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tv   Business  DW  November 28, 2019 11:30am-11:45am CET

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look east germany. the mideast turns the crown clamors for german unity journalist pretended bork was at the scene. 13 years later and looks back on the time interest in stories december 19th d.w. . the. company bargain hunters christmas starts tomorrow with black friday but also make a sales events really the best time to go on a shopping spree we talked to a business consultant also known as the muse of marketing to find out more. also the show farmers are running into european capitals in protests we'll tell you what ops it. and we present the latest look for man's best friend in hollywood it's. come to g.w.
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business live from berlin i want to get joan's happy thanksgiving to those who celebrate that holiday mostly in the united states of course where turkey and pumpkin pie are on the menu later tonight how many consumers though the day after thanksgiving is the real holiday black friday the biggest shopping event of the year stores all over the united states and large parts of the world these days of huge discounts but the special deals come at a price many shoppers line up through the night to get into the stores early and fight for their audience as for those who don't like the brick and mortar drama there's always the internet with his own discounts and another holiday cyber monday coming up right after this week. and what a difference a day makes asian markets got off to a shaky start today as concerns mount that tensions over hong kong may get in the way of the u.s. china. a deal u.s.
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president on a trump on wednesday signed into law legislation backing pro-democracy protesters in hong kong the legislation requires the state department to money to hong kong's autonomy to justify favorable u.s. trading terms it also threatens sanctions for human rights violations china's foreign ministry hit back warning of unspecified counter measures that put a lid on a week of gains for asia pacific shafts. and it may have also put a lid on a possible face one trade deal only bods joins me now a financial market correspondent in frankfurt italy. that doesn't bode well for that face one trade deal that we've heard so much about does it. that's that's certainly true it's not putting it on the fast track that's for sure certain and whether it indeed is an impediment we will have to see there's a lot of speculation here because remember those 2 bills that were signed by donald
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trump now that were that have already gone through congress they stipulate that before anything happens the united states the state department in particular have to know that there are infringements that the hong kong is going against agreements that ensure the autonomy of kong respectively the chinese government in beijing that doesn't happen nothing happens but the chinese are irate over this development they called in the u.s. ambassador in beijing to report and that's already saying how seriously they are taking that not boding well for trade agreements any time soon really but surely also not good news for other countries dealing with hong kong and with china. certainly true we saw in the case of iran when when when the u.s.
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post sanctions there german companies european companies felt themselves forced to pull out of iran or not go forth because they wanted to have more lucrative business and in the united states instead with china it's a whole different picture but possibly one will come at some stage to the point where one and the other side will say well you have to choose either you're with us or against us and that would be very bad because both are huge huge markets henry paulson the former u.s. treasury secretary warned about the negative effects of any such situation should occur and i tell you that in trying to thank you so much. top us makes again and canadian trade negotiators on music in washington in an effort to agree on changes to the new free trade agreement between the 3 countries the agreement has long been signed but was never ratified because some issues remain unsolved. the new us canada mexico trade agreement was signed
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a year ago by the leaders of the 3 countries it was. but despite the a promise that it then it's not yet been claimed the country's parliament still need to approve it the house of representatives in washington is controlled by democrats and they want to see changes to the new deal before they vote on it they want us inspectors to be allowed to enter the mexican factories at any time to make sure companies are not violating labor laws mexican officials fear such onsite inspections would threaten the nation's sovereignty the mexican envoy did not comment on the talks the deputy prime minister of canada said progress has been made. to work done by here. like it. or not there. u.s. president trump wants the new trade deal to be approved swiftly by congress as he wants to follow through on one of his campaign promises ahead of the 2020 election
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he called the predecessor nafta a disaster for the country trump has accomplished getting mexico to accept having nearly half of a car's parts made by workers earning at least $16.00 an hour. the new deal also expands american access to the canadian very market trade between the 3 countries amounted to $1.00 trillion dollars and 2017 the free trade zone is one of the world's largest the trade talks between the 3 countries are now necessary as mexico and canada need to agree to any changes to the deal. and not just some of the other global business stories making news. bilin is preparing a law to protect german companies from foreign takeovers economic minister peter my us at the government wants the right to veto bits by non e.u. investors if they plan to acquire at least 10 percent of the german firm the threshold is currently 25 percent the changes which pertain to companies involved
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in artificial intelligence robotics take and quantum technology. europe's top food and beverage companies are calling upon regulators in brussels to mandate of the production of electric trucks so that the companies have a better chance to meet climate goals the alliance includes nestle and union lever and they say vehicle makers need more incentive to begin producing electric trucks . new european central bank president christine lagarde added her signature to euro bank notes on wednesday as the most ceremonious to task for the position the new bills us as to enter circulation next year and the guard said autograph represents a promised watch over european stability. and germany's doj a bank has reportedly sold about $50000000000.00 worth of unwanted assets to the goldman sachs group both companies have declined to comment on the huge deal the transaction as part of the largest scheme to reinvent itself partly by unloading
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businesses where it can no longer compete. people are getting older which is good but older people usually need more medical care and that could be a problem here in germany over the next decade the country faces an alarming shortage of qualified nurses and that is why the economics ministry has introduced a scheme called professionals in germany to attract suitable personnel from abroad including vietnam. it's monday morning in the neurological ward of the rostock university hospital. and the 2 apprentices to do on t. quinn are helping a patient. both have already completed training as nurses in their home country of vietnam nevertheless much as new to them. vanished and during my training in vietnam i gave injections are put in drips but washing patients or giving them food was done by other workers. in germany the nurses to perform these
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tasks therefore trainees from vietnam have to complete the full 3 year training program once again. well. like i said come on. the student nurses are prepared for the german system as part of the training program in their home country still it's not easy for the 2 women. was that it got us at this it's a very different dialect to the one that i've learned. there are many words i don't know and i'm just learning how to find out how should i had a lot of difficulties at the beginning. riverside. $300.00 vietnamese trainees have come to germany under the economics ministry scheme to be at me as apprentices are welcome after all they bring a lot of experience with them. but
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a challenge is the mentality words like yes and no don't have the same meaning in vietnam as they do in germany. this is not to me this is to some extent problematic in terms of the manuals because when there are work assignments and the question is asked do you understand the vietnamese trainees are likely to say yes because they understood the meaning but perhaps not the content of the question this was the start home. this comes to no. co-workers have adjusted to this after all there are workers from over 40 nations in the clinic. one here in the nurses station we have hung their hands we have people from bosnia we have macedonians we have one person from syria so it's very varied and colorful here at the nurses' station this is here. to 2 people. currently the last batch of the program is finishing up the 1st year of training in future clinics will have to range the employment of vietnamese workers themselves. the most wonderful time of
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the year is approaching fast the time for cheer and presents under the tree some people receive copies of christmas gifts others give gifts to their papias and that's led to some new creative finish businesses in some corners of the world to like in west hollywood a closing for dogs can get a little pricey. this is where the best dressed dogs in america come to be fitted out for the holiday season the designs in this hollywood boutique seem to keep fighting with his friends hopping but the prices well some would have to work like a dog to afford them this marie antoinette style dog dress sells for $1200.00 but the most fashionable canines this year will be wearing a very elegant fabric. this season for the holidays for christmas and hanukkah a lot of people love anything cashmere sweaters blankets you name it. in
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other doggie boutiques buyers prefer to see their pets in familiar designer labels what's trending in 2019 as a lot of people go for the design a harness says they can actually they go for chanel they go for d r that is a really big beverly hills staple here the pet fashion east is of hollywood say 70 percent of all households in america have a pet these days and more and more of them finding something sparkling under the christmas tree. and as a business update here on d w for me and the business team in the end thanks.
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what secrets lie behind small. discover new adventures in 360. 6 more fascinating world heritage sites. w world heritage 360. now. i'm not laughing. well i guess sometimes i am but i said nothing when a researcher who thinks the printer german culture looking at the stereotype cracks
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if you think the future of the country that i don't want. you to take his grandmother yeah. it's all that. time rachel join me for me to jasmine from d.w. . post. these are the sublime tones of mali's peterson lyric soprano was at home on stages all over the globe and a special guest on today's program singing here in her signature role of lulu performed at the bavarian state opera and with that greetings from berlin and welcome to the latest edition of arts and culture. in hails from southern germany
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and over the years she's established herself as an opera singer who defies categorize asian critics are literally weak kneed over the crystal clarity of her voice her versatility and her sue perv acting talent a dramatic soprano who also has a quieter more introspective side and before we meet her let's look at some of her career high. molly spiritism has enjoyed a dream career as a corner rock tour soprano. electrifying performances have garnered her 3 german opera singer of the year awards a unique achievement.


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