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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 22, 2019 5:30pm-5:45pm CET

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world. therefore power and bound. to a crisis. of the gulf starts nov 27th on. this. coming up. protest. of chinese. have experiences. another the same thing happened to him. decide if. it's to be the world's newest country.
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it's good to have you with us over the 6 months of protests in hong kong china has repeatedly claimed that foreign forces often meant to unrest in the territory now it appears used torture to try to prove its claim a former employee of the u.k. consulate in hong kong says he was tortured by chinese police while on an official trip to the mainland in august simon chang had been tossed by the consulate to report on the protests in hong kong he says that could be one of the reasons he was detained by mainland police chong has claimed that while in detention police wanted him to confess that the u.k. was instigating under arrest in the territory and to extract this confession police
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used torture as a tool. api code i paid hank coughed and i've been playing for. this not to torture for example like. me has our hand cough and for several hours and that you feel very painful. and then for example you need to do a lot of extreme exercise distract tast stat for example you need to have something like this. for several hours as well and you will get a little shuffle in a standstill and if you try to sit down or stop what would happen they would pick me china has responded to these claims saying it did nothing wrong you know what a foreign ministry official have to say about john one's year which is simon chang's chinese name. during john one g is detention the public security unit guaranteed all of his rights and interests according to the law and he also made
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a full confession about his illegal actions legal actions their efforts to allegations simon chang solicited prostitutes something he denies but simon story of being tortured in chinese custody isn't an exception correspondent matures bullinger spoke to another hong kong whose account of detention is chillingly similar to simon's. it started like a routine business trip and indeed in china secret detention system stanley was crossing the border to mainland china when he was stopped. police searched his phone and questioned him for several hours. then in the evening 2 police officers came they handcuffed me and put a black hood on my head. then they took me away. for fear of retribution we cannot show his face stanley wong is not his real name
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his accounts cannot be very fide independently but his story is in line with accounts from other detainees. at that time border police had begun systematically searching the phones of hong kong was crossing the border between hong kong and the mainland a photo of wong attending a peaceful march in june court their attention he explained it was unauthorized march and that hong kong allowed him to participate but they wouldn't listen. they said this was about a matter of national security and that it wasn't up to me to decide what in danger in it means national security is above all other laws where national security is concerned they said we can catch you in hong kong or any other place in the world. one was held in a single cell that had been covered in soft material a glass door was translucent from the outside only lights left permanently on over
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and over they interrogated him asking about photos on his vote and contacts to foreign nationals i had to crouch like this for the whole generation of the interrogation they placed me right under american dish and with the wind blowing at me constantly each interrogation lasted a few hours. and whenever they thought i didn't sit well they would beat me like this punch my back or kick me in the legs. the number of people who've been detained at the border remains and no one says he was able to catch glimpses into other cells that help people who believes were fellow hong kong escorted the border after 36 hours he was released. my family tried to ask the public security where i was but they just wouldn't say anything the police even denied they knew me and that i had crossed the border i understood that i
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could easily be disappeared any time. he's dealt with the experience quite well he says and he won't let it stop him but now when he crosses the border his heart starts to beat a little faster. and remember to go to our web site of a dot com forward slash for our continued coverage of china's handling of the protests in hong kong. small pacific archipelago off a quarter of a 1000000 people could be on the cusp of becoming the world's newest country the autonomous region of bogun vale is located in the solomon sea and is currently a part of pop for new guinea or b. and g. for short starting saturday its people will head to a referendum to determine if they want to be independent or have greater autonomy the referendum is part of a peace process that ended
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a decade long war between buffer in new guinea forces and bogun with separatists in 1908 although the voters non-binding many are hopeful that referendum will be the last stop on the path to peace. these men used to fight any and soldiers for independence now they are hoping to achieve that goal and a nonviolent way. they handing in their weapons as part of the gun amnesty ahead of the landmark referendum. it's one of many reconciliation ceremonies being staged in the province and the hype they will heal the wounds of the past. through.
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the bogan of l. became the province of papa new guinea in 1975 and many people whenever happy about it. vegan billions don't feel culturally aligned with p. and g. and they've been repeated pushes for independence in the past some came at a great cost. in the late eighty's and ninety's secessionist rebels and pop when you can ian forces fought a brutal civil war that killed up to 20000 people it was the worst violence the region had seen since world war 2. after the war ended the people of bogan vell were promised an independence referendum at some point in the future. now the time has come. over the next 2 weeks some 200000 going valiance will vote on whether they want greater autonomy or independence from p.n.d. ex-pats can also vote and it's expected that people will overwhelmingly back the
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latter. you're looking for this is an important referendum the people. it's the people's right and they will be able to vote on how they see things what is the peace process it's part of the peace process and part of building wheels culture culture. when we get. the results of the referendum will be announced in december then papua new guinea's parliament will decide whether it will recognize the outcome. as long as their future as undecided can billions are concentrating on reconciling with the past. now we're just africa. is one of the world's folder cities it's also one of the most polluted in order to try to combat smaug from coal fired the government introduced new smokeless briquettes the new fuel limits far fewer films into the atmosphere and is
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even warmer than traditional coal but a spate of deaths in relation to the briquettes as residents watered. on a cold night nothing beats a warm cozy home. towboats and brianne and his family recently made the switch to government issued briquettes to heat up the house it's supposed to be cleaner but it's also potentially dangerous some mother isp worried. only get rid of hopped in i'm afraid we might suffocate but i'm thinking of taking precautions a person talked about a smoke measuring device i'm thinking about getting that. the fear is legitimate this woman's daughter died of carbon monoxide poisoning after using the smokeless co the processed few needs twice as much oxygen as roll call and needs to
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be used differently. like the many other victims they didn't realize it who. picked it. we didn't want to use the briquettes we didn't know how to burn them we didn't have the instructions and because of it my daughter died. i have given so much to my daughter to make her who she is the heart of. the heart the horses are hard for me. it is very difficult for me to live any longer. was thirty's introduced a new few in october to replace rollcall and effort to combat dangerous smoke levels and. since then at least 7 people have died and at least of those more hospitalized. the capital's emergency unit says they are teaching residents to burned a few correctly. the 16 year old tabo doesn't share his mother's concerns about the
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new coal. so lots of short but i'm sure the only thing i was worried about really was the last time when i left my 2 younger siblings alone. and then i couldn't remember whether i'd lit the fire are not and that's all that was the only thing that really worried me. tears and said it's all. a burning fear over a scheme that was meant to provide warm comfort. and i want to our web site www dot going forward slash to this show online and for other stories from the region that's our show for today and make sure to check us out on facebook and as well. images of the giant panda. made the long journey. in china's sichuan province to watch a. lot
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of we were. 80 percent of americans at some point and i really experience hardship.
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room. booking travel now amazing tight pants. technology. pressure. it's just connect to the world with that but do governments now have the technological upper hand taiwan's digital goods. and it's like no pickup truck you've ever seen tesla's latest electric vehicle turns out to be. also the latest tech takes to the water at the berlin boat show you'll see it's making waves
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. this is business. as welcome there are signs of a reprieve in the u.s. china trade war and asian markets crept up on friday on positive vibes coming from china on kong added half a cent and the nikkei gains 0.38 speaking at an economic forum chinese president xi jinping said he wanted to reach initial trade pact with the usa based on quote mutual respect and equality relations between the world's 2 largest economies have come under strain after the u.s. congress passed 2 bills backing hong kong protests. and speaking of those hong kong's polytechnic university has been an important place of learning over the years not least in computing and digital engineering.


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