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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 9, 2019 2:15am-2:31am CET

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it. took place. if. he wanted to smash the berlin wall before it finally fell. a lazy also issued a new old state you know linda but is actually better known as the legend of german rock music that let's find a mall is amazing my list of legal limit. it's 20 miles.
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this week on g.w. . literature invites us to see people in particular that i like to see myself as the kids find strength growing up her. my objective is to share with a friend. who does the books on youtube. this is the news africa coming up in the next 15 minutes the world is reflecting on 3 decades off it 3 united germany the african journalists traveled along the border that separated the 2 japanese get there were pretty. distraught families in book enough fossil are still waiting to receive the bodies of their brain says they were killed in an attack on
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a bus transporting mind goods. and the ethiopian jews who say they want to return to their holy land but israel doesn't britain eyes that. hello i'm kristie want to welcome to news africa it's good to have you along it's been 30 years since the wall off the island fell marking a turning point in european history germany as we know it today used to be 2 separate countries communist east germany often referred to as the g.d.r. and capitalist west germany now east backed germany was already east germany was backed by the soviets was behind the iron curtain and a sealed border separated the 2 germany's while the war in berlin became a symbol for the separation and the date off its fall on the 9th of november
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$1809.00 is commemorated in unified germany now to commemorate the 30th anniversary off this event a team off africa journalists traveled along the former border here all their professions. well you have to imagine 30 years ago there was like the burden was in berlin we had this berlin wall here right on our border to what was then west germany and we were here far we have cut off not only from the west but also from the east. i believe most people are happy with the current situation that germany is now you and the people in the former g.d.r. can now live from friday leaving kernan. it's an awesome gift but also members of tuscaloosa. this is how many germans feel 30 years after the fall of the berlin wall but our trip which started in moderate and ended up in the u.k. they showed us that the form of the wall has also some negative impacts but 1st
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let's put things into perspective as part of why germans are generally celebrating this day imagine you have a family of 5 people and your own living in one village and overnight the government decides to chant this in the middle of the image your father and uncles end up leaving on the other side of the wall and you in some siblings on the other side soldiers who are mining the wall are also monitoring every move you're taking in everything you say tanks also patrolling a village now and then and to see your family you need a special permission which usually was not granted to cross it we found our permission you would risk being oppressed it's all been shot. and that was for more than 30 years when we visited the museum in moderate a village with 47 population and was divided during the judea on my colleague and i
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had a hard time to take this all in. order these kids. are similar to the west we have in our news they are from russia. so. it brings a memory you know. the password. out of me how he's going to. present it in the. psychology for so many years so what kind of feeling do you get when you see them. read. this news. is good it was also here where we were reminded how difficult it can be for some instruments to shake off growing up in an hour thore tarion state where they were closely watched before giving us an interview as trade insisted on seeing our i.d.'s something she say's shows the continuing
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differences between the 2 germans as attrition you might in the arrow between the former g.d.r. and the former federal republic of germany there are very deep and very substantial differences reasons mesa going to trigger the arms this has to do on one hand that germany has always been a sovereign state and that the mentalities of the people from the east and west have always been different for she ran. the fall of the wall today for some also maintenance in their jobs in their lives and what the road to a town in the 2 ranger state was among those towns affected this mining that was closed down in 1903 against a backdrop of protests and hunger strikes we'll back maybelle was among those who protested he and his colleagues where laid off and where only paid a small compensation he and many people living here at disappointed neville thinks this is why many people in this town would not vote for angle america's christian democratic party city who today rather the socialist left party all the far right
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alternative for germany an ice tea party they are still very up through a relief occasion has changed very little and voters are now reacting because for many years the c.d.u. government has not implemented what it has promised the migration of voters from the c.d.u. to the f.t. it's very unfortunate. after the fall of the wall hundreds of thousands of people moved away from the towns like to look for jobs elsewhere this time and many places for my instrument into ghost towns but now this trend has slowed some instruments moved back to the former east germany. now became a fossil has begun 3 days off national mourning for the $38.00 people who were killed in an attack on a convoy transporting mineworkers distraught families are still waiting for release
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of the bodies of the deceased in a deadly ambush is among the deadliest attacks in the past 5 yes. this bus was carrying a local workers from the canadian gold mining company similar for when it came in their attack it was part of a convoy being is courted by the military it's reported that an explosive device truck sold the as be called before again men opened fire at least 30 people were killed dozens are feared missing now relatives of those killed want answers from the government there waiting to bury their loved ones. i haven't seen my husband for 2 days and i came here today to see his body and take the body and leave i don't care what the minister says saying here it won't bring back the dead. some of the wounded are being treated in this hospital in the capital.
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came to visit his brother. he told me that the bullet hit his leg and he hit the floor but. then others came above him and there were more and more shots. because the others were on top of him and he was underneath god protected him. pretty easy. he got 2 bullets in the legs and in his toes as well so we really live in fear this is really a disaster for us. it was among the deadliest attacks in book enough i saw in nearly 5 years the government says jihadists are responsible and you know sort of the country has been engulfed in violence and roughly half a 1000000 people have been to. placed president vowed that security forces will hunt down what he calls terrorists 0 order i have ordered the recruitment of
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volunteers for the defense of the country in the areas under threat only a concerted mobilization of the sons and daughters of the nation regardless of region ethnicity political opinion or religion can defeat these murderers. this week france and announce a joint military operation with the boy cannot be army at the border with miley and these air and areas at her hut bit of jihadist activity for now military efforts are failing to stand the end rest as the security situation deteriorates across this hot hill region. thousands of jewish ethiopians are living in limbo while waiting to emigrate to israel their chances of leaving ethiopia and joining relatives who have already made them complicated by religious fact that israel doesn't recognize them as true jews. these ethiopian children play with the torah
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a part of the hebrew bible they are some of the g.o.p.'s last remaining jews about 4000 doing plans who call themselves better israel and if here in gondor a small city in the north. the school teaches children about their jewish faith but also prepares them for a possible move to israel. if they learn hebrew and if they learn about their religion it'll help create and integrate within the society there and support one another. well members want israel to give them a visit to emigrate but some of gondor have been waiting more than 20 years as enough yet i moved from the countryside to gondor 12 years ago now he's one of the synagogues religious leaders he explains the origins of judaism in ethiopia we came to ethiopia because god dispersed the greater israel into the 4 cardinal directions
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so we came down from egypt we came here following the shores of the blue nile others went to america germany and many other countries under israeli law jews are allowed to move to the country but the israeli government doesn't view the better israel of gondor as jewish under strict religious law that's because the government says they are descendants of ethiopian jews who were forcibly converted to christianity in the distant past. many of them actually converted or their parents converted to christianity for various reasons and now they are in the wish to return to be part of the jewish people they are not considered as jews so that the already leave as jews but of officially them not yet converted so the jews enough yes have a says this is discrimination. some say we're not jewish and there are no more jews here they say we're lying but we're just pretending so we can go there they think
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will make the religion impure but the only one to know the truth is the god the creator. many of the community has family living in israel the israeli government has been gradually allowing the g.o.p.'s remaining jews to emigrate understandably reunification. but it's not clear when people will be allowed to go even if some families split for more than a decade you know that being alone is very difficult my husband was raised by his mother together with his 6 brothers but now 5 live in israel so he was very sad when they got separated. working as i can you moved to gunderson who started with her husband and children after someone burns down their crops her life is tough but she's grateful her daughter can attend the town's hebrew school. so i don't know how i manage that alone with knowledge about her religion she will marry someone who has the same fate and follow the religious practices. and i hope she will one
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day live with her family and her people i really hope that for my children and i love the elderly. despite the struggle and wait hope is higher. one day they will be allowed to leave they just don't know where. and at the cannot indeed every news outlet as always you can catch one like the one you just seen on ethiopian just on our website or facebook page don't forget and we'd love to hear from you tom next time. i'm going. today i write a long before more border between east and west berlin. i would like to see what remains of the history of the divisions of europe germany. searching for traces of the berlin wall.
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next. i'm not laughing at the germans but sometimes i am amazed that nothing with the time i don't think deep into the german culture. you don't seem to take the most drama day oh here you go it's all about who you know i'm rachel join me for me to bungee jump. in the. park and it doesn't look all that special berliners happy.


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