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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 25, 2019 10:00am-10:16am CET

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this is the deputy means live from berlin hong kong voters send a clear message to beijing pro-democracy candidates making massive gains as the probe aging vote collapses in municipal elections the vote was seen as a referendum on hong kong's political turmoil and the government promises to seriously reflect on the results. also coming up leaked documents to shed light on the chinese government's massive tension of legal muslims in a network of prison camps changing insist they are simply voluntary the education
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centers and on the un's international day to oppose violence against women lead we'll hear about one french mothers fight for justice her daughter was stabbed to death by an ex-boyfriend france has the highest murder rate of women in europe and although the government is working on a new law to better protect women she says that many others it's not enough. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program pro-democracy supporters in hong kong are celebrating after securing a landslide victory in municipal elections the pro-democracy camp has won almost 390 council seats compared to less than 60 for pro beijing parties and now controls a majority of councils in the city now hong kong. siddons turned out in record
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numbers to cast their ballots in an election widely seen as a referendum on the pro-democracy movement after nearly 6 months of protest. another seat for the pro-democracy camp never the fall has it won so many in a district council election kelvin lim the spawn of the witness he says voters wanted to make their voices heard after seeing the heavy handed tactics of the hong kong police. they are not happy with how they deal with. police brutality is actually. i think. people should really. perceive the future pro-democracy vote has already started to celebrate early in the night when it became clear that some of the probating heavy weights had lost
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their seats activists had urged people to get out and cast their ballots 70 percent of buddhist answered the pilot if there are more hong kong is casting their ballots it means a better democracy so if this year's voter turnout is higher than the previous election i think that's quite positive for the polls to elect district councilors they have little political power controlling some spending and issues like recycling and public health hong kong's district councils have long been dominated by to probating establishment this time and for the 1st time the scales have chips decisively in favor of the pro-democracy movement. correspondent phil is standing by live for us now in hong kong charlotte's stunning results here our home congress reacting. sara most people that we've spoken to say that they are absolutely astonished by the
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results from last night people on both sides not expecting this kind of a landslide victory for the pro-democracy camp just to be clear in these district council elections they've previously been dominated by pro establishment figures what we've seen now is a number of heavyweights in the pro savage when camps losing their seats on the pro democracy council is now taking on an overwhelming majority of the district councils here in hong kong now we at the moment are outside the university here where a siege is been ongoing for over a week now university students still holed up inside that university for fear of coming out where we are in one of their fast axes needy elected councilors some pro-democratic because a coming out to show their support for those students we've also seen images of celebrations taking place in central in hong kong as celebrating really is what is considered a remarkable victory for the pro democracy movement today for their part pro
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stablish many figures are licking their wounds a little bit we've seen the chairwoman of the da be praised beijing party offering her resignation that hasn't been accepted carry land the chief executive also coming out giving a statement saying that she will listen humbly to the results of this vote am what is taking place here in hong kong today seen as a referendum on this almost 6 month protest movement so ultimately then charlie what does this mean for the protest movement because does the satisfy the demands of these pro-democracy protesters what they have likely been looking for we're going to see them back out on the streets this week. what we've been hearing over and over again over the last almost 6 months of these protests when we've been on the streets is that they would like that 5 dumond's met saying please do universal suffrage and an independent investigation into the police handling all of these protests on the street now authorities here in hong
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kong have so far refused to give in to any of the demand they have the extradition bill which did spot these protests but of course as we know they've moved into something much much broader now it is said to the more democracies so the result reaction from authorities here in hong kong will be crucial people that we've spoken to legislators and from the democrats that have that we've spoken to say they now need to work out exactly how to use that platform within the district council to try and influence what happens going forward perhaps try and keep these . on. farms 3. weeks. charlie tells them pale in hong kong thank you charlotte. leaked the chinese government documents have revealed details about the massed attention of weaker muslims of these 2000000 people from the minority group are believed to be held in internment camps
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a group of investigative journalists has published the papers which contradict china's claims that the camps are voluntary reeducation facilities now in response the chinese embassy in britain calls people call called people in the camps excuse me trainees and said that their personal freedom was quote fully guarantee. these confidential chinese government documents the control and to oppression the reign in the internment camps of. at least a 1000000 muslims are thought to be detained in the camps. these are just tomatoes shipped into this is just a matter of the internment of an entire ethnic and religious minority this is really something that the world has not got to grips with yet. experts believe there are more than $1000.00 such camps the key leaks documents lays out how they are to be run it states the inmates onselen out any contacts with the outside world
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owning a mobile phone is strictly forbidden the camps should be under constant and comprehensive video surveillance not a single corner should be left on watched preventing escape is a top priority but in conditions in these camps are like prisons the aim is to completely control every 2nd of a person's life it's not just about locking them up the aim is to have a deep psychological impact on their identity to. beijing has always described the camps as voluntary education facilities. delete documents confirm that is not the case. and its cultural genocide is probably the most accurate way to describe what's happening there. the documents now being called the china cables group tamed by the international consortium of journalists. let's get
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a quick check now of some other stories making news around the world hope francis has celebrated mass in tokyo as part of his 4 day visit to japan earlier he met victims of the 2011 fukushima nuclear disaster and voiced concern over japan continued reliance on nuclear power and former new york mayor michael bloomberg has announced that he is running for president of the united states the former republican became a democrat last year and is one of the richest people in the world he'll 1st have to beat another democratic candidates or rather the other ones who are in the race who are jostling to go up against president donald trump and 2020. south korean police say that k. pop singer and former kara member who harra has been found dead at her home the 28 year old was reportedly suffering from depression and had been targeted by abusive comments on social media. well today is the un's international day for the elimination of violence against women one of the most systematic and
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widespread human rights violations of our time the u.n. estimates that every day about $238.00 women are intentionally killed across the world most of these murders they are committed by partners or even their own families more than one 3rd of women worldwide have experienced some kind of physical or sexual violence in their lifetimes the numbers are particularly high in parts of africa where almost every 2nd woman has experienced violence on that continent but violence against women is also a problem in wealthier parts of the world here in the european union for example one in every 3 women is estimated to have suffered violence and abuse in their lifetimes france in fact has one of the highest murder rates for women here and europe now the government is working on a law to help better protect women did abuse lisa lewis examines one particular case that helped prompt this new law. and the good he
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describes it as a life sentence she says there's a gaping void inside of her ever since march 27th when her daughter was killed by her ex-boyfriend of the and we need new to pure soul. they had split up 6 weeks earlier he had her arrest ever since one morning he was waiting for her and the whole stable where she worked and tried to convince her to take him back leave them or you know when she refused he pulled out a knife and stabbed her in the heart and the lungs could my brain is still blanking out on what this really means. i think it is trying to protect me otherwise i'd go crazy i still can't imagine to never see my daughter again i'm already sick. bet and it doesn't only blame her daughter's ex-boyfriend she's also furious with the system that she feels let her daughter down this main level 2 weeks before he
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killed her he broke into her house through the window he wanted to frighten her he was convinced she was seeing someone else elin went to the police station to press charges but she came up crying the police downplayed things and didn't take her seriously they didn't recognize how dangerous this man was they later decided to drop the case i am so angry at this patriarchal system where men shield other men and which doesn't protect women says the butler kalki for by the family reported by the family elin is everything but an isolated case every year more than $120.00 women are killed in france one group has started counting them and is tagging their names and stories on walls across paris to push the government to finally act. but the government says it is taking the matter seriously it's been holding weeks long consultations with victims as a say sions across the country and it's working on
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a new law to better protect women against domestic violence. in some of the mortgage to leave the government is working with lawmakers from all across the spectrum and we are ready to act. on this the new law will introduce electronic bracelets to keep violent men at bay and judges will be able to issue restraining orders within 6 days and more women's shelters will be opened or does that she almost even if you do. i make took part in the country talks and course the measures a good start but she says more needs to be done and that one crucial point is missing from the new legislation that would more goofier whether. it's really important that the police get proper psychological training they should have to come off their high horse and really listen to women who are asking for help if a woman says she feels threatened they need to take the necessary measures to
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protect her. small but we know that there are many women who went to the police asking for help but were turned away and are now dead. she still hopes the government will change the law to include this so that at least some women will be saved and their families be spared the suffering she now has to endure. well we have now to the bundesliga to some sports news because hoffenheim missed a chance to jump up to 4th in the table after that there they were thrashed at home by lowly minds on sunday the visitors had to play over half the game with 10 men after go was sent off for this dangerous challenge but they still tore the home side apart going to mill up soon after half time thanks with bizarre own goal by powerful cover ravech the goals kept on flowing cameroon midfielder pierre can demolishing netting 2 and completing the 51 rout for minds and their new coach
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on him by a lot. you're watching t.v. it is live from berlin up next it is a documentary about the nomads of tibet for the very latest don't forget you can follow us on social media and also on our website don't you dot com i'm sara kelly thanks for watching. welcome to the book is the game here for d.w.i. . we have tried to talk about it. let's just talk over it. 3 more. little we have my let's have a look at the real problem i believe so you don't want to miss. we get to w.


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