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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  November 22, 2019 5:45pm-6:00pm CET

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see it's making waves. this is business. as welcome there are signs of a reprieve in the u.s. china trade board and asian markets crept up on friday on positive vibes coming from china hong kong added half a percent of the nikkei gains 0.38 speaking as an economic forum chinese president xi jinping said he wanted to reach an initial trade pact with the usa based on quote mutual respect and equality relations between the world's 2 largest economies have come under strain after the u.s. congress passed 2 bills backing hong kong protests. and speaking of those hong kong's polytechnic university has been an important place of learning over the years not least in computing and digital engineering but over the last week it has been the site of a siege involving anti-government protesters and students a small call remained mobile phones the main outlet to the world beyond the comes
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online has been as important a battleground in the protests as any other it has helped galvanize the dissent but it has also become increasingly possible for the chinese government to use technology online to work against and suppress the protests. earlier today my colleague kris kobach spoke to order tang the digital minister in taiwan a democratic island with its own words about beijing. how she viewed the situation in hong kong. i think in taiwan where we're looking at hong kong we're seeing the beginning of a new way of demonstration for liberal democracies that are what they called be water or a leaderless movement you know our own some foreign movement which i participated where we occupied the parliament for 21 days speck in 2014 we started this way of coronating a leaderless movement by the time it was more like 20 leaders in hong kong is now like 2000 leaders. you started writing computer code when you were
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a kid you've been active as a hacker now you are the digital minister of taiwan and you've called for a reinvention of democracy how's that supposed to look like and how do you view your own role in it. as additional minister my workspace is totally radically transparent all of the meetings that i chair the full transcript can be found on the internet it's entirely published and by radically trusting people and making the state and how the state works transparent to the people everybody can understand not only the why of policy but also the why of policy making the context of policy making and this is as opposed to other jurisdiction which makes the system transparent to the state. but is there more to it when it comes to digital reinvention of democracy than just providing a bunch of papers for that matter into how and what we're doing is we're bringing technologies to where people are instead of asking people to come to technology and
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so we have universal broadband as a human right anywhere in taiwan even on the top of the mountain if you send 4000 meters you have to make a bit per 2nd and if you don't it's my fault and everybody can be press you tube or everybody can just voice your opinions and that is the foundation of liberal democracy because if universal brabant as a human right we're also opening up the entire participatory budget persecutor regulation of the on a single perspiration platform called joined the g.o.p. dead t w it has more than 10000000 active users out of 23000000 active evidence into one big companies have played a questionable role in recent times when it comes to democracies serving as platforms where fake news can be spread or where voters can be influenced how do you view their role in the future. 1st of all just like in the additional counter spawn issue 20 years ago we need to establish a nor where people can very easily voluntarily participate in effect checking community and this is what a large platform has done but more importantly in each of our ministries tours that
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seem a bit least 5 people that can rule out funny memetic engineer jokes clarifications one hour after each this information gets spread so that when people look at this clarification this is just so they would think of something that's funny and instead of turning anger into outrage it will become something that people can more act in a presidential manner and this is way that we don't take down anything by the journalist our minister's words are not hired in a journalist's words but we contribute into fact checking out journalism by providing real time clarifications very quickly and also a very funny way to order time they're speaking to my colleague was of course. pickup trucks have high profit margins now electric car maker tesla has entered the market with its so-called side of the truck it is supposed to celebrate faster than a porsche 911 according to company found in on us the truck also features on the
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breakable safety glass well which turned out to be not quite so on breakable futuristic eagle comes with a prize type of $40000.00 but tesla says might take years until it goes on sale. so will this truck ever hit the roads a question i'd like to ask peter finntroll he's a director of technology and innovation at engineering consulting firm ultron peter is there really a market for this cyber truck. yes good afternoon yes that clearly is a market for electric because trucks you know in the u.s. alone every year around 2900000 of such become trucks are sold so this is interesting for comment a fixture us. car at self tesla type of truck it has a very controversial styling if you look at the market leader cindy s. from forward to general motors and doj they have a very mescaline aggressive styling so this is the key to sell success and i was
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saying to tesla had put to death to the climax in producing a vehicle dead groups just a right coming from a dystopian movie set. terminator doesn't know how important it is. to diversify into that. this lead eats it needs economies of scale and needs to needs to ramp up their production figures and looking at the sheer size off the truck market in the u.s. but globally it's around $5000000.00 vehicles and also to profit in march instead can be generated in there in that because segment this is a relevant market for tesla to where we saw. that went completely wrong this. actually broke how damaging is that. certainly at that at such an important product show you want every scene to go smoothly but consider it. a truck event itself that takes all takes
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styling and all the fuss generated around it that the unpredictable glass was not so on breakup let's think that some might not be said and people are understand that this is a prototype vehicle it's minimum 2 years away from products that that will be ironed out this is no comparison to the famous. or the sometimes tricky to handle body t t 1st generation so it was not in customer's hands time will pass and there will be no less to back it off that for tesla. is a fence all there thank you very much thank you for the eurozone needs to creates more economic growth at home that's the message the new european central bank president christine lagarde today at the european banking congress in frankfurt germany she called on eurozone and governments to strengthen domestic demand and to end a decade of export driven growth largely led by germany but god said european
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countries should quote innovate and invest more to support growth time of global uncertainty it was her 1st major policy speech as the president of the e.c.b. . and now to some of the other business stories making headlines today a chinese national who work for one some talk before it was taken over by by a has been arrested in the u.s. ease accused of stealing trade secrets from the american company for the chinese government. to make a victoria's secret has canceled its annual fashion show and it falling ratings and criticism of the event that the event is all dated the show has typically featured top supermodels but last year it had its lowest ever ratings. an international charity is selling lottery tickets for $100.00 euros each with a chance to win top of picasso's work nature mortar 200000 tickets are on sale so
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could raise far more than the $1000000.00 euro cost cost of the piece which dates from $2921.00 lottery will also fund the project by the n.g.o.s care in africa. technology and aquatic design are currently in focus on the boat and funfair in berlin around $40000.00 visitors expected it will be on until sunday and we'll have a look at what the latest trends are and your thoughts. it's like having a race car on the water and yes the boat is inspired by porsche but it's not only the design the handcrafted hermie speedster that's a top speed of 70 kilometers an hour and it's all yours for a whopping 120000 euros we are particularly looking for clients which when they want also a unique boat which is sulfur you don't see every top and not only small and sporty
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is represented here there's also the being in luxury yes this yacht is almost 14 metres long it will set you back more than half a 1000000 euros if he did not take this. many actually use it because they have sold their house then bought a small apartment as a retreat and spend the rest of the year on the boat that's the seattle's often for travelling if diesel and gasoline powered boats are too loud and dirty you're in the right place under normal weather conditions and cruising speed the electrocute 30 can travel 150 kilometers without recharging with electric boats today though you have to choose between range and speed. to fit. i think people would like to have a more quiet drive but the boat battery technology is always behind the automotive battery technology the boat market for electric motors is so small that only a few battery manufacturers will develop their own resources.
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and we have the most environmentally friendly vessels are the sailboats anyway they're picking up tailwind in berlin these days. and that's it for me and the business team him blend more news background and features on the web site of course of steve. business and also follow us on facebook and twitter if you don't already do so since you know folded up the news that's up next right off to a quick check on global markets there's a whole. new
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and it's all happening. really. normally from africa and the world. your link to exception stories and disk. hello and welcome student news conference program tonight from born in germany for many years of museums and wild with same d.w. much africa join us on facebook d w africa. i'm not laughing out of the well i just sometimes am but less than nothing which has. been thinks deep into the german culture of looking at stereotypes a quiet spot in your thinking seems a country that i not. yet needed to take for those growing up they are new goals it's all about. bob i'm rachel joins me from the german sunday w. . post. conservatives
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confront a crisis at the top of the pops he. calls critics and challenges them directly back. to bring it up but. also on the program. struggles to come.


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