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tv   Kick off  Deutsche Welle  November 24, 2019 11:30am-12:01pm CET

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under these responses as my situation is very bad i was behind. him 60 minutes on d. w. . welcome to the but is the game here for one day just. to talk about some. countries that's a little. so you don't want to. lose. the.
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great teams kickoff farms we've got a question why do you think it's more likely that someone will get to divorce then change their football club if the quality of the product is bad consumers abandon polygyny or not the same with football but today's kickoff episode is all about the fun you need. to. know how to frame it that's a good scene you love something that you will be awesome why the love for your club is the deepest love on what football from start to loyal despite repeatedly getting disappointed our reporters about steam solve explains it all out then we take a look at which league in the world attracts the most times welcome to kick off let's get started.
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you can change many things in your life your home your job your wife or husband or even your religion. but what is the one thing you cannot change never never ever if you are a true friend correct your. someone that you know sometimes it's. going to be once you made your choice it's difficult you take it to your grave this is a. local post in a. minute. but why is it like that why are football fans so loyal why does it bring out its rival in. time to go on a serious quest with fans around the world. a
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psychologist. analyzing scientific studies and. the sale of a small town these are fairly close to the police force. in the english premier league 92 percent of liverpool fans say they would never change their club so do 92 percent of everton supporters and 94 percent at crystal palace eagles fans believe they are truly unique. and get the fact that you're going to say that. the percentage of people changing their partner in life is definitely higher 35 percent of couples in the u.k. for example will end up divorced in germany the divorce rate is at 40 percent in spain it's even over 60 percent of the us but that. loyalty to a football team is not the same thing as let's say. brand loyalty to the supermarket
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if the core of the product the consumer is the fan and colleges go for it they're not the same with football fans here something else is there for. you to grow that you see in your blood it's something that you can live. commercial organizations would love to have the loyalty shown by football fans say i condemn extent parker and trish stewart and their study of the west ham syndrome . and loyalty usually starts early according to them 58 percent of males have made their choice by the age of 11 and that's not just valid for england by the way the gene on the bottom of the bus will shut down the national system civil penalties from a rule to should assad leave david is completed ok trio to say that i work my final . and it's not just true it meant illness for me but something for me for pass
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legislation and more than half of children whose parents supported the team went on to support the same one statistic say a 3rd of all fans follow the closest option to local t.v. now that's exactly what's happening here in seattle only a few people came out to see a 4th division game but so what the local fans and the visiting supporters don't care their loyalty is not about glitz and glamour and they're not alone through faith there's a lot of the dream up unless it was very largely playing between my learned new location stars don't matter too much and loyalty starts early doctor took a closer look at reasons for supporting a football team he should hear in the. event only about 06 you could give it a stick it is on the. mind of much of a followed on. and on who gives constancy the final do you want to face. that same weekend the bonus league or darby between only own and takes place. that's
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only a stone's throw away from here but regardless of 1st division here people's hearts speak for their clubs as that is better to come one said when you start supporting a football club you support it because you found a place where you belong a place where you belong loyalty to a team is often about identity the reason why he's going to support it because he's going to x. with and day community obama supporters. you know who had their roots in one of the issues it's not a football club is more of an emotional young one for do not like it's only a big game how you are going to see that there's no yeah like that that they let him down but you know just know that loyalty is unconditional is it really is it not possible to change your allegiance to start rooting for another team lead as the fact. it was not enough and you know and actually the reason it looks like it was an option and you know i mean. never know what that is that minds it seem is
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some pressure not a bit of time now good days go something else to know that missing from now on them by me and told to stop by the ghost and put it in the lobby that's a bald. people that i got shot by the sea but i'm ok and yet able to eat it let us go to the bottle but if they set a bit on me come get it. i guess the answer is a very simple it's impossible a die hard allegiance to a club it seems are stronger than anything else just like college degree. but i'm fine if you'd so you can just stay on. the dick is some tight just finds all tired oh you did you take it. that i'm fine didn't even see it don't you going to just. be out to mum fuck shit feel like shit all shy don't do mum and chinese feinstein. movies
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me for good so a club gives you a home home that you can share with many others it is love but unlike in a romantic relationship with only one partner you can share this affection with thousands of others to finally say it's a place that makes he has something that he has and that is how i ended up for someone to stay united just a united families has seen a sense of community there is no vanities there is no jealousy only true love which leads to statements like this time next time. i sound and feel that i'm going off the mind of sam cunningham broke out some money from finance. in romantic love you get easily disappointed we've all been there also in football you can experience traumatic disappointments such experiences not the road loyalty. actually in many cases not at all not just experiences of crucial wins but also
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losses bind fans even more tightly to their club plainly crime we cried together under still of breaks we celebrate together some says this last week is good for us because you are. constantly feel i'm going to be issues if you don't have conscience enough you will see this in the movie the positive or negative memories become embedded in the psyche of a football fan their personal identity fuses with that of their club to a point where your team's achievements help define your happiness in life. but after that he does he says a visit i'm going to kind of funny that you know but not until until he goes you know kind of think that it would but i mean i feel like you know even thinking about putting them to selling games and you know. it's you know the things. that. i think i wouldn't mind joining his next party just the. psychology calls the
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emotion that is set free with football fans self-seeking experiences allegiance to a football club helps you finding your true self i discreate ot alliance's every football fan at any stadium across the world has experience you're standing next to a perfect stranger and perfect unity defending your pen and fully agreeing on everything that a body. experiences in a stadium can even connect people across borders the way for cup 1906 drama again swabia prague and guess what 2 of our fans in just story have been there without knowing each other of course. she's going to. college puts it did you come on do you think you know some you can pick up these 5000 music you're going. to give these people party. somebody's got to take you to want to get on through because you know only these
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kind. of voters in california where i was you. could get a bit put a bit more full blown but there's a i swear this was not scripted this is a pure coincidence but i'm sure those guys would have something to talk about if they were to meet in real life and even our psychologist is loyal to his football team which is non other than his local f c. m's i david shirley one day come and get as i can in my living in upstate. new teeth disinvest funny yes most of all it's been filed out of just money just a little bit just. got done to the gulf. mishaps as i just say yes that was the deep but if you go so if you do openly. does this i listen. to it as a come on is not synonymous and is gone is most likely i'm going to cut
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a long story short loyalty to a football club is a strong bond you won't find in many other places in the world it's madness but in an ever changing world also a strategy to be as firm as a rock you can choose any team for whatever reason but once you're in your. relegation losses or disappointment make the loyalty even stronger. the difference to any other affectionate relationship you might have is that passion that never goes and that always. this is what football is given you and most other things in life you cannot know that strange isn't it which is your take on why and that would change let you know the funny was that god. did you know kick off is now on you to. with the world of football. it was north of mexico. to read we travel the world can read
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a few how high tensions are running i'm going to say no the stars never people and discuss football chris here it in. your head this next question. is a football kick off on you tube. it's a new. everywhere you feel sure it's a fine focal supporters week she became the world's trucks that most of the stadium kick off did it's hard work and found out which league mobilize is the most fun. imagine football without fans. absolutely unthinkable supporters are the heart and soul of the beautiful game but who are the most dedicated fans out there. everyone has their own opinion but what
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do the numbers say. which country has the best attendances which league attracts the most fans. we take a closer look. here at the top 50 leaks worldwide the international center for sport studies recently came up with a study and ranked much attendance by country and league the 1st big surprise is only 41st. a true footballing nation and sensational finalist of the 2018 world cup. but the event ski national league doesn't reflect the international side success. only $2800.00 fans attend each game on average that's pretty poor and behind even england's 4th and germany's divisions but it's not that surprising. if you take a closer look gracious a small country with a population of 4000000 illegal only has 10 plots half the number europe's big
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leagues usually have. kind of split and the only big names they have a fierce rivalry which often results in clashes with police but that rivalry hasn't helped make the league competitive have been crowned champions in 9 of the last 10 seasons. let's move up and on to the next surprise in 13th place just ahead of russia and scotland is brazil. parliament show benito nice to watch but not that successful the league doesn't even crack the top 10 with the stadiums empty and often in poor condition. in fact many brazilian stadiums are white elephants they were built for the 2014 world cup but since then they sat largely empty over the past 5 years brazilian syria could only attract 17000 fans on average take fluminense say for example one of the most
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famous clubs with a massive following their home stadium american 80000 that only 15000 turn out what happened to football in brazil. it's complicated and it's about more than football for zille is in a state of political chaos the last 3 presidents were all involved in corruption scandals which in some cases even lead to jail time. and the new president j. imposed sonando is dividing the country even further. corruption is widespread also in football the former president of brazil football confederation because of notation resigned under a cloud of allegations. brazilians are sick of it and it's affecting their love of the beautiful game ahead of the $24000.00 world cup people took to the streets to protest against corruption. and the waste of taxpayers' money to say football's most famous competition. the polls taken ahead of the tournament suggested half of
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brazilians weren't even interested. in may 24th team 47 percent had little or no interest in the world cup 4 years later ahead of the world cup in russia that figure rose to 63 percent devastating numbers for a country where football used to be a religion brazilians have fallen out of love with the seller sells the want as successful as they used to be and they're losing interest in the league because they can't afford to go to games anymore. ticket prices for big matches can range from 80 to 400 percent in her eyes which is between 15 and 19 year olds the country's minimum wage has only just increased to $998.00 ai's per month. which you spend half of your paycheck on just one game. you don't even get see brazil's most talented players because they all leave early to become stars in europe has legend zico put it is the brazilian league's big problem.
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he said unless we stop the talent leaving the country we cannot revive football in brazil. let's break into the top 10 where we find germany 2nd division. the 2nd button is league averages almost $900000.00 fans per match not bad that's better than the top divisions in big footballing countries like portugal and scotland why is that football has a long lasting tradition in germany and the 2nd division is a strong and well run late with many traditional clubs form a bond as league or winners and european champions for years the lakers have lucrative t.v. deals and is sold as the best 2nd division of. a phrase that's been repeated so often by advertisers it's become a running gag among fans. just. as
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friends. next comes the netherlands 9 and above them the united states. for some. it seems like the u.s. is finally falling in love with soccer after years of being a sleeping giant of course the women's team woke up long ago winning full walk of titles with sides full of superstars. but now the men's game is on the rise to major league soccer's average attendance is already $21000.00 fans. in fact m.l.s. is the 2nd fastest growing league worldwide. and they have the cool kid on the block. atlantean knighted they were founded in 2017 and there's an unprecedented hype surrounding the club in their 2nd season
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atlantean ited won the m.l.s. title and had more than 51000 fans watching week in week out. united have the 10th highest average attendance in world football beating out the likes of celtic i.x. and man city. who's next france's and 7th behind china who would have thought that. the chinese super league is not only attracting stars but also more and more fans and now we're into the top 5 with italy. italian football is not in good shape there are problems everywhere you look. for starters the stadiums still operating and falling apart most of them were built in the 1st half of the 20th century and have barely been renovated since. women and children rarely attend games in italy because of the violent ultras. diehard fans some of them fascists have
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a lot of power sometimes even pulling the strings behind the scenes clashes are not unusual but in 2009 the government crackdown and introduce the tests that are there to force. an id card to identify fans which is checked by police or security at the stadium entrance this all led to a decline in fan attendance syriac games only attract $23000.00 fans on average that's less than the mexican league and the league in spain. italian football is not what it used to be back in the ninety's and early 2000 when italian teams dominated in europe. in the ninety's italian clubs broke the world transfer record 6 times syria was the go to league the sickest of. the times have changed.
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of course this guidebooks the trend christiane a renowned though has made you even stronger they are perhaps the only healthy club left in italy with their stadium regularly sold out but dominance is not good for the league at all could be a canary one syria 8 times in a rug. italy is in 5th place but has been overtaken as we already said by mexico. so that shouldn't come as a surprise mexicans are football crazy. not only when it comes to their national team but with their league. match days are a $360.00 degree experience of mexican culture family food and football. the mexican league is considered the strongest in north america and it is highly competitive league amex has 2 tournament. season capital and closer with one champion crowned in summer and one in winter this is common in latin america in the
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past decade 10 different clubs have won either the africa or closer. with $26000.00 fans league and meckstroth the largest average crowd of any football league in the americas. that's almost as good as spain. and la lega. home of the world's most famous clubs. and one of its greatest rival. the 3rd best attendance worldwide with 27000 fans on average. but spain has smaller teams and stadiums than england. the premier league draws $37000.00 fans on average the league is followed worldwide and generates more than $2000000000.00 euros in television rights per year a record because really. the premier league is undoubtedly the best marketed league
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in the world. some say it's also the best thanks to the stadiums. and the stars. but not when it comes to match attendance is. because number one is not the premier league but the german bundesliga. so why is the bundesliga the clear winner. first of all the tickets in germany are affordable that's probably the biggest difference to the premier league in the bundesliga the cheapest average match day ticket is just 15 euros in england it's $34.00 more than twice the price. in germany you can even get some tickets. for less than 10 euros and it hurts a violin kids under the age of 14 can get into the olympic stadium for free. but
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it's not just the cheap tickets. the main factor is germany's modern stadiums germany has state of the are arenas with huge capacities they're simply bigger than the ones in england. was most of them were built renovated for the 2006 world cup. the whole country was excited about hosting the tournament which gave football already the most popular sport in germany an even bigger boost. and that have an effect on the bundesliga as well some say germany has the best stadium atmosphere in europe definitely better than the premier. there is a longstanding tradition of fine culture and an active ultra scene in germany fans here have a saying. germany is the only top league in europe that has the 50 plus one rule which means that club members hold a majority of voting rights thereby retaining overall control and protecting their
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club from the influence of external investors the rule of a many clubs in the premier league the bundesliga tracks more than 43000 fans on average 6000 more than any other league 5 german clubs are in the top 10 when it comes to highest average attendance at dortmund the top of the tree with 80000 fans on average even hamburg and stuttgart still attract huge numbers despite being in the 2nd division. that's why germany has the best attended leagues in the world.
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i have much. the 77 percent straight debate from gumby i'm about 100 returning right back into this country. and the country prepared to take care of the. attorneys and the experts discuss how the country is dealing with the situation. this conflict is not ready it's not. my situation it's
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very bad that i want to rehire you. and 30 minutes on w. . power play. great for the mind body and soul. but fewer should spend their time doing a. developmental psychologist our concern. is plain thrilling now played out. 6 in 75 w. . y. and on demand. language courses. video
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and audio. talk. w. media center. and now give me a fictional version but as affectionately as you can. lie to me or putin in the middle of his election campaign in the year 2000 a documentary was filmed for russian television but director vitali munson captured much more that was to turn the camera back under the cargo and the film secretly chronicled a power grab actually everything was seriously clinton structure. featuring tom supporting roles to the bush. featuring a lead role like you've never seen before let me be clear with a. good mayor 7 year old bitch to the ends justify the means.
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continence witnesses starts december 13th on t.w. . the bag. the bag. this is d w news live are from binding to recreate a town out in hong kong a local election is a test of support for the territories chief executive carried out pro-democracy protesters want to send and to beijing a message also coming up at france's takes a stand against nuclear weapons the pontiff makes
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a symbolic visit to nagasaki in japan where he calls upon the world's nuclear nations to scrap that all. and dividing the.


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