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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 21, 2019 9:00am-9:30am CET

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this is deja vu news live from berlin the most anticipated witness in the trump impeachment hearings delivers his testimony u.s. ambassador birdsong says the president directed him to pressure ukraine to investigate trump's political rival joe biden and he claims everyone here the president knew about. meanwhile u.s. democrats far in over their ability to defeat donald trump at 2020 at the latest debates for presidential contenders for the democratic party condemning donald
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trump was the one point they all agreed on. last plays in malta arrest a prominent businessman in connection with the murder of investigative journalist tara wanna believe. he was taken into custody of board his luxury yacht trying to leave the country will speak to the sister of the murdered jumps. plus what do you think is the right age for a girl to get married. go 60 if all those sons and what age 60 s. 6. d. w. reports from nigeria where child brides are all too commonplace. i brought in thomas great to have you with us a key witness has given potentially damaging testimony at the impeachment hearings in the u.s. gordon samba who's the u.s.
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ambassador to europe and he addressed the house committee he detailed alleged attempts by the president to pressure ukraine's leader into investigating donald trump's democratic rival joe biden. u.s. ambassador gold and sunderland now writing for the impeachment hearings the question everyone wants him to answer did president trump hold back financial aid to ukraine in exchange for a corruption probe into his democratic rival joe biden and his links to energy fund the research the own said he was following instructions from trump's attorney rudy giuliani thank you as i testified previously mr giuliani's requests were a quid pro quo for arranging a white house visit for president selenski mr giuliani demanded that ukraine make a public statement announcing the investigations of the 2016 election d.n.c.
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server and very smart mr giuliani was expressing the desires of the president of the united states and we knew these investigations were important to the president but what about the millions of dollars of military aid that ukraine was waiting for from reza we learned that the white house had also suspended security aid to ukraine i tried diligently to ask why the aid was suspended but i never received a clear answer in the absence of any credible explanation for the suspension of aid i later came to believe that the resumption of security aid would not occur until there was a public statement from ukraine committing to the investigations of the 2016 elections and were recently as mr giuliani had demanded i shared concerns of the potential quid pro quo regarding the security aide with senator ron johnson
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and i also shared my concerns with the ukrainians you just not good enough according to the republicans or you acknowledge that. this is speculation right it was a presumption ok subsequent that trump told him directly on not sunderland is still convinced action to talk by the 8th of september it was it was abundantly clear to everyone that there was a link should the ukrainians go out on a ledge and make the statement that president trump wanted them to make and then they still don't get their white house visit in their aid that would be really bad for our credibility the democrats have welcomed his testimony calling it significant. trump himself said it meant the impeachment inquiry was over much as he might wish it to be true it's up to the democrats when the hearings and. ok so
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where does this leave the leave us let's go straight to washington and w.'s all over salah following this story for us today as you all are did this testimony from the u.s. ambassador to europe deliver the type of weighty evidence of a quid pro quo that the democrats have been hoping for. well it must have been to the liking of the democrats brian because in fact what gordon sunland here said was that there was this the now in famous quid pro quo and that is essentially that president trump and his administration pushed for an investigation off president comes from little rival joe biden and that in exchange for millions hundreds of millions of dollars in military aid as well as a christie just invitation to the white holes for ukraine's president volodymyr zelinsky in that all of course to gain a certain advantage in the reelection campaign of 2020 gordon song and also
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included in his descriptions the most important figures all the trump administration vice president mike pence as well as the secretary of state my pail and of course president private lawyer rudy giuliani he said they were all part of this pressure campaign and adam schiff the chairman of the house intelligence committee who is leading the impeachment inquiry said that this was a very important moment in the history of the impeachment inquiry. what about the ranking republican sort of a been saying the white house certainly has a very clear line on this. well right and the republican strategy so far has been simply to undermine the investigation itself and in particular our credibility all the witnesses and i was able to follow several of these hearings in the recent days and that has always been the currying strategy and i was so yesterday again when gordon was asked whether or not you spoke directly with
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president trump about this issue whether president personally directed him to put pressure on the ukrainian government of course and had to deny he was only told by other people including by president tom's a private lawyer rudy giuliani tromped and later joined in the line of defense who said he doesn't even know gordon son lindh well although we have to point out here that trump was the one to make. the best sitter after having been a mega donor in the 2016 election campaign so that's all or perhaps not the most credible line off defense here but of course the big question for the democrats will be how to convince the american public as supporters and opponents very much staying behind party lines so far on their wall over the the impeachment proceedings of course last night figuring very prominently in last night's televised debate between democratic president presidential hopefuls let's take
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a look at that i would not direct were a justice department lawyer this president does i let them make their independent judgment i would not dictate who should be prosecuted for who should be exonerated that's not the role of the president of the united states what we saw today is a vast respond by his own words told us that everyone was in the loop that means it is a criminal enterprise engaged in by the president from what we heard today the vice president the secretary of state and the chief of staff. we have to establish the principle no one is above the law we have a constitutional responsibility and we need to meet it we have a president who is not only a pathological lawyer here is likely the most corrupt president in the modern history of america but we cannot simply be consumed by donald trump
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because if we are you know what we're going to lose the election well is this the winner or a loser all over is impeachment shaping up to be a top issue or even the top issue that the democrats will be campaigning on for bernie sanders sounds like it's a no go you know that thing crucial question now brian it hasn't been so far and if you think back to the midterm elections just one year ago the democrats have been very exact successful for and not talking too much about donald trump they focused on issues such as health care and won back the majority in the house of representatives spec then but now of course is different we have an impeachment inquiry ongoing all of the candidates have been very vocal on that issue so far and they are very much on the same page also when it comes to impeaching trump and of course they're trying to capitalize on today's testimony that you could really tell in the debate you have just played here and will of course be an important aspect
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in the upcoming election campaign all over salad for us in washington all reserve or thanks very much for the update let's give you brief now on some of the other stories making the news today israel is moving closer to its 3rd election in the space of a year that after opposition leader benny gantz was not able to form a government before the wednesday deadline lawmakers now have 3 weeks to rally around guns prime minister benjamin netanyahu or another candidate in order to avoid going to the polls. smoke from bushfires has created such a thick haze over large parts of sydney australia that health officials told people to remain indoors a series of fires has been raging out of control along the east coast for weeks killing 6 people and destroying hundreds of homes. pope francis has met with the head of thailand's majority buddhists on the 2nd day of his visit to that country the pontiff has committed the catholic church to cooperating with the buddhist
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community on projects to care for the poor and environment earlier francis also urged the thai government to take greater action against human sex from. all stories in malta have arrested a prominent businessman in connection with the murder of the investigative journalist daphne wanna delete the killing 2 years ago sparked worldwide outrage and the maltese government has been strongly criticised for its handling of this case which is raise questions about the rule of law malta i'll speak to her sister korean about life in a moment 1st let's get the story. i demanding justice from the justice minister i must hear they shout and shame on you. an arborist has reignited anger at the murder of journalist daphne kind of honor got a murder still without a conviction. they say the government is corrupt and want prime minister joseph
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muscat to step down i their order to get there they must suit their political discourse idiot and designer. we cannot go on like it is. the protests came after an arrest in connection with galatea as murder. prominent businessman new york unfinished was on his luxury yacht and apparently preparing to flee when armed forces arrested him. fany courageously ran hotels and casinos but then got involved in a lucrative power plant project 6 years ago. apart from that he said to be the owner of a previously secret company 17 blank that aimed to transfer money to maltese politicians via offshore companies in panama that's what daphne koller one and i had been investigating. it was 2 years ago in october that the 53 year old investigative journalist was killed in
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a car bomb attack. she had previously received multiple death threats which she reported to the police. it was a murder that sparked outrage in malta and abroad. 3 men have now been charged with planting the car bomb but it's still not known who instigated the crime. i cannot acknowledge as prime minister joseph muscat appears guarded he has spoken of a person of interest being arrested he's offered a middleman immunity from prosecution he says he knows who was behind the killing but some believe members of his own government may be involved in the crime. it is premature to speculate on anything you the media are free to reach your own conclusions but i cannot speculate. we have to wait some hours or days it depends
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i will hold back a few days before expressing myself to. scott says he wants to discover the truth about daphne. death but that doesn't stop calls for him to resign from growing louder. we're joined now by corinne velasquez the sister of the murdered journalist. thanks so much for coming into the show the police have arrested a. national your going fenech just one day after an alleged accessory to the crime was offered a pardon to a dent a 5 the mastermind behind the killing of your sister what are your thoughts about this development. it's an overview but it is very important development in the investigation into assassination. but we now expect authorities are continuing that gave you a link that can act and the prime minister. can be and of the con that made
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it very important that the investigation now policy has been the steward and clean cause another should be called to continue the investigation found ok you want consequences more thorough investigation following the arrest. careen yesterday saw hundreds of people taking to the streets against prime minister joseph muskets government do you think that time pressure will lead to what you want a more thorough investigation. there are 2 things happening that definition to get some sort of tipping point people 'd think charlie was trying to yesterday was a bit louder than the well you. know there were very few 100 people could hear the sound and. whether that will really change the congress because it says. they have changed the course for. a cause cause his chief of staff and his
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minister to resign are now rather than cotton and he has resumed his office and protective and. why do you think the prime minister has been so reticent to not be more forthwith with information and facts about this case. i don't know how much. what i do know is that it took to the track to reach a point where the finest done for the company can cooperate because. this is something he should have done 2 years ago now the point of a public inquiry need some more time at the state university so i know where how we say you know what have we done well how can we do better how can we protect he has is. leading the footprint and he can explain what it was he was afraid of. korean dellosa sort of the murder journalist definite carwile thank you so very much for coming in v.w.
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news that frankly it's to britain now and as the scandal over prince andrew's friendship with a convicted pedophile and suspected sex trafficker continues to widen the british royal says he's stepping back from all public duties an interview prince andrew gave to the b.b.c. last week as fuel the condemnation of his personal ties to jeffrey epstein epstein was found hanged in his new york jail cell 3 months ago. waving goodbye to public life prince andrew now forced to take a back seat the results of his friendship with convicted paedophile geoffrey epstein compounded by disastrous television interview at the weekend in a statement and he said the controversy had become a major disruption for the royal family commentators agree the press has been sick for us it's attacking its reporting. and has decided to step back you know take stock of where his future lies it is just an absolute cold crush will start to
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finish the show levels of surprise he was giving the be all it says surrounding his relationship with it stay with us mostly unbelievable or whatever it is left andrew was criticized for appearing out of touch insensitive to epstein's victims and for failing to adequately explain why he met abstain even after his release from prison in 2010 you were staying at the house as a convicted sex offender. it was a convenient place to stay. reports in the u.k. suggest the queen herself gave andrew the order to step down in a bid to avoid further embarrassment for the royal family lawyers for epstein's victims now want andrew to tell us authorities what he knows he should also answer questions from all of the accuser's attorneys especially the attorney for virginia roberts' giuffre who has very significant claims against him he should turn over any and all evidence he has e-mails texts calendars all the normal stuff that you
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turn over when you're in litigation. so andrew once the favorite son out of the spotlight from now that is and that's the f.b.i. comes calling. script very latest from london with our correspondent. got a member of the royal family affectively resigning from public life and facing a possible investigation when was the last time britain saw something with us. well yes indeed it is vague memories of the story and the death of lady diana really which was the last time that the royal family had been have to deal with something that one of the commentators in the piece really i think rightly describes as a huge scandal and this is not enough a time where a royal is facing a lot of questions and a lot. of criticism we know that several companies such as bt are
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severing any ties that they have with prince andrew on the culture secretary said that he should even go further and withdraw from patronage for example from from the royal philharmonic orchestra prince andrew as other royals is deeply embedded in the institutions here in the united kingdom and as such the scandal i don't think is limited to him it does right rub off to the wider royal family and the monarchy as an institution doesn't d.-bag how damaging is prince andrew's personal involvement with geoffrey epstein for the royal family as a whole. well what i think people at the moment are really focusing on is this interview that he has been giving and the fact that he came across as somebody who had no empathy with the victims he showed no remorse and this is what's really what's really baffling people and the question
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is what's going to happen in the investigation the prince has indicated that he would go to the u.s. and have him self questioned. and what would be the consequences if that really happened so we will see you know if if if if he does indeed go and then what that means for the royal family in the u.k. they get thanks very much for that from london this morning this is the the view news live from berlin still to come on the show we'll go to naples where a boxing ring has found an unlikely new home in a 400 year old church. but 1st child marriage is a widespread practice in many parts of the world it is common for example in northern nigeria some parents there giving their daughters away because of dire poverty. or travel to do not stay to talk to people there who support this practice
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and those who are fighting. a muslim neighborhood and could do in a city in northern nigeria i came here to find out about a girl who was locked up in this place for 2 years much light or food and left on her own her name is her son she was a child bride these pictures were taken when she was released from captivity just a week ago she was held here by her family because she refused to return to her husband she was only 15 when she was forced to marry a mother of 4. a child bride one of millions in nigeria if you're born a girl here there's a 44 percent probability that you will be married before your 18th birthday. this neighbor knows. he says at the age of 15 she wasn't too young to be married he would marry his daughters off much younger. sons and what age
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66. is that is what we had to school by detention gold market shares much shorter. this is. a fierce advocate for women's and children's rights she hoped to be free but he is muslim herself she says the koran does not justify this practice dallas no pacific or any findings or any security that proved those things the admin is. a most of this is not done based on islamic perspective the add on base or cultural perspective she says education is key to change outdated practices and support women's rights. very why does a leader that is not all he needs is something that has to do with advancement so are the laws can be amended and can be well. suited to the condition of the.
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child marriage exists elsewhere in nigeria to here in lagos poverty drives some parents to marry daughters of under 18. is privileged in many ways but that doesn't stop the 17 year old from raising her voice against child marriage a son a story makes are angry a lot of nigerians don't view women as human beings view them as. i did and it is to them susan wants to amend the constitution so that it bars anyone under the age of 18 from getting married and she and 2 friends have started an online petition to bring the issue to the senate floor the next step would be to get to the root of the problem and try to educate the men the women and everyone perpetrating this. there are millions of girls who are married off every year and if those millions of girls were millions of people adults nigeria's workforce. the
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g.d.p. and he would be in a much better standing than is now. a son has been transferred to this psychiatric hospital the doctors say it will take months to stabilize her it's. the government will finance her treatment and that her family will be held accountable for the damage it has done. is to the italian city of naples where a 400 year old church is found an unlikely new function as a box neglected neighborhood in the north of the city a local priest invites teenagers in off the streets to learn the sport its rules and a completely different way of life. the sound of sirens is nothing out of the ordinary on the streets of rio. a neighborhood in northern a pool is home to high rates of unemployment and organized crime opportunities for young people are scarce but 3 times a week in a 400 year old church some 60 local teenagers to stay busy learn the strict
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rules of the discipline and let out their frustrations on the punchbag. as a child i love sport in general i practice different sports but boxing is the only one that makes me feel good both physically and mentally and allows me to express my emotions to. the priest behind the program which has been running for around a year knows that boxing is no panacea for local social ills still he hopes to boost the self belief of the youngsters who take. you know it's just a little to try to give the kids hints to say you can do things here in sunny tawi say if you can manage it here you can do it anyway that's all message. to the local kids developing their confidence in the boxing ring all grateful for based on usual church so. this is g.w.
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news live from berlin i'm brian thomas for the entire news team thanks so much for being here don't forget there's always more at our website you know dot com.
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8 years after the overthrow of the gadhafi regime libya has descended into almost continual conflict between its rival senses of power my guess this week here in congress it is awfully. not seek deputy prime minister of the un backed government of national accord closely allied for groups of armed militias which are being credited with serious human rights abuses conflicts all. next on d w. such deadly $1000000000.00 business nuclear
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weapons. such the u.s. pulled out of a high enough agreement with russia the world could be facing a new arms race. but much of this development. who's going to benefit from a. nuclear weapons cartel. in 45 minutes. their house isn't calculable. their egos consentual. their rivalry to. 3 princes. homes who dream of the arab world.
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their home their full power and boundless ambition has crushed the middle east into a grave crisis sunday. to rival princes of the gulf starts nov 27th on d w. this is what from for mention we have no stephen even if you know you saying the us is badly informed yes i think the president is by you or are you worth saving lives the government play you really worth it of course 8 years after the overthrow of the gadhafi regime libya has descended into almost continual conflict between its rival senses of power my guess this week here in paris is ahmed my.


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