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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 17, 2019 5:00pm-5:15pm CET

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this is data over the news live from berlin protesters a fire arrows at police in hong kong offices use tear gas and water cannons against the demonstrators people can't hide and set up barricades at a university campus also coming up there's been more flooding in venice with much of the a good city is priceless historical buildings under water damage could run into the millions of euros and also on the show britain's prince andrew defends his links to convicted sex offender jeffrey abstain in a televised interview but his plan to set the record straight looks to have backfired when take a look at that interview and its fall out. i'm
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rebecca read his welcome to the program we begin in hong kong where they've been fresh clashes between pro-democracy demonstrators and police chinese troops have been deployed for the 1st time since they protests began in june activists have dug into hong kong's polytechnic university in a valley and to defend it from plays its part of a week long campaign aimed at disrupting traffic and hitting the local economy. another assault on the voices of protest police fire tear gas of protesters occupying hong kong's polytechnic university and blocking nearby roads massed demonstrators hurl molotov cocktails in response to the street battle pits water cannon against fire bombs and armored trucks against umbrellas and police claim protesters shot or. them injuring one officer in the leg. the protesters
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are showing themselves to be skillful tacticians this week they moved away from flash mob demos to occupying universities and blocking the city's key traffic arteries the polytechnic is the last university held by protesters by barricading themselves in they have succeeded in closing down the city's cross harbor tunnel connecting the mainland and the hong kong island. we want the city to go on strike at the hong kong police technic university we can occupy the cross harbor tunnel so it can help to achieve this goal and we could also block highways and other major roads in the area where the roads are and the hong kong polytechnic university our major roads and they could be blocked to help us achieve the strike. the protesters are trying to quote squeeze the economy and it's working the city is
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in recession for the 1st time in a decade but their actions are dividing public opinion with many residents irritated by the disruption. on saturday chinese soldiers emerged from their barracks in sports gear to help clear barricades on the streets it was the army's 1st deployment in hong kong since protests began 5 months ago and it's both a warning and a p.r. move aimed at those fed up with the chaos but protesters still have sympathy from some locals angry with the government. and more and more. i think no one in hong kong is happy when they see this. all the things are just broken and it affects a lot of people's daily lives. and it's because of this bad government. otherwise the young protesters wouldn't come out and do these very violent things.
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with protesters valuing to carry their campaign of civil disobedience into next week and neither side willing to back down normality in hong kong seems a distant prospect. storms a snow and rain have continued to hit the italian city of venice residents are facing another high tide shutting the famous said square for a 3rd day more than 2 thirds of venice is flooded damaging monuments shops and homes the crisis is expected to cost millions of euros the city has been under water for days with strong winds on chase day bringing venice is the worst high water in more than $50.00 is joining us now from venice is daytona correspondent joining us out of delhi nearly a number of major flood hits venice what's the situation where you are right now. so water which to its peak around 1 pm today around $150.00 centimeters now it is
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slowly going down at it and it will continue to do so through the evening today we were walking around and again shops and homes were preparing for the tide they were getting ready to stop the water from coming in but also to clean up again after the tide people are starting to become tired this frequency of high tides is very unusual and exceptional so spirits are starting to slowly go down and people are hoping that this will be the beginning of the end of this flooding here when you have people proper preparing those lots of churches shops homes and so unesco world heritage site i mean do we know how bad the damage is yet how extensive it is. so experts we've been talking to have told us that it's still too early to assess the real extent of the damage the mayor of venice has estimated at least 1000000000 euros but what we've understood is that we will have to wait till the water goes
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away and dries up before we can really see what the damage is like today we visited the theater here in venice a historical theater and they have had damage not in the main stage area but in their technical and service areas that means they have no electricity and they can't continue with the shows water has seeped into the walls and is still continuing to come into the building so already quite a bit of damage too early to tell quite how modest but it's not even winter yet really i mean and there's no doubt more rain on the way how is venice and italy going to cope with the situation. so there has been also a lot of bad weather in all over the country there have been the level of the river in florence and is alarming height highways and train lines have been closed on the border with austria so today the government is going to need to declare state of
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emergencies and other cities and they're going to have to put out more funds to try and both prevent but also tackle the consequences of the bad weather that italy has been facing in the last few days. for us in venice thanks very much. in iran thousands of people have been out on the streets protesting against the government's decision to raise petrol prices by 50 percent and also introduce rationing since the price hike many demonstrators have abandoned their cars along major highways and join mass rallies in the capital tehran but some of the demonstrations have turned violent and at least 2 people have died as a result of the protests with many more injured. iranians have taken to the streets in the capital tehran and a number of cities across the country in protest of the government's move to raise the price of petrol by 50 percent the angry demonstrations have seen protesters
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blocking roads setting fire to tires and attacking public property. iran's leader ayatollah ali khamenei says he supports the price hike despite the unrest. down a major decision for the country based on expert assessments this decision must be executed. the move is in part a response to the failing economy provoked by u.s. sanctions but how many put the blame for the damage on protestors. is it your bank on fire is the i'm not done by the people this is what dogs do. his words were indicative of a strong line being taken by the government in the face of the unrest police have threatened further tough measures and the communications minister announced that the internet has been shut down the 24 hours to reimpose control. it's being slammed as a catastrophic error and a royal payout disaster by the u.k.
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maybe and commentators on saturday the baby say at an unprecedented interview with britain's prince andrew probing him on his links to the life and convicted pedophile jeffrey epstein andrew who's the son of queen elizabeth also had to answer questions over allegations he had sex with a minor who was trafficked to him by a sting. i mean. they have a reporter owner i was watching that interview and he joins me now thanks for coming in so what exactly are the allegations against prince andrew so he's accused of having had sex with a woman who says she was a sex slave of geoffrey epstein and it was virginia roberts she's told the u.s. courts that she was forced to have sex with the prince on at least 3 occasions ones in london ones in new york and ones at epstein's private island in the caribbean now present prince andrew says he has no recollection of ever meeting ms roberts.
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even if there is a so to the 2 of them taken in london he says he cannot explain this photo at all that this photo that we're looking at with. this miss robots in the middle there. she says that she in fact dined with him at one occasion when the he then took her to the nightclub they danced together he bought her drinks she says she recalls that he was sweating profusely at the time she says they then went back to that townhouse where the picture is taken and they have 6 percent who denies all of this let's have a listen to what he said. there are a number of things that are wrong with that story one of which is that is that i don't know where the bar is and in trance. i don't drink. have a peculiar move the dish in which is that i don't sweat or i didn't sweat at the time and that was. yes i didn't stress at the time because i
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had suffered what i would describe as an overdose of adrenalin in the fulcrums war when i was shot at. so some bizarre rebuttals to say the least from the prince that now he's also facing criticism for staying in contact with jeffrey epstein after he was convicted for sex offenses in 2006 in 2010 the prince attended a dinner in new york celebrating the release of epstein from prison at the time they also went on a walk together in central park which is this photo here that you can see. andrew says he attended the dinner and went for that walk to tell epstein that he no longer wanted to see him right so what's the reaction to the interview well this story is of called cost plus the door on all the front pages in the u.k. today. many comments as commentators are reflecting on the lack of compassion
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from from the prince's compassion for the victims of geoffrey epstein. it's also being called a bit of a p.r. disaster we have the conservative broadcaster piers morgan for example he calls it desperate and totaling saying it's insane that he agreed to this interview others are asking for what the reasons might be for him not to remember ms roberts one of them is actor rose make gala and she's one of the original accusers in the me too movement as she questions of the reason the prince cannot remember her is because there were so many young girls so we have to remember that this this interview it really is unprecedented it's a british royal being interviewed at buckingham palace about his sex life and about alleged sex offenses it took 6 months for the b.b.c. and the palace to come to the deal to actually for this interview to be happy for 2 for the for the interview to happen so if the palace is idea behind this was that
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this might make the story go away they might have made a big mistake i mean like it's done quite the obvious yeah i mean all that in fact actually i mean we'll have to wait and see if this will have any wider ramifications for the royal family very interesting or i will be keeping an eye on that thanks very much for coming in to explain it to us. tennis for now in germany sealed their place at euro 2020 on saturday after a 4 nil win of a bell roos group rivals the netherlands also confirmed their qualification with. now poised to clinch poised to clinch rather top spot in tuesday's game with northern ireland croatia and austria also went through. germany had been in the driving seat long before mathias didn't sell open the scoring in the 41st minute they got back in the zone stadium and yogi live side's lead was double just off the hawks time smashing home this time to give germany some breathing space but sure
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midfielder tony close out of the 3rd in the 55th minute the real madrid filled it with a neat finish from the edge of the area and close out of the 2nd with 10 minutes to go the 2014 world cup winner now has 17 goals for his country to leave us are in talks it's a great to score some goals but it's more important that we can enjoy this as a team you can see that it can get or could that's the way it is in these types of games until the 1st goal goes in the boys were so it would be a job done for germany who can now focus on fine shooting their preparations and head of euro 2020 in june. the finale to the men's tennis season is just hours away austria's dominic tame takes on grace's stephanus tzitzit past as they bid to climb the 18 pe finals trophy tournament you come out city past 8 the my thing roger federer and his semifinal in london taming while overcame germany's defending champion alexander it's fair evans straight sets is dominant display included his
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full array of shots the 26 year old prevailed 7563 victory in sunday's final of the unofficial 5th place that would be tamed career highlight so far. you're watching news more headlines at the top of the hour. we'll go to the girl max you to. go to a good life story. with exclusive. must see concerning culture to your. place to be curious minds. do it yourself networkers. subscribing don't miss.


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