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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 10, 2019 12:00pm-12:16pm CET

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don't miss our highlights of the w. program online d.w. dot com highlights. this is deja vu news live from berlin for elections in 4 years the polls are open yet again in spain as acting prime minister pedro sanchez hopes to finally secure a majority but with yet another election how will voters respond we'll ask our correspondent in madrid also coming up for libya's president claims he's the victim of a coup as least change sides and join protests against him demonstrators saying his
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reelection was rigged. and germany marks 30 years since the fall of the berlin wall fireworks and music city celebrates the 4th of the brandenburg gate with thousands joining the party. i'm carl asked men welcome to the program in spain citizens are voting today in the 4th election in 4 years but polls suggest that the vote will do little to break the political deadlock between the parties opinion polls show prime minister pedro sanchez is socialist party in the lead though it's predicted they will not secure a majority the far right box party is expected to gain seats after their rise in the last election. for more i'm joined by our correspondents. faisal she is
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in madrid for us and barbara for elections in 4 years i mean is there a sense among voters that they are just completely fed up with this heading to the polls. there is certainly care a large amount of election fatigue and spain because the last elections here were in april now just 6 months i mean people are called out again they're faced with the same parties again the same procedure now and the same slogans so what has changed in the meantime and nothing really so you get a strong feeling of that plus the campaign was short it was like luster there were no posters no slogan some released but really not much because the parties agreed on not spending any money because they saw that it might enraged voters even further what they really want is in end to this ongoing political crisis this is sort of dead end in spanish politics we talked to some people coming out of this
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polling station here in the center of madrid let's listen in to what they had to say. all right so i really hope that we can end this confusing situation because in the end it will not lead us anywhere in the short term you know where there's a high percentage of people who won't show up to very today but i think in the end people will stick to their parties and there won't be a big difference over the phone but if they can't agree this time it will be the last time i vote and they also shouldn't be paid any more. so barbara certainly fatigue playing a factor in this election of course we've seen as well these violent protests in barcelona by pro independence protesters what role is catalonia playing in this lunch. catalonia really played a crucial role in this injection came pain as it was because emotions here are really running high on both sides it's not only that in barcelona and around the separatists we're sort of we have thing i'm feeling again amongst their supporters
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but on the other side i mean emotions are really running high many spanish people saying we are one country we are united this was really fostering nationalism in many you know and of course on the right side there is talk about that the separatists need to be suppressed by any means by legal means by police and they really need to be squashed whereas pedro centrist the current acting prime minister was trying to sort of be more conciliatory and look for a political solution so there really really hard words on the right side of the spectrum here and so this might really sort of sharpen the political divide the country even further now barbara we know pedro sanchez the socialist they're hoping to pick up more seats is not clear that they'll be able to do that of one party that is likely to gain seats is that the far right box party tell us about the party and why they are resonating with voters. yet there is
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a surge expected for the vox party and even many young people. voting for them out of his sense of just enchantment and they say this is a party that talks trade they they sort of say what they saying and there's also an element of strong nationalism of course there because they are come coming out the strongest against the cuts alone separatists and they said this really needs to be a reallocated by any means and we are one space and we need to be strong again we need to be proud and very similar to a populist slogan see hearing in other european countries and also this seems to be a sense of some sort of counter revolution really very strong this strongly coming out against women's rights for instance they're against abortion they say we have pro-family and it is so the scene seems to be is sort of turned back against these social revolution received in spain during the last decade barbara bail for us in madrid thank you very much. demonstrators in bolivia have occupied the
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headquarters of 2 state broadcasters and other buildings in what the country's president says is an attempted coup able morales is calling for talks with the opposition leaders have rejected that offer they accuse him of breaking the last election meanwhile police officers have also changed sides they're marching in the demonstrations they were meant to be bringing under control. the victory for anti-government protesters as police abandoned their posts to join the demonstrations. just days ago the groups clashed now they stand side by side. bar there are a 1000000000 poses a new threat to even morales south america's longest standing leader. let's listen to most under the framework of democracy and the law the armed forces
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guarantee union among our countrymen. therefore we confirm that we will never confront the people to whom we have a duty and we will always ensure peace coexistence and the development of our homeland. money he. believe he is ruling party responded by calling on supporters to defend the results of the contested election. morales is rejecting calls for his resignation insisting the vote was fair. then i want to denounce to the bolivian people and the whole world that a coup d'etat is underway as you know brother journalists. a coup d'etat against a democratically elected government. with more than 60 percent of the vote in the last elections. all mothers as a people if you want. a coup d'etat by the violent anti-democratic groups
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that don't respect democracy the election results or social peace. morales also blamed organized opposition groups for setting fire to the homes of his sister and 2 governors. this after protesters occupied 2 state run media outlets on saturday. and electoral audit by the organization of american states is underway the opposition has already said it will not accept the results. well germany has been marking the 30th anniversary of the fall of the berlin wall events took place across germany's capital city with the main celebration at the brandenburg gate german chancellor angela merkel and other european leaders took part in a special ceremonies remember those who died under east germany's shoot to kill orders against anyone trying to flee to the west but the evening began with an
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iconic conductor leading an iconic symphony in front of an iconic battle. thousands gather here to celebrate as they did 30 years ago on the state when violence brandenburg gate became an unforgettable backdrop to a night that changed the world. in what was a no man's land between east and west the thousands rushed to the landmark to climb atop the wall and make history. as the main celebration german president foreign fighters paid tribute to east germans and others in the east bloc whose peaceful demonstrations led to the fall of the iron
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curtain here people to carry their legacy into the present. invent hard. today when we remember the brave people back then with gratitude. and maybe even tears in our eyes and we can't just sit by and watch as that for which they fart is forgotten. we can't allow people to be excluded in attacked democracy to be disrespected and our solidarity destroyed we can't allow that to happen. to the us. thank you earlier in the day leaders from central and eastern europe placed roses to honor the many who were killed trying to escape communist east germany under an arch tosser the berlin wall ran straight to the middle of the street dividing families neighbors and friends. chancellor spoke at the chapel of
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reconciliation nearby it was built on the former death strip where the east german government demolished a church to build border posts. having grown up in eastern germany america knows the impact of the berlin wall firsthand. at this ceremony she delivered a message of hope. well you know many of them when the berlin wall ladies and gentlemen is history kind of it proves that no war that segregates people and limits freedom is so high and so wide that it could not be broken through. this is brilliance message to the world on this 9th day of november not unlike the scenes that captured the world's imagination 30 years ago. joining me now in studio is the w's john derek he's been covering those commemorations all weekend for us now 1st of all what did you make of medicals
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message and how did that resonate with the crowd do you think it was a very. good medical terms it was a very emotional speech she has a reputation you know of trying to be emotionally live key code speeches. i think the reason is probably because she's coming to the end of her term of office and she knows she's not going to be standing for reelection but also more importantly perhaps the history of germany in the last half century. parallels in many ways it mirrors her own trajectory no she was born the daughter of a pastor in east berlin east germany she grew up in east germany she had to reinvent herself as it were when the when the wall came down she went from being a physics professor to being a politician and she became the chancellor of the united germany so she may feel this personally so i'm sure she does and she didn't simply look back to nostalgia
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she then looked i think forward in them and made an impassioned appeal in her terms at least to oppose democratic values as she warned against intolerance and and attacks on on the rule of law and she did this in the presence of course of the presidents of the czech republic slovakia hungary and poland and i think she was not simply thinking of germany but you. also thinking of developments in eastern europe where the promise of those euphoric days 30 years ago has not been entirely fulfilled and democracy may be a bit under threat and sometimes you have to raise as you mentioned not just an occasion really to look back but also look for we heard the president. warning about the threat of new walls within society what did he mean about that well he of course is a former foreign minister and i think inevitably perhaps his perspective was not simply on germany and german history but internationally he received resoundingly applause from the thousands of the brandenburg gate when he made
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a thinly veiled remark. criticism of the u.s. president donald trump's rhetoric against germany where he put in the context of the late president reagan's. friendship towards germany and said germany wished for a relationship of mutual respect between the 2 countries and it was while the floors. i think. steinmeyer. is very concerned about the fact these walls were going up in people's heads as indeed quite a literal war perhaps in the united states but there is in a food be a in far right. politics on the rise in europe and not only in europe but it probably throughout what used to be called the western world and that is a thing that concerns anybody who has democratic commitments of course 30 years since the fall of the berlin wall still plenty of resonance not just in germany but
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around the world as well john burke thank you so much. you're watching the news live from berlin coming up next world stories searches for the remaining pieces of the original for the wall reminder of course you can get all the latest headlines and news 247 on our web site that's t w dot com i'm called aspen i'll be back with more news at the top of the hour let's watch. to see if they do need to keep their day about whether to go for over a mention home the 4th time for those missing men that it's a member of. the family that the nasa dragon. has called the home through used to go green books on. earth home to
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millions of species the home worth saving. googling 2 years tell stories of crew.


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