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this is deja vu news live from berlin president trump signs along supporting democracy in hong kong. president from tucson on a bill just increased apart in shipping hong kong as. pro-democracy activists welcomed the move but china denounces it on state television also coming up drumming up support on the doorsteps of england a new opinion poll suggests britain's opposition labor party will have a tough job beating prime minister boris johnson's conservatives in next month's
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election our 1st donna was on the campaign trail with rival candidates in northern and. rescue teams in albania a race against time to find survivors of tuesday's earthquake the death toll rises to 40 making it one of albania's deadliest quakes africa. and it could only happen in france a renowned chef suing the food industries bible the michelin guide she says it nearly broke him by suggesting she used the wrong type of sheens in one of the souffles. i'm sumi so much gonna it's good to have you with us u.s. president donald trump has signed a law backing anti-government demonstrators in hong kong the legislation mandates an annual review of the favorable trade status that washington grants hong kong it also threatens sanctions against chinese. fishel who commit human rights abuses in
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the territory china has denounced the bill calling it a serious interference in its internal affairs but it's been welcomed as a victory by hong kong's pro-democracy movement you as well that the administration and the congress they said it curious that you know your presidency hong kong even is on the hotline of beijing but we are also the global city that will have foreign businessmen also 'd that live here at how to safeguard hong kong politico at equinix freedom that's also will be the quiet here and also one of the issue that presidency or kariya. well as expected china has reacted angrily to the signing of the legislation this is what the spokesperson for the chinese foreign ministry had to say on. hong kong is china's hong kong. china's internal affairs no foreign government power has the right to intervene.
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this will only make the chinese people including all compound trips in hong kong more aware of the sinister intentions on nature of the united states it will only make the chinese people more united and committed the u.s. probably isn't doomed to fail. but. let's take a look now at some other stories making news around the world hungary and prosecutors have charged the captain of a cruise liner in connection with a deadly boat collision on the danube in may the ukrainian national was charged with misconduct leading to mass casualties and 35 counts of failing to provide help 27 people died nearly all of them tourists from south korea turkey says 2 of its troops have been killed in a mortar attack in the town of kali on the border with syria the mortar round was reportedly fired from syria near areas that turkey and syrian ally seized last month turkey says its forces retaliated. apple has agreed to russian demands to
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depict the crimean peninsula as part of russia the region is currently shown as russian territory on apple's map and whether apps but only for users within russian borders russia sees crimea from ukraine in 2014 and later and axed it in a referendum that kiev and its western allies say was illegal. and berlin is preparing a law to protect german companies from foreign takeovers economics minister paid to us my end of the government wants the right to veto bids by non e.u. investors if they plan to acquire at least 10 percent of the german firm the threshold is currently 25 percent that the changes would affect the companies involved in artificial intelligence report ix biotech and quantum technology. britain's prime minister boris johnson is heading for a big majority in next month's general election according to a major poll the hugo polling analysis which accurately predicted the 2017 election suggests the progress that johnson would win
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a comfortable $68.00 seat majority the result would all but guaranteed britain's departure from the european union by the end of january and the gains would come at the expense of his opponent's labor they're on course for their worst result in decades and let's go right to london our correspondent is standing by for us hi burka so there is one major poll suggesting a big majority for the conservatives does this mean that boris johnson's election gamble is paying off or are voters just tired of breaks it. well to me i think there are several reasons one is that jeremy corbyn the leader of the labor party is really extremely unpopular has passed no ratings really a drug bottom he's also being vilified one has to remember by large sections of the british press so that could be one reason the other reason though is that burroughs johnson's message his illusion i have to say of saying let's get breck's it don let's get it out of the way let's move on that that seems to be successful with the
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british voters they really are so fed up of hearing about it his critics of course point out that directed won't be done at the end of january but that is just the beginning of the whole trading cosi asians of the whole written new relationship with the european union and they point out that it's really almost offended fantasy to say that the brics will be out of the way but a lot of british voters seem to think that broad johnson is the person to to get a clear way forward and we've been i've been to the north of england and we talk to voters and politicians this is where the labor party had their traditional strongholds and we wanted to see how labor and how the conservatives are fairing in the north of england so let's have a look at that. the town of bishop oakland used to be a train building hub today the factory haughton which carriages were once built into. the unemployment rate is above the british average and
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a key majority of the population voted in favor of leaving the e.u. . bishop oakland was once a bustling market town with a striving night life now there is a sense that towns like these former mining and manufacturing communities in the north of england have been forgotten. and people want to change a large number of shops on the high street have closed down there is money available for redevelopment but many feel it has been put to wrong use they blame the labor party which has been the dominant party in the area for almost 100 years . and if you any one here with. the referendum you. can shift it and can i ask you you know me and service know my phone because i don't trust the labor party i don't. think in general politicians would be the right direction the fishbowl impulse to labor
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a strategy to draw attention to the conservative party's policies that they say are to blame for the city's money. this is not about brakes it's only it's about the policies of the past we've lost cause for a 1000000000 pounds from our county council through austerity through tory cooks. davison this the conservative party candidate. and the man. labor has not done enough for the area and that must finally be implemented so that other things can be dealt with. obviously people are worried about. here on the ground it's about today and the biggest. help. as an evening event in a pub hardly anyone says they will vote for labor even if they have. yes they all want to leave the e.u. and believe that only a tory government will deliver that the north of england dissolve has been.
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where the conservative party. rich. the more affluent people and with bread i genuinely think there's been a huge shift in people's. i do strongly believe the conservative party is going to when. the people of bishop oakland almost all agree they voted for granted and now they want their voices heard before too long if you can order by petitions in london. and syria was very striking we really try to find people that are backing labor but it was very very difficult we nobody wanted to say on camera that they going to vote labor and even in private conversations a lot of people really express their dismay of the current state of the labor party and it really goes to show that traditional education says at least in the north of
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england changing it was also striking very hard to share both conservative and labor voices in your report say that this election isn't just about braggs and what else is it about. well particularly the labor party is trying to shift attention to public services to domestic policies they and non-single really quite dramatic investments in things like a green new deal they also try and shift the emphasis on the health service and we know from opinion polls that brags that and the health service are the 2 main subject that voters are interested in at the moment labor party is saying if britain least the european union we can already see that this government johnson is in touch with the us and that the us pharma and us health care services will take over and will supply the services and on the cuts our an h.s.a. this is something that i know that very many voters don't want so there is
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a point of contention here and that will become sharper in the next 2 weeks until the elections i'm sure did have these mass reporting for us from london thank you. in vietnam the 1st funerals have taken place for some of the $39.00 people found dead in a truck in britain last month british police investigating the deaths have arrested several people including the driver of the truck west pleaded guilty to conspiring to assist illegal immigration the victim's 5 days were flown to vietnam on wednesday. 2 families paralyzed with grief finally though able to lay their loved ones to rest. cousins when and whine. the previous day scores of villagers helped as their coffins arrived in rural vietnam in an emotionally charged and grim homecoming.
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kept an agonizing wait for the bereaved families who kept vigil for weeks. after a month of waiting the family has been so sad we couldn't eat we couldn't sleep the younger of the men was just 18 years old he had joined his cousin to embark on a shared dream together. he went to work abroad with the hope that he could earn money for a better future for him and to help the family but it's devastating that he's died it's really painful. the pair traveled to britain in search of jobs but their journey ended in tragedy inside this lorry among 39 people to suffocate at the hands of human traffickers. at the funerals all the focus was not on
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justice or the nature of their deaths but on their lives. the european parliament has voted to declare a climate emergency law makers hope the move will send a powerful signal to the u.n. climate summit which starts in madrid next week they are also ending to put pressure on the incoming e.u. executive to take a leading role in the global fight against climate change let's get more on this story now our correspondent garrick is in brussels he is following the latest for us there hi kerry the largest parliamentary group the european peoples party actually voted against declaring a climate emergency why is that that's right through me and then the point they have made is that there is too much symbolism for them in the world emergency the concern here really being that this creates expectations that where the e.u.
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cannot deliver on that they'd like to see more concrete action and they have proposed the warning to change the wording to urgency which also would have not potentially undemocratic implications because they were concerned that the words emergency it's just too strong awards. and however having said that a lot of conservatives of course agree with the fact that something needs to happen and they're fine with sending a signal and it basically that signal today has been sent yet with a warning emergency kerrick some actually think this declaration doesn't go far enough we spoke to a green party lawmaker philip lambert's before the vote let's listen to what he had to say the scientists are basically telling us that we wasted the last decade in terms of climate action which means that now the measures that we need to take a much more stringent instead of political will to do that it's very nice to have a declaration on the climate emergency but if actions he's not following this is just hot air and when we have enough of hot air at the moment ok so garrick is this
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hot air will we see this declaration actually translate into action. well that very much will depend on the new european commission the incoming head of the european commission was a life on the line made clear yesterday when she got approval from parliament for a new college of commissioners that she wants to make it her top priority that she wants europe to lead the fight on climate change and she has proposed a european green deal that is supposed to get europe a climate neutral by 2050 so big goals that the e.u. commission has set itself however look i remember very well in 2017 there was a directive on more efficient vacuum cleaners in other words unofficial vacuum cleaners were banned that was a direct result of what the e.u. took action in order to save energy in a particular field and the outcry from all across europe was oh look this is over regulation from brussels so whenever you put. a name into concrete action that is
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when a climate policy does become difficult how do you think climate activists are likely to respond to this declaration well we'll have to wait and see i mean clearly they will have what they will see that all these demonstrations another big one to come tomorrow here and here in brussels and in paris as well with a big climate conference in madrid had next week so that the feeling there is what i've heard from from people on the streets is yes it has registered with politicians that this is an important issue however it will we'll have to see whether you know will people say this is symbolism or will they say this is an empty gesture and it will just lead to nothing it things continue business as usual will continue. matters for us there in brussels on that breaking news european parliament voting to declare a climate emergency thank you karen. rescue teams in albania are
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in a race against time to find survivors of tuesday's earthquake the death toll has risen to 40 making the quake one of albania's deadliest ever powerful aftershocks are complicating the search and forcing nervous residents to sleep outdoors crews have flown in from across europe to help with search efforts. sniffer dogs from a croatian rescue team spent all of the remains of a collapsed building. a girl is still missing in the rubble. piles on the street people who have lost their homes way try to help the coastal city of duress is one of the areas hardest hit by the quake 27 buildings have been destroyed killing at least 12 people. after the main quake on tuesday morning to rez was shaken by several strong aftershocks. fearing the earth may shake again
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many residents are scared to stay indoors some are spending the night in their cars . or under canvas hundreds of people have sort shelter in a camp a steely set up at the local football stadium. is the 2nd night they're spending here. it was great because with it why should i go home i'm afraid i went back just to take my medication and you shaking began and i ran out i'm scared why should i go back with them never of course. we are terrified. it was something we did not expect we were all asleep and everything started to shake and. i saw it was a night. tonight we're staying out with the baby. while aid workers 100 food and drink to the evacuees the search for survivors continues
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a team of italian firefighters sent cameras down into a wrecked building to look for the missing. 2 days after the main earthquake struck the chances of finding anyone alive and getting slimmer. now resistance to antibiotics poses a major threat to human health killing tens of thousands of people worldwide every year but there is hope scientists say a class of powerful tiny viruses here called bacterial phages might be able to reverse a trend now bacteria phages are plentiful in the environment they kill off bacteria by puncturing the outside of a cell getting inside and making it explode the viruses have long been cultivated in eastern europe as an alternative to antibiotics bacteria phages cocktails can actually be bought today in pharmacies in some countries like georgia in the caucasus elsewhere belgium has also started to offer treatment with faders but it is not widely available in the european union and that means that some patients
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have to go abroad to get a hold of the medicine. tan you did have a cannot remember when she was last pain free antibiotics stopped working against her skin disease which she contract it 30 years ago so she found a different treatment bacteriophages but because they're only allowed in special cases in the netherlands she had to travel to tbilisi georgia and spend thousands of euros of her savings to buy them. and i thought to go to georgia i was extremely nervous but also i was very exciting and also very disappointed in the treatment in holland because holland does not allow the fate years so i had to go all the way to georgia only for this page is to get there are many different types of bacteria phages viruses which target a specific type of bacteria tan you drinks 2 different ones each day and also put on a cream it's difficult for people to go to georgia also it's very expensive to go in
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there and to have the treatment how much did you post your serve. the treatment in georgia was pretty 1900 euros i paid when i need new features when they go send me new ones i must pay 500 euros. to get new faces for 3 months. so it's a lot of money in neighboring belgium researchers jump up and they created a legal model for prescribing features for patients. brother jim we had some critical mass of people interested and safe to repeat on different levels we had. researched local. authorities also in hospitals. i think that the. belgian solution is slowly spreading i
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think the other countries sort of getting interested in support belgium is the only western european country where features are easily prescribe to patients apparently he says that lives have been saved with the feed his need in his lab a thing that fits therapy is getting more and more important because. i think so or more and more fearing. people are actually dying because their infection can be treated with antibiotics sieges are more expensive to create than antibiotics but tiny things they will be a useful therapy for the future 10 years hoping that the rest of europe will open itself up to feed sterile soon. and for more on the story we can speak as am i to show he's a professor at the institute of food nutrition and health and cyrix switzerland semel thanks for joining us how effective can fade therapy really be is there enough evidence to back this up. morning yeah that the evidence that's is there definitely from case studies
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a lot of them but what we're still missing particularly here and in western europe are actually randomized clinical trials that prove therapeutic this year cheapened what are the risks involved. there are some clinical safety studies that have been dormant for ages none of which have shown any adverse effects in theory there are a couple of risks we can think of such as features that are in their d.n.a. encode toxic sequences or have the ability to move chalk talk see sequences from one organism to another. through d.n.a. sequencing we can actually exclude those features and it is also important to remember that in your daily life when you just drink water you basically ingest around 10 to 100000000 phage particles in every milliliter of water and they do not make you sick so there's good reason to assume that features generally are not a big risk to our health are you hopeful that bacteria phages ultimately could be
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a solution to antibiotic resistance. i think the faces will play a role in managing the end of micro resistance prices i do not think they're going to be the only solution to it because obviously there are some restrictions in their application and they're also more expensive to produce to cost them tailored to each patient and so on which obviously is a big disadvantage. compared to antibiotics which are cheap and easily produced and have a prospect of activity and he said the most of them only target one type of bacteria and you're working to solve that how is that. yes obviously there that is one of their key advantages phages are so specific so you can actually. like a sniper of basically remove only those box that cost and easy use this is a big advantage but on the same time this can also be a limitation because it's quite difficult for us to find pages that within this
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particular type of bacterium will actually kill all of the strains that you find the clinics so we have to we often see as cocktails or we have to. genetically engineer features in the way that they can borrow talk of the features we're interested in bacteria we're interested in already very interesting professor at the institute of food nutrition and health in zurich thank you thank you very much now it could only happen in france a culling every court battle has started after a renowned chef lost a coveted michelin star mac they got denies allegations that he was the wrong cheese in his souffles and claims the downgrade left him depressed. the nights around after a round of a return to the michonne in stone reached boiling point decorated french chef martha was demoted to stars in january less than a year after being awarded the highest accolade in the cullinan bold. and i mean
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for that they gave me 3 stars and then they take one away i want to know the reason why. restaurants la maison de bois in the french alps was demoted after a michelin inspector snapped his souffles the celebrity chef was accused of using the humble cheddar cheese instead of french fry it says there are claims he used saffron in the dish which made it appear yellow like the color of cooked chatter. chatter gates by restaurants inside it it's the 1st time a chef has sued the prestigious guide mitchell and has bitten back branding there are a narcissistic diva suffering from pathological egotism. mitchell and guide has just said that michelle is excellent but not a genius mr howard does not accept this because for him no one has a right to say that he's not a genius it's not because rao. if feta wins this case it will set
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a precedence for other disgruntled chefs the outcome could see him become the toast of the food world once more on leave a bitter taste in his mouth. for coming up next our show focused on europe looks at why tens of thousands of fish have died in europe's biggest salt water look you.
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never miss living on. a refugee camp on the border between croatia and bosnia. there is no running water no power no heat a. heavy snows of accepted any. where should they go when winter comes. home. next.
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the conflict with jim sebastian turkey has outraged many of its allies and partners with its military operations in syria my guest this week here at the foreign policy forum in berlin is turkey's presidential spokesman in for him colleen how does he justify these countries finding controversial policies. and the full conflict. in 60 minutes for the v.w. books. shashi flings this is you love all speaking what come to the show with the ding dong xoai and concerts with him mistress guests.
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mocking sounds. denning credible location. packed. my. welcome tonight. every week on w. hello and welcome to focus on europe i'm liable lola thanks for being with us. europe's refugee crisis continues on abated thousands of migrants are stuck in bosnia herzegovina living in squalid conditions the e.u. and human rights groups have warned that the makeshift refugee camps are a danger food and medical care are scarce and now.


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