually did it become clear that it was all over. so some young here we are 30 years on what's happening that tonight. well people are preparing you know there's a big show planned for tomorrow evening with musicians and i'm sure they'll be lots of members of the public down here for that perhaps you can see the stage just through the branagh gate behind me and there is the projection of the world on that spherical stage they're
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a symbol as you say of freedom and unity bringing people together people have been coming here all week to look at that many tourists as there always are but many berlin is drawn to this central location as a symbol of freedom and how the world has changed. simon young that buttons brandenburg gate thank you so much. u.s. secretary of state mike pompei oh is in germany for a visit timed to coincide with celebrations to mark that but he also came to address disagreements of current political and military alliances the u.s. secretary of state had come to berlin with china and russia on his mind instead wherever it might pump aoe went he was confronted with the question whether he said french president in manoa mccall's gloomy view of nato which mccormack described as
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brain dead so many good answers so many cameras yes. i. pump out it on a more serious note. if nations believe that they can get the security benefit without providing nato the resources that it needs if they don't live up to their commitments there's a risk that little could become ineffective or obsolete reminded that there's a price to pay for having the us as a partner a message heard loud and clear in the german government chancellor angela merkel expressed profound gratitude as germany marks 30 years since the fall of the ballon will. that's we will of course never forget that the united states of america with its president george bush helped and supported us enormously on the way to german reunification. but a great friend of the united states germany it continues to be an enormously
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important partner for us i saw the defense minister statement about increasing germany's contribution today to over time we think that's powerful because we think that relationship with nato matters and we need everyone working together to make sure that it remains a potent force for good in the world to come here was referring to defense minister and kate contact on bio of whom you met earlier in the day his support for her vision of a more hands on german security policy could also help her achieve her goal to succeed on the lam ethical asked. i've been providing special coverage on reports on the events that led up to the fall of the berlin wall 30 years ago and we'll have live coverage of the main ceremonies and commemorations on saturday the 9th of november let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world police in the u.k. have released the details of the 39 vietnamese people found dead in a refrigerated truck me in london last month 2 of the victims of the apparent human
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smuggling ring were 15 years old the majority of them came from the same province in vietnam. brushfires in eastern australia have been burning out of control with firefighters describing the situation as unprecedented effected area covers a 1000 kilometer stretch of the coast with many residents being told to leave the region. an earthquake in northwestern iran has killed at least 6 people and injured more than 300 others the magnitude 5.95 struck early on friday in the country's mountainous eastern azerbaijan region it was followed by more than 60 aftershocks on the go to. university students who reportedly fell from a building during clashes between police and protesters has now died other students have held a memorial events leading up to the incident is still clear but it's believed said luck fell from a parking garridge after police fired tear gas during
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a protest last week is pro-democracy campaigner joshua was. when morning together and we urge hall of people where blacks are sure to get her today and tomorrow to show our side darkie and unity and now is that high for the government to set up the independent investigation on the clash with getting no s.c. for truth and justice and which is really in saying and on reasonable for how the government allowed the police attempted murder hold on people. was shot while the correspondent is billing it is in hong kong the place where chance and luck fell and where people are gathering again behind me you see this parking deck where the student fell from last week when we had clashes in this area here now there were long queues before queuing up. for the site where he felt
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a light laid on flowers light candles here you can still maybe see a few candles burning but most of these people have left now and those who are now here on the scene left the more radical protest as they have set up barricades you may notice that around me everything is dark they've set fire to electric disabuse boxes stations so the street lighting is off here and now they are waiting for the police to arrive. for another round of clashes here in this area we have also reports from other areas in the city that clashes have been happening reportedly live rounds have also been fired it and materials what is known of the circumstances leading up to chance and luck staff. well we know that it happened in this garage down from one of the parking decks and.
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that's about what we know. they're there rumors that he was fleeing from tear gas hiding from teargas inside the parking deck there was so rumors that police were chasing him inside the police are denying this but these rumors are still on the security cameras they have not captured the moment when he fell so we pretty much do not know what happened but people anyway do blame the police yet so given that well the police promise to fully investigate this satisfy protest. they have promised it as you say that they have already. altered their version of the events that timetable of the events after some footage by passers by dashboard car footage showed that their 1st version that they had not been inside before he fell was wrong so this did of course not contribute to more trust in the police
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and we've just heard what joshua long saadat is the opening of many people here and it's one been one of the demands for a long time now people want an investor independent investigation into what the police has been doing that day and the weeks before and anything else will not satisfy the protesters they will continue going on the streets as we can see people have no trust in the police they have lost all trust which is building here in hong kong thank you. there i have to in italy in the most desperate of circumstances but now a group of migrants is taking part in the most italian of art forms opera 30 taking to the stage at rome's opera house for a new production of mozart's masterpiece it i'm in a new. bella godwin is getting ready to go one stage originally from 1000 been in italy for 4 years this production is the 1st step towards
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a long held ambition. it's really a great privilege because all my life i've always dreamed to be an actor but these adult i tivo and i believe this. backstage her cast mates are also getting ready. the production is aiming to raise awareness of migration and they're either playing themselves who soldier's story or the. story. it's a story about migrants about war because about everything i understand it i feel it it's a message that speaks to me and that's why i'm also taking part in this show because still with tivo. it's almost showtime.
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the scene is familiar but the setting is the have trickled. for the choir of migrants taking part it's just one more sign of how far they've come. well devote ball and former un for president michel platini has made a splash following the end of his 4 year suspension from the sport due to ethics violations the 3 time ballon d'or when most demanding compensation for legal fees and battery for his suspension was the platinum stripped of his presidency and suspended by free for the independent ethics committee and 2015 for accepting bribes he maintains he did nothing wrong. there was a reminder of our top story the hospital and not the 30th anniversary before the birth and brought us secretary of state to michael for pompei o a tells germany that nato allies. should work together to make sure the organization remains what he called a potent force for good in the world. t w e
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n news africa with christine one drop is up next i will have more world news at the top of the hour in the meantime of course as always website b w dot com some of the. literature invites us to see people in particular. like to see some as the kids find strength grownup. might. work for. you to be on you to.


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