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tv   Focus on Europe  Deutsche Welle  November 13, 2019 11:30pm-12:00am CET

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the 2nd. we want the whole picture artifacts instead of make ideas shift to live up to. the reality to cryptocurrency to your topics for live in an ever changing digital world let's start with digitalisation. on. a low and a warm welcome to focus on europe i will are about below i'm glad you could join us french cuisine is famous the world over so you may be surprised to hear that it's at the heart of a cultural war living the good life in france includes cullen harry delights such as meat cheese and fish the food is so treasured that it was named
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a unesco world heritage in 2010. but now a battle is raging over these a very foods by a group of vegans they want all animal products banned from food production they used radical methods against butchers restaurants and merchants to get their message across stephen's case soon a has experienced their wrath 1st hand he owns an organic butchery in paris is sound going to market hall that's where the activists targeted his shop and attacked him. 6 o'clock in the morning at the sunken tom markets stevens consumer is prepping his stall he's a mechanic but you're only handles meat from animals that are kept in accordance with our gun extern hundreds he's having a hard time understanding the world. this summer his stand was attacked by a group of militant deeds they poured red paint on his goods the deegan spilled the
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attack putting the pictures on the internet. you know. when i looked up 15 or 20 people were standing there shouting their slogans for the animals. it all went very fast. i went around the counter and a fight broke out. i broke a rib some of them couldn't work for a week and could feeney the attackers belong to an international association based in the french city of strasburg. there we met the swedish student just because stuff said. you know. it's been proven that a vegan diet is sufficient for all age groups so why keep on slaughtering animals when it's not makes me sick. we live in a system in which people base their existence on mess and murder as i work. every day 3000000 animals are murdered in france. 21 down the middle
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of all the stops and thinks the attack on butcher consumer style is absolutely justified the fact the consumer is an organic butcher and cares about the welfare of the animals is a relevant to him. according to radical vegans the french should also do with cheese because they say dairy industry is cruel to animals. animal products should be banned as a matter of principle in the country of cuisine this causes some indignation. whether mussels from normandy or jump on the beyond many french delicacies i made from animal products french cuisine even has unesco's world cultural heritage protection. also people like restaurant owner florian p.r.t. could be targeted by the militant deacons but he's not afraid he could lose his customers. if you try to all those people
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we've only got a fair bit of it they're not going to eat less meat. it is only on one course and that's rocket on the contrary they'll develop a counter-reaction and say to themselves this is annoying now i'm going to eat meat more than ever. to get them out. never the less radical vegans are gaining ground in france they shake a purser's by which shark auctions hoping to make france a front runner in the fight against the consumption of animal products. but that controller may have fewer be considered in other countries like the u.k. or the us but i hope that radical action comes from us here in france we don't need to be millions. we are forceful i don't know what actions we release animals from the stables and rescue them from slaughter. stevens consumer is deeply shocked that he is a butcher was targeted by these activists. limited worship or was it my trade is my
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entire life but if a customer comes back and tells me that the meat was particularly good then i'm really happy it's great i'm at a loss for words but that but most of. the existence of butchers like assume is completely irrelevant to activists just because starting in view of the suffering of animals he says the profession is trivial. limits. setup morally unacceptable must disappear there are no more executioners either there were no longer needed and the profession does appear to aspire to. moderates and the rights activists in france are suspicious of such radicalism forget got here has been fighting for animal welfare for years she doesn't believe that violent action will be successful . when you throw stones at but your shops it's suddenly all about whether you are allowed to eat meat or not. the question of how the animals are actually treated is
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completely forgotten. basic needs to consume is closing the stern since it's not going to shop he's grateful for every peaceful day when nothing bad happens. so we both will be there's no way i'm giving up my job and i started my apprenticeship at 14 and now i'm $34.00 i do this with a passion and will continue doing so refer to the. kisumu billie's e o's a difference the amount of gold make receive. so what do you think should delicacy such as for a while and tar be banned let me know your thoughts on twitter soccer is nothing without fans words from a legendary scottish coach they are the heart of the game and can inspire players when the chips are down so what happens when a team is denied its fans it's a reality for the 4 soccer team from diyarbakir turkey
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a kurdish stronghold supporters of the club make no secret of their true destroyed and many turkish nationalists see them as a threat so when the 1st whistle is sounded during a match like here in the city of tarsus politics are often brought on to the pitch . 2nd turkish division club med sport is getting ready for the relegation battle in tarsus a city by the mediterranean the team boss is about to leave for the stadium and the club president expects a tough awake and. yet again it's for fans are not allowed onto the grounds this has been going on for years now the official reason being security concerns the fans that came nevertheless are disappointed come think are empty security for just 30 to 40 away fans. provocations never originate from member sides this will close from 0 to understanding the peace list. in route to the stadium the team's bus is
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accompanied by an armored police vehicle apparently because the club's president and his players are from the kurdish stronghold. and. nobody's bought the debt we need to travel without our friends every time so it's not fair. and it hurts that you see it in the stadium the police are out in force the kurdish visitors are greeted by the turkish national colors. the match is not going well for the opposing fans shout this is tarsus i won't get out of here again in the end i'm in s'pore loses 50. club president met him kill 1st rushes out of the stadium. at least this time the team and club officials are spared being beaten up unlike in october. the cream is all damp in the players' mood since the authorities banned their fans they've been
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on a steady decline. of course we'd love to have her fans supporting as. i've stopped counting how many matches we've played without them up this will be inherited round to your list. even after the match. waiting fans aren't allowed near their team and kill of us and his players have to wait to the police always let them out of the stadium last quoting security reasons. the kurdish city of dealbreakers home to ahmed spore is set on the banks of the 2 gris river in the past there were recurring violent clashes between kurdish nationals and the turkish state here. the elected mayor of a curve was removed by the government the accusation supporting terrorism now portraits of president aired of on line the streets. met in kill of was a lawyer by profession has witnessed the decline of democracy in his hometown he
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himself has been indicted several times. today you know reading press conference or any of the public expression of opinion are allowed in this city anymore. but the kurdish question needs to be solved if we succeed in that. could become a beautiful place on this earth. but there still seems to be a long road ahead ahmed spore players have also been repeatedly targeted by the authorities striker dennys not he was born in germany 3 years ago he had to appear in court on terrorist propaganda charges he had publicly criticized turkish security forces after returning to germany his car was shot at on the highway by unknown person. whether they're turkish or kurdish many players don't want to play and care anymore give us struggles to find sponsors his club faces
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being financially ruined the new stadium on the city's outskirts won't change that either but my tin kill of us want to keep this club alive as part of kurdish identity in turkey is to kill the oceans we live in turkey with my share of rights here and for a country where everyone can voice their opinion without fear of repercussions because that's what defines are meant to me that on the spot us. he hopes the story of the only kurdish professional football club in turkey continues even with empty stands and if necessary. germany is unique in europe for its 3 tears cool system it divides children into different high schools based on their primary school grades and only one type of secondary school grants access to a university education critics say the system discriminates against children from lower income families and that one's future path should be decided so early on
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robin from the south get there has been the odds and is on track to graduate from university still he is plagued by doubts and worries about his future. robin is earned a high school diploma no small feat in the industrial region where only one in 4 youngsters achieve this that's only half the german average. in germany it still matters tremendously into what kind of a family kids are born into it. and i don't i mean i want schools my parents became unemployed and we suddenly faced a whole new situation as a family down my throat i think then i could understand why my parents told me to learn a trade something less risky really got his sickle. but i was a bit rebellious and i told myself i need to get out of fear and do what's right for me and. for the system. at
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16 robin decided to carry on to high school to get a diploma my father. my father was a heavy drinker and got very angry and he used to get very loud. and found that a human up into my room because of my decision to stay in school and directed the timing and everything else. that same night robin moved out he's still in good terms with his mother and sister. a confidante of them he couldn't study at home the television was always blaring my husband would have it on while he slept we couldn't turn it off i didn't think robin would pull this off to be honest. because of me and today robin studies months and philosophy in brown strike he showing his sister around that is university. she's currently studying for a high school diploma and wants to become a teacher. yes father he's
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a role model because he managed to achieve all those things i want to do he's an inspiration. robin meets his former mentor she's from a private foundation called studio on campus that helps some 1300 youngsters from working class families graduated from high school and adapted to university life because in germany these kids don't enjoy the same educational opportunities others do. i think a lot still needs to improve when it comes to equality of opportunity and education . today a person social background still largely determines that person's opportunities in life and what kind of education they get i think a lot of potential is left untapped in this way. catherine philip mentor robin joining us final stages in high school and the 1st year at university that's
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important because studies show that students from nonacademic parents are far less likely to pursue a doctorate. in germany a person's background still largely determines that person's life chances and career prospects more so than in most other european countries. today robbins back at his old school talking to 10th graders might be deciding soon whether to remain in school to qualify for uni or to learn a trade. many of my friends that decision difficult to know. why not they all managed to achieve something as nothing let me tell you about it. and that's what is referred to that's here. he tells the students that 19 of his former classmates went on to learn a trade just for earned a technical diploma and only human serve got
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a high school diploma. it's interesting i'm interested in medicine and that's why i've applied to become a nurse i've got a job interview coming up. but someday i would like to become a doctor. but for that you need to attend university. studio. my teacher suggested i do ok so training i didn't know what i should do at the time. just like the student robin sometimes wonders of higher education is the right choice for him today's meeting saturday and all school friend of his who left school after 10th grade to become a car mechanic. an engineering degree would have been interesting anything with technology. so why didn't you roll it university this is. well it's a big deal. i was scared i wouldn't pass my exams and all that in those years good money and plans to get a monster crossman certificates or. maybe even start his own business.
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for me things are not as clear everything is much more open there's still a certain risk several this is a cool. robin has at least 2 more years of studying ahead of him for his university degree. hot stuff on myself i'm up wasting my time doing this of course it would be disappointing to take up a job but my degree is of no use to realize that i should have made a good living like cedric professor but the feeling are you worried about the future yes yes. taking a ride in cedric's to talk golf wondering whether they've taken the right decisions for the future. well many countries in europe are struggling to cope with immigration others are feeling the effects of emigration
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nations like lithuania were suffering from brain drain as young people left for opportunities elsewhere so the former soviet state came up with a plan to stem the flow and now listen way india is wooing investors with its business friendly policies its capital vilnius is cosmopolitan innovative and above all affordable people like us just yet now schools are helping shape the country's future bringing lithuanians abroad back home. lithuanians capital to me as is growing vertically and glowing promising the baltic metropolis has become a focal point for writing talents and draws many young people here they're developing the digital world of tomorrow eustace is the country's own mark zuckerberg he's 35 and has turned multiple starts a piteous into flourishing business models humans and this is newest project the
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idea anyone can present knowledge on the platform whether it's on starting a business clothing or a healthy diet interested uses then pay for a meeting a share of the proceeds is donated. we believe that 3 months after is the next facebook we have early fast traction people love it people start booking. each other for getting knowledge and spurs to the burning questions they have and didn't find the answers for months sometimes years everyone just super happy so far . investors have already gotten on board and used to $20000.00 fans are hopeful the idea will be profitable soon it could even yield more money than vintage an online marketplace for secondhand clothing whose headquarters are in business the vintage idea was used this is a stepping stone into the start of world 10 years ago but once the company's turnover moved into millions he withdrew from day to day operations. these are now
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run by thomas plantinga who came to visit the us one and a half years ago because everybody is really in a mullet let's just build stuff and let's make this a better place and when i work hard i will get like a better future and that is something that is ingrained in everybody so you have a sharp analytical mind set very strong work in tolls and that brings a different type of energy and a different type of the livery then you get. from teams in germany in the netherlands there's an optimistic spirits in the lithuanian eye she said earlier young people would leave the country over aging was a serious problem. but then lithuania as government decided to lend it full support to the startup sector it invested in broadband expansion and the founding of companies was simplified last year 611 startups were registered in lithuania over 6
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years more than $4300.00 jobs have been created a better route to kenya had to be organization startup lithuania making with the we me as i t set more visible around the world everyone is going digital everyone is going so lithium doesn't want to be a low priced country low price producers and you know any more we want to be in the relations and country so we are trying to create a start a paradise here. lithuania is eager to get emigrants to return to their home country and many young lithuanians who studied and worked abroad are in fact coming back. like 33 year old monica cooter who worked as a london based media manager but decided the job wasn't for her. in london i will go discover your path that i'm not interested in and i want to make things i can actually live in less mania live in my country. on saturdays meet
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with my friends but my bringing in my solutions can travel globally and i think it's very very attractive. back home in vilnius monica founded it and by a company that wants to help children understand the digital age it all starts with you being curious about what you can create and i would love our kids not to lose that sense of curiosity and to carry it with them and use it does a real real biological to. compliment it with less available in the world not. used just dreams of turning the us into eastern europeans so they can battle. every move he takes in dogs growth seeds i'm hazelnuts out for a while who unsurprisingly have their very own instagram account. used to love trying out new things pushing boundaries and taking. this one is
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always has been seen in through the history is always this small underdeveloped nations would have this kind of stigma about ourselves and when you have this stigma it's a big motivation to the u.k. we will show that it's not the case and then you can go extra mile. the way i thought but you can start to see with id pioneers keen to conquer the tech world and they've certainly got the ideas to make it happen. now i would like to introduce your to europe's oldest tattoo artist he may even be the world's oldest working one at $87.00 price from plymouth england has lost count of how many people he's tattooed and though his clientele has changed over the decades doc says there's one thing that has stood the test of time. how does
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a small shop implement a living legend darryl dr pryce age 87 and day in day out he works on human bodies he's worn out hundreds of machines and season self as a scribe not an artist he's proud of being the oldest touch you artist in there up 70 years ago his motifs were for criminals sailors ladies of love nowadays they're for the rich and poor young and old that's for business the fine line between love and hate. the love business to to assume the love for this with full of all because of a. personal relationship that was opened. his 1st tattoo in 1945 he was 13 his mother was furious and was about to be him until she saw the word mother. duck price fell for ours and itself talked with sometimes he made bad
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mistakes he has a reading and spelling weakness his home in wales cape town sydney the stations before he settled in the south of england expensive 50 years since he had to throw a drunken sailor out of his shop. because he says to the ceilings you know through the roof you're working every day. with the new congress bored with so you have a passion of the love all because it's just. you know drew that it's over the tree but this year with jerry. in the end he passed on his passion to his only son still . love him so doc price says he may not be the greatest artist but perhaps the most passionate one. which is why he'll continue tattooing until he's no longer able to . and that's all from me thanks for watching focus
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on europe if you have any thoughts about this week's show to get in touch with me on twitter by for now. thank. you. elaine. to get.
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into conflicts with sebastian with time running out cold brussels among them to get a breakfast deal with families or people on the britain's fiscal negotiations fail my guest this week here in prague is the check for melissa tomas petrusha he has surprisingly clear differences with the government who saw so why doesn't he resign so few minutes off double shifts.
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it's time. to take one step further. and face the council. coming here on this side of lost relative time to search the unknown shook up the fight for the troops out of the flock the 1st time to overcome downtrends. and connect the world comes time for the t w e w news coming up ahead. minds. yes you know a millionaire is he. goes on and there is he sending. us all over. again and what is that on wood. what i'm focused on in the sort of what i'm. looking i said i know president. this
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you know i mean in your monotonous incline you think i work is sort of a moment tonight it's. i mean i'm going to tell you 9 minutes. the show could go because as if radio's had said. i should. point out i've only said that a car going on where they're being funded. by mckinsey it gets us into say i said. frank should they have all the international gateway to the best connection self road and rail. located in the heart of europe you are connected to the whole world . experience outstanding shopping and dining off 1st and try our services. biala gassed at frankfurt airport city managed by from.
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this is d w news live from berlin making the case for impeachments in public. to come to order. morning everyone the u.s. house of representatives opens historic public and pietschmann hearings against president donald trump in the biggest challenge yet to his presidency democrats want to prove to be against his power.


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