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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  November 19, 2019 6:15pm-6:31pm CET

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it's far from over. or. up next a all day w.r.t the big business africa with god elf aside today looking up the contact with africa summit being hosted to hear about it but you have a chance it's a tough match i'll be back at some of it out of the for. the media attention of the famous naturalist and explorer. to celebrate alexandre from the books 250. marking on the for the discovery. expedition in boyd dean told me. i was fishing when i arrived here i slept with 6 people in a room. it was hard i was fair. i even got white hairs that.
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the german language head never got this keeps me and it up much maybe 2 in truck loads of say you want to know their story the lights are fighting and reliable information for margaret. 1000000000 euros were pledged. 20 african leaders. of the compact with africa. investment program german business. german company trains it's. to get business moving.
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in china. this is business africa. is hosting more than a dozen heads of state from across africa a high level investment conference here in berlin today the compact with africa by germany and 2017 to promote private investment and job opportunities on the continent in return for economic reforms in the last 1000000000 euros were pledged for a development investment fund but except for a few showcase projects little has happened and business leaders and investors remain reluctant. due to corruption in many countries. rwanda is one of africa's flagship economies last year bokes wagon opened a plant in the capital kigali to build electric cars creating hundreds of jobs the german car maker wants to invest $20000000.00 in could golly it's
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a significant step for a wanda. at the compact with africa summit in berlin chancellor angela merkel told leaders that africa had a key role to play in solving global problems but there needed to be more openness and trust. from beneath the t.v. we believe and i'm thoroughly convinced of this that more transparency will bring more investors to these countries because it's important for germans other g 20 investors as well as medium sized companies to have trust and transparency. is this guns guns business they want to know where the investment is going under what conditions. the fin. it's a question of good governance but it's also about funding so far 12 countries are signed up to the initiative and they're hoping they will secure investment the compact will help the government in all the stakeholders to implement reforms that
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will improve for the use of doing business germany signed reform partnerships with senegal and ethiopia at the conference which should facilitate better private sector development with africa. africa's yugant but also africa's youth needs a future and that means education and jobs to do this we need the scale of financing that the public sector cannot manage alone. and in a bid to come the german economy needs to grow there too but it's slow to adapt less than 2 percent of german companies are active in africa now let's bring in edward k. brown he's the senior director of research and policy engagement at the african center for economic transformation and currently joins us now from across the world what do business leaders in ghana think about this program. well i think that 'd the maturity 'd. in this is the tip of the deformed business.
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looking forward to the compact the german government of the next i think was early this year the german government business for we brought together the right private sector that titian us and principles and i think there's a good expectation. that 'd the time is a days but but welcome in come back with africa where the great expectations but this isn't just do you think anything has happened i actually do you feel anything happening already yeah you're already in the loop is there is the video of you that is coming to stubbs plant here. they ship a nice already. cannot establish new plant listen in this country and just recently in the 'd african investment forum with the sale just. last week i attended that. the governments are in contract for this country
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this is all on the compact. with africa for this country and for this pilot so there are big ticket items that are coming on board albeit slowly they seem to be coming on board but it is often criticism that countries such as ghana have infrastructure and adequate infrastructure and that also corruption across the continent is a major problems and on these complaints justified and all these problems also addressed. then i think the compact with africa would help to at least address some of the governance issues because one thing that is doing is to try and crowd in the capital. to finance public investments. by doing that. through the p.p.p. i mean that at least there is a sense in which you can bring in some of the governments telling us that you know
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to come on the government to recommend us so i think there's an opportunity to begin to. create more boston governance and we didn't and with the international issues like the i admit the. what it that i have seen most often is the world bank as well as that can who are also right in some support to to risk. private capital in order to crowded into public investment so i think clearly there is an infrastructure challenge in this infrastructure and then has been addressed to try to credit and buy the capital because government resources a lot yeah not even going to the market will simply did it. so i think opportunities for the company of this interesting solutions which is to be that
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ever came from thank you very much for this input. one company that is actually expanding in africa is german maker of building materials but sometimes just expanding is not enough to top the full potential of the new market onyx report looks at how novice investing in training its custom us how to use its products in ghana. acra more than 2300000 people live in ghana scapel and more are arriving every day most of the arrivals are young people in search of work the city is in desperate need of more apartments the construction sector is stretched to the limit the lack of apartments was one reason why the german plaster company can elf decided to open up shop here the construction materials they produce are much needed in the country even the best materials though are useless if workers don't know how to use them soaks nelf set
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up a training center and it's to equip no call personnel in the building and construction industry to gain employment 2 and a livelihood so we're giving them the skills and plus the board ceilings plus the partitions and related areas to to enable no cost to the way. 350 young people have been training in the center since the beginning of the year among them are architects construction engineers and skilled workers one of them is evan user. he's working today in a building run by the national media agency. he and his colleagues are fixing a ceiling in one of the offices there. he's excited about using the materials he learned about in the training. course it is easy to question after it and it is finished. it is quality and the materials
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of course that desert each brick by. brick it. during the next 3 years 12000 trained and ready workers will graduate from the academy the entire initiative will cost 620000 euros and investment that will pay dividends for both the country and the company. to china according to media reports 15 miners have been killed in a gas explosion in a coal mine in the province 9 were injured thirty's are now investigating the cause of the incident chinese mines are the most dangerous in the world thousands of miners are killed each year in acids. there are thousands of coal mines like this in china many are illegal safety oversight is notoriously poor just days ago the government said it was going to take action to address the scourge of dangerous
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mines for 15 workers here it came too late they died at the end of this tunnel. do you support we can confirm that this is a safety accident caused by illegal and nonstandard mining. he supposes the company's failure to abide by the law it's chaotic management and other problems with. the details of the actions cause will be affirmed by the investigation team later. 9 miners are injured now in hospital they are being treated for burns and shock your chance at issue. the patients are still under a certain amount of potentially lethal risks that although the burned areas are not large the inhalation injuries and blast injuries to the lungs is serious enough me threaten lives. china's mines are among the deadliest in the world thousands of
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subterranean workers die each year far more than anywhere else. and after some of the other business stories making headlines around the world still this set across 3000 jobs in europe to be indian on firms that plan which will mostly affect office workers and help the company in the face of severe market as it is understood around half of the job cuts will come from its operations in the netherlands. boeing gets a boost at the dubai asho and officials have pledged to buy $3707.00 dreamliner to be used by a new national carrier that will launch next year meanwhile asin ago has struck a deal to buy a 2020 x. from boeing's european rival. european commission has hailed an agreement on the e.u. use 2020 budget the e.u. parliament and council struck a late night deal on monday which sees
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a hike in spending the 28 member states and lawmakers have agreed to provide more than $153000000000.00 euros next year the budget provides extra funding for the fight against climate change and youth unemployment funds to support candidates for membership. cuts and 4000000000 euros have been earmarked for unforeseen circumstances such as britain leaving the e.u. . and that sets from me and the business team here and news africa is up next to christina among the. quick update on global markets at this hour thank you for watching the full.
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earth's. home. is of species. a home worth saving. given those are big changes and most start with small steps to protect the interiors tell stories of creedence people and innovative projects around the world. but here's a country closer to scrimmage solutions and resource rich.
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interactive content to choose the next generation doesn't want to touch. channels available to inspire people to get out. and were determined to build something new for the next generation along. the environment series of global 3000 . this is news africa coming up in the next 15 minutes germany's brad plan for africa chancellor angela merkel sayings they are all more opportunities than wrists in africa but all investors buy into that. and pull out and feel that if an extension could be inflamed in ethiopia as the people all sit down but there's a vote in a referendum on the economy as will shape the future generations.


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