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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 28, 2019 7:00am-7:31am CET

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i asked. the at. the arab to the as. good. this is e w news live from bernie the president trying to encourage the roofs of china by signing a law supporting democracy in on kong trumps move came as the 11 day siege ended at the territory's polytechnic university the police say they're clearing up dangerous items and gathering evidence also coming up. could be acquittal of this man melts frosty relations between germany and turkey he was one of several german citizens arrested by turkish authorities in 2817 he'll join us to tell us his story
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. and rescue teams in albania a race against time to find survivors of tuesday's earthquake the death toll rises to 38 could become albania's most deadly quake and. i am. now as. i'm headed home for a glad you could join me u.s. president to donald trump has signed a no backing anti government demonstrators in hong kong now the legislation mandates an annual review of the favorable trade status that washington grants hong kong it also threatens sanctions against chinese officials who commit human rights abuses in the territory china has denounced the bill calling it a serious interference in its internal effects but it has been welcomed as a victory by hong kong's pro-democracy movement yet you ask. no matter the
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administration and the congress they sent a clear signal to president xi hong kong even is on the hot line rule of beijing but we are also the global city that will have foreign businessmen also that live here and how to safeguard hong kong's political and economic freedom that's also would be the quiet here and also one of the issue that presidency or korean should not ignore that was the pro-democracy activist said you're sure a warm well joining us for more on these developments from hong kong now is d.w. reporter sherry chan good to see cherie the activists obviously please but tell us more about beijing's response. right after trying signed the legislation beijing react to fear is the m s expected it has summoned the u.s. ambassador to demand the u.s. not to interfere in china's internal affairs and it also asked the u.s.
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to stop causing further damage to file a tro relations and also actually in a statement the foreign ministry also said that the legislation have a sin is saying tensions and it's also an act of bullying is also accused the u.s. of being the culprits of instability in hong kong beijing also want that they would take a firm contemn measures although they didn't mention what come to measure would be and it also said that the u.s. will bear consequences if it insists to past of all right so what about then on the ground itself has the university for example now been cleared of those protesters. it is very hard to estimate actually how many people are still inside the campus actually in the past 2 days there were several different groups trying to enter the university to to look for the protesters one group of guys by newly elected
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district councillors they went inside and they said they met 2 protesters inside and other groups organized by the school administration they said they met one woman actually right after the police and said they would conduct this search in the morning one protester inside the campus met the press and he said that there were around 20 people still inside and he also asked the police to retreat immediately because he said that everyone who chose to stay inside they had completely lost trust on the police and he said that if the police would retreat they would leave on their own right but on that point i mean the police say that this is a clean up operation but is there the possibility that they may arrest protesters who they find on the campus well before the police and so the campus this morning they emphasize that this operation would just focus on removing explosive
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and then just items to make sure that the environment of the campus is safe and they also said that if they encountered any in the featureless in the campus who needs met the call treatment they said that they will not make immediate arrest but they would only record their personal details but they even mention what they would do with this in the future is to have their personal details recalled. sherry chan monitoring those developments in hong kong for us as police and the campus there in hong kong after an 11 day siege thanks very much indeed. artis taken out some of the other stories making news around the world a key witness in the donald trump impeachment inquiry has been accused of sexual misconduct by 3 women the women say that ambassador gordon sunland retaliated against them professionally offered they rejected his advances sawmills denies the
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allegations. the. officials in the u.s. state of texas have ordered residents of 4 towns to evacuate off a new blast at a petro chemical plant 60000 people have been told to leave 3 workers were injured in a 1st blast early on wednesday. apple has agreed to russian demands to show the crimean peninsula as part of russia the region is currently shown as russian territory on apple's map and whether apps but only for uses within russian borders russia sees crimea from ukraine in 2014 and a to an extent 8 in a referendum that kiev and its western allies say was illegal. well german turkish relations have been frosty for more than 2 years is the result of the arrests of german citizens on terrorism charges but now turkish prosecutors want to drop charges against one german human rights activists giving rise to hopes
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of a thaw in relations that activist is paid to start now he'll be joining us in the studio shortly but 1st this report the arrest of peter stuart not triggered a crisis in relations between germany and turkey the human rights activist was detained in july 2017 in istanbul along with other representatives of human rights groups turkey alleges they supported a terrorist organization if convicted she could have been sentenced to up to 15 years in prison. after more than 100 days in pretrial detention he was released it was an emotional moment. the detention of other prominent germans has strained bilateral relations since 2017 according to government figures 60 germans are still being held in detention in turkey. well with me in the studio now is the german human rights activist pages georgia who you saw in that report
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welcome to that. you were arrested in istanbul in 2017 you spent more than 100 days in pretrial detention in a turkish prison get your time the change you how do you feel now well i'm feeling quite normal again sure enough it has an impact also after coming out of prison the time there was very much marked also by solidarity inside the detention as well as from the outside so international solidarity movement by human rights organizations but also very strongly from the turkish civil rights movement now the turkish prosecutor has said that you should be acquitted but that 6 others should be found guilty on terrorism related crimes however do you see the possibility that you may have to go back. well the prosecutor asked for acquittal for 5 of those 11 charged under the double 10 trial. yes it might be that we go free the 5 of us but
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it might as well be that 6 others might have to go to detention although sure enough they will appeal if there is a prison order for them. from what i know the the pressure on the turkish civil society is growing and i think for us going freed must have to do something these international relations economic relations etc i mean what about the others you have continued to monitor their cases since you've been released do you think their cases have a serious late legal basis i mean one person we're talking about for example is trying to kill it's the head of the turkish branch of amnesty international well he's a former honorees. board member of amnesty turkey and i think there's no legal evidence against him or any of us others in this had seized until 10 case this case is somehow manufactured and what we see is also what you just explained to me a little bit more about the charges irrigations the allegations are of membership
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supporting aiding armed terrorist groups and in our case which is a coming case his same have a file number so we're supporting 3 are supposed to be we were supporting 3 terrorist organizations at the same time which is actually impossible to support 3 of so-called terrorist organizations as well the evidence is very very thin or non-existent or manufactured in a way that for me there was a flip chart which was detailing how to copy evidence or videos from a phone to a computer which is standard knowledge that it's not something to hide or something for the tonic in its case i think there's more manufactured evidence but more seriously for me is that there is a police report or a police investigation into the into his digital devices and it shows clearly that there's nothing of evidence on it but does not take into account by the prosecutor statement so it is
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a statement shows not much difference from the in the initial allegations against dissipative we have to point out you are not the new enemy thousands of opposition activists journalists human rights activists for example in the country are in prison tell us more about that what was your response to that what do you make of it. well it's very clearly a repressive crackdown since at least 2016 against your position or anything manufactured as a position normal journalist somehow become. so called terrorists are supporting terrorism of what it what is the government 15 or do you believe. well normally journalism. human rights movements support governments in supporting their population but in cases like turkey we see that sticking to power that economic benefit make governments stick to the policies which then realize repression against their own citizens and also for in citizens who support their civil rights
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movements want to zoom out a little bit and just talk about you know perhaps more of a geopolitical level because you know for example the case of dennis you chose well i mean it did change german turkish relations or do you think it's changed them in turkish relations well i think they should be much more change not only towards turkey because i think on one hand negotiating on political political detainees is one thing but on the other hand selling arms selling weapons i think you cannot independently look at it so. as long as we support governments who human rights i think they shouldn't be any arms deals at all because you cannot secure that arms are not used against your own population so a lot of the military vehicles that i saw from one on my way from one prison to the other virgin are manufactured and this is very clearly for me a violation of international human rights he rights activist pater's jordan thanks so much for joining us here on the dock in sharing your story thank you thank you
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well rescue teams in albania are in a race against time to find survivors of cheese days quake the death toll has risen to 30 putting the quake will become albania's deadliest ever powerful off the shocks are complicating the search and forcing novice residents to sleep outdoors crucifying interim across europe to help with the search efforts. sniffer dogs from a crime and rescue teams you know the remains of a collapsed building. the girl is still missing in the rubble. pounce on the street people who have lost their homes wait for help. the coastal city of duress is one of the areas hardest hit by the quake $27.00 buildings have been destroyed killing at least 12 people. after the main quake on tuesday morning juárez was shaken by several strong aftershocks. fearing the earth may shake again
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many residents are scared to stay indoors some are spending the night in their cars . or under canvas hundreds of people have sought shelter in a camp a steely set up at the local football stadium. it's the 2nd night they're spending here. it was great because with us here why should i go home i'm afraid i went back just to take my medication a new shaking began and i've run out i'm scared why should i go back with a member of course. we are terrified. it was something we did not expect we were all asleep and everything started to shake. like this one it was night. tonight we're staying out with the baby. while aid workers 100 food and drink to the evacuees the search for survivors
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continues a team of italian firefighters the sun cameras down into a wrecked building to look for the missing. 2 days after the main earthquake struck the chances of finding anyone alive and getting slimmer. now bacterial infections resistant to antibiotics pose a grave threat to human health killing tens of thousands of people worldwide every year but there's hope scientists say a cost of powerful tiny viruses called bacteria found may be able to reverse the trend now bacteria fight is a plentiful in the environment and they actually kill off bacteria by punctuated the outside of the bacterial cell essentially getting inside and then making it explode all the viruses have long been cultivated in eastern europe as an alternative to antibiotics bacteria cocktails can be bought today in pharmacies in
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some countries such as georgia in the caucasus where elsewhere belgium has started to offer treatments with its forces but it's not yet widely available in the european union it means that some patients have to go brought to get hold of the medicine. tanya jeter i cannot remember when she was last pain free until politics stopped working against her skin disease which she contract to 30 years ago so she found a different treatment bacteria phages but because they're illegal in the netherlands she had to travel thousands of kilometers to police each georgia and spend thousands of euros for savings to buy them and i thought a good george i was extremely nervous but also i was very exciting and also very disappointed in the treatment in holland because holland does not allow the phage is so i had to go all the way to georgia only for this just to get there
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are many different types of bacteria phages viruses which target a specific type of bacteria 10 you drinks to different pages each day and also puts on a cream really i hope that their fate is allowed in europe soon because it's difficult for people to go to georgia also it's very expensive to go there and to have the treatment how much did you pay for your star. treatment in georgia was 3900 euros i paid when i need new faith years when they go to send me new ones i must pay 500 euros. to get new faces for 3 months. so it's a lot of money in neighboring belgium world leading phage research sean paul pinay created a legal model for prescribing phages for patients in burgeon we had some critical mass of people interested and fates therapy on different levels we had.
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research local. authorities and also in hospitals. i think that the burgeoning belgian solution is slowly spreading i think other countries are getting interested in this approach belgium is the only e.u. country where phage is that easily prescribe to patients pinay says that lives have been saved with phage is made in his lab i think that fish turpie is getting more and more important because i think about excel more and more feeling and people are actually dying because their infection going to be treated with antibiotics. phages are more expensive to create than antibiotics but pinay thinks that they will be useful therapy for the future. 10 years hoping that the rest of europe will open itself up to face therapy saying. well for more i'm joined now by dr christina
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really from the hospital here in abroad and welcome to you to begin with i suppose we are all where at least fearful of by craig microbial resistance then do faith is presents a cure all for diseases when taken orally all their viable alternative to antibiotics. i think if facials are taken only all relieve this will be a problem because use the exit so the guesser gets it the features can be destroyed too therefore we have to lower that content in the gastric. and then afterwards i think it's possible that the features converge in the normal situation the faces will be given topical eat into the warrant and perhaps combined with. the orally given faces are there any risks.
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to the best of my knowledge up to now we have no real bat informations about the severe side effects and it is interesting to see as we saw in that report that using phages is far more widespread in eastern europe for example than it is in western europe how extensive is research for example here in germany in western europe into the usaf ages as far as us as no as far in germany we have real 10 to 20 different research spots as even bird in sri research institutes or sri interested groups and we have a group in bronze like. been hung over in munich instance got i guess even in germany we have a lot of research institutes and in europe we have i think
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a lot and perhaps some if there would be a good network. more in s. in poland or in georgia we saw in that report it's tremendously expensive on a daily basis according to that woman who was just talking in terms of that treatment all the hurdles that need to be overcome to make phage therapy more viable. first says we need an awful approval in germany and the big front for the official approval would be we need evidence based at they based data for a benefit for the patient and for the safety of the features and therefore we have to took all together the information we have about treating with features right dr christine really from the brand is the hospital hey everybody and thank you for coming in and sharing your expertise with us this morning. if a boy you are going klinsmann has been named coach of bundesliga team how to belin
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until the end of the season the $990.00 world cup winner and former germany coach takes a bit from the sack and to chill of it had to have lost the last 4 games klinsmann's last coaching job was with the u.s. national team but he was fired in 2060 now he joined the how-to board as an advisor earlier this month. well the big match of the champions league group stage show on wednesday so barcelona beat dortmund 31 it was what is messi and 20 griezmann all scored a for barcelona before jade and sound show pulled one back for dortmund the win means barcelona will finish on top of group f. for dortmund fall to 3rd place and will need to do better next week in order to advance well it could only happen in france a color enery court battle has begun after a renowned chef lost a coveted michelin star over allegations that he used the wrong cheese in his
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souffles mark there are claims that the downgrade from 3 stars to 2 left him depressed and he did not use using inferior cheese. the knives around after a round of a return to do mitchell and stone reached boiling point decorated french market are was demoted to 2 stars in january less than a year after being awarded the highest accolade in the cullinan world and i mean for that they gave me 3 stars and then they take one away i want to know the reason why. restaurants la maison de bois in the french alps was demoted after the mitchell inspectors snubbed his souffles the celebrity chef was accused of using the humble cheddar cheese instead of french fry it is there are claims he used saffron in the dish which made it appear yellow like the color of cooked cheddar. cheddar gates by restaurants inside it it's the 1st time
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a chef has sued the prestigious mitchell guide mitchell and has bitten back branding there are a narcissistic diva suffering from pathological egotism. and guide has just said is excellent but not a genius mr howard does not accept this because of him no one has a right to say that he's not a genius it's not because route. if mark farah wins this case it will set a precedence for other disgruntled chefs the outcome could see him become the toast of the food world once more or leave a bitter taste in his mouth. this is the daily news these are our top stories he was president all trump has signed a law backing anti government demonstrators in hong kong the legislation threatened sanctions against chinese officials who commit human rights abuses in the territory
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china has denounced the bill calling it a serious interference in its internal affairs. rescue teams in albania are in a race against time to find survivors of tuesday's earthquake the death toll has risen to 30 putting the quake on course to become albania's deadliest ever powerful aftershocks are complicating the search. iraqi protesters have set fire to be a raid in consulates in the southern city of najaf outrage over iranian influence in the country has been fueling widespread anti-government protests. it's the 2nd time this month that demonstrators have attacked the consulate. across konami or demonstrators are holding their 2nd nationwide strike in less than a week part of ongoing protests against president event ok protesters are also demanding that the country's riot police be disbanded. well this is d.w. news from berlin for more follow us on twitter at d
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w news or visit our website that is d.w. dot com. and coming up next in business news. u.s. president donald trump signs a bill supporting hong kong's month long protests and beijing retaliate what does it mean in the context of the ongoing trade conflict one of the jones is looking into the matter for us on all of this dish. and again you can always get it over news on the go just down to iraq from the google play all from the top stories now give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news and if you are part of a news story you can also use the d.w. app to send us photos and videos of what is happening where you. remember all the latest is always available on our web site at any time just head to d w dot com to find out in the hunter in berlin thanks for your company i'll see you again at the top of the out.
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absolutely. because. the leverage here is living on. a refugee camp on the border between croatia and bosnia the front here. there is no running more and no coward no heating. heavy snows of expected any day now. where should they go when winter comes the
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last 4 days cold water coming. in 60 minutes. i was issued when i arrived here i slept with 6 people in a room for the 9th and. it was hard i was for. i even got white hairs that. budget my language helped me a lot this gives me a little bunch maybe took in truck loads of slaves you want to know their story my place. her finding of reliable information for margaret. a historical german for example egyptian business the militia. in iran oh people of the islamic revolution. in terms of making its initial flirtation capitalism strikes in states of emergency
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. things into chaos. john paul 2 2nd tree 6 people and hence the people of britain still border. 1970 1000000 of the big bang created today's world stopes december 23rd w. asian markets were dealt a blow today donald trump's decision to sign a bill supporting hong kong's rights spock's warnings of retaliation from beijing what does this mean for a u.s. china face one trade deal also on the show fama saw groaning into european capitals in protest we'll tell you what has them upset. germany faces an alarming shortage of geriatric nurses now the economics ministry wants to attract skilled personnel from vietnam.


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