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they're all true for. more than football. is a state of the views life from germany's ruling conservatives confront the crisis at the top of the party and battle scene leader. challenges critics to decide the future so could this be the end of the road for the chancellor i'm a big success that will bring an object from the party also on the program. might this be as this link in britain's upcoming general election evidence emerges
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linking this former k.g.b. agent and russian media tycoon to prime minister barak's. struggles to cope with an influx of migrants trying to reach the european you get your ass sarah gave them to close a mike account built on the site of former. i'm phil gal welcome to the program german chancellor i'm going to democratic union has begun its 2 day party conference in the eastern city of leipsic i'm done the question of party leadership is not on any official agenda it's expected to be an issue since i'm going to machall stepped down as party leader last year and announced that she would not run for another term as chancellor the c.d.u. has been gripped by a power struggle. top of the conservatives position as the dominant party in german
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politics is being challenged from sides c.d.u. leader. has been addressing party members and challenge the critics and potential replacements to decide whether she should be the one to continue to lead the party in here to my insight to see if you feel that the kind of germany that i have outlined today is not the kind of germany that you are looking if you feel that the road that i want to go down it's not the road that you want to follow then let us talk about that today us and let us end it today here and now today. the before and find of in your mind the fact if you feel that this is the kind of germany one that we should jointly follow this road if you feel the same desire to take responsibility and to shape things then let us roll up our sleeves here and now today let's get going here. chief political editor.
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joins us from the c.d.u. conference in leipsic welcome is anyone likely to take up a. challenge. no the party simply doesn't have the appetite for that basically what she did is she called her critics. by once again going into the lead openly asking the question that could have been a white elephant in the room here in light sake over these 2 days and saying either you're with me or you're against me speak up and then. key challenger matts who lost in the race for party leadership against her just a year ago and who has since still been trying to lobby the eventual success of angle america when it comes down to who could be the next candidate for chancellor well he actually says that everybody should be loyal to the party leader and praised her for her brave speech and at the same time drew applause by basically praising that group of critics as conservative groups within the c.d.u.
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as also being part of the party so the standoff is off but the undercurrent of dissatisfaction with her is still not. well let's go harder and that is what distinguishes us from the greens yes it's a wonderful thing a lot of young people are engaged in politics again and gratitude is an impressive person but when she says that we stole her youth we must you know. your generation has had the best use. in this part of the world this year a march. infusion targeted here a mark of our. target if. you could mark. well so that's one. that you mentioned that he challenged a year ago failed he his bluff was called today and he sat down and kept his mouth
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shut so what's plan there what see. well that he was basically trying to prove. his idea for a more conservative brave c.d.u. would also help in pushing back the challenge from the green party which has been so successful here in the polls recently also in regional elections and thereby criticizing greece had to back well we'll see how that goes down in social media but what he's really after is becoming the next chance when the era matha comes to an end which according to schedule is in 2 years' time so he made clear that he would stay in the race he said that he would want to work. and take responsibility within the party but once again he left of open the question what role could be precisely and this is still the open question here at the party conference how
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important is it for the c.d.u. to settle about open questions to settle its leadership issue. well settled for now is the party simply doesn't have an appetite to descend descending into a social democrat scenario that the social democrat s.p.d. coalition partner that is currently tearing itself apart of the question who should lead the party into the future that has been settled here for now but quite clearly the stakes will be a lot high in a year's time when it does come down to the question who would be the chance the candidates their flirtation matt still sees himself quite clearly in the race and that's also why it's unlikely that he will completely and his criticism of anecdotes come convo us so one thing is just saw it's a very long goodbye from america and you could take over after about. the head of state in your party conference in fact here. i will take
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a look at some of the other stories making news around the world and government protesters in 76 years of self womb for the country i don't but i was missing in the company. replacing the military show you sure have some amazing. protest movement in a script the country since mid october with demands for the removal of politicians deemed inept and corrupt. sprains coast guard rescue 79 microsoft the canary islands after 6 days at sea the group was taken to forbes in the south of canaria where they received attention. now israel is a political turmoil after its attorney general announced criminal charges are to be brought against prime minister benjamin netanyahu. mr netanyahu is being indicted for bribery fraud a breach of trust in 3 separate cases if you nice wrong doing and says the cases of politically motivated fighting to stay in power after september's revolving fail to
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produce a clear winner. the israeli prime minister remains defiant as he addresses the country following his indictment and was up with. you have to be blind not to see that something bad is happening with the police and the prosecutors tonight we're witnessing an attempted coup with full solich ations and a tainted investigation. that investigation lasted years on thursday israel satori need general announced his decision to formally press charges. when you get any general decides to indict an acting prime minister for severe charges of corruption which is a difficult and sad day for the israeli public and for me personally the reputed both from. the cases against prime minister benjamin netanyahu are known as case 1010 yeah when his family are suspected of receiving gifts from business colleagues
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and close friends case 2000 covers allegations that netanyahu attempted to influence the publisher of a daily newspaper to gain more positive coverage the recommended charges in both cases fraud and breach of trust and case $4000.00 allegations of regulatory favors for israel's largest telecommunications company in exchange for positive media coverage the charges here fraud breach of trust and bribery netanyahu has rejected all the accusations and says he will continue to leave the country he's immunity as prime minister means he won't be legally forced to resign but his political future hangs by a thread he has failed to form a government after 2 consecutive elections and he now faces a legal process that could drag on for years. as the u.k. prepares for parliamentary elections next month fears of russian meddling have been
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reignited this week evidence linking the prime minister barak's johnson to a russian oligarch the guardian newspaper has reported that mr johnson that russian billionaire and former k.g.b. officer alexander lebedev in april of 2018 at a party organized by mr lebedev son until recently alexander lebedev a denied the meeting took place. well now mr has distanced himself from the prime minister rejecting accusations that he has contributed to the conservative party in any way d.w. . has been to meet him in moscow. alexander lebedev likes being in the spotlight he used to be a secret service officer today he's one of russia's richest businessmen in a restaurant in moscow lebedev is launching his new book in it he denounces the corruption of the russian elite. but the
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multi-millionaire is making headlines for another reason his supposed interference in press it. your friends for the forest johnson are not friends with him but i know him maybe zhenya is friends with him union. genya is lebedev son of gainey he played host to british prime minister boris johnson then the foreign minister but his villa in italy. when was the last time you met boris johnson. who would wait 3 to 3 years ago but i think in total i've met him more than 10 times. we want to know more about a party at your italian villa. it was a nice birthday but i myself didn't see johnson there he was tired and just relaxing what do you want me to say that i saw him or not either way i did not talk
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to him and your son when was the last time he saw johnson that he was i don't know ask him yourself they've been friends for years did your son contribute money to the conservatives. i don't know anything about. newspapers that could theoretically influence people but i doubt he's done that british journalists are hard to influence i'm sure my son didn't turn out money to the conservative or labor party or anyone else for that matter. what about you. you kidding i can't afford to do that. so where are these suspicions coming from. this is fake news written by the guardian they want to compromise boris or that cobain can become the next prime minister of course with a little help from the k.g.b. yes. the british media is convinced that labor supported boris johnson and his party they point to a parliamentary investigation whose results should have been published 3 weeks ago
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. let's just wait until the results are official to manage their published immediately i want to know exactly what was written before i comment on it it's the duty of. the british government has pushed back publication by a month. now the controversial report is set to come out in december. let's go through some of those for it's with a quaint in here he's a journalist an analyst with the international affairs think tank at chatham house it was this from london now welcome to day w this report the british government claims it has not been withheld but is being subjected to the usual security checks and clearances what's your view on that. but it's a question that's official excuse everybody really who's ever been involved in
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reports like this said they need no more than a week to sign it off and they've taken a great deal longer so there is a suspicion that to get back the question is why because it's not clear that there's any very damning evidence about russian interference in the elections there's just i think a lot of circumstantial evidence that there has been quite a lot. of interesting british elections and possibly certainly finance and social media interference over the recently is that have been some names bandied about as to who have some of the russian side might be a nice in this dossier how much influence do they have on british politics. it's very difficult to say i think they came to russian electrical interference is. to say confusion and. dissent if you
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like to carriage anybody might undermine confidence in the system. and that's where for close together not just russian actors on social media russian trolls and several scandals or too little i mean the interesting thing about johnson's connection with the leg of their family with the opinion that the devil exam this son is that he was certainly seen parties at the medvedev villa in italy but it wasn't so much that he appeared to be getting you know if he just appeared to be having a rocket better time. he was the private secretary at the time and he refused to take along his security detail so when one of these things seem to just be like off a duck's back to bars johnson it doesn't seem to damage and he has a reputation as a bit of a philanderer a bit of a joke and not
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a race very straight with the truth and yet some of the people say oh well that's just but it's just good talking to thank you for joining us quentin chatham house. now the project winter in europe is raising concerns of a living conditions for migrants trying to reach the e.u. fast there is a particular instance more than 8000 migrants are stranded than most in the country's north west they're hoping to cross into the e.u. via neighboring croatia well this week e.u. officials repeated their call for the vote campaign yabby hatch to be closed to avoid the worsening of what is already a dire humanitarian situation debby's frank kaufman has been to vote check to see for himself. water is only delivered here once a day by tanker. the hygenic conditions are catastrophic since last summer some
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600 migrants mostly from pakistan and afghanistan have settled in can vote shack from a rubbish dump in north western bosnia. the local red cross is helping with basic necessities but for half a year now the local authorities have been bringing migrants here from the city of the hutch 8 kilometers away against the advice of the un and international aid organisations everyone to show us just the most has been said already by months just today it was announced that this has everything from. neighboring creation is just a few kilometers beyond these mountains micron's try to cross into the e.u. here many are presented and sent back by creation police soon temperatures are expected to drop winter is particularly severe in this mountainous part of bosnia as it's becoming clear to the camp's residents. that's an appalling condition here
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people and i have been with lots despite the danger no one in other parts of boston wants to take these people in this is what aid workers believe to be one of the most dangerous migrant camps in europe at the moment doctors report cases of skate bs and other serious diseases but still local authorities don't want to close the camp they want to keep up pressure on other regions and the government in sarajevo to open a different collective center elsewhere in the country. for the last 2 years more and more refugees have reshaped one of bosnia's largest cities more than 5000 of them now live here in the north west and more arrive every day the mayor of the hutch is demanding a long term solution. camp must remain permanently open of course we could send the migrants from elsewhere but the migrant crisis as a whole has not been solved if the authorities want to transfer them elsewhere
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we've got no problem with taking them to sarajevo. on the outskirts of the hutch the international organisation for migration runs a refugee camp for up to 2000 people in a form affect rebuilding but the local authorities are opposed to more migrants being accommodated here the un has been negotiating for months to open more refugee camps in the country it's not difficult to imagine what will happen if you have 2300 people more living in the streets when it gets cold these people be forced to find solutions and one of the solutions is going to public buildings going to shopping malls going into abandoned houses maybe stealing food all the stuff of negative coping. behavior will manifest itself people continue to arrive with winter on its way without a viable solution for the residents of the camp bosnia's migration crisis continues to escalate. that frank that report was produced by the dublin
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correspondent frank hoffman who joins me now welcome frank. tell us give us an idea then about the conditions in virginia tech camp they look pretty dismal if not horrifying i saw people that had no proper shoes warm clothes missing and just double checked the weather full cost again there's rain expected next week followed by a dump of temperatures to freezing you can imagine what that means under such conditions are living in tents there the red cross is trying to help in the local red cross but they even have a lack electing. good proper food there was a german truck transport coming delivering 30 tons this week and it was already the 4th this years so the local structures are welcome but situation. aid was being provided by the german government. and end to the soul the migrants while they're in bosnia in particular for the local red cross structures. so why doesn't the
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bosnian government just say all right well we'll move it it's a weak governments you have to remember what happened after the war in bosnia that ended in december 1905 the dayton peace agreement was brought there which is today the constitution of this country and this constitution says the 2 entities the boston crowd federation that is divided in several cantons one of them is north west and boss you know where these refugees are and these migrants are living a moment because it's the closest way. to other european countries like savina for example crossing through through your country creations so they want to clip be closed it's a lay they want to be close to slovenia to and to north in europe this is why they are there in the same time there's not real so that everybody in last night self again a weak central government your boss that one entity divided into cantons and up and with every country has a has a prime minister and imagine a prime minister is telling to his electorate oh. i'm ok with having another
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collective center here in a canton right so the people of b. hatch do seem to. being quite supportive of the migrants there is that i would say is there any side of that changing 1st of all they one has to be fair here the people there they have on their own a refugee history jane because of the bosnian war and people really remember this when this crisis started about 2 years ago when people started to come from serbia and to try this path and this route into into the european union but after 2 years in a country that is one of the poorest in all of europe i think there that times are shifting at the moment and you talk about it started but with about 200 microns 2 years ago in all of the regional probably more than 5000 now and of course they are sense of what about the other parts of the country why isn't there more solidarity and more planning to cope this my can crisis in this country frank kaufman very
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interesting thank you for joining us thanks for having me. surfing now made his debut at the olympic games in turkey are next on the sports even caught on in colder regions like here in berlin certain fears us in the german capital cannot ride the waves without having to set foot on a bitch 7 young entrepreneurs have opened the city's 1st indoor surfing center inside a converted warehouse the waste can reach 1.6 metres high with the water a balmy 26 degrees celsius it's the ideal escape from the frosty went. this is g.w. news these are our top stories and preserve german chancellor angela merkel's christian democratic union have gathered in life for their annual congress party leader. told delegates back me or sack me after suffering poor approval ratings
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since our election last year. israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu has been indicted on corruption charges and will face trial for bribery fraud and breach of trust he's rejected the indictments as an attempted coup. fears of russian meddling in the u.k. his forthcoming elections have been rigged knighted evidence has emerged linking the prime minister boris johnson to a russian oligarch alexander lebedev british media have reported that mr johnson that the billionaire and former k.g.b. officer in 2018 at a party until recently is that medvedev had denied the meeting took place. and police and protesters have clashed during rallies in the colombian capital bachata tens of thousands of demonstrators opposed to the policies of president yvonne to create call for more economic equality and they are concerned about alleged plans to raise the minimum age the minimum to raise the pension age and
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lower the minimum wage this is deja news from burnet for more followers on twitter the to be used or visit our website w dot com. don't forget you can always get the w.'s on the go just download the app for google play it for me obstacle and give you access to information from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news you know some music systems from servers i'm getting. a big sale d.w. going back to nature code india takes a look at how constantly accused to upset the effects of hostile materials and virus come back with world news of the top of the other good. luck.
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