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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 10, 2019 5:00pm-5:16pm CET

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you. this is g.w. news live from berlin bolivia thanks is a rerun of last month's disputed presidential election people moralise agrees to call a new election after independent monitors reported serious building or regularities widespread protests erupted after morales claimed victory 3 weeks ago we'll get the latest live from our correspondent in the pots also coming up spain is voting again to for the 4th time in 4 years the socialist party of acting prime minister pedro sanchez will look likely to come out on top but maybe not to get the majority it
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needs to break the country's political stalemate and germany marks 30 years since the fall of the berlin wall fireworks and busuk as the city celebrates at the foot of the brandenburg gate with thousands joining the party. i'm calm assman thanks for joining us bolivia's embattled president evo morales is calling for new elections after a regional election monitor reported multiple irregularities with october's voting results it marks a sudden reversal for the leftist who claimed victory 3 weeks ago made his announcement following weeks of anti-government protests he's still facing calls from the opposition to step down or only says bolivia's 1st indigenous leader and
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has held office since the year 2006. here's what the president said to reporters a short while ago. calling for new national elections which by voting allowed the bolivian people to democratically elect new authorities could incorporate new political actors. are let's get more now and bring in correspondent your 100 nearest who is standing by for us in bolivia's political capital the pos no you on the president's backtracking calling for a new election how were opposition leaders reacting to this announcement. the reaction of the opposition was a very radical leaders had said that they are not going to take part of this fresh election actually the main leader of the of all of the opposition is for the number of how much are said that they are going to give to everyone in this 24 hours why
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aren't more day until tomorrow monday to do his resignation so this is the situation is going to to get even complicated this leader is for and look i just said that he's going to come today to these plays the headquarters of the government to give to every model is a letter he's resignations a letter so you few hours he should be here with a lot of people asking the president his resignation if he is to call for a fresh election is not going to be accepted by the opposition we are here in 5 words of protesters who are around the square the main square of us on the are celebrating this this situation and of course protesting against this course any time you hear a loud noise like bad it's easy to think that those may be gunshots now the election monitoring group oas that's the organization of american states it's said that the october vote should be an old one exactly did i grouped by i don't know
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here let's see if we can get that connection back are you able to hear me now. it's like we may have lost our connection we'll see if we can get back to your 100 mirrors reporting for us. and we have to get back to as we continue on the mirrors the reporting for us from fallujah. our list move on now to spain where citizens are also voting today they're voting in the 4th election in 4 years opinion polls show prime minister pedro sanchez and his socialist party in the lead there it's predicted they will not secure a majority far right fox party could double its seats in parliament after a rise in the last election voter fatigue has set in the midst spain's political paralysis party leaders urged them to turn out for sunday's ballot the 2nd this year the country is deeply divided but one thing voters do seem to agree on is ending the stalemate. so. i really hope that we can end this confusing
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situation because in the end it will not lead us anywhere and so i am you know there's a high percentage of people who aren't show up to vote today but i think people just stick to their parties and there might be a major difference in the end you know with the simple fact that if they can't agree this time it will be the last time i vote and they also shouldn't be paid anymore. the snap election was called after incumbent leader pedro sanchez failed to form a government with the left wing put they most party but analysts predict the deadlock will only worsen with smaller parties tipped to enter parliament for the 1st time. the far right box party is expected to make gains thanks to their hard line against catalan separatists the crisis was a central issue during campaigning critics of the president say sanchez a stance has been too soft something that could cost him crucial votes.
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from. more than election i'm joined by our correspondent lisa lewis she is in madrid for us now lisa we heard some of the voters there in that piece i mean it certainly seems like for lections in 4 years is having its told me people seem a bit fed up. well absolutely there's a great sense of value to the city good here in madrid the voters we've been talking to at this polling station in the center of the capital today have been telling us yes i am turning out to vote because it's my obligation as a citizen but i'm really not enthusiastic about this i really hope that politicians will finally get their act together one day to even say that you know this is the last time i will vote if they don't manage to try and form a coalition and come back and come together as a stable government however when you look at the participation rate we had 1st because at 2 o'clock in the afternoon there the rate is at 38 percent that's 3
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percent lower than in april this year certainly it's gone down but if you look at historical data it's not a sharp drop in participation and that means that up to up on to now the situation the ongoing political deadlock doesn't seem to have had a huge impact on participation now we've seen of course those violent protests in barcelona from the pro independence movement what role was is the issue of catalonia playing in this election. well this was actually the only does very the only topic in the one week election campaign after the riots broke out in catalonia all the parties were talking about that that issue really divided the country even further with mace parties taking a tough stance 1st of all the far right vox party that said that is now saying you know we knew to suspend the autonomy status and patch i don't hear other parties saying also we need to crack down on those violent protesters and the socialist
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party taking a more conciliatory approach because they actually traditionally gained quite a high number of seats in catalonia catalonia the region which relates 48 seats in congress the highest share for one regional and so the socialists want to gain parts of that vote but it was you that considered theory approach has not gone down very well in the rest of spain so polls are indicating that although in the beginning right after interim prime minister pedro sanchez could snap elections it was thought that he would win more seats than before and now polls saying of the saying that he's likely to gain less seats than in april 20th this year or one party is likely to gain some seats is that far right box already i mean why are they resonating so well this time around with voters. while vox is running on an anti immigrant anti feminist approach it's in favor of a strong central state really going back to the spanish nationalists nationalist
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roots is kind of waking up bad spirits from the past that's that apparently was still there and many people and all saying you know at least there's one party that says out loud what real will think so it's been gaining traction with this message and it remains to be seen if the party would really come 30 in parliament as some polls are predicting now. lisa lewis following data collection in spain for us thank you very much. well right here in berlin and germany has been marking the 30th anniversary of the fall of the berlin wall bence took place across germany's capital city with the main celebration at the brandenburg gate german chancellor angela merkel and other european leaders took part in a special ceremony to remember those who died under east germany's shoot to kill orders against anyone trying to flee to the west but the evening began with an iconic conductor leading an iconic symphony in front of an iconic backdrop.
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thousands gathered here to celebrate as they did 30 years ago on the state when violence brandenburg gate became an unforgettable backdrop to a night that changed the world. in what was a no man's land between east and west the thousands rushed to the landmark to climb atop the wall and make history. at the main celebration german president foreign fighter steinmeyer pay tribute to east germans and others in the east bloc whose peaceful demonstrations led to the fall of the iron curtain here to people to carry their legacy into the present. and very
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hard. today when we remember the brave people back then with gratitude. and maybe even tears in our eyes and we can't just sit by and watch as that for which they fart is forgotten. we can't allow people to be excluded in attacked democracy to be disrespected and our solidarity destroyed we can't allow that to happen. soon as her. thank you earlier in the day leaders from central and eastern europe placed roses to honor the many who were killed trying to escape communist east germany under an arch tosser the berlin wall ran straight to the middle of the street dividing families neighbors and friends. chancellor angela merkel who spoke at the chapel of reconciliation nearby it was built on the former death strip where the east german
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government demolished a church to build border posts. having grown up in eastern germany america knows the impact of the berlin wall firsthand. at the ceremony she delivered a message of hope. well you know about wommen in them the berlin wall ladies and gentlemen is history kind of it proves that no war that segregates people and limits freedom is so high and so wide that it could not be broken through and. this is brilliance message to the world on this 9th day of november not unlike the scenes that captured the world's imagination 30 years ago. are in sports now and in football hair to berlin joined the wall celebrations with an elaborate ceremony on the olympic stadium pitch before their home match with
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wife sick of the visitors spoiled the programmers part. this wasn't just any great autumn day in berlin exactly 30 years on from the fall of the berlin wall passer commemorated that historic occasion with a replica that their fans tore down this because. there was another symbolic moment in front of the us nothing sums up the spirits of reunification like an old east german tragedy bursting through the wall and hurt a channel that spirit to burst into the late nights a 1000000 little steps hammering home. the berlin wall midfielder made his mark on a day of huge significance for his hometown i like to keep a pizza good luck she was left with no chance but hats are almost immediately handed leipzig a chance to equalise karam records handball was punished with a penalty and semen then left the school. $11.00 with 38 minutes and
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that's what i learned on the stroke of half time like sick tend to get around through marcel's of it so. i was the austrians at finding the net with the help of a deflection i can't say were 21 down at the break on butlins big day and it got worse for them in a flurry of late goals 1st having camp all week through that. since to make it 3 months. the slovenian rightly congratulated by his teammates something showing its amazing composure to curly i and it was cool when conrad lima rich threw the hats a half like a truck through the berlin wall the for setting up now no i will strike a 2nd goal securing like 6 wait in stoppage time. perhaps i did manage to pull a goal back when lights it failed to clear the lines i think the zone can pounce on the loose ball to make it for us. but that wasn't enough to stop lights a cracking up their 2nd win in a row cutting half the celebrations short. you're watching the news live from
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berlin coming up next a filmmaker casts migrants in the roles of jesus and the apostles in the revolt of dignity bats coming up on reporters our mind all the latest news headlines available 247 on our website d w dot com i'm called assman phil dale will be here at the top of the hour thanks for watching. syrian born ahmed visits a local bar in berlin. he lives just opposite with a father who was a member of the hitler youth as a child. some residents are suspicious of refugees in the neighborhood. and there is curious about the bar's regulars to cross the road worlds apart. starting november 11th on d w.


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