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3 more. till we have. let's have a look at some of the other legal so you don't want to miss this. week t w. in the book you are no one and you know people who think the length of medical research. exposing and justice global news that matters to me from things. without having moments of forgettable joy in the berlin wall fell on nov 9th
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1989 the city was divided no more. of those emotional images welcome to the special edition of euro max walking the fall of the berlin wall 30 years ago built in 1961 off the some $500.00 east germans were fleeing daily to the west it stood as a symbol of the cold war that divided the world it was closely patrolled by east german border guards who were arrested or even shot anyone trying to cross the border on nov 9th 1989 the unbelievable happened the east german regime unexpectedly opened the border in berlin this day that event has left its mark on the city and today we'll show you just how it is a preview of what's coming up. why and you leave your unified brother and became an international techno hub after the fall of the wall. and the east german couples
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are incredible escape to the west. after almost 30 years east germans were finally free to visit the west of bolin on november 9th 1989 autistic and how it tells us her story from the night the wall fell as an opponent of the east german regime she had just recently been released from prison and secretly secretly traveled from lights to east berlin that evening unexpectedly able to celebrate her 21st birthday in west berlin the very next day. and then men for being here during the time when we flooded through here i was as if a bottleneck at a going down to desperate you're going to literally sense that down and get us to that so many different levels it was no turning back for what has happened here we don't care this was something which would not really change the tone of on line
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said. november 9th 1989 for the 1st time in decades east german citizens could cross into west berlin. the train hocking how it was there she walked over this bridge and celebrated her 21st birthday in west berlin on november 10th a few hours earlier it would have been unthinkable. in have those i think guns because they're not considered it's my very own personal best a present and i still do. it was the time i went east to west with closest and author count on me about whether one night it will almost completely connect outside wouldn't completely come to without question without all of this east versus west and it was for a sense that if you also need to know that the tide only just recently been released from prison well with him gripping as a buffer and i didn't actually have permission to be inventive and had to add
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openness in the name mr b. as a student in logic she actively opposed the east german regime she took part in the weekly prayers for peace and demonstrations which marked the peaceful revolution in east germany. at a protest in september 1989. the train hockney how are held up a banner. that read for a free country with free people. down the coast we knew that if there was evidence if we could be seen that meant we could be hind bombs. so i'm from long time it was a trade off because we wanted freedom so much voice was convinced that we have to take the initiative and of 2 votes for it then the price would possibly be prisons the post and in my case that was sent via. the sing a song. a week after that demonstration cuts mean heart and how i was arrested she
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faced up to 10 years in jail after 5 weeks in solitary confinement she was released if i had enough elsewhere if they kept my id and said be prepared to stand trial and once we clear up this matter on the streets you'll be back in here again. as i hope that somehow things will change for the better for me personally you. would have been that that the entire country would open up so quickly and completely there was something no one could have predicted with me on this one could she been released but couldn't leave leipzig and was under observation so she fled over her building's rooftop and went to east berlin and yeah yeah i crossed into the west here with friends on november the 9th in investor run for my birthday was the next day here in my 9th month and given that you ready started celebrating into pot from here not the sun from here in prince law back. to fear monger because our point at
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some point he only came over and said here are the keys i'm going over to see what's happening at the border how my bridge. i heard something about it on the news not long afterwards we followed him. the train not in howard's birthday was to turn out very differently than expected. the whole city was celebrating the opening of the border. here's quite scared his face is quite back on. this is the west i can no longer say which building it was but i remember that this was a street and we will welcome today with great jubilation and joy and i celebrated my birthday early in my stock right before i met friends who'd left east germany and whom i thought i might never see again. if you go via. the train
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hardly how it was jailed many east german dissidents campaigned for her release. at the get 70 church in east berlin they held vigils as a symbol of peaceful protest. the start him off a device they shot that's a lot and here 30 years ago for people like me so it's comes when it's really something wonderful warm really positive to see that today people are still committed to this. to live they have the passion and persistence together hand every day at 6 pm to remember the political prisoners around the world has been jailed for standing up for what they believe and the darfur the same. physician. at the daily service the train hocking how are sometimes leads the prayer for political prisoners like she once was. today she's an artist and explores themes
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like freedom and courage and she's working on a dissertation about what drives activists. all the things are done in the meantime the places i've seen the visa projects and the work i've done i wouldn't have been able to do any of that if the wall hadn't fallen as if i might have received a long prison sentence and so you know is how i would have changed when i got i don't feel fair and not something i never have to find out. some gloop mostly. and we have a whole series focusing on german artists and their memories of that fateful night 30 years ago you can find them on our you tube channel d.w. you're a max along with lots of other exciting content. want to learn more about european lifestyle and culture. then you come to the right. the euro max
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you. could. take the plunge to an underwater restaurant. try out. labor cuisine join the race and destroy this. euro max you. subscribe so you don't miss it. this kind of music had a decisive influence on the in the ninety's after the full of the ball and wool countless buildings in the eastern part of the city stood empty the techno scene gave them a new pup was turning them into policy venues as the german capital became a hub full of techno music on of the most popular clubs at that time was bizarre. millions of racism d.j.'s from around the world pass through this. among them stunts like jim and d.j.
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pull van dyke. that's a nice mark come 1st to enter to kind of ante chamber there was a bar and in the beginning the d.j. was there as well there was a metal barrier and the sound system was behind that and that's where all the partying went on for a new car. when you walked through that room and saw the barrier the walkers this vast heavy door to get through that was impressive. back to the $990.00 s. . club helped to make the cars of the international take the scenes the german city became world famous as a proxy venue all the big name d.j.'s appeared at the taser gun so they closed temporarily in 2005 among them jeff knows from detroit's. d.j. is now famous the world data such as germany's pool van dyke launched their careers at the tehsil. that was the 1st time i'd ever appeared in front of people when i
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was at home i turn the bass down low grade on this machine lies about here was this enormous bose a subwoofer system or. so i heard things in my music i'd never heard before i got the idea yeah this is what i want to do with me. now that is it was to be the 1st object for a large scale berlin exhibition due to open in 2020. ready ready ready ready 9 for the nearly completed reconstruction of the palace the home but. it will include an exhibition that spotlights how clever lies ation and social change transforming germany's. purees to polish peace through the door to the museum. it's a symbol for 100 years of berlin history 'd. in the early 20th century the door
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protected the vaults of the baton department store at the time the biggest and most elegant in europe its jewish owners were later expropriated by the nazis 'd 3 of them were. during world war 2 the building was partly destroyed and then in east german times demolished. i think it's a beautiful thing i don't know about you but i see a certain aesthetic in it. this industrialism the rust is wonderful i love this pattern of history on it. after many years dimitri discovered the department still intact senate including the vaults. after the fall of the wall dmitri and some friends went looking for new spaces for planting in the form. they stumbled across the subterranean chained. we discovered the cellar stairs behind some shelves wow we stood there holding up our
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lighters we were all very much of that if. we entered this enormous cellar complex and it led to the steel chamber. and all that was something very special to us. realized immediately this is a place offered the potential for setting up something really big for us comes closest also. and since it's his only came the nucleus of the lens techno scene attracting ravens from all over the world. today the past is that all the stuff of legend. the draw it was fought machine helped. usually you couldn't even see who you were with because it was. also full of fun david or and you just lose yourself in the music here and i'm not made for an optical atmosphere there's no having money if you couldn't see anyone you could just close your eyes to mine. it's. history
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and it still plays witnessed a 100 years history. and still exists today but at a different location again in an unusual venue by the way a former power station now another quirk of german history is the fact that the split between east and west caused 2 different cuisines to develop one of the many restrictions people faced in east germany was the lack of fresh and high quality ingredients in a state controlled supply chain so quite a lot of imagination was required when it came to serving up a varied menu anyone who wants to taste some of those classic east german dishes can do so at a restaurant him berlin dining in an atmosphere reminiscent of an old east german establishment. yoga schnitzel was
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a classic east german dish but for visitors from the west it was also a source of confusion instead of an estimate with mushrooms it was made with a sausage. in their. twenty's in germany had to be inventive with the jaeger schnitzel for instance where veal a scalloped is a high quality product is normally used we had to use pork. but that was also hard to come by so often so some housewives simply used a sausage was a western life i lost it ya forced hillary clinton's been in restaurant specializes in dishes that her favorites in east germany has east german version of excel and his a slice of chefs in a sausage coated with flour one egg and bread crumbs that in fried golden in carrot find. the fun it was the original recipe for the source too. if. i cook the onions in butter 3 and then i peeled tomatoes and catch up personally i
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always add a dash of gerken juices and all that stuff. than the tomato sauce is pure right it's. just that's real tomato sauce my dear friend from the west one a real east germany. the 2 years after the fall of the bad name will the folks kemah restaurants in a traditional instrument dishes is the menu often take the furnishings to reminiscent of communist east germany. i find the menu also office ragu found which was to source spoils pool which was done with a cheese talking. turns the so-called sweeting cup a popular desire to bring the ice cream apple sauce. and whipped cream on it he said it takes you back to east german time as if that's a really good ending to this book. it's nice anyway so i have command of the
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structure but remember that it used to look like this even the chairs are just as uncomfortable but for that the food is great or it part of us should to get the gold through and i got i had today was a favorite when we were young isn't of not so muffin we'd go out at night to the broiler pan and pick up a grilled chicken i mention you want. to feel if in fact really i'm from the west. just here for a change my thoughts on those this back then we didn't make it over to the east much. in the of course it was often difficult to find the right ingredients in east germany many things were not readily available so east germans stood in long lines especially when imported goods like bananas and oranges were on offa regional played an important role in good. german cuisine provided simple everyday satisfying meals. cushy goodness and. we made
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a lot of preserves and homemade foods for the hard times. to tighten the other warsaw pact countries will also influenced east german cuisine is a fixed you from hungary. is a big spicy from russia with sausage and scraps. in these german restaurants you have to wait to be seated but that had more to do with the shortage of tables them with customer friendly service. in 1970 feet became a trend in both east and west east germany developed its own versions of west german pain france but changed the names. grilled chicken for example broiler. schoolday. can't. and the hamburger was known as the. robot the c.e.o. used to be
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a roll with the meatball inside now i can compare the 2 and 4 and it had addressing a bit like barbecue sauce that was a grill let's just on this i think for that that this guy. our rate going to still have a soft spot for east germany even if he had planned to leave as a child and also his on top i had submitted an application to emigrate. i couldn't deal with a few things so after many years i made the decision that swan and slawson. mystifies i wanted to be free and not have things forced upon me what i was supposed to think and what i wasn't but otherwise it was a really great time to show that side. in the end he didn't have to get a short time later the been in will fail. but germany's cuisine lives on and now thanks to our rate going to the west of this and tourists i discover a need to.
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know if you would like to prepare a typical east german dish yourself we have a few recipes ready on facebook d w. well final report today we meet a couple who were determined to leave east germany and search for a better life in the west for them applying to leave legally it was impossible so kathleen link. decided to flee into the west spending a whole year preparing for it in secret before they embarked on their journey just months before the wall fell. found out they could have face jail and many other reputations for themselves and their families. and constant cleansing on together on the pages about the center of their hometown of. just like on that night in august $988.00 a year before they fled to east germany.
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when we finally realized deep down that we could do it. that we would escape and we would do it together. constantly wincing grew up. in his early twenty's he decided to flee to the west as a child i was naive enough to dream of becoming a marine biologist and research dolphins but of course in east germany that was completely out of the question. and the meals there were maybe 5 vacancies for marine biology students and the students had to have permission to travel to the west for me that was impossible i would have had to break ties with my family in the west and serve in the army for 3 years so that was out of the question for me on the. cotton lincoln likewise from effort was also in the early twenties. i wasn't allowed to study because of my family and some of my siblings and other
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family members had applied to leave east germany or had been imprisoned for attempting to flee. so i had no chance of going to university in east germany. in the. direct escape from east germany was too risky so on july the 4th 989 the couple began a long journey with many diversions then they raise are documented in the book an illegal or a love without. constant and cuts when trained in secret for a year this like an effort to prepare for their perilous escape. as well as in the nights we swam laps with snorkels offenders with a black stocking and red heads. to stay fit and we even fasted
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so we could learn to make do without food for a long time we could. first they flew to that then soviet union but had to give up their plans to flee to japan india or finland. fortunately they went to trade or catch it and ultimately they decided to flee by hungry for. a song that other than when we were finished in the soviet union we thought ok we still have our plan c. we can still try a route through hungry. so we went to hungry and we only wanted to get a glimpse of the border just to get close to it was all but they caught us at the train station and put us in jail for the night. in may of 989 hungry had begun to dismantle its border fence with austria and in june it signed the geneva refugee convention east germans were fleeing to the west german embassy in budapest or across the border the situation was unpredictable. a few days
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after we had reached safety someone from weimar was shot and killed everyone knew the situation had changed so we were still afraid when we succeed. arrested would we be sent back to east germany. you decided to escape separately by chance consummate 2 young west german tourists who hid it in the back seat of their calm it was august 13th 1989 she made it to the west. point suddenly i had a west german girlfriend she was there she had done it i couldn't even imagine it could be fun i also felt freed from responsibility for caught train for fun for them now i was confident i could carry out my plan and swim through the danube. 3 days later constant entered the danube under the cover of darkness he swam for 6
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hours with the current for 25 kilometers from hungary into the former yugoslavia his plan almost went wrong. and it was a very dramatic moment the guy had heard a noise the entire time but couldn't figure out where it was coming from turns out it was a patrol boat since i didn't order the sound of the book came so close to me that i was probably caught in the suction of its propellers. i had to dive under. i was out for a few seconds i also saw a spotlight come towards me to comfort costin was able to flee east germany after a total of $44.00 days the 2 mess up again in the west and married cost in front of his dream and became a marine biologist and catlin says to enlist 11 years ago they moved back to effort the city they once felt somehow not to escape. the happy and then to round off today special edition commemorating 30 years since the fall of the berlin wall i'm
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celebrating this city that i'm very proud to have grown up and join us again next week for more your remarks about finale.
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years after the fall of the berlin wall on t.w. . today i write a long before my border between east and west berlin. i would like to
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see what remains of the history of the division of europe germany temporarily. searching for traces of the berlin. 30 minutes on t.w. . their wealth isn't calculable. their egos insatiable. their rivalry deadly. 3 princes. all of whom dream of being the arab world. the rival princes of gold starts november 27th on t.w. . in
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a radical way discover the bauhaus codes to house world sports number 14 on b.w. . welcome to the girl max new jersey channel. mode a goldmine of stories. with exclusive insights. and a must see concerning clarkson culture to ensure a. place to be for curious minds. do it yourself networkers. so subscribing and don't miss out on. syrian born american is it's a local bar in berlin. he lives just opposite with jane fonda who was a member of the hitler youth as a child. some residents are suspicious of refugees in the neighborhood. and there is curious about the bar's regulars. to cross the road worlds apart.
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starting november 11th on d w. this is data news live from the germany marks 30 years since the fall of the bone i'm told fireworks of musical performances with the centerpiece of celebrations at the city's landmark kronenberg gate with thousands joining the posse also coming up in our coverage of this historic anniversary song the remembrance of the building will memorials for the victims of cold war division german president frank old has pays
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tribute to east and.


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