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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 12, 2019 10:00am-10:16am CET

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this is deja vu news live from berlin tensions rising between gaza and israel. sirens wailing as israeli towns come under rocket attack now this falls on israeli airstrikes and killed the commander of the palestinian islamic jihad who get the very latest from jerusalem. also coming out saying the prize is the crimes of the
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jump brothers and that's just i mean that's a bold and catastrophic because what she needed in this new you can do this in australia catastrophic fires burning out of control one local fire chief saying conditions are so bad we're not able to stop them. and bolivia's former president takes a plane to mexico to go into exile but that has not come to situation oblivious capital pas which is expecting more unrest. i'm brian thomas great to have you with us violence has been escalating on the israel gaza border following the killing of a top commander of the palestinian militant group as long. israel says babu
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a top was behind a series of rocket attacks on its territory israeli forces killed him in a rare targeted air strike on his home in the gaza strip palestinian militants responding by firing rockets at israeli cities including the commercial capital tel aviv authorities have instructed citizens across southern and central israel to remain indoors. for the very latest let's bring indeed obvious tanya kramer following this for us in jerusalem good morning to you donna what's happening in the border area right now. well since the early morning hours since this targeted strike on the islamic jihad leader there have been by the minute red sirens or learn so-called you read alarms. asking people to run for bomb shelters and that's not just happening and the sounds of it is about that also further up north towards the center and also in tel aviv in the coastal cities of ashkelon and start as well
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and this is why we are seeing those very unprecedented measures being put in by the home front c'mon in israel asking deschooling to be closed today not just in the southern areas around the gaza strip but also in the televisa and the center area of the country and also for non-essential businesses to be closed usually don't see those measures so early on in such an operation it was a planned operation that's where all of course the air defense. is have been put in place but the israeli army says they expect. you know coming into the coming hours and days at least ok now tony what led to this israeli military operation which has been described as rare wife wise of being described as rare against islamic jihad inside gaza. but it says set
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a target to this military leader if it's not make it hard. he's responsible as they say for the northern gaza strip but also in gaza and then he was responsible for the latest rocket high over the past year but also other terror activities they're talking more here the army the largest surgical strike rather than the targeted killing probably saying that it don't want to possibly go back to the policy of targeted killing that we've seen here in the past decade or so which we haven't seen and the past years however now islamic jihad has boat over to revenge has said this crossed all red lines and that is or should be prepared for the worst ok prepared for the worst palestinian militant groups now launching a rocket attacks as far as tel of eve what kind of israeli response can we expect to that. well this was a planned operation so the israeli army is expecting the escalation will at least
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last for i mean when the middle of it right now will last for probably several days now people in gaza told me they are reminded of the days in 2012 when a at that time hamas military wing leader was also killed in an targeted strike and then followed an 8 day war between hamas and israel between gaza and israel so i think it also depends how hamas who is in control of gaza will react to that. they already also put out a statement of course condemning this and how this will play out in the coming hours it's still too early to say as i said very much on this ongoing military operation where you are in jerusalem and israel thanks very much. well australian firefighters are on high alert for a catastrophic threat from bushfires dozens of fires are burning in the state of new south wales which includes the city of sydney some 5000000 people residents of
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about 100000 homes near sydney are being urged to evacuate or local fire chief says the conditions are so bad that when a fire takes hold quote we are not able to stop it. protect life. protect property. and sure everybody is a safe as possible. these are the principles guiding austerities honest trail yes east coast bracing themselves for the worst bushfires in the nation's history more than 50 blazes are burning across the state of new south wales authorities are expecting conditions to get even worse. and out of almost new england. and one of those which means the fall we drill in the direction all else already how it's going and that's what you know if you haven't already done so now is the site just on to the fires are expected to spread quickly due to high temperatures and strong
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winds. are warning of catastrophic fire danger for to city of sydney to about 6000000 people are affected by the fires and people in monterey both communities have been urged to stay away from bushland and to flee their homes before the fires as collate we've had to have shifted 27 use never had this before we live in the blue mountains where it was for us too but we've never had to destroy a problem this is unbelievable i've seen the fries and the cars up the jump roads and that's just i mean that's even more than catastrophic because watching them in this you know you can do and only spy reason everybody just would eat so. 3 people have been confirmed dead and at least 150 properties have been lost so far authorities have to clear a 7 day state of emergency in the area. and
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with today said to be the most dangerous so far let's go straight to sydney and journalist roger maynard stare standing by for us good morning to you roger what more can you tell us well it's a very serious and fast moving situation now the authorities have listed a little new emergency fire warnings are in new south wales yourself was the courses were to people treat you with the weekend and there were nearly 200 homes destroyed in the flames now this afternoon or early this morning fire chiefs will the worst is still to come as fierce winds threaten to blow fires in multiple directions leaving. fighters almost powerless to control the rural fire service commissioner change that soon looms for cause the conditions would only deteriorate as the strong winds continued or became more consistent at least 3 properties have been destroyed in new south wales in the past few hours tare new
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south wales mid north coast that's north of sydney meanwhile a huge army of emergency personnel remain on standby with some 20000 firefighters police and soldiers as world ready to move in if necessary and this area has $6000000.00 people at the affected area sydney of course a huge city it's under threat can you tell us more you started talking about the precautions being taken what's being done for the rural areas and could this affect sydney. well that's the big question at the moment so far it appears sydney minded dogs don't bullets so to speak but no one could be certain there was a bushfire on the outskirts of sydney a report of an hour or 2 ago but that was quickly extinguished as you say city is a big city it's got 5000000 people living there and a lot of people are very very concerned about the possibility of fires moving in from the blue mountains where there's a lot of lot of forest and also from the north and the self where there are vast
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areas of national park and if those fires all of those parts of the city or the outs outlying areas were ignited then the danger is that those fires could be blown into urban areas and as many as $100000.00 homes at risk ok we're seeing images here of the smoke already covering sydney roger how much criticism is the government facing right now that has failed to address the conditions that are contributing to these catastrophic fires. what would certainly created or a word the doing of politicians of all political work colors the government's been accused of ignoring climate change one greens senator said in parliament earlier today but sun politicians were little more than arsonists because of the way they supported the coal industry in recent years the prime minister scott morrison refuses to pin the crisis directly on climate change and there are some on the
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other side who claim that greenlit council is might also be contributing to the problem by refusing to alone i'll hazard reduction programs to take place during the winter months thereby clearing the vision which might be ignited during the summer but others say it's not it's really not the time to make political points. mathias cormann its government minister here said it wasn't appropriate to bring politics into the debate when people were losing their lives and and that's a good point and the police are reiterated by the new south wales premier eclairs their g.p. and the city was quite willing to discuss the issue of climate change not at the moment when people were dying and many people were also a little losing their homes and the emphasis is on evacuation right now as well roger maynard thanks so much for that from sydney. as preached on some of the other stories making the news this hour activists back on the streets in hong kong following some of the worst violence in months of anti-government demonstrations
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yesterday today police have fired tear gas of protesters to block streets and so the car of fire outside one of the city's universities. in northern syria at least 6 people are reported dead more than 20 wounded after bombs exploded in the kurdish majority city of commission. there's been no claim of responsibility but kurdish leaders of warn that so-called islamic state sleeper cells pose a threat in the region. former u.s. president jimmy carter has been taken to hospital after a series of falls the 95 year old is to undergo surgery to relieve pressure on his brain part a broken skull of us when he fell last month and his home in plains georgia. well a former bolivian president a former aulus is on his way to mexico where he's been given asylum he resigned sunday in this protest against ledge lection fraud his resignation has left
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a power vacuum in bolivia where unrest is continuing on the streets of la paz the police and the military are threatening a crackdown ever morale is heading to mexico into exile the mexican foreign minister concerned it in a tweet he assured the ousted believe your leader your life and integrity are safe . while many believe ian's accused morale is of growing increasingly autocratic in his 14 year rule across latin america he's still often viewed as a champion of the poor who brought economic growth to one of the region's most impoverished countries like these supporters who gathered outside the believin embassy in mexico city they claim rallies resignation was prompted by a coup. will morales was a democratically elected president but we'll follow him are measures that are brutal exploitation measures against workers and farmers. morale is ousting has left
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a power vacuum the deputy head of the senate says she is willing to take over as interim president until new elections are held to help the country get through the crisis but the decision is up to the believe in congress. this is just to provide some certainty for the country. for an end to the vandalism. so that there are no more deaths women who are raped. i don't think bolivians deserve this it's urgent that there is some certainty for the people. so if civil organizations agree i will take up the task. of the really even after morales departure tensions remain high on the streets of the capital. police and the military are steeling themselves for more violence. preview on our top story this hour israelis taking cover as towns come under palestinian rocket attack now this
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follows an israeli airstrike that killed in islam a jog commander in gaza israel says who is behind a series of attacks on a search. this is the interviews live from the lead up next our documentary series looks at a group of women in pakistan breaking free of the usual restrictions they are training to be about guns i'm dr thomas for the entire new steve thanks a lot. and follow the adventures of the famous naturalist and explorer. to some the duration comics on the phone while it's 250th birthday we remember going on a voyage of discovery. expedition voyage on t.w. .


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