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john to 1.6 metres and with a woman with the water a balmy 26 degrees celsius it's the idea this cake from the frosty brother went. this is deja news live from the cold but they are coming up a breakthrough white deal ends a crippling strike at south african airways that's with god help us with the business africa update in just a minute i'm going. to sit down the entire show when i ask him to jurors or didn't mean anything at all they killed many civilians i mean the irish coming quoting my father while. i was a student because i wanted to build a life for myself. but suddenly life became alledge. providing insights global news that matters d.w. made for mines. what secrets lie behind.
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discover new adventures in 360 degree. and explore fascinating world heritage sites. w world heritage 360 get the app now. breathing space for south africa that was the carry trade unions are agreed on a deal on friday so ended a days fraught as a. i quite 5.9 percent retroactive. to be paid from next february but only if sufficient funds are available. and molly is beating the odds against a backdrop of political and economical instability in her country. also the show good use for. all those empty plastic bottles all
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a man from ivory coast turns 700000 of them into and many islands result. and finally the latest take pages of the world's oil and boat show will see what just make it one. business african. welcome so half are going to always reached a deal on wages with 2 trade unions today it ends at a day strike that has paralyzed the cash strapped state allied carriers way down but only $2000000000.00 of debts for government has so far refused another bailout for the 4 former state of. the south african airways strike is a reflection of the broader woes afflicting the south african economy thousands of essay stops went on strike more than a week ago after the flag carrier failed to meet a number of key demands including for higher wages and job insourcing. to 3000000 euros a day. essays in terrible financial shape it's with heavy debt and hasn't turned
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a profit since 2011 it survived with government bailouts. both sides in the dispute agree to a 5.9 percent salary increase to be paid out in march however this depends on funds actually being available unions that sought an 8 percent increase. s.a.a. says unions have agreed to instruct their members to return to work by saturday it expects schedules to return to normal by sunday. and i say is not the only economic bush the government has to deal with this week global steel john also mittal announced it will begin shutting down its saldana steel plants that would put thousands out of work at the plant and in the local supply chain and in the country well employment is that 29 percent with youth unemployment at a staggering 55 percent. the clamor of steel production will soon die away at the
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salt on a steel plant 170 kilometers northwest of capetown it's. the world's largest steel producer and the largest on the african continent. says business is languishing in south africa and is out to cut costs threatening thousands of jobs sadhana plants workers fear for their livelihoods. and many others also stand to lose out. it's all that is still present this will make it to flee our business we were good people and this will have a big effect on the small businesses the schools all the operations even the east coast community we can't. be close we don't accept that we can really stick close to. this and we are saying come to the table a 3rd of south africa's population is aged between 18 and 34 and they need jobs need to build their futures when plants like sadhana shut down it can blight not
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just the region but an entire generation. economy in mali has been sponsoring since it was political crisis in 20 twelfth's country are still not completely under the government's control economic growth cons keep up with a growing population so hope comes only from young entrepreneurs that. undeterred by the crisis around. trying to push this blossoms are one of the many greedy instantly juices from sample. all of them are organic. i sat to decapitate founded the company in mali's capital bamako in 2016 she was only 25 at the time but she had the idea long before that. to get that are possibly counted them so when i was a student in france i saw that there were no african products on the shelves in the office and that is why i decided to develop recipes for juices and other plant
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based products. around it for you. today she has 35 full time employees and 30 seasonal workers all the work is done by hand the ingredients are heated in large vats and then blended according to a secret recipe we weren't allowed to film today the company is well known. not a simple task in mali. you just don't think it challenges for the fact that time the women and the time young there are plenty of much shows in the industry there are lots of hurdles women a force to work 3 times heart of the men if they want to build a business and basic cesspool but that was good for me. to sit on the bottom of it zone produces 5000 bottles a day. the juices are on their way to other west african countries and even europe since business is booming i saturday
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a kitty wants to expand in the spring she plans on building a new factory provided she receives financing but that's difficult in a country plagued by crisis she has more and more customers in mali to the most important domestic market is the capital bamako with its more than 3000000 inhabitants. believe for most it has upset the markets are important for us because the middle and upper class people go shopping that that's the perfect market for selling our products. which is a pretty bureau song organic products are very popular people come here asking for them so it has a lot of potential for the future and we can make a good profit with it so people in mali are going to buy more and more of them or not the case. but the company's earnings ultimately rely on the wealth of the country people here have to be able to afford the products for that to happen
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things will have to change in mali but until then the juices are also popular export products from of these neighbors. now to some of the other business stories making headlines today. comic book from $939.00 as sold at auction for record $1260000.00 marvel comics number one the originally sold for $0.10 it features the 1st appearances of characters human torch and the sub-mariner . a chinese national who worked for monsanto before it was taken over by bio has been arrested in the u.s. he's accused of stealing trade secrets from the american company but the chinese government. the eurozone needs to create more economic growth at home that's the message the new european central bank president is in law god today at the european banking congress in frankfurt she called on euro zone governments to
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strengthen domestic demand and to end quote a decade of export driven growth largely led by germany. european countries should innovate and invest more to support growth at a time of global uncertainty was 1st major policy speech as president of the e.c.b. . use less plastic that's a demand by many environmentalist plastic in our oceans is a major threat to marine life now one results for the colleges to come up with a creative and harmless way to combine plastic rubbish and the sea. a treasure island but not as you know it this floating paradise parks not with gold plastic. 700000 pieces of these bottles bringing buoyancy with it the creation of this french entrepreneur who wanted
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a way to turn waste into one. i was studying here and people from the merino were all on the edge and so that's how i discovered the lagoon and its advantages and its disadvantages such as the pollution. and so little by little my idea of building a travel boat turned into how to build a system a village corner by using the pollution in the lagoon. to drums is one of the goals of. the resulting entertainment resort has become a draw for curious locals until just. for $25.00 guests can spend a day on the island dancing eating drinking swimming and even sleeping. that for many. of them it's really innovative ecologically it was something that was really worth thinking about and it's the
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place to be sometimes because it proves that nothing is wasted nothing gained everything can be preserved so they did something really innovative and i had to come and see for myself that this is. it's a world away from the sea of plastic that surrounds it becker and his team do what they can to clean up the shores here and hopes his idea will encourage others to recycle but. he admits his efforts alone are just a drop in the lagoon. we stay on the water technology and design currently in focus at the boat and fun. in around 40000 visitors are expected. or the latest trends in new york. it's like having a race car on the water and yes the boat is inspired by porsche but it's not only the design the handcrafted hemi speedster that's
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a top speed of 70 kilometers an hour and it's all yours for a whopping 120000 euros we are particularly looking for clients which where they want also a unique boat which is sulphur you don't see every top and not only small and sporty is represented here there's also the being in luxury yes this yacht is almost 14 metres long it will set you back more than half a 1000000 euros if you did not take this. many actually use it because they have sold their house then bought a small apartment as a retreat and spend the rest of the year on the boat that's the seattle's overboard thing if diesel and gasoline powered boats are too loud and dirty you're in the right place under normal weather conditions and cruising speed the electrocute 30 can travel 150 kilometers without recharging with electric boats today though you have to choose between range and speed. if it. gets
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a fun i think people would like to have a more quiet drive but the boat battery technology is always behind the automotive battery technology the boat market for electric motors is so small that only a few battery manufacturers will develop their own resources. and we have the most environmentally friendly vessels are the sailboats anyway they are picking up tailwind in berlin these days. and that's it for me of the business team news africa was christine is up next right after a quick update on global markets.
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eco africa my 1st graph electronic. one collection site turnarounds are recycled resold. by decree of the to produce sicamous is one of all objectives is to come and stay decision of more than technology that is to keep people on the buy a new device cocoa she wanted to get that she could take on a much smaller before africa. finish.
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every journey begins with the 1st step and every language with the 1st word published in the. new coaches in germany to learn german why not come with them simple online on your mobile and free shop d w z e learning course nikos fake german mating season. this. is africa coming up in the next 15 minutes. carol with views in south africa a new study has found it's wreaking havoc in communities across the country all the police making the problem works. at a beauty contest in ivory coast that's a natural here but is how black women where big dividing their.


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