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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 15, 2019 6:00pm-6:15pm CET

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this is the only news live from berlin on the docket the former u.s. ambassador to ukraine testifies on day 2 of the public hearing of president donald trump's impeachment were on capitol hill also coming up in the no one let up then it suffers renewed flooding after another high tide adding to that threat to the city's unique cultural landmarks the made up calling for international aid and it's the end of an era of this league a club bar in munich presents for the hundreds stepping down protesters been
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woodbine for 40 years during which time the club developed into the powerhouse team net german football. thank you so much for your company everyone we begin this broadcast in the u.s. where the impeachment inquiry into the president's donald trump has resumed with another day of public hearings while today's session centers on testimony from maria judge john of it while the former u.s. ambassador to ukraine was fired from her post in kiev after coming under attack by trump's personal lawyer would also giuliani in some dramatic testimony today she told committee members she had felt intimidated by her treatment let's take a listen to an excerpt from murcia moments ago. what did you think when president
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trying told president selenski and you read that you were going to go through some things i didn't know what to think but i was very concerned were you concerned about. she's going to go through some things it didn't sound good sounded like. a threat. did you feel threatened i did all right and that was the ambassador speaking at her opening statement before the committee let's kitschy cross you over now to washington to capitol hill to my colleague a public who has been closely following the 1st part of the testimony unfolding behind him my 1st question to you pablo what struck you about the ambassador's opening statement. later well as you've seen there it was pretty
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dramatic it's a pretty dramatic day too in this in you know these hearings into the impeachment inquiry it was you know pretty shocking to hear watch as the former u.s. ambassador to ukraine had to say you know the fact that she said that she felt concerned she said as well that she was shocked a cold devastated that the president of the united states would talk about any ambassador like that and also you know when she was asked about you know this 20 to 25th of july phone call between president trump and the ukrainian president selenski she did say that she had left her post 2 months prior to that but of course it's been dramatic why because of course during this you know beginning this morning president trump started to tweet which caused you know much movement will say amongst those inside the hearing here in washington d.c.
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all right pablo as you just reported during the testimony president something extraordinary started tweeting a life tweeting at the ambassador and i'm going to read some of the tweets that he sent out well everywhere marie you want it shit went turned bad she started off in somalia how did that go then ukraine the new president spoke unfavorably about her in my 2nd phone call with him it's a u.s. president's absolute right to points and basters. public i don't even know how to characterize this this is of course unprecedented a president's life tweeting at a witness during his impeachment hearing. you're absolutely right lady i mean it was pretty shocking to everybody here and in fact to chief intelligence chief intelligence committee chair adam schiff actually stopped you know the u.s. the former u.s.
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ambassador to ukraine marie yvonne of each and spoke and she in response said that she can't speak to what the president is trying to do but i think the effect is to be intimidating i mean they're pretty strong words now also she said that she was incredibly devastated by the treatment of course seeing that this is a these live tweets are taking place we can sort of understand what she's referring to and also she spoke out like i said before i am of her concern that she felt threatened following that july 25th statement now many democrats on the in fact republicans have come out in response to this live tweeting from president trump and you know heavily criticized him for doing so hard to to be continued publicly his reporting from washington thank you so very much and we're going to stay actually in the u.s. because we've just got news coming in that donald trump's a long time the friend and adviser has been convicted now at his trial in
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a federal court in washington while just still has been found guilty on 7 counts of lying to congress obstruction and witness tampering all the charges came from stones pursuits of russian hacked e-mails that we did imaging to hillary clinton's 2016 election bid. all right we'll have more on that story in later opposes before i want to tell you about some of the other news from around the world. 2 people have been killed in baghdad in the latest violence to ravage the antigovernment protests well officials say police fired tear gas and live ammunition to disperse demonstrators more than 300 people have been killed in iraq since the protests began in early october and lebanon former finance minister mohammad safadi has agreed to be put forward as prime minister it was an attempt to end months of the protests and political statement that has failed to stop
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demonstrators from taking to the streets to protest that very move all they see safadi a wealthy businessman as emblematic of a failed political system. an 18 year old man in belgium has become the 1st person in that country to die from he died within a month of contracting a lung infection after an east cigarette after using rather an e. cigarettes reports of a ping related deaths around the world have been increasing with 42 deaths alone in the united states. back here in europe venice has been hit by flooding from another exceptionally high tide st mark's square has again been underwater and close to the public a levels at midday on friday did not reach those of the peak flooding as seen earlier this week but the water still poses an ongoing threat to the cultural heritage of the city. land and sea become one again another exceptionally high
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tide is wreaking havoc on venice. workers dismantle elevated walkways to protect the public. it is yet more destruction after days of dismay. not jurado has given everything to this place. none of the fridges are working we're trying to dry things off. for 200 years this grand hotel has stood the test of time and tight. but this week the devastation is considerable your freezer sandwiches shipped i think we have $70000.00 euros of damage more or less obviously we're still counting the level of damage and we're still trying to fix parts of the electricity there really matter. as all of venice take stock of the damage some are wondering if nature is finally closing in on this lagoon city's
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fortifications not rado. long we're from the venice venetians born in venice most of us are venetian so to say stop with venice never. get to the prime minister took in the damage for himself visiting since marks basilica and meeting those working to rebuild he pledged millions of euros in help but. i saw great distress. today i spoke to a newsstand owner mr bulger whose eyes kiosk collapse in the canal. he lost everything. you can imagine what it means for someone who owns a business to see his world drowning in the water. as if he also promised to turn this into a reality the more a title defense system that has been plagued by corruption and delays they began
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planning it in 1984. before then locals must contend with an almighty cleanup operation that is expected to cost hundreds of millions. let's take you to the canal a city now due to abuse james jackson is in venice on st mark's place good to see you james it's raining out there pouring i can see behind you what's the situation like where you are. so it's very. it's been very long day for most of it for the people of venice everything has been flooded the levels although they want has high as a few days ago was still exceptionally high and. people shops were damaged people's hotels were damaged as we were walking around we saw almost every shop had little motorized water pumps to get it out while it was at its peak to get to try and get things dry and now people have started to who've to vacuum clean the water out and
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the carpets to get things going again so that they can try and return to life as normal return to life as normal that's going to take some while james because talk to us a little bit about the damage that's been done by these record floods. so almost everyone in venice will have been affected in some way especially business owners and people living on the ground floor 70 percent of the city was underwater today and we spoke to people who have lost computers for that businesses they've lost my choices for their houses sofas bridges all these kinds of things but of course venice is a unesco cultural heritage city and so some of the damage will have been done says places like san marcos basilica right behind me and in places like that you can't really count how much the damage will cost because some of the things that's quite simply priceless exactly their prices that was the work that was going to use as well so what are they going to do i if the government of course has already
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declared a state of emergency and now there are calls for international help yes that's right the government has declared a state of emergency as the prime minister. has been marked 20000000 for media how that's going to be going to individuals simple simple people that live lives here can get up to 5000 euro's and business owners can get so upset 20000 euros i've seen however when i spoke to people about what they what they want for the 1st thing they said was that people shouldn't be turned off coming to venice because a lot of them the jutes of these floods this is only going to last for a few for a week or so and then life. will try to return to normal often not so they're worried about the effect that this will have on business a lot of them were looking quite depressed didn't want to talk to reporters but the
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people who gave the clearest answers on what the government italian government and the local government should do they simply said finish the most finish. james jackson reporting from venice thank you. firebrand a buy in at munich president believe will hand over the reins at byron's annual general meeting on friday to drawing a line under 40 years of involvement with the club. it's hard to imagine buy in munich without police her niece. he was a 3 time winner of both the brightness league and european cup in the seventy's with bae and. he also won the 1974 world cup in 1972 euros with west germany and the success didn't slow down when he transitioned into management 1st as general manager and later as president has helped mold buy into the powerhouse they are today he steered the club to 2 champions league titles including the 2013
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travel as well as $21.00 is league of championships bonuses over 40 year reign hasn't been without incident he was the sole survivor of a private plane crash in 1982 and in 2014 when it was imprisoned for evading over 28000000 euros in taxes he returned straight to his post after his release 3 years ago his stature not diminished in the eyes of buy and players past and present well who knows if to buy a blue one this is byron munich what he achieved as a president and also as a player at the club is unparalleled there will never be anyone like him again like . that's why this might be able to get us and i think someone likelihood us will never stop and he's got a buyer and heart and a football heart. so he will always stay connected to us you have to run him off.
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with by him chairman carl hines room an eco also nearing the end of his tenure only says retirement heralds the closing of a chapter at byron munich. you're watching it every news life from bro and coming right up monica jeff's with business africa i'll see you again at the top of the hour for now thank you for spending this part of the difference. because and now brooke we affectionately asian because affectionately as you can. hear continent in the middle of his election campaign in the year 2000 the documentary was filmed for russian television. to turn the camera back on of course the.


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