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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  November 11, 2019 10:15pm-10:31pm CET

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the cities of cologne and duesseldorf thousands gathered for the start of what's known as silly season which officially gets underway every year at 11 minutes past 11 o'clock on the 11th day of the 11th month of november. here watch d w news have years of meant for the business and i understand he may even sing a carnival song to groom. not think the gem well i guess sometimes i am but i stand up and went to the german thinks he can throw german culture looking at the stereotype cracks in here thinks he's a country that i don't. need a scene from taking this drama down to me it's all about who. knew
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i'm rachel join me to meet the gentleman from d.w. post. such a video. link to news from africa the more whole story link to exceptional stories and discussions from z.z. town while wimps a deputy comes from a tree trunk join us on facebook t.w. for. apple's new credit card can't buy gender equality a court in new york is investigating apple's partner goldman sachs for allegedly given more credit to male customers. also on the program being is in greece to foster deeper economic ties with the debt stricken country while greece secures another 600000000 euros of chinese investments and will also take you to china
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where it's a singles day and you can buy yourself a gift we'll tell you what that is all about. business and how your guests it's good to have you with us new york's department of financial services is opening a probe into gender discrimination by goldman sachs the bank behind apple's new credit card critics say the apple cart offers men a far higher credit limit than women the scandal broke after apple's co-founder steve wozniak said he received 10 times more credit than his wife even though they share all assets and accounts similar allegations have come from many other users apple has reportedly responded to user concern saying the credit limit is defined by an algorithm the apple cart was launched in august in partnership with goldman sachs and was advertised as an option for users with limited access to credit. for more on this i am now joined by jose luis de i do our financial correspondent
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on wall street will take us through this issue it's good to see you so we do know that this looks like a bumpy start to this new apple product how important are financial services for apple does this mean big trouble for the company now. the current situation have you heard more goldman sachs. regulators. mind you have any of the states where broken any potential could be a headache to 40 i phone maker. transaction volume and revenue more than doubled from a year ago to maybe call me a crucial driving factor of growth in the near and medium term as it becomes a part of the company's services engine and it could also say the tone for a macho rumor subscription program that could guarantee a more regular and stable flow of revenues company going forward now as i would like to talk to you about the week ahead especially there where you are on wall
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street we are anticipating remarks by both donald trump and powell what can we expect. investors are in a wait and see mode there is a still some optimism about phase one trade deal with china but the divil is the still in the details and tension terms now to president trump he will be speaking at the new york economic club on tuesday so we may have an opportunity to see if he is happy with what has been achieved so far keep pushing to deescalate and cancel tarps about trump's administration will probably only accept to do so in a timely manner as it still needs a safeguard that china will comply with whatever it's agreed and keeping investors b.c.b.s. we can we'll also be fed chairman paul will expect it when say and thursday in capitol hill and you will be there to tell us all about it thank you very much from wall street. chinese president xi yang being also has
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a busy week he's in greece today to strengthen ties between the 2 countries his visit comes just one week after the greek prime minister met him in shanghai for the 29000 international import expo where greece was the official partner country the asian powerhouse and europe's strict member state look like an uneven couple but they both seem to match each other's needs greece needs money that is and china needs access to infrastructure one of beijing's key purchases in greece was a majority stake in the historic port of pyrrus today that port is china's to the european single market. if the fanfare of the breach of the chinese president was supposed to herald anything it was a deepening of already solid economic ties. over the past decade beijing has been steadily increasing its investment in greece. the country located at the crossroads of europe africa and asia is a strategically important location for china's massive global infrastructure
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projects known as the belt road initiatives. nowhere is this more apparent than at the ports of perforating us it's already majority owned by costco a chinese state owned shipping company. having just announced a further 600000000 euro cash injection chinese president xi jinping received a warm welcome there. the investment is part of a total of 16 business deals in qt in areas as diverse as agriculture energy and aviation. we're willing to link up to the belt and road initiative with greece's national strategy. will implement cooperation in major aspects by strengthening the port of purveyors as a shipping hub and building up land and sea transport between china and europe will also expand bilateral trade and investment through existing platforms.
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in 2009 when greece found itself in the grips of a financial crisis some saw a chinese investment as a much needed lifeline. a decade on with the economy experiencing a fragile recovery greece's new conservative government remains keen to lure money from abroad. but not everyone sees these kinds of deals as an agreement between equals in greece and elsewhere in europe there are those who are more wary than welcoming of china's growing influence. to some of the other business stories we're following for you at this hour the world economy has reached its lowest point since the economic crisis of 2009 that's according to germany's economic institute key reasons are trade conflicts and breaks it for the survey 1200 business experts from 117 countries commented on both the current situation and the outlook for.
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the u.k. has avoided a technical recession after a contraction in the 2nd quarter official figures show one expansion of point 3 percent in the 3rd quarter still the economy is growing at its lowest annual rate since 2010. chinese conglomerate is reportedly paying 81000000 euros to buy up ailing british steel the rescue deal could protect about 4000 jobs british steel accounts for a 3rd of the country's steel production but it's been in liquidation since may after struggling with sector wide problems and uncertainty. and the us federal aviation administration. has downgraded malaysia air safety rating to category 2 according to media reports the new rating means that malaysia airlines can neither add new services to the u.s. nor extend existing ones the carriers will also be subject to additional inspections at u.s. airports. the ember 11 is
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a special date and china forget valentine's day the chinese are crazy about single state it started as an occasion for lovely lonely hearts but it has become an online retail extravaganza shopping website is the leading platform spending during single stay outstrips america's black friday and cyber monday. combined this year has disappointed so far. on the stroke of midnight the money started rolling in a singles day usually brings mind boggling numbers this time sales surged past the $1000000000.00 mark in a little over one minute in. less than american superstar taylor swift fronted the opening celebrations in shanghai or to persuade online customers to fill up their cyber shopping carts online customers
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like wang lu who admits she'll buy things that she probably won't even use. singles day takes place in winter but many clothes on sale are summer clothes so i don't wear them straight away but i keep them for the next year but the next summer i don't like them anymore it was quite the tendency for people to overbuy has led environmental groups to denounce singles day as wasteful some shoppers plan to show a little more restraint this year. but. this time i'm only buying dana sensibly and not much else. in the past i just spent as much as they wanted to this but this year i'm being more rational with my side and a. singles day $2900.00 finds out but something of a crossroads for the 1st time employees aren't being led by flamboyant co-founder jack ma who resigned as chairman in september event also comes just as the company
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looks to raise up to $15000000000.00 in a hong kong share sale later this month meanwhile ali barbour's latest global bid for funds seems to have gone to plan. egypt is marking the 150th anniversary of the opening of the suez canal one of the world's most important waterways connecting the mediterranean with the red sea it took a 1000000 egyptians 10 years to build it in a feat matching the building of the pyramids it dramatically cut shipping times for the growing international trade between europe and asia at the time and use 72 kilometer 2nd lane that opened in 2015 allow traffic to increase to record levels. every 4 we go see other beings is having a very special auction this week starring striking colombian pieces from the seventy's and a flawless bracelet the jewels are so spectacular the auction house made sure everyone to take a look at them by staging a world tour now the question of course is who will buy. a sapphire flanked
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by diamonds available to anyone with a spare $2.00 to $3000000.00 in their pockets the graceless is the crown jewel if you will of a collection of art deco gems that will go under the hammer at the peace auction in geneva this dates 2927 and we have been the sale of nada splendid. created the exactly at the same time $927.00. different in style and design also vying for attention is this emerald and diamond necklace which was once owned by princess. so the beads representatives did not hold back in expanding the virtues of its origin. the finest in the world come from. particularly from the area of the mine.
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was a typical row that the area of production this which is a particularly clear in the absence of. the apparently flawless pieces in the collection are expected to fetch several $1000000.00 each just who is in the market for them remains a mystery. syrian born american visits a local bar in berlin. he lives just opposite with a father who was a member of the hitler youth as a child. some residents are suspicious of refugees in the neighborhood. but i know there is curious about the bar's regulars the crossed the road worlds
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apart. close up in 60 minutes on g.w. . i subscribe to v.w. books or something more in the world than what we make the uk after 5 or. 3 books on 2. 100 small feats in my hands. but i come from rajoy remains an import fountain soft transmitting a new and inform ish and when i was young my concert was in the drawing and confidence awards prominent people most people would cause them. to see if. it was mine joel took to in one of the not just sites so as not everyone in the town fold and listen to those updates.
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nothing has been from inside my own copy out into a month or more of them so long to even stop i os i was it would have moved all. my choices to scottish because even the way to are transmitted to trolls. and in the best mom much and i will. keep up the. con. this is africa coming up in the next 15 minutes the nigerians in chains human rights watch says thousands of people with mental health illness song locked up in places where they're being abused. and also coming up on the show the border between nigeria and their share of remains shut but that's not stopping the smuggling. food.


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