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this is the w. news live from berlin political turmoil in israel and questions about benjamin netanyahu future the prime minister is facing multiple promotable corruption charges is called the indictments a coup will go live to jerusalem also coming up. chinese authorities are tightening their grip on hong kong as they step up border controls between the mainland and the territory we'll talk to a democracy protester who was arrested at the border coughed and hooded by chinese bullets. and chance all americans conservatives launched their annual party
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conference with questions about its future direction following a string of regional election setbacks the cd use chair is under pressure and she could face a leadership challenge. plus it's never too late to find a new passion take it from this building cleaner in moscow at night she's trading in her buckets and mops for deep house and. i'm dr thomas for to have you with us we begin with the political turmoil in israel after its attorney general announced he's filing criminal charges against the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu the israeli prime minister was indicted for bribery fraud and breach of trust in 3 separate cases he's denied any
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wrongdoing and is calling the indictments politically motivated netanyahu who's battling to stay in power after september's elections produced no clear winner. the israeli prime minister remains defiant as he addresses the country following his indictment and which record. you have to be blind not to see that something bad is happening with the police and the prosecutors tonight we're witnessing an attempted coup with full sonic ations and a tainted investigation. that investigation lasted years on thursday israel satoru new general announced his decision to formally press charges. today when the attorney general decides to indict and axing prime minister for severe charges of corruption which is a difficult and sad day for the israeli public look at you and for me personally
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the punitive both in the. the cases against prime minister benjamin netanyahu are known as case 1010 yeah when his family are suspected of receiving gifts from business colleagues and close friends case 2000 covers allegations that netanyahu attempted to influence the publisher of a daily newspaper to gain more positive coverage the recommended charges in both cases fraud and breach of trust and case $4000.00 allegations of regulatory favors for israel's largest telecommunications company in exchange for positive media coverage the charges here fraud breach of trust and bribery misson yahoo has rejected all the accusations and says he will continue to lead the country he's in unity as prime minister means he won't be legally forced to resign but his political future hangs by a thread he has failed to form a government after 2 consecutive elections and he now faces
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a legal process that could drag on for years. ok joining us now from jerusalem is due to abuse tanya kramer following this for us good morning to you tanya so what happens next then and when will the prime minister face the prospect of appearing in jail to be booked well it's expected that this will a long tradition process that it will take some time before the case is brought before the courts. and jerusalem now by law a prime minister doesn't have to step down until he's proven guilty so this could take a long time and there will be a lot of legal. challenges awaiting him now 1st of all you will have to fight for his unity in the knesset it will also be possibly challenges to the supreme court asking whether a prime minister can continue to be at the hands of
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a government because he might have. problems of interest here so all of this of course is on the legal matter but i mean the main factor that the forward here. also on the political level ok and on the political level the opposition leader benny gantz has called for netanyahu to step down immediately he says it's impossible now under these conditions for the prime minister to make the decisions of state that that are neutral and that there will always be the temptation to make them in his own interest. well this has been a talk if for a long time mr netanyahu has legal problems have overshadowed israeli politics of for quite some time now and we heard very quickly from the opposition parties last night you know they said it's a sad day but mr netanyahu now considered to resign to stand down because he has to dia 1st and foremost with his legal problems and that he has no
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moral standing anymore to make decisions and israel as a prime minister now you have to not you should not forget that this aneta now has still a very very solid base of supporters he was addressing them also last night saying this is all a political witch hunt against him it will all come down as well to his political allies within the likud there was a very muted response and also his political allies the smaller writing parties how they would react to this having said that this is really the 1st time that a sitting prime minister in israel has been indicted and this is really a huge moment in political life ok well many who might have a strong and and committed bases you mentioned but israel still facing its 3rd election in one year where does this new massive confusion based on the indictments leave the country politically right now. yes i mean you're absolutely
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right i mean this indictment although it was expected it comes on top of the political stand that has been going on here for over a year now because we had 2 elections a coast in papa mr netanyahu himself that were inconclusive now both may lead as 1st mr netanyahu he failed to put a coalition together and just this week his main opponent benny guns also had to give back the mandate you couldn't form a coalition and one of the problems than the coalition talks was that blue and white mistake on his part he has always said they're not going to sit in a unity government with a prime minister who is indicted now this is official now it will not become easy and mr netanyahu has spent may rickly he will not stand down he will fight for his political life he says it's all political politically motivated he attacked again
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as he did before and the media the left wing and the police the prosecution and i think it will go on with this uncertainty here for quite some time now can certainly and perhaps a discussion moving to the possibility of a national unity government without benjamin netanyahu will talk about that at some point don young sure thanks very much for being here. this preview now on some of the other stories making news this hour u.s. lawmakers have wrapped up public impeachment hearings against president from political counselor david holmes describe overheard telephone calls about protests a probe into trump's democratic rival and joe biden yes now the former top adviser fiona hell rejected claims that ukraine and not russia meddled in the u.s. election. police and protesters have clashed during rallies in the colombian capital bogota tens of thousands of demonstrators opposed to the policies of president. calling for more economic equality they expressed concerns about alleged
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plans to raise the pension age and lower the minimum wage. in venezuela a number of students gathered to call for the ousting of president nicolas maduro attempted to march on the defense ministry but were blocked by security forces opposition leader want wydow last week initiated a new wave of demonstrations aimed at toppling the dural. vhong congress police chief is urging a handful of protesters holding out inside a university campus there to give themselves up peacefully they occupied the polytechnic university over the weekend but their ranks have been dwindling since then now that's us mainland chinese authorities keeping ever closer watch on developments there beijing has issued a series of increasingly tough warnings against the protesters and although it hasn't directly intervened authorities have been targeting individual protesters w's mathias building up met up with one of them who says he was arrested coughed
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and hooded at the hong kong china border. it started like a routine business trip and indeed in china secret detention system stanley was crossing the border to mainland china when he was still. would a police searched his phone and questioned him for several hours. then in the evening 2 police officers came they handcuffed me and put a black hood on my head. then they took me away. for fear of retribution we cannot show his face stanley wong is not his real name his accounts cannot be very fide independently but his story is in line with the comes from other detainees. at that time border police have begun systematically searching the phones of hong kong was crossing the border between hong kong and the mainland a photo of wong attending
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a peaceful march in june court their attention he explained it was unauthorized march and that hong kong was allowed in to participate but they wouldn't listen. they said this was about a matter of national security and that it wasn't up to me to decide what in danger in it means national security is above all other laws where national security is concerned they said we can catch you in hong kong or any other place in the world. one was held in a single cell that had been covered in soft material the glass door was translucent from the outside only lights left permanently on over and over they interrogated him asking about photos on his vote and contacts to foreign nationals i had to crouch like this for the whole generation of the interrogation they placed me right under an air conditioner with the wind blowing at me constantly each interrogation
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lasted a few hours. and whenever they thought i didn't sit well they would beat me like this. punch my back or kick me in the legs. the number of people who've been detained at the border remains and no one says he was able to catch glimpses into other cells to help people and believes were fellow hong kong escort at the border after 36 hours he was released. my family tried to ask the public security where i was but they just wouldn't say anything the police even denied they knew me and that i had crossed the border i understood that i could easily be disappeared any time. he's dealt with the experience quite well he says and he won't let it stop him but now when crosses the border his heart starts to beat a little faster.
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well here in germany after a series of stinging regional elections setbacks all of acol c.d.u. is meeting for a party conference today to lay out its future course miracle of course no longer heads the party her successor as leader on a good come current power is struggling in the polls so this gathering and lives like could see another battle over who will succeed as the party's choice or german chancellor. the c.d.u. had quarters after greenpeace operation this seat in city you which stands for christian went missing not the party's worst problem inside a leadership battle is looming just 20 years ago and it can count on boa embraced her political godmother and get america after succeeding has leader of germany's conservative c.d.u. party but the man who was narrowly defeated never gave up on this chances of one day himself succeed in america. take iceman's to form
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a city you hopeful once left politics after losing out to medical but in the years since he decided to simply by this time. come combos climb to the top of the posse were soon followed by had just sent in opinion polls within less than a year proof of ratings have more than half. when she again had to explain why the c.d.u. lost regional state elections in the east it was the leader of the party's you for going to is ation who openly confronted her with the leadership question opening the firing shot of the debate that has since overshadowed her double role as party leader and german defense minister. stone faced an eclipse come canberra decided to take on the challenge. who ever believes that the question of leadership needs to be decided this fall will have the opportunity to do that at the party conference. within hours of political rival merits was back with this sweeping attack something
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holiday here and so the government is a disaster. and the pressure to demonstrate her own more conservative profile. launched a series of strategic debates pledging for more dominant ajman in the world. a new tone partly contradicting chancellor merkel but surprisingly in tune with her would be challenger. the man in question sounded more tame as the party conference in the. i found harsh words to criticize the government 3 weeks ago seem to be how to vote close friends have since taken me aside don't want me not to go too far. that would mean you know inching it destructive debate over the potential future chancellor rather than policy this weekend's party conference will decide which way the party wants to go and germany's post.
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was mean to see you talk about this is our political correspondent hans brock good morning to you hans this party conferences is going to lay bare deep cracks inside the c.d.u. and the german government as well is this party conference looking at a government in a party that is facing a weakened position right now well you have to say that these cracks have been visible and in a sense active in party politics in the conservative party for well over a year in fact more than a year ago i'm going back as chair of the party handed over to her successor. and they've come out on boa and the reason for that was that the cracks were getting stronger that the divisions in the party were getting stronger so i'm glad not to was trying to allow an opening for this discussion and that has continued in the
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past year or so and in fact at this party congress there will be an attempt to at least paper over these cracks to fill in the differences the divisions to some extent through a revision of party policies of party programs but the question is whether that will be successful whether in fact these divisions have gone so far that some sort of i should i say final confrontation has to take place or whether it's possible to find common ground and try to find. some kind of common program to continue with the potty party policies ok now does the man that embodies this you know as you're saying you know inevitable wars or potentially powerful confrontations friedrichs merits we saw him there in our report he narrowly lost to undergrad come current power in the last election for party had it and it's his speech in many ways that people are are anticipating what does he stand for well in fact one has to say
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foolish math not only lost to under great calm cotton ball he lost to go more than 10 years ago more than a decade ago and at that time she became party leader became chancellor and so on and he withdrew from politics active products at the time he's now attempting a comeback and what he's selling is the old cause the conservative policy of the old conservative party a party based on christian principles a party that has not as i know has done moved to the left moved more into a kind of social democratic policy regions that he's trying to sell something that a lot of party members feel has been lost in the last 10 years or so and. it's very much something going back to the roots as it were for many many conservatives ok that is really at the center of this party conference today isn't it where is the middle finding the political middle and it comes at this time is german voters are increasingly choosing the far right and the far left so it's an important meeting
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today conference for germany because indeed it is a push them out saying that by moving the party further to the right he will be able to gain back voters that have been lost to the far right for germany party in other words he's hoping that by moving to that direction he will close down the space for that party at the same time we have the main issue in joe in politics at the moment maybe in international politics is climate change is something that for many conservatives is something that an issue of the lift. america has moved to a party further in that direction the green party is moving further into the center of german politics so it's that tension in a sense between the green party which is offering an alternative further in the middle and the far right conservative alternative for germany that is going to determine where the conservative party is going to position itself thanks very much for that this morning let's review now and some of the other stories making the
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news this hour germany's 2nd highest bridge has officially been opened to the public bridges 160 meters high it's been built to ease traffic crossing to belgium and luxembourg. coast guard has rescued 79 migrants off the canary islands after they spend 6 days at sea the group was taken to a port in southern iraq an area where they received medical treatment. some people live to work while others live to play and it's never too late for a start one cleaner in moscow has found a new passion somewhat later in life. sure when reports from the dance floor. zarina his love for music is infectious she's been deejaying for almost 4 years and now performs around once a month at events and clubs in the russian capital playing drum and bass house and
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the lecture. is 57 years old and is originally from was back to stop when she plays age doesn't matter and neither does nationality. the thing i like the most is when everyone dances i even dance with them myself. zarina came to moscow from some 20 years ago to earn money for her family back home now she cleans offices in the city center including at this school when she heard the electronic music people were playing here she loved it and decided to take lessons as well. she still practices at the school after cleaning before the other students arrive. music helps me i work a lot it can be tiring when i come here i forget everything it's all about the music i can play for 5 or 6 hours straight music gives me strength and he puts me
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in a good mood. so rena doesn't speak english or read latin letters so she memorizes the cover art for tracks when she wants to use them and play lists. of his teacher at the school suggest songs he thinks she might like he says arena is an important member of the school's close knit community and she's an inspiration for new students. it was more. unfortunately people often think that someone who came from a different country who is a bit older who has a different nationality might not be able to learn how to. be she sure everyone that it works and that anything is possible because. it's. serene as one of several 1000000 migrants in russia central asian immigrants often face discrimination in the country but serena says she's never had problems.
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when a person is heartfelt when a person talks to everyone is friends with everyone they are taken in by people as their own that's what i think i think it depends on the person. always ends her act by dancing with her audience to use their pop music in a traditional national costume at holmes arena with a teacher and someday she hopes to start her own d.j. school back and expects to keep spreading the joy of. football now in the premier league just say marino is back in the limelight as the manager of london club for the portuguese veterans one league titles in 4 different countries and 2. shows a marine says he's through to be back in professional football. i'm really really happy and. realize that my option. was coalesce as
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a coach the self-titled special one has had success wherever he's gone he's won countless owners with clubs all across europe but he's also often left strife behind him as with his acrimonious departure from manchester united's to last year at tottenham he takes over from the popular murray show party tino who only last season took spurs to their 1st ever champions league final. for some tottenham fans the sudden personnel change smacks of desperation and disloyalty. i don't feel like this was necessary for that was quite special she puts the no considering that he's the reason why we even end up seats were. so yeah really is a good manager a very good measure i will discredit him but i feel like he was a bit of a slap in the face and the man himself however does not seem too fussed. and really
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really more focused on. my coaching or my players lighting and not to it at all with this ingersoll's of what surrounds marino already is drama it's a characteristically turbulent start to the next chapter of his coaching career while the electric auto innovator tesla has unveiled its 1st ever pick up truck now at the launch party in los angeles a demonstration of vehicles toughness that though go quite to plan after c.e.o. elon musk claimed it wouldn't even take a scratch in a system that has to break 2 windows on stage of this futuristic vehicle the cyber truck as it is named it is expected to go into production in late 2021. this is the news live from berlin let's get to our top stories right now israeli
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prime minister benjamin netanyahu has been indicted on corruption charges will face trial on charges of bribery fraud and breach of trust he rejected the indictment as an attempted coup against him. the former top russian adviser to the white house has rejected some u.s. lawmakers claims that ukraine not russia meddled in the 26th election the former aide fiona hill called the claim a fictional narrative on the last day of impeachment hearings against president. police and protesters have clashed during rallies in the colombian capital bogota tens of thousands of demonstrators opposing the policies of president duke a call for more economic equality a stress concerns about those plans to raise the pension age and lower the minimum wage. and members of just wrong machall c.d.u. are gathering in live saying for the start of their annual congress the spotlight
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is expected to be on party leader on a great crime current power she's been battling go for approval ratings since she narrowly was elected party chief last year. this is deja vu news from berlin for more you can follow us on twitter up next is our business with christoph kober i'm brian thomas thanks for being here. the be. good to.
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get. to. the point of strong opinions clear position some international perspective such. it's time to stop talking about africa and start with that says chancellor merkel she's going on german companies to invest more there but do firms have enough trust to take the lead economic upswing in africa clearly probably going to the gym 60 minutes on the c.w. . the phone number how they
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will not succeed in dividing us about i will not succeed in taking the people off the streets because we're tired of listening to a show. taking a stand global news that matters. made for minds to come and now be affectionate leisure but as affectionately as you can. flatty mir putin in the middle of his election campaign in the year 2000 a documentary was filmed for russian television but director vitali months it was captured much more it was to turn the camera back on the moment of course you're going to have the film secretly chronicled a power grab actually everything was precisely planned instruction. featuring tom supporting roles to the freedom of worship. and featuring
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a lead role like you've never seen before let me be clear with you. so that i may or 7 years of age do the ends justify the means. clinton's witnesses starts december 13th on d. w. . europe's bankers come together and frank furter with christine legarde now in charge of your money there's been munter policy she is expected to make an appeal for unity to get more from our course also coming up it is the worst drought in decades how farmers from southern parts of africa are fighting just to keep their livestock a lot and plastic waste in ocean waters usually brings all the alarm bells with environmentalists not this floating the.


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