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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 12, 2019 7:00am-7:30am CET

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this is the news live from berlin get out while you still can living in rural areas in the state of new south wales are told to flee to the cities with catastrophic brush fires showing no signs of abating also coming up libya's former president a former also takes a plane to mexico to go into exile there he leaves libya's capital of preparing for yet more violence. and hong kong bracing for another day of unrest pro-democracy demonstrators back on the streets after some of the worst violence
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the territory has seen in 5 months. and if you are anxious about flying well this pig is here to help you meet lee lewis the therapy pig making air travel a bit less stressful for nervous flyers. i'm brian thomas great to have you with us australian firefighters are on high alert at this hour for a catastrophic threat from brush fires dozens of fires are burning right now in new south wales which includes the city of sydney residents of some 100000 homes near sydney are at risk right now and are being urged to leave their homes well one local fire chief said conditions are so bad that if a fire. or does take hold we quote are not going to stop us for. i.
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protect life. protect property. and sure everybody is a safe as possible. these are the principles guiding austerities on australia's east coast bracing themselves for the worst bushfires in the nation's history more than 50 plays us are burning across the state of new south wales authorities are expecting conditions to get even worse. in. the fall we drill in the direction of. the house and maybe. you know if you haven't already done so since i was on to the fires are expected to spread quickly due to high temperatures and strong winds. are warning of catastrophic fire danger for to city of sydney to. about 6000000 people are affected by the fires and people
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involved are both communities have been urged to stay away from bushland and to flee their homes before the fires escalate we've had to have shifted 27 use. this before we did in the blue mountains where it was forced to but we've never had to destroy a public this is unbelievable i've seen the fai's and the fires up the jump roads and that's just i mean that's even more than catastrophic because we're watching them in this you know you can do and always fire reason everybody just work each so . 3 people have been confirmed dead and at least 150 properties have been lost so far authorities have to clear a 7 day state of emergency in the area i. and with today said to be the most dangerous so far let's go straight to sydney and journalist roger maynard stare standing by for us good morning to roger what more can you tell us. well it's
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a very serious and fast moving situation now the authorities have listed a little new emergency fund warnings are in new south wales yourself well as the courses were to people treat you with the weekend and there were nearly 200 homes destroyed in the flames now this afternoon or early this morning fire chiefs will the worst is still to come as fierce winds threaten to blow fires in multiple directions leaving. fighters almost powerless to control the rural fire service commissioner change that soon looms for because the conditions would only deteriorate as the strong winds continued or became more consistent at least 3 properties of been destroyed in new south wales in the past few hours tare the new south wales mid north coast that's north of sydney meanwhile a huge army of emergency personnel remain on standby with some 20000 firefighters
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police and soldiers as world ready to move in if necessary ok for so you hope as a result of what i want to jump in there and and talk about these multiple directions the fires could be taking this area has 6000000 people and the affected area sidney of course a huge city it's under threat can you tell us more you are talking about the precautions being taken what's being done for the rural areas and could this affect sitting. well that's the big question at the moment so far it appears should remind a dog still it's notice but no longer there was a bush on the outskirts of sydney a report of an hour or 2 ago it was quickly extinguished as you say city is a big city it's got 5000000 people living there and a lot of people are very very concerned about the possibility of fires moving in from the blue mountains where there's a lot of forest and also from the north and the south where there are vast areas of
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national park and if those fires all of those parts of the city where the out of line areas were ignited then the danger is as far as could be blown into urban areas and as many as $100000.00 homes at risk ok we're seeing images here of the smoke already covering sydney and these fires of course already have a political dimension with the australian government coming in for some harsh criticism for its policies on climate change let's listen to a mare of one town in new south wales. not a political thing it's a scientific fact that we are going through climate change and of course it's not relevant at the moment when papers houses a burning and we've lost lives but they are overall thing is we are sorry draw in this country we haven't had rain for 4 years in some places. over dams and
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creeks and rivers are drawing a and we need to look at what we're going to do about that in the future and to deny climate change is to me a very. ill informed and educated way of looking at things roger how much criticism is the government facing right now that it has failed to address the conditions that are contributing to these catastrophic fires. what would certainly created a war of words during a politicians of all political war colors the government's been accused of ignoring climate change one green senate seat in parliament earlier today but son politicians were little more than arsonists because of the way they supported the coal industry in recent years the prime minister scott morrison refuses to pin the crisis directly on climate change and there are some on the other side who claim that greenlit council is might also be contributing to the problem by refusing to
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learn of hazard reduction programs to take place during the winter months thereby clearing their station which might be ignited during the summer but others say it's not it's really not the time to make political points the mythos call and its government minister here said it wasn't appropriate to bring politics into the debate when people were losing their lives and that's a good point and the police are reiterated by the new south wales premier their g.p. and who said she was quite willing to discuss the issue of climate change not of the moment when people were dying and many people were also losing their homes and the emphasis is on evacuation right now as well roger maynard thanks so much for that from sydney. well a former bolivian president a former all of us is on his way to mexico where he's been grasp asylum rolls for us on sunday missed election fraud protests mexico's foreign minister tweeted this
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photo of raul is heading on a plane into exile his resignation has left a power vacuum in bolivia where unrest has continued on the streets of la paz more violence is expected with the police and the army promising a crackdown. well earlier we spoke with our correspondent johan ramirez in la paz we asked them who was likely to fill the power vacuum following the president's resignation. according to the constitution the former vice president and now the president of the congress and yes she should be the new president on the bases but the congress should mast set before this resignation and it was supposed to happen today that they couldn't meet. the congress i mean because of all the problems we have had in the last hours here in the us many deputies they couldn't come to the congress so we have a new session that is supposed to have to take place tomorrow 4 pm here and it will
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leave an hour or so just after the congress accept this resignation she can take but not before so right now we don't have president you believe we don't. know when he's at the head of the executed power by this date continues to run through the minister sunday ministries other day the public institutions here you believe you did abuse johan ramirez for us in there let's review no some of the other stories making the news today security forces in chile have fired water cannon to disperse protesters the country seen weeks of often violent anti-government on russ so his government unveiled plans sunday to draft a new constitution but the opposition says the proposals don't go far enough. the militant palestinian group islamic jihad has confirmed that one of its commanders has been killed in an israeli air strike on his home in the gaza strip
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israel says. was behind a series of rocket attacks on israeli territory. in northern syria at least 6 people are reported dead and more than 20 wounded after bombs exploded in the kurdish majority city of commish lee. there's been no immediate claim of responsibility but kurdish leaders have warned the so-called islamic state sleeper cells pose a threat in the region. it's to hong kong now where a leader has condemned the pro-democracy protesters on the morning after some of the worst violence there in months at a press conference he called demonstrators quote selfish and said schools and universities should urge students to stay home and stop taking part in the protests the territories preparing for another day of unrest universities and schools have canceled classes roads remain closed for a 2nd day now and there are already at this hour reports of tear gas being fired at
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a university campus. let's get the latest now with tears in hong kong it is morning to you what's happening where you are. i am now in central the city central business district around me are the headquarters of major international fans luxury shops and there is a fresh more protests here the office workers have come down during lunch time to stage a protest alongside with the radical protestors we have seen scenes when the radicals in their black the black clad people cross between all these white shirts and the way it should applaud at them so it's obvious that the these office workers who have come down in numbers today do not agree with harry lamb's assessment that the protest is selfish or as she also put it the enemy of the people was ok so this
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would indicate as we've seen in the past the broader base to these protests and yesterday a saw some of the worst violence so far in the conflict in hong kong what led to the escalation we saw yesterday. was i well there were several tragic events on friday of protests. did die who had colon inside a parking deck we do not know what caused his death or what caused him to fall from there but there have been speculations that he was fleeing from the police and these rumors or these speculations are enough to fuel anger at the moment because people do not trust the police will investigate this properly and then yesterday these shots off close in the very morning by a traffic policeman who was tackling a protester and then. shooting another one when you approach of course this fuelled
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anger yesterday was a day that was already gone down to escalate because protesters had called on a general strike on the road blocks and then later we've seen other p.c. this time from the protesters were set ablaze a man seemingly that's what video footage shows so all these of course acts of violence from both sides day they need to hardening on both sides they lead to an escalation they lead to a hardening on the government side and the growing anger on the side off the protests is ok we're just looking at some live images from hong kong that give us an idea of the tensions out there on the streets where you are can you briefly walk us through what we can expect later today. a bad watch a day is going to continue it is a bit less intense though than yesterday but we have seen this specially around the
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universities but also in other places off the city tear gas fired already in the very early morning that is something that has rarely happens usually in the days even the protest days start fairly slow and then it escalates towards the evening so tensions are high for the so we might see more clashes too we will certainly see more clashes today and it might continue into the next few days. yes it is thanks very much for that from hong kong. well turkey has started returning fighters of so-called islamic state back to their countries of origin turkish official saying a u.s. citizen in its custody was the 1st to be repatriated with a number of german nationals also set to be returned later this week they were all captured during fighting in syria turkey recently criticized bitterly as western allies allies for refusing to take back their citizens and warning that it would
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send back the militants and their families even if their citizen strip has been revoked. pictures from camps in syria those set for deportation are primarily relatives of suspected i asked fighters including women and children out of roughly 20 germans who are now in turkish deportation camps 10 are to be repatriated the german government has expressed surprise one says nothing of this it's important for us to find out if there is a connection to ins militants and if this is the case then we must see to it that those deported to germany be brought before german courts to do that we must receive adequate information and we expect cooperation from the turkish government from the turkish they. suspected supporters of the us will not only be repatriated to germany he says she did. you have a message for all european governments we are sending these people back to you starting monday. we are sending them back whether you like it or not. the europeans
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feel turkey has strong arm because it made this decision unilaterally without discussing it with e.u. countries these. this is a security problem for turkey the entire region and all of europe will pose we must stop these barbarians from operating at large again and this action must be a coordinated one was called idiots in berlin opposition parties say such coordination could have begun much earlier in the turkey had long since made its intentions clear. let's talk some more about this now with deed of your political correspondent maxwell yada kosher here in the studio with me good morning marcial good to see you again as turkey's expulsion of iowa's fighters and their families taken germany by surprise well it wasn't completely unexpected turkey had been announcing that it plans to repatriate suppost as miss hands back to the countries of origin but it hadn't and from the german government that's what the german
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government has been saying when the announcement that there will be the 1st pet repatriations coming this week was made yesterday and the german government said they were only informed yesterday morning so it did came as a surprise to authorities who of course had to prepare for the arrival of those people in germany ok what do we know about these german nationals that are slated for return do we know what kind of crimes they committed well so for what the german government has confirmed and this was until yesterday not even clear that these are indeed german nationals had always been a to dispute between turkey and european member states that they said if it's not clear that these people have the german national team or the nationality of your pin member states they cannot take them back but that was cleared as of yesterday that these 10 people who are planned to come this week a one person has already arrived yesterday half the german national police so far we know that yesterday a man has arrived who according to german authorities doesn't have any suspected links to the terror organization islamics to. then a family of 7 is supposed to
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a plan to arrive from stay and another 2 women are planned to rawest on friday and with the family of this children involved ok with the families could they be charged with material support supporting an enemy that turkey says has been involved in this not alone in war crimes are the return is here in germany going to face trial the have been returned who have been facing trial but it's still for germany a very must suffer kind of situation of greys and whether have to gain experience so what we see in the last year for example is that there have been $24.00 return knees from areas where they have been investigated by german authorities and 12 have been put to charges spots with these families for example coming of course the children half are going on to our special role because they're still under age and then german authorities have to investigate they have rarely have really ever line before this from the german foreign minister on the cooperation with the turkish
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authorities of course have been bringing these charges forward in turkey ok mostly on the kosik thanks so much for bringing us up to do this it's to the united states now where the supreme court begins hearings today to consider whether president donald trump's administration illegally ended the so-called dream or program about this program allowed undocumented migrants brought to the u.s. as children to live and work in the u.s. the program was introduced under the obama administration. georgetown university in washington d.c. . studies and lives. she was born in mexico but was brought up in arizona. is an undocumented migrant but as a doctor recipient she's been able to make great leaps. now i have a better chance of getting more scholarships so attending university and getting
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a job like i had never had a job until i got to college and they were when i got my 1st paycheck i was able to fill out that social security box and i was like this feels so weird and it feels good and also like. id but it's little things like that that make it easier and just driving itself in arizona you know that if you do get stopped by a cop like to. dhaka recipients have not been afraid to protest they've been organizing demonstrations like this one in washington d.c. on the fence of the. president ordered an end to 2017 but several federal courts challenge the president's move the final decision lies with the supreme court 700 people who were brought to the children under. renewable 2 year authorizations to live study and work in the country future despite having lived most of their lives in the u.s. . now we've seen all across the country side with our movement
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saying that the decision. was wrong if this case goes in a direction in which the program is ended down in some way the lives of not just immigrant youth in this country but their families their networks their communities are put in immediate danger there is a lot at stake with the supreme court. in georgetown is nervous about what the future holds but remains hopeful. i'm kind of numb to the whole point of what's going to happen to the recipient that's going to happen to dreamers. just let me know because at this point i'm kind of like i need to make a plan and if that plan is going to the u.s. i need to know. but i am in a way i hope i don't go heartbroken by the decision and like any time i do get a bad decision is just grief over it for a few time for a few days and then getting back up in fear you know alternatives that's been my
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whole life and i think it will continue to be my whole life. and other doctor recipients will have to wait a decision from the supreme court is expected sometime before next summer. we have some sports now in the tennis world number one rafael nadal had a disappointing start in the a.t.p. finals group stage suffering a 1st career loss to germany's alexander in straight sets the dolls' hope he's juror a year end number one ranking but was completely outplayed by the reigning a.t.p. finals champion world number 7 has now beaten roger federer novak djokovic and into the all in consecutive matches at london's key to go to arena right. now when you think of animals that can offer humans a bit of emotional support is mainly dogs and cats but usually pigs so neat.
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who's what's known as a therapy peg she's part of a program that brings trained animals to san francisco's airport to help passengers there cope with the fear of flying. it's just another day at work. she's part of san francisco international airport's black brigade she's not catching any flights but a presence might help stressed out the past and just relax. people are very happy to get distracted from to travel from there with teams whether they're flying on their journey or location or work by everybody is usually very happy. i did seems it's not to load a whole bush there's no lipstick on this pig. just perhaps a touch of nail polish. and people seem to enjoy it. i've never seen
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one here so it's interesting that it's fun i got really excited. this they've never seen a program they are poised. to do tricks like a god. but leave doesn't do just simple tricks she has a knack of bringing people together. we walk in and we find today that most people have their heads buried in their devices they're not engaged we walk in people start to look up they start to react they respond super positively they start to engage with each other. the programme is a hit with time flies but is it all a bit of a bore fully lose. their lives very well socialized to people. through teo and that means that she's happy. it seems everyone is happy
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including lea lu who obviously loves holding the limelight. this is deja vu news this briefing. now on our top stories australian authorities are warning that sydney and surrounding areas are facing a catastrophic brush fire threat the states of new south wales and queen ones have declared an emergency at least 3 people have been killed thousands forced to flee their homes. bolivia's former president evo morales is heading to mexico where he's been granted asylum rolls resigned sunday following weeks of protests the bolivian army is vowing to restore order. pro-democracy protesters back on the streets of hong kong after some of the worst violence in long's universities and schools of council classes many roads remain closed. kerry lammas condemned activists as selfish.
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this is d.w. news from berlin for more you can follow us on twitter or visit our website you know dot com. coming up after short break ben has a long is here with news don't remember and don't forget rather you can always get the latest news around the clock i'm dr dollar thanks for joining us. to.
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inspiring to this fear. it somehow tied to our way. through the entry starts nov 14th w. . the pound sacks of punch a pre-election boost for boris johnson while the german business group admits he'd be the lesser of 2 evils. poland has become europe's number one producer an exporter of chickens activist so worried about they meant that and many farmers have become reliant on giant tractors the precious but there are.


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