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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 13, 2019 7:30pm-7:46pm CET

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bring me clear differences for the government to say a so why doesn't he resign. in 60 minutes. which the british. normally do scream africa. were unwilling to accept any stories and discussion. of easy town while we decide to debbie to come smart to join us on facebook at g.w. . this is due to every news africa coming up in the next 15 minutes taking off to get to the answer to that has become ever more relevant in uganda is to present day politics it might be a decider in the country's next election neat. things are bringing so the man who can bring rove and beast in the ghetto. and work for the people to bring them
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to bring them you know government is program to get there you see him. also coming up on the program from the food we eat to the accessories we way emoji that capture light in africa. hello i'm kristie want to welcome to news africa it's good to have you along a wave off autists joining politics has inspired hope in the youth off uganda the best example is this guy bobby white since he became a member of parliament 3 years ago he's become a serious contender to longtime president to live with an average age of just 16 uganda has the world's a 2nd youngest population that's too young to vote but it's obvious that the youth make up a sizable chunk of the electorate to be won over while president was. have any
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initially dismissed that phrase why imposed he's come back with a counter strategy as you'll see from our 1st report it comes down to who really rules the ghetto i mean. preparing for a performance for uganda's president yoweri museveni mike butcher man became big is recasting. the artist also has a day job was in late there's a committed presidential advisor and get to affairs you are present in 70 and so the real man who can bring love and peace in a ghetto is neat and to walk for the people to bring them to bring them in government is programmed to get to use them. until they fill out which one was a friend of bobby one real name robot child the musician who is trying to unseat president most if any in the 2021 elections.
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that you're enjoyed more than a decade of successfully making music together. but just doesn't trust his form a band meant to lead the nation so butcher man is backing with 70. i can't be so sure about what we wind in one was appointed shall know. i can't support these ideas and i never thing i and the president was 70 has a record of using music to mobilize supporters he even went to the recording studios himself i some say that this time getting up close to artists is a direct attack strategy on his new pop stop political point. but as most 70 florence's new musical roots will be winds not tired of releasing music that slams this government. through his music you
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tell people about the goings on the current state politically and otherwise the aims that our government is doing but also what people can do as citizens what they can do to contribute to the betterment of things and he's been doing that through music and so the city lies is this thing is very powerful. pop star polymeric has already started to divide to define this but some are wary of choosing trucks by their political affiliations. i can't follow him in his new career of politics but i love his music. if he wants to do something to eat he's doing. what. could be what. comes to political parties and where the musician sings for the ruling party or the others it does not affect me because that's their choice and i can't
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be stopped from supporting my candidate. but when the music is. being one of the youngest populations in the world issues like health care. jobs. as the presidential elections draw. for more on uganda's musical politics i'm joined by ugandan human rights advocate and lawyer he has defended bobby wine in some of his cases welcome to africa mr obviously you have 2 artists with a very similar profile pissing against each other this looks like pure genius on the part of president you where was 70 but is your client bobby why worried about the challenge coming through from which a man. not in a one bid because the musicians. people that are being put together by the president of the public of uganda do not have the profile and do
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not have this picture of mr bobby wine. and his colleagues not people as highly regarded as bobby why and i don't have the political argument and bobby wian has right now and i've grown in leaps and bounds from being gentle and musician to not a political leader ok but i mean you have defended bobby white in some of these cases and of course from your perspective he's rights have been abused but does that make him presidential material mr oldfield. it is true of bob or one he's a political novice he's only been a member of parliament for just under 3 yes and so people are right to question whether he's ready to lead this country and get to meet questions but the problem of this country is not a problem of this country place a problem of how we transition from what is now seen as an autocratic leadership to
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a more democratic leadership will be where and speaks to the poor people they understand him he was an aide to them and in that sense he's got a lot of support across the country. right out about it in the house a come in they have to still peel i mean you say you resonates with people sure he does he's a musician a lot of people in uganda love his music in fact we've just played a report where we heard some of his supporters say we love him as a musician we don't necessarily see him as somebody who could lead the country as a president i mean is this in some way a way for mr bobby white to raise his profile as a musician. or maybe one husband just been a musician his music hadn't just been about music this center fema business is over the last 10 years in uganda has been a theme of social justice a few of human rights if you move fighting poverty it is because of the content of his music that he has become as popular not the quality of his music ruins music
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doesn't play in clubs but doesn't play on radio has much as in other people's songs do but his songs strike to the heart of the problem of the devil of this country for the right time but that is all great news not because i am a stranger we're running out of time but i still want to push you on this you've told us about the content of these music and indeed you know this is somebody who has spoken out against injustices in ugandan society but all ugandans being cheated and i don't want to say this to you i mean is it a scenario where you potentially have missed of all the why and taking away from another credible opposition candidates who could potentially deliver on the part of being a serious president option for ugandans. i think of the buffalo want to qualify how the head of state in this country is a very very low bar. and just like anybody in this country qualifies to contest for president who might question his command of the media but he's legitimately
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qualified to be president of this country whether he would make a good president or not is really up to the populace to decide but i agree with you he's a broad dam on he requires some refining he will require some walk to be done around him for him to be the leader that all of us expect him to be. nicholas peel and. thank you you're welcome thank you very much for having me. now. has changed the way we communicate sometimes just an image with no words gets the message across but always reflects everyday life in africa you're about to meet the guy who's done something about that. you know hello my name's uplevel i'm 22 years old and i'm studying computer graphic design i created the project is a quality african emerges. the idea came about because i wanted to
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design masks so. nowadays we live in a modern way. and we tend to neglect the traditional aspects of our african culture masks languages and dance was a long. way from the beginning i wanted to promote masks because even if we evolve and we develop we shouldn't forget our traditional african culture it's part of us. and. i take my inspiration from everyday life from what i know personally. and i research on google about african countries where i've never been. covered like. it's a dish that you find on the streets of abidjan. it's made from. cassava grains with fish and. you eat it on the street and people love it because it suits
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you quickly it's cheap and it tastes good too. but i prefer food it's a dish that fills you up a bit more it's based on plan time bananas with arctic. design $365.00 emerges one for each day of the year. saying we have in ivory coast which goes like you saw that didn't you usually say when you want to warn someone about the negative consequences of his actions might have. and then when the guy realizes that what you told him is true. and he comes back and you say to him well i want. you. like people to contact me on instagram or by e-mail to send me their ideas that i can develop the project. out of more than 300 emerges there are at least
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200 that really relate to west africa. because that's my experience and that's what i know best. i'd like to put a sense it just seems to me so that i can develop more emerges that represent other parts of africa. i'll send him some ideas from the south hey you can download the emerging is from the app store or google play store that is a canal from deja news africa you can catch while stories on our website or facebook page will leave you in the house with these fictious some of the 365 african ladies that ok will has already come up with together with some imagined real life counterparts till next time i've got.
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a sustainable school. starts nov 14th on w. d q no that 77 percent. are younger than 65. bucks me and me and you. know what
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time of course is. the 77 percent talk about the issue. from one point to flash thanks so much housing boom boom town this is where. welcome to the 77 percent. this weekend v.w. . polo and a very warm welcome to news from the world of arts and culture we'll be visiting a big retrospective in bonn of one of germany's most influential office of the 20th century mountain kippen bagga also coming up in baking bread our intrepid europe correspondent georg mathis turns his attention to
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a traditional bread of spain combined with a humorous look at the politics there. and a british photographer who makes cameras out of well almost anything including cheat. monson kippen bag-o. was one of the great. blood of german pows well contemporary art he was incredibly prolific producing thousands of works of all sorts of artistic endeavor including even $150.00 books in his short lifetime he lived on the edge and died in 1907 of liver cancer just 44 years old right now a museum in the western german city of bone is holding a huge retrospective of his work which reflects his extraordinary production in all its facets and cold tends. provocative cynical sarcastic
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artist martin kemp and made fun of almost everything including himself. pope benedict personally complained about this.


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