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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 10, 2019 10:00pm-10:15pm CET

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this is the w.'s life from then strange general election just little to untangle the political stalemate projections show the socialists set to win despite losing seats the conservatives have made gains and they fall bright spots it looks like it surged into 3rd place we'll take you to madrid for analysis and reaction also on the program the live your face is a rerun of last month's disputed presidential election ever more dollars agrees to call the new voter after independent monitors report monstrous for old widespread protests broke out after the president claimed victory 3 weeks ago. and he's big
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and 50 years old a big but the rest of the cast of sesame street celebrate half a century of educational t.v. for preschool children. i'm sure gail welcome to the program polls have closed in spain's general election with preliminary projections showing the ruling socialist p.s.l.e. party winning the most votes despite this it looks as though acting prime minister petro suggests a once again being unable to form a governing coalition the conservative people's party is projected to come in 2nd with the right when fox likely to come 3rd improving its results considerably since the last election in april. so straight to spain then.
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new correspondent lisa lewis is at the headquarters of the country's socialist party in madrid a welcome lesa so ruling the socialist party looks to have won the most votes but remains short of a majority again what is the mood there. well the mood here is rather gloomy i must say you know when i was here in april this year people were really exuberant but now they are likely the socialist party is likely to have less seats than before hand in part of and that's obviously not wat interim prime minister pedro shan just had in mind when he called snap elections a few weeks ago now the socialist party will have to cooperate with quite a number of parties to be able to form a government as sanchez has that hat sat before the elections that he wanted to govern as i minority government but that would be rather difficult he would have to how it would have and would have to talk to a lot of different parties for every single law and it's very difficult to see how
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this will work especially as the spanish are not exactly known to be very good at forming coalitions and working together in parliament let's talk about the far right the vox party it was expected to do well with more than 50 percent of votes counted the projections are but it will be more than double its seats in parliament why. vox has really benefited from the fact that just 4 weeks ago there was this sentence on a cattle and separatists a years long prison sentences for them and then after that we saw riots breaking all clashes between the police and independent supporters in that region and vox has taken a very very tough stance on them then he's the party has been saying you know we need to suspend the catalonians catalonia autonomy status and really crackdown on those protesters and take back control to the central government and apparently that's been pleasing to manny spaniards hears here other parties have
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been trying to be very tough on the catch unknowns as well but the socialists have had much more conciliatory approach because they are trying they were trying to win voters supposed to vote in support also in cap. lonia president which is electing 48 seats in parliament out of the 3 and 50 seats in congress and that's why i consider a stand nobody is a socialist again quite a large share of these seats say sanchez hatch talked to both catalonians and the rest of spain but in the rest of spain about conciliatory approach has not gone down very well as you can see as these preliminary results tonight so if the preliminary results. look correct correct then he looks as though spain's having 4 more political paralysis. absolutely is going to be incredibly difficult no says the block on the right has not enough they to form
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a majority the block on the left if you add up all the different parties has enough but how are you going to bring all these different parties together it was incredibly difficult last time around this time around it's going to be even more complicated sanchez natural allies have lost some dates so even if they were not to cooperate smoothly which didn't work out last time around it wouldn't work and he would have to bring you know nationalists from different countries from the basts of best country from catalonia and you know they would always ask for something in return for the support for their support so it's going to be incredibly tricky and some analysts actually fearing that there might be another round of voting just in a few months time in spain lisa louis course in spain socialist party in madrid thank you. we'll take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world that have been bringing you to clashes between protesters and police in baghdad scores were injured in the on the west or suggest they were no fatalities protests that come
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after 5 people were killed in clashes with security forces a day on saturday. remains presidential election he said to go to a brother after voting on sunday exit polls putting company. klaus not on this in the lead after the ballots at around 39 percent of the vote is likely to face left leaning challenger. down chill out in the 2nd half. but he's in hong kong have fired tear gas to break about to government demonstrations activists were seen blocking the roads and vandalizing sites around the city this is the 24th consecutive weekend protest with demonstrators calling for democratic reform and an inquiry into police violence. and at least 3 people have been killed in the massive bush fires raging across australia's eastern state of new south wales blazes and most of 10 through queensland further north thousands of people have been moved to
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safety in a total fire ban has been declared. as breaking news bolivia's president ever met alice has announced his resignation and this came a short just this came shortly after the country's military chief a called on him to step down so let's go to correspondent your 100 mirah standing by and but if his political political capital and past i welcome johan what more do we know about this resignation. the president of about this resigned just a few minutes ago and there is a huge party in this city for. the opposition this are fireworks protests or some people of the opposition are p.r. parties so the president of the much of the main leader of the opposition was here the front off the tree of another leg tripping out here but. he addressed that
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speech before thousands of peoples of people and he just said that they want to believe me i want democracy and he's he reaffirmed his commitment with democracy with this with this country and we just. knew a few minutes ago before this this connection that the vice president i've only met us he also resigned he was supposed to take power after everyone either but he also resigned so now they're. at the end of sound but the era of the presidents of the congress we see close to to take power now all right so what happens about the election results that have been called into question the president called a new election so who is president the one saying goes. that's a really good question because the vice president resign also so the president of the congress her name is already on the side of akira c she is supposed to be the
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new president for the moment that we have to wait to see if she resigns is a very unpredictable situation right now and the election results what what happens about that. we have no idea i mean the president just called for this sort of last year of action this morning the opposition us said that they were not going to accept this election just on till the president resign and we have a new electoral commission so now the president is not in power the electoral commission is not there so we think that maybe tomorrow morning we're going to have the congress again together to choose a new. electoral commission and then i think we're going to take like icon in there for the night and next election maybe we were talking to this morning with some experts about it and it's possible the 3 months maybe 3 months we could have elections here but aside as i told before it is
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a very very unpredictable situation there are a lot of things happening right now johan ramirez and bolivia's capital the political capital in the past thank you. that's something completely different a big bird cookie monster. the rest of the sesame street cast have been celebrating the 50th anniversary of the show that made them international stars sesame street was a revolution in children's t.v. when it debuted in 1969 today there are 10 different regional productions of the famous neighborhood for children in more than 150 countries. big bird's been a big star for 50 years now and to mock sesame street's 50th anniversary new york decided to light up the empire state building in green and yellow to pay tribute to one of the world's most successful shows. i think the secret is we started with these universal values that every kid deserves respect opportunity kindness all with a little bit of fun and combine those universal values the fact that you have to
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constantly innovate in change. with the culture and with the kids need you more fully job you sesame street represented a revolutionary development in children's television and it was an instant global success. i was i was. you know that you had a banana. was that burt. also touches on some difficult topics sometimes such as autism world hunger or even death she. didn't have to. give it to him when he comes back big bird mr hooper's not coming back. educational and entertaining the show's producers to create
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a safe magical world for children it gives him lots of energy to have fun and play with your friends that are important you know you were talking about the place where monsters cohabitate in with humans and the spectrum of humans that was represented on the show from day one was diverse and inclusive and that's been a guiding light for the show over the years in may new york unveiled a real life sesame street it seems the lovable puppets are just as popular as ever . in football are glovebox 70 their grip on 1st place in germany's bundesliga with a victory over bremen a 1st off offense of explosions so bloodbath scored twice in 2 minutes of project a back to the 2nd of the day in the 59th to make it 3 nil bremen put in a decent performance but only managed a late consolation to finish things at the 31 later leverkusen stroll to
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a 2 nil victory over vols burke inching closer to a european position in the process meanwhile freiburg in action just now against frankfurt to round off the weekend's action. so glad back of cemented their grip on the 1st place in the table with a $31.00 victory over bremen and sunday's other games there were wins for leverkusen and freiburg saturday's stand out guy but crushed dormant for no in the match known as their classic and on the anniversary of the fall of the world capitals teams had mixed fortunes in berlin winning with heter losing. tens of thousands of people turned out to watch a spectacular fright in tokyo to celebrate the instrument of japan's ampara are into the new empress tazer wife and pressed south masako away from an open collars
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move 800000 well wishers lined the path straights are hito took over official duties last month succeeding his father i think he took a following his application under japan's post-war constitution am for has no political power and is limited to sentiment as. i don't forget you can always get day doubly news on the go just download our app from the google play off of the app still i will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications or any breaking news you can also use it to send us photos and videos. in situ of up to date more world news at the top of the hour of the day.
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syrian born on man visits a local bar in berlin. he lives just opposite with a father who was a member of the hitler youth as a child. some residents are suspicious of refugees in the neighborhood.


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