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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 13, 2019 6:00am-6:15am CET

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this is the news live from berlin bolivia has a new leader at least for now opposition senator john the name on the is declares herself interim president saying she will pull to do everything necessary to pacify the concert by supporters of former president abel murali suppose her i'm saying for all i suppose victims of the coup. also on the program the australian state of queensland is under threats from potentially catastrophic bushfires authorities warn of fog weather and high winds mean the worst could still be to come along the
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country's east coast. i'm calling aspen welcome to the program we begin in bolivia where opposition senator john naenae on yes has declared herself interim president following the resignation of former leader abel were alice the constitutional court has endorsed her even though there were not enough lawmakers present in country to appoint or or office is currently in exile in mexico where he was granted asylum after resigning on sunday he has condemned honestly saying she has instigated a coup. yes we could libya's opposition chance the presidential palace is finally there is up to 14 years but in the most controversial of circumstances and i knew as has bitterly
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opposed to countries rula since she entered living politics over a decade ago now in the midst of a political crisis the senate vice president has declared itself the country's new president. thank you to everyone in bolivia ethics keeping faith i promise to attend democracy and stability to benefit. thinking that. it has on yours come to power democratically moments aliya she made her constitutional case. that. with the ruling party boycotting the national assembly she told opposition lawmakers that she had to step into the breach and take the president's job. approval of the i assume the state presidency immediately as specified in the constitution but only that long time leader ever morale of the shadow still looms over events the time morale is now in
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mexico where he was granted asylum after he resigned. from there he is continuing to rise against his removal from power. of listening on twitter morale is quickly responded to and he has this declaration writing the sneakiest and most nefarious coup in history has been completed a right wing coup mongering senator has proclaimed himself president of the senate and then interim president of bolivia. a morale is still has his supporters especially among the country's poor indigenous communities they've responded with anger and yes this declaration. less than a month after a presidential election plunged the country into chaos the battle for believe is so only seems to be escalating bringing d.w. course on a deal 100 mira's he is standing by for us in bolivia's political capital of os so
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as we had mentioned opposition politician yanina on yes has declared herself interim president i mean what more do we know about that move. becomes today the 2nd woman to be president awful valdivia she did in a session in which the party support even without his mass they didn't. came to this session so but she did she has a name now or so far she has a name any of her ministers in our air vice president something of a debate that we are because tomorrow morning she should start negotiating with all the parties how they are going to organize a new all that shows who are going to be the new commission lead there because that the commission the electoral commission so is something that she should we want to spectate out for today but she she hasn't named any or her minister nor of her vice president and just to clarify is this something that's only going to take place on
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in strong basis what has onions said about her role now with the country. yeah i think now the situation is quite calm i think that defied the ever more this is not anymore in the country shuts a lot to to how do we get more of peace here. but this is not going to be easy for me is she has just one 3rd of the majority off. of the congress so it's not going to be easy for her to go varies just a couple of months about she needs to organize a distaste before or after their resignations often lots of ministers on are not self authorities here in the country but she she has to do it because she cost said today that in 2 months before january 20th when the 2nd we're going to have
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a new election here in vallejo so it's not going to be easy but she has to do it what about able morales now of course he's in mexico i mean do we know what comes next for him me is he likely to trying to regain the presidency. we don't know very much about today he appeared with the minister of foreign affairs of mexico. but they don't want to talk about it we don't know where exactly he's going to leave or if he's going to meet the other politicians in mexico but we know because we were talking today with some people close to the congress and we know that he is from mexico in the negotiations with the east here in the congress. you know 100 mira's reporting for us in the pos thank you very much here's a check now of some of the other stories making news around the world australia's highest court has agreed to hear the appeal of cardinal george pell who's serving
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a 6 year jail term for sexually abusing 2 choir boys in the 1990 s. hell's case rocks the catholic church in australia he's the most senior catholic clergyman ever convicted of pedophilia. a protester has been killed during a new wave of demonstrations in lebanon a man was shot dead near beirut by soldiers who opened fire to disperse protesters blocking roads lebanon has seen weeks of nationwide protests against the country's ruling elite. the violence between israelis and palestinians has flared in some of the worst attacks in years along the gaza border people in southern and central israel were advised to stay inside after palestine the palestinian palestinian militants fired a series of rockets into israeli territory those were in response to an israeli airstrike in the early morning hours that killed a militant leader in gaza. cheese day morning scene at the home of islamic jihad
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senior commander abu al attar. hours later islamic jihad fighters respond with a barrel of rocket attacks from. over the border in israel the warning sirens sound once again. israel's iron dome air defense system into seps many of them but some do get through. damaging peoples' homes and injuring some israelis. many choose to evacuate from the israel gaza border israel's response in gaza more airstrikes killing several palestinians. israel is not interested in escalation but we will do anything to defend ourselves . islamic jihad founds revenge for the death of.
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siobhan we are sure our people and our holy fighters i know that we have no choice but confrontation. israel's strike on a popular and to israel militant came during a period of relative peace but now the deadly to and fro of rockets is back. israel is in political turmoil right now perhaps headed for a 3rd general election in less than a year netanyahu is under intense pressure and has recently been criticized for his failure to stop rocket attacks from militants in gaza now he's responsible for a targeted assassination but consequently more rockets. firefighters in australia are scrambling to contain dozens of dangerous bush fires burning along the country's east coast authorities are warning of extreme danger in the northern
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state of queensland though cooler conditions are expected further south in australia's most populous state new south wales the fires that killed at least 3 people in recent days. will d.w. reporter jared readers here now in studio with more on those fires i mean 1st of all bring us up to date i mean what's the latest on these bushfires so as you say this is one of the worth bushfire threats a straight years of a scene basically the bushfires stretch from the mid north coast of new south wales ride up to. central queensland and this is an area about a 1000000 heck to be a 1000000 hectares of land. that is burning or has burnt over the last few days there are dozens of fires that is still burning on cheese day most of us were looking at new south wales because emergency services there had warned of catastrophic fire conditions and in fact some of the pfizer even reached the outskirts of sydney but it wasn't as bad as predicted because there were
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a lot of emergency services deployed and also the way the chain got a little bit cool about some relief although the threat is still very severe there at the moment though not everyone is worried about queensland because it is very very hot there and they're also worried that the winds are going to turn and that could fan the flames and. spread new ones so the worst could still be to calm. your from australia you're familiar with the fire risk in the country i mean fires are nothing new there so why are these ones so bad well it is hot and dry everyone knows that but the fires that are taking place that are happening are in areas that have had long prolonged drought over many years and when it hasn't rained this leaves behind a lot of dry land so you have a lot of shrubbery and grosse and trees and leaves and you combine that with the whole we've learned humidity with high winds this is really perfect bushfire
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conditions and not sadly what we're seeing at the moment we heard one local fire official saying that these fires could be out of control for months climate changes is just going to exacerbate these hot conditions these dry conditions does the australian government have a plan going forward well you're right independent scientists in australia from the weather bureau that climate change is exacerbating the drought but at the moment the government will not talk about way that climate change is influencing the bushfires they just boondocks. she used to comment on a day the prime minister says at the moment we're focusing on the immediacy of dealing with the people who need the help. i think eventually. the government's probably going to have to address the link between climate change and these bushfires at the moment its obligation to the paris agreement is to cut emissions by 28 percent by 2030 but there was a report out this week that showed your was the worst in the g 20 for dealing with
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climate change so i think this is going to be at the front of many people's minds are the next couple of months reporter jared reed thank you. well the u.s. house of representatives is preparing to take its impeachment process public starting on wednesday the hearings investigating alleged wrongdoing by president donald trump will be broadcast on television and. explains democrats hope it will make for must see t.v. . from now on every hearing will be live on television and that's the big chance for the democrats to make their point president tranced july phone call with ukraine's president selenski was impeachable after years of special counsel mahler's investigation and weeks of the impeachment inquiry this will probably be their last chance to gain public momentum and convince the american voter and that's crucial because in the end they will have to be side of both president trumps fate we asked voters on the streets let's listen to what they had to say
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about the public hearings how important is it that it's going to be broadcast live on t.v. it's good because you know they don't satisfy that need that he has for everything to be public yet be careful what you wish for because it will be public. well i got to say i'm looking forward to watching it based on what i've read our president is in a lot of trouble i don't think he really has come out with a good explanation for everything he's done but hearings will be very interesting and i'm glad they're public i don't really have an opinion on it frankly i think it's a waste of time frank with you. is it not going to change the the opinions of the of the voters to hear it probably 2 years what happens i guess i'm just tired of it frankly i think a lot of forces with these impeachments to think the election is still going on for 2 years ago now you know and that's my opinion you know i don't think there's a whole lot on cover there i really don't we're trying to find out of the americans
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of that will change that the people's minds that the fact that it's now live on t.v. from tomorrow i think the country is so polarized that everyone's going to hear what they want to hear so they might but unless something crazy happens i don't think so . you're watching the news live from berlin terry barton is up next i'm called aspen thanks for watching. and follow the adventures of the famous naturalist and explorer. to some the great comics on the front of the world's 250th birthday we're embarking on a voyage of discovery. expedition was.


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