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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 19, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm CET

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this is life in the united nations such as hong kong. university standoff with protesters many of the students barricaded inside the public sector university have turned themselves in to police the un's warning of a deteriorating humanitarian situation for those still inside also on the program the trump impeachment inquiry set for more critical testimony as public hearings resume to senior officials who heard the phone call between president trump that he's been creating say they were concerned about off the cold. this refugee camp was meant to house 3000 people but now is home to more than 13000 greece is
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moving refugee. camp on the island of glass balls. and swedish prosecutors say there's not enough evidence to carry on investigating a magistrate by wiki leaks founder julian assange remains in prison in britain. i'm faces that extradition hearing to the united states spying charges. i'm phil going to welcome to the program. parents of some of the students inside the besieged hong kong university campus are pleading to authorities to take a softer line most protesters had left polytechnic university buildings by early tuesday but all storage is of labeled the remaining students rioters that carries a 10 year jail sentence the 3 day standoff has seen the university campus become
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the focus of the island's pro-democracy movement which opposes beijing's growing influence. after days under siege some of the last protest is finally leave defeated exhausted and in some cases in need of medical care many cover their faces in the last attempt to avoid identification and punishment. but police are waiting for them when. they have threatened to charge those who occupied the campus quite rioting. with some demonstrators still barricaded inside the building that parents begged off are teens to show compassion. they are terrified of the consequences if their children do not leave voluntarily. i haven't slept for over 30 hours a song many parents including myself stayed here last night during the clashes we
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didn't leave despite being surrounded by in rounds of tear gas all night i just hope my son is safe i urge the government to listen to our youth and understand what they think that with. hong kong's embattled leader carry lam said she had urged police to act humanely but could not rule out violence police themselves issued a stop warning. oh operating time so let me tell you this you can run but you cannot run forever just like on other days people identified by us have been arrested offenders that have escaped will eventually be caught over. fearful of long jail sentences they may be but many here have fires to continue their fight late on tuesday protesters on the streets clashed again with police new front suggesting this months long battle is far from over. straight to d.w. correspondent sean the chelsea pill and outside hong kong's polytechnic university
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welcome charlotte how many protesters are still inside. the is very hard to predict to estimate exactly how many protesters is still inside at the moment the estimates given by authorities earlier on today with fewer than 100 people were left inside since then we've personally witnessed numerous people leaving the university most in handcuffs being taken away by police we've seen roughly 2 dozen some of them as they were being led away by those police officers saying their names one in fact calling out his parents phone number asking people who want xing on to call his family let them know that he had been arrested it's unclear exactly what is going to happen to those remaining people inside the building they face a choice of leaving and being arrested by police potentially finding a way the scaping we know that a number of people have managed to escape over the last couple of days or whether
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or not they stay inside the building and waited out the threat though forces that police at some point might choose to move into finally put this list now 3 day standoff to an end and those who have been arrested charlotte what sort of dumbass and what sort of fate awaits them. police have said over a 1000 people have been arrested so far those who have been arrested do you face a charge of rioting now that carries a sentence of up to 10 years in prison we'll wait to see whether or not those charges are actually carried out as the days go on what we do know as well is that there are $200.00 people under the age of 18 who were inside the building who were allowed to leave to go home to return to their parents to their families their names and numbers have been taken there that details and police do will say reserve
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the right to arrest and charge those those young people those under eighteen's at a later date we've seen some very violent images over the last few days charlotte how has that affected support for these demonstrations. outside the university particularly last night there were huge numbers of people who came out on to the street in support of those protesters who were there students who were still inside those buildings we saw running battles long into the night between those protesters and police very fierce clashes some of them just wanting to show their support others making more of a concerted effort to try and help those still inside the building from escaping causing diversions as well to try and distract police to to move some of the police resources away from the university given those process giving those protesters the opportunity to leave tonight it's been a lot quieter there's been a religious assembly where small group of people gathered to express their support
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for the protesters but of course that is not the view of everybody here not everybody supports the process moon as a whole and what's taken place at the university over the last few days there are those people who either don't support the movement politically or simply see this as. very disruptive here in hong kong so many roads have been closed shops have been vandalized this really is affecting day to day lives university semester is brought to an end schools are closed as well so a lot of people would say that this is been a very disruptive 5 months. well in hong kong thank you. now let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world german chancellor angela merkel has pledged more investment to african countries that pursue economic and political reforms germany is hosting an investor conference in berlin on the g 20 is compact for africa initiative the chancellor said greater transparency and
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legal security would encourage private investment in the continent of. dollars military says $24.00 of its soldiers were killed in what it described as an extremist attack troops from mali a nice year were operating in the south held region to traffic stream is linked to so-called islamic states and to al qaida when they were attacked more than 100000000 troops have died in a surge of assaults over recent weeks. u.s. secretary of state a bike pompei was announced that israeli settlements in the occupied west bank did not violate international law the statement reverses washington's decades old position more than 600000 israeli settlers now live in the west bank settlements are long been a major obstacle to peace negotiations. u.s. president donald trump faces more potentially damning testimony in the ukraine scandal on the 3rd day of public impeachment hearings this week the house
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intelligence committees questioning 4 more witnesses about the president's dealings with ukraine 2 of them heard the july 25th phone call between president trump and ukraine's president which by the impeachment inquiry testifying now are left handed colonel on exam the venue on the officer of the national security council and jennifer williams he's counterpart in the office of vice president mike pence both say they had concerns as mr trump asked ukraine's newly elected president for a political investigation of joe biden and his son became a singer is also due to hear from former and i see official kim. more so and could . the former you could special envoy like to. get more on this from washington bureau chief alexandra. welcome on something i guess what everyone wants to know is will we hear evidence today that president trump abused his power
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well we can certainly expect to learn more details about the infamous cole president had with the president and the inskeep if you queen on july 25th because as you said those witnesses testifying right now on capitol hill listen in on this phone call and i think that it is especially lieutenant colonel alexander with men and that is considered a key witness here because he told the investigators already how did plea disturbed he was by this phone call and deeply concerned and that he later on had the understanding that the meeting between the 2 presidents in the white house and that the release of the military aid for ukraine those things were conditioned on ukraine and mounting an investigation into the president strums a political opponent joe biden and he's son and he seems really to be a very credible witness just look at him he is a decorated iraq war veteran
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a public servant and someone who comes across as full of all your patriotism and do you see in his opening remarks today he was a bit emotional talking about his public service for this country and talking about his escape as a child with his father and his brother from the former soviet republic soviet union well. mr told republicans are they standing by him so far. yes feel they are standing by a president trump and their strategy is to depict the witnesses never trump officials who don't like president trump because they don't like these policies and they also depict the witnesses as people who are acting on hearsay and they have a point here because both witnesses are testifying right now on capitol hill have
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never talked to president strummed president's trump about his motives about ukraine scene what is. the reaction of the american public to these hearings. well according to one poll that was published yesterday 70 percent of americans think that in throngs to ask a foreign power to investigate a political opponent but only a slim majority 51 percent say they are in favor of the impeachment inquiry and in favor of impeaching president still not strong and there was even more telling poll published today and according to this poll 65 percent of americans say that they cannot imagine any new information or circumstances during the impeachment inquiry were they could mites change their position on the impeachment
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inquiry and it is very telling because it shows you how locked in most americans are on their partisan position and how difficult it will be for the democrats to make their case to the poor or to to the american public that's an example from the moment in washington thank you. and grace responding to transfer about 20000 asylum seekers from it said jan islands to the mainland of the coming weeks franklin many on the island of last boss site of the overcrowded morning at refugee camp w. reporters on the on a c. found mark zandi vision pulled from the bottom that has become home to thousands of refugees desperate to leave her. friends bid farewell ask the buses which. more than $100.00 asylum seekers are leaving maurya camp for some after a year if way to her. the joy is palpable but so is the pain in the uncertainty
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of having once again into the know how do you feel now that you can get on the bus and leave and leave very happy but i have lots of friends here i didn't miss work everybody justice. in the morning i cried still to know my friends came to see me just. raw and miri has lived with her daughter for a year in morea a camp she describes as the worst on earth she was notified yesterday and given only hours to pack all her things and leave. i mean eerie is one of thousands of asylum seekers greece plans to move from the north aegean islands to the mainland before winter comes. and. deputy governor of the north e.g. an island says this rush to transfer asylum seekers is not a permanent solution but he says it will let the islands breathe again. eat them our basic goal is for the islands to be decongestant for there to be
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a better distribution of people all over greece. it's insupportable that we have a ratio of one migrant to 5 locals here and there not this bed in the rest of greece it's much lower. than a likeness of the refugee reception center lesbos is not just over. crowded it's often described as the worst humanitarian crisis in europe. more a camp was built for 3000 but more than 4 times that many people live here thousands of them outside the fence. that we're here we meet not to belittle it from afghanistan but it shows us where he lives with his family a single mylan tent for 5 people with winter on its way philammon hija only been i've lost all hope. only god can help us again are the chances i pray we will be rescued from this hellish plans and with what i'm good but i am. at
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its northern edge morea is expanding a group of men are breaking ground for a family who will spend their 1st night here no one we talked to here expects the population to shrink anytime soon. in the middle of the night yet another arrival a frantic sport carrying migrants rescued off the coast of last boss this time 33 of them including women and children. everyone gets a bottle of water a snack and a blanket they're relieved as they are registered on european soil but few know about moria their next home. this is a pile of discarded life jackets that were worn by those who made the dangerous crossing to less boss but the risks and the conditions of moriah camp won't keep more people from coming for the past 3 months numbers of arrivals have far outpaced
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the numbers of departures but if the government's transfer program succeeds the island of lesbos once again could become what it used to be a brief stopover on the way to europe. rolla missouri is on the last bus to arrive at the landing she collects her bags as the ferry to athens holds its cargo. just i'm wary about because i have lots of stuff here. if accords. i hope but i was 3. and she holds her bags onto the ship she doesn't know where she will live next but she is certain that she will never go back to moria. the swedish prosecutors are dropping their investigation into rape and sexual assault allegations against wiki leaks founder julian assange deputy director of public prosecutions evan buddy pass and told reporters that evidence against him is not strong enough to file charges mr saunders is currently
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serving a prison sentence in britain for jumping biol to avoid action dition to sweden in 2010 a woman accused him of raping her during the week leaks conference in stockholm. us is professor of law at the university of oslo an institute of legal studies he's followed the case closely and joins us from florence in italy welcome to d.w. why do you think it's taken the swedish prosecutors 9 years to work out there is insufficient evidence to charge mr sawyer. that's a very good question. it's clear that they could have interviewed miss in london in their code or an embassy where they had sort. they did not do so and the prosecutors were criticized by the supreme court in its review where it did not tun the decision is made from this we just saw it in this exhibition.
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context but criticised very strong in the decisions and the procedures followed and that it was disproportionate to continue to pursue a sausage in the way which to prosecutors were doing so they had a very high threshold to continue this procedure and now what we have seen is a new round also in. swedish court of the instance where they applied for pretrial detention on mistress on and and the prosecution said they had these battles swedish courts and so sale of prescription so i think that it's pretty obvious that this is a failed criminal procedure from the swedish authorities side and it is disproportionate that is has been going well so right about that ok so mr stone
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still in his arms is now serving a prison sentence in britain for skipping bio to avoid being extradited to sweden is he now likely to be released or will he be kept in jail. a songe is not being kept in prison in the u.k. primarily with a view to next edition request from the united states the british artists who sued him again and disproportionate money which has nothing to do with the easiest clearly outside any extradition requests from the swedish also or it is and it's. unfortunate. 'd that the proceedings also in new k. and of course the backdrop for this is in the. negative you. also are to many countries take a mistress arch says work it with leaking works and. basically these procedures
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are made up. and the courtroom review has not been effective just not very credible . oh i'm afraid we thank you for your insight professor us from the university thank you thank you. now to some all of the day's top stories are the united nations says it has reports indicating it doesn't mean killed if iran during days of rioting over increased fuel prices it's also urged restraint and condemned the iranian security forces use of live i mean issue against demonstrators the government insists the price hikes are necessary to fund social welfare programs. having a former prime minister of pakistan know wash everything has left the country heading from london after a court ruled that he could seek treatment for chronic ill health he was prime minister for 3 years and he's serving a 78 jail term for corruption despite denying any wrongdoing.
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thousands of supporters of former bolivian president ever more honest in fact take a return to the streets of the capital in the past now they're demanding the resignation of the self-proclaimed interim president and janina. believe his catholic church's call for national dialogue to end more than a month of violent protests. in football germany play their final euro 2020 qualify on tuesday coach york even loves the squad to face northern ireland in frankfurt germany have already qualified a win will boost their seeding in the draw. yogi live still has a few tricks up his sleeve in the remaining euro 2020 qualifier germany have already secured their place at next summer's tournament so love wants to shake things up against northern ireland. planning some changes because i want to see certain players in action again this year and give them
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a chance and show my faith in them and give them the space they maybe need. goalkeeper mark andre test agan is among the players expected to start he's been vocal about wanting more playing time for the national team ahead of captain manuel neuer for live all that matters is that the team finishes top of the group. go we want to win the next game against northern ireland we want to end up ahead of holland that would be nice it needs to be our goal but we can also use the game to develop and give certain players a chance to develop themselves. 2019 has been another shaky year for the germany team but the match in frankfurt gives them a chance to go into the new decade on a high note so that taking place in front. is that welcome so it seems that there's quite a lot riding on this game despite germany's qualification for euro 2020.
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indeed there is we had it from germany coach himself he wants to beat the netherlands to top spots in the group why is that so important well it's all about the draw that takes place at the end of the month in bucharest because if germany win that group then they guarantee a top seeding and that would see them avoid other big hitters like belgium italy and england's now this is also an important game because it's the last game of the year in fact after this game is only 2 more left before you can select his 2020 squad say we had him say that he's going to give some fringe players a chance and this is a chance for them to prove themselves and state that claim for a place in that squad so what sort of year has this been that. has progressed since last year's debacle yes on the plus side i things do seem to be heading in the right direction for the you mentioned the debacle of 2018 when
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germany failed to get out of the group stages at the world cup they finished bottom of their group in the nation's leak you can live under threat so he has time things around somewhat they've won 6 out of 7 games in their group the only play it was a home defeat against the netherlands and they were totally outplayed on that occasion and some young players like sasha gnabry have established themselves as key fixed is in the side say those are the positive things you still feel love is a bit unsettled on his starting line up he's had a bit of bad luck with injuries so it's been very difficult to get a group of players playing regularly in the same side as each other love has said he's satisfied with how different the 18 is gone but he repeated his claim that journey won't be the favorites for euro 2020 so this is still a side in transition. in front. is reminded of our top stories at this hour chief executive kerry latham searching
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for a peaceful resolution to the standoff between police after around a 100 activists thought to be still barricaded inside the polytechnic university has called on all sources to keep my options strictly proportions. up next a d.-w. news a show from protest to politics we meet some of the 1st time consulates running in hong kong council elections. for the break so one time down the democracy on some sushi is named in an international most suitable home role in mid march through him to crisis. good news of historic papal visit to pope francis will be the 2nd pontiff to visit thailand it's 35 years preparations are in full swing. prodigy will have those stories on more and gives asia up next i'll be back at the top of the hour and
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to rival princes of gold starts nov 27th on t w. theirs is the the after news asia coming up running for change 1st time candidates throw their hat into the ring in hong kong's upcoming local elections from the city on the political novices placing their faith in democracy as protesters fight for it on the streets plus. the peace i can drag to court over what the un told.


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