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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 12, 2019 4:00am-4:16am CET

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welcome to the 77 percent. this weekend on the g.w. . business d w news live from berlin and from president exiled to libya's able murali says he's leaving for mexico where he's been granted asylum a day after resigning as flayer on the streets and the army pairs to intervene in the next president's backers are calling it a coup and it's unclear who is in charge also coming up eastern australia bracing
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for catastrophic bushfires millions of people are at risk as authorities impose a state of emergency near sydney. and she may not know why but this pig feels right at home at the airport meets lilu these there are people take a making air travel a bit less stressful for a nervous flight. i'm called aspen welcome to the program mexico's foreign ministry confirms that bolivian ex-president is on his way to mexico where he's been granted asylum for all his resigned on sunday amid pressure from protesters and the military he declared victory in a disputed election last month which triggered weeks of demonstrations meanwhile there has been more unrest in the plot. capital love pass residents the army and
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the police are all bracing for more possible violence hundreds of murali supporters are reportedly marching towards the city resignation brollies and most of his senior government members has left a sudden power vacuum in the country. earlier i spoke with our correspondent your in the bus and i asked him who is likely to fill that power vacuum following the president's resignation according to the constitution the former vice president and now the president of the congress. she should be the new president on the bases but the congress should mast head before this resignation and it was supposed to happen today but they couldn't meet. the congress i mean because of all the problems we have had in the last hours here in the us many deputies they couldn't come to the congress so we have
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a new session that is supposed to have to take place tomorrow 4 pm here and believe an hour or so just after the congress accept this resignation she can take power but not before so right now we don't have a president in bolivia we don't have. no one is at the head of the executed power by this day it continues to run through the ministers sunday ministers other day the public institutions here in bolivia and you're one of course hovering all of that over all of that is the c. word i mean coup claims this was a coup mexico and some other countries in the region agree with that the united states says this was actually the will of the people i mean how is this being viewed in bolivia. this is a very controversial point people say that this is just a rebellion a civilian rebellion not a coup that they are actually the minutes hours for example they didn't participate in this crisis that they just. talked yesterday when they suggest to others
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to resign but not before what we have seen about the police they were not protesting against their will morale is they were protesting because. they wanted better conditions to work out a better salaries so that they were not asking for more of this resignation that just happened in the same moment because in this crisis everything is happening at the same time but i personally i wouldn't talk about i think we have seen the society in the streets far from the political parties for from the army to take the streets and to protest again for the fraud that was yesterday confirmed but they were the session off american states your 100 mirrors in the past for us thank you very much hong kong's leader has condemned pro-democracy protesters the morning after some of the worst violence in months at a press conference kerry lamb called demonstrators selfish and said schools and universities should urge them not to take part in the protests meanwhile protesters
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are preparing for another day of unrest in the territory universities and schools have canceled classes and roads remain closed for a 2nd day there are already reports of tear gas being fired at a university campus. tensions are high after a police officer shot a protest right close range early on monday in another incident a bystander expressing pro beijing views was set on fire. an officer and a man dressed in white are locked in a struggle as a man in black approaches at this point the officer raises his gun and shoots him why was the shooting itself is too graphic to show the man then collapses and moments later another officer then seems to be patting him down possibly checking for a weapon it all happened as pro-democracy protesters trying to close down streets and train lines at a press conference the police and the shooting was in self defense and in the interest of public safety. the officer believed it was very unlikely that the
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revolver would be snatched and the consequence would be the sausages death and casualties would have resulted in the whole incident the officer fired 3 shots including one that hit that man. the police say they are investigating hospital officials say the wounded man is in critical condition the shooting has inflamed many protesters are don't understand more do you have to search the google. search for bodies do you have time to sit here for or just sit at their pride in another incident a man was set on fire allegedly after getting into a dispute with protesters he's also in critical condition in a hospital hong kong's governor kerry lamb says that the government will not back down against violent protesters. if there is do any. wishful thinking
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that by escalating violence the hong kong as a government will yield to pressure to satisfy the so-called political team on this . i'm making this statement. that will not have. elsewhere police fired tear gas and deployed a water cannon and various parts of the city they also charged on to university campuses where students were protesting. australian firefighters are bracing for what's being called a catastrophic bushfire threats dozens of wildfires are burning in the eastern states of new south wales which includes the city of sydney residents in rural areas have been urged to flee as some 100000 homes near sydney are brisk hot dry conditions and strong winds have created conditions that are so severe one local fire chief says if a fire starts we are not going to stop it. protect
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life. protect property. and sure everybody is a safe as possible. these are the principles guiding austerities honest trail yes east coast bracing themselves for the worst bushfires in the nation's history more than 50 blazes are burning across the state of new south wales authorities are expecting conditions to get even worse. we know that. the fall we drill in the direction of all those already has got it and that's why the new you know if you haven't already done so now is the safest on to the fires are expected to spread quickly due to high temperatures and strong winds also origins are warning of catastrophic fire danger for to city of sydney to. about 6000000 people are affected by the fires people in boehner both communities have
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been urged to stay away from bushland and to flee their homes before the fires and collate we've had 27 use. this before we live in the blue mountains where it was forced to but we've never had to destroy this is unbelievable i've seen the fries and the fires up the. roads and that's just i mean that's even more than catastrophic because in this you know you can do. 3 people have been confirmed dead and at least 150 properties have been lost so far authorities have to clear a 7 day state of emergency in the area. ok check now of some of the other stories making news around the world and she lays security forces a fire water cannons to disperse protesters the country has seen weeks of often violent anti-government unrest chile's government unveiled plans on sunday to draft a new constitution but the opposition says the proposals don't go far enough. and
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in joint letters several european nations have urged iran super vers recent moves that breach the landmark 2015 nuclear deal or face action germany france and the u.k. along with the e.u. is top policy change if said they are extremely concerned by last week's announcement that iran would resume low grade uranium enrichment at a nuclear plant. in northern syria least 6 people are reported dead more than 20 injured after 3 bombs exploded in the kurdish jordi city of. there was no immediate claim of responsibility but kurdish leaders of warned that so-called islamic state sleeper cells pose a threat in the region. of turkey has begun returning suspected so-called islamic state supporters captured in syria back to their countries of origin turkish officials say a u.s. citizen was the 1st. to be repatriated and several german nationals are expected to
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be returned later this week turkey recently criticized its western allies for refusing to take back their citizens and warned that it would send back the militants and the relatives even if their sentence citizenship as already been revoked. pictures from camps in syria those set for deportation are primarily relatives of suspected fighters including women and children out of roughly 20 germans who are now in turkish deportation camps 10 are to be repatriated the german government has expressed surprise florence is not fit for this it's important for us to find out of there is a connection to ins militants if this is the case then we must see to it that those deported to germany be brought before german courts to do that we must receive adequate information and we expect cooperation from the turkish government from the turkish. suspected supporters of the will not only be repatriated to germany he
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says she is going to have a message for all european governments we are sending these people back to you starting monday. we're sending them back whether you like it or not. the europeans feel turkey has strong arm because it made this decision unilaterally without discussing it with e.u. countries these. this is a security problem for turkey the entire region and all of europe us we must stop these barbarians from operating at large again and this action must be a coordinated one was called idiot in berlin opposition parties say such coordination could have begun much earlier than that turkey had long since made its intentions clear. now when you think of animals that can offer humans a bit of emotional support what comes to mind most likely dogs or cats probably not a pig well leave lou behind me is what's known as a therapy pig she's part of a program that brings trained therapy animals to the airports to lift spirits ease
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the fear of fly. that's. 8 it's just another day of work. she's part of san francisco international airports wag brigade she's not catching any flights but a person smiling to help stressed out the passengers relax. people are very happy to get distracted from the travel from there with teens whether it's their flying on their journey or litigation or work but everybody is usually very happy. i did scenes it's not to load a whole bush there's no lipstick on this pig. just perhaps a touch of nail polish. and people seem to enjoy it. i've never seen one here so it's interesting that it's fun i got really excited. first if ever
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seen a player play. they did their tricks like a god. but leave lou doesn't do just simple tricks she has a knack of bringing people together. we walk in and we find today that most people have their heads buried in their devices they're not engaged or we walk in people start to look up they start to react they respond super positively they start to engage with each other. the program is a hit with time flies but is it all a bit of a bore fully lose. their lives very well. to people. through teo and that she's happy. it seems everyone is happy including lea lu who obviously loves holding the limelight.
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this is the news live from berlin coming up next. takes you through of the g w business news in the meantime you can get all the latest information headlines around the clock on our website that's dot com or follow us on twitter at 15 w. news i'm carl aspen thanks for watching. come to. discover your concept discomfort with the bollocks. to $100.00 is the ideals of the bombs the more relevant today than they were a. 100 years ago visionaries really shaped things to.
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people understood designs with shavings the scientists.


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