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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 13, 2019 10:00pm-10:16pm CET

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my name is i'm actually not an elected to the council. this is g w news live from berlin tonight taking the case for impeachment to the people who come to water. good morning everyone the u.s. house of representatives opens historic public impeachment hearings against president donald trump in the biggest challenge yet to his presidency democrats want to prove that he abused his power also coming up a state of emergency venice suffers its worst floods in half
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a century the 2nd highest tide ever recorded and the mayor is blaming climate change. by brink off it's good to have you with us we begin tonight in the u.s. with hydrometer and history in the making on capitol hill lawmakers have begun the 1st public hearings in the impeachment inquiry against president donald trump democrats are trying to prove that trump abused his office by threatening to withhold millions of dollars in aid to ukraine unless that government investigated the family of his leading political rival joe biden today lawmakers are hearing testimony from 2 top diplomat trump has called the entire process a witch hunt. democratic house intelligence committee chairman adam schiff highlighted what is at stake when he opened today's impeachment hearing if we find
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at the present united states abuses power and invited foreign interference in our elections or if you start to condition coerce extort or bribe an ally into conducting investigations to aid israel lection campaign and did so by withholding official acts white house meeting or hundreds of millions of dollars of needed military aid must we simply get over it is this what americans should now expect from their president if this is not impeachable conduct what is adam schiff there speaking earlier today let's go now to washington d.c. salih he's on the story for us tonight good evening to you oliver i mean this was truly history in the making today in washington what would you say is the main takeaway from the testimony that we heard today. all right
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so of the democrats really have to get their message out here today and essentially what they're trying to do is to really prove that the phone call between president trump and the ukrainian president a lot of years olinsky was impeachable and they tried that of course with their line of questioning here. essential to prove that selenski wanted to investigate biden and that's that this happened as a response of president trump's pressure campaign on him and today bill taylor the acting ambassador to the ukraine confirmed that potential meeting between the land skin trump and the wife tells as well as 100 millions of dollars in military aid were withhold and then they were conditioned in fact to these investigations and that would be a quid pro quo. would be a betrayal of the old tool of the president's office that is what the democrats are trying to prove here and so today's takeaway is that these allegations that have
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already been out there behind closed doors in hearings and that they are now public because that is the new part sensually of this of these hearings that are now going public but of course the big question remains how do the voters see that and do they agree with all of that there were high expectations going into today's hearing people who were thinking there might be a knockdown partisan fight to see you were in the chamber what was the atmosphere like today. it was kind of a sober atmosphere brant the republicans are under enormous pressure right now you could really feel that and their strategy of defense right now is basically to admit that the phone call was not great but it was not impeachable this is the republicans take right now and of course they're also trying to fire back they're questioning the legitimacy of this investigation they say that the democrats want to undo the 2016 election but at the same time we have to point out that there were
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2 diplomats today testifying on capitol hill that they're working for the government they have a high level of credibility of course and that's exactly what the democrats are trying to capitalize on over salads on the story for us tonight in washington thank you. u.s. president donald trump met today with the turkish president to one in washington the meeting comes after a series of disagreements between the 2 nato allies turkish military action against the kurdish allies of the u.s. in northern syria is expected to be high on that agenda the 2 words specters to discuss ungar was purchase of f. $35.00 fighter jets which has been put on ice after turkey purchased a russian anti-aircraft missiles system. bring in our correspondent public fully aliens he's in washington good evening to you. have we
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heard anything coming out of this meeting i know of members of congress weren't happy about it what about the 2 presidents how how did they get a law. hi brant well i've just got one eye on seeing the press conference because it looks like it's a bag to begin any 2nd and like you said there were actually 5 republican senators taking part also in at that meeting today and you mentioned that they're one of the big topics of course was purchased by turkey of the russian s 14 missile system which really enraged washington over the summer and actually led to. turkey being kicked out of the f.s.a. $35.00 fighter jet program and particularly actually angered those republican senators some of which actually were at the meeting today obviously also a discussion of syria was expected to be brought up president trump being at under a lot of pressure over his handling of that situation in fact just last week he received a letter in which that was from the house foreign affairs committee which includes
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both republicans and democrats and in that they were essentially pushing them for a 2 way ever since this is in the invitation of the president out of the one to washington and they said the president everyone's decision i'm quoting this to invade northern syria on october 9th has had disastrous consequences for u.s. national security and that's led to deep divisions in the in the nato alliance and also cause a humanitarian crisis on the ground but president trump referred earlier when he spoke to the press to focus on that for what is he called a good relationship with turkey and also he stressed the fact that they were hoping to reach a potential 100000000000 dollar trade deal between the united states and turkey yeah that's right there was a lot of questioning about whether or not a deal could be reached this visit we've got these tensions within nato. either way you look at it this is a win for air to want to get the invitation to go to the white males are we seeing
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relations then improving between turkey and the you were. well you know just outside the white house in fact there was a protest taking place from kurdish americans who of course. president out of the visit to washington back in 2017 very fresh in their mind we can't forget that there were some quite scenes guy against kurdish protesters. turkish security forces back on that visit and also it's interesting to see how president trump has been stressing this friendship and saying that they've been very friendly essentially since day one also interesting lee which i'm sure didn't go down too well with president ever the one was that president also talked about the good relationship that he maintains with the kurds despite as i mentioned before the fact that there was a lot of criticism geared towards president trump for his handling of his treatment
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of the u.s. is longstanding allies the kurds in northern syria and in that region in general so you know we'll wait and see exactly what comes out of this meeting at the moment as i said you know members of the senate were present and also you know unlike pompei oh i'm president they're so we'll see what they say like i mentioned big topics being discussed today in washington are responding. to war if you probably think you. well here's some of the other stories that are making headlines around the world in bolivia supporters of ousted president evo morales at staged protests in the capital the pilots there demanding that interim president janine on yes' step down and that morale is to be reinstated and has declared herself president on tuesday after morale is went into exile in mexico following widespread unrest in the country so lame authorities say hundreds of people have been injured and over
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a 1000 arrested in nationwide riots fresh protests erupted on tuesday after the country's currency fell to an historic low demonstrators are demanding that president sebastian pinera step down. 23 palestinians have been killed in 2 days of israeli airstrikes on the gaza strip israel is targeting militants in the palestinian territory in response to dozens of rocket attacks on israel this latest flare up in violence follows the killing of a senior member of the palestinian militant group islamic jihad on tuesday by israeli forces. the sirens. and. this is a kind of preaching procedure at the pi's the night hospital located several kilometers from gaza. but not even an iowan dome defense system can ease anatoly. his newborn is somewhere in the hospital. 2 days ago i became
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a fossil but now the rockets called me in the hospital we don't get used to this and it's. the rockets have been relentless gaza militants have been firing them into israel since tuesday when behind and up to a senior commander from the palestinian militant group islamic jihad was killed by israeli forces israeli warplanes have responded with a series of strikes. and with no way to run for cover gaza residents are lashing out but. the jews are lying this is my home it had 3 floors in it was destroyed during the night it's not a military site it's the home of 8 people. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has want further escalation if strikes from gaza continue egypt is reportedly working as a mediator to deescalate tensions between the 2 sides in the meantime basil a hospital is continuing its operations underground for people here this is an all
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too familiar scenario sirens heraldic an attack then you have only about 30 seconds to find shelter and even if a cease fire stops the rockets many people here feel that this is only temporary that without a political solution another escalation is just a matter of time. on ukraine where they are reporting from israel one of europe's most important cultural landmarks and one of the world's most popular tourist destinations is facing a catastrophe then this is swamp suffering from the highest tide in more than half a century the tide level peaked just under 2 meters leaving homes inundated boats stranded and tourists wading through historic st mark's square the mayor is urging the italian government to help and says repair and rebuilding will likely cost hundreds of millions of europe's. alarm sounds throughout venice's historic center warning people to find higher ground to escape
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one of the worst floods in decades high winds and rain caused the water level to surge to almost $0.19 a meters with waves crashing into buildings. mayor luigi broken out of a film can sell for the famous scent marks square and blamed climate change for the extreme weather. some applies to will go after the others for the force we just can't wait unfortunately. we have reached a new negative record join the community we have to stand together against the effects of climate change and reform but accuse the question of this is in your face to the community. now it's all hands on deck to push stranded boats back into the water. larger vessels require more than manpower. tourists are taking raised walkways to reach the city's famous sites including st mark's basilica.
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the basilica itself was flooded for only the 6th time and its 1200 year old history . workers are assessing the damage. there is plenty of anger here the more a system designed to protect venice from high water has faced constant delays on the short of it she added for the movie they've been on it for 10 years but they've done nothing it's in total neglect it doesn't work and it's only $6000000.00 euros in italy unfortunately that's the way it is our politicians are all thieves we should all be in jail. if god said it. was locals take in the aftermath city officials say the damage totals hundreds of millions of euros face as people prepare for yet more days of flooding. you're watching t.v. news coming up next business news tesla has chosen germany to be the home of its
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european gigafactory and the news has made huge waves tesla's new facility could bring 10000 jobs to berlin that's coming up next in business news recovery or stick around we'll be right back. welcome to the girl max knew to change. the mind of story. with exclusive. and a must see concerning carson culture in europe the place to be curious minds.
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