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this is the debut news live from berlin thousands of all straley and students out of class today to join in global rallies on climate change australians kicking off a day of fridays for future protests with rallies planned in cities around the world the call to action comes ahead of next week's un climate summit we'll talk to one of the movement's organizers here in the studio also on the show. konkani thanks president trump for legislation supporting democracy in the territory but china condemns the u.s.
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for meddling in its domestic affairs and promises firm countermeasures. and the months long demonstrations in hong kong looks set to continue with it or tear gas being fired what are the long term health effects of this toxic fumes for protestors and residents in the far. post walters government holds late night crisis calls over the murder of an investigative journalist the prime minister under pressure after refusing to pardon a key suspect willing to tell all in a case many believe involves top officials and a massive cover. i'm brian thomas great to have you with us climate activists around the world are taking to the streets in the 4th global climate strike today they're demanding the
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government step up their efforts to further cut carbon emissions demonstrators in australia kicking off the day of protests which are planned and hundreds of cities in sydney. schoolchildren they're skipping classes to hold a rally outside the town hall march through the streets they were joined by victims of the bush fires that have been ravaging parts of australia i may say. they have it stating my claim to mankind that some will say it to raise money but it was really really good i mean the fact that i think people have lost limbs people have lost their lives because the last count was to fight the drug out finally. i thought everything through man i was not going to be treated look. like. my right. hand.
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and. i was. thinking. really boring but. ok the global climate strike now underway in australia kicking off here in germany in a few hours time let's talk about that now with climate activists clara meyer from the fridays for future move in germany good morning to clarke and more anything nice to see again nice and early the german parliament today set to take up a climate package it's been worked on for a long time now but the greens say they want to see it toughened up they want more provisions before they back it what's wrong with the package as it stands a problem is that it doesn't actually target or tackle the problem the climate crisis we need a much higher c 2 tax what does that kind of package is basically like. it doesn't help us at all. when there are many aspects of it that that will not help us
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with this issue at all and we see this kind of package as basically like just embarrassment of the grand coalition ok today is not only fridays for future green friday it's also black friday shoppers across germany going to be packing the stores today your group has come out against black friday why we believe that instead of. going shopping today and spending a lot of money on a lot of goods you can actually join our protests and. have fun on the streets fighting for our future ok now in paris protests is our blocking access to the amazon warehouse today here in germany are we expecting anything like that we're expecting really great strike especially really and a lot of people. showing solidarity on the streets with. ok now it's not only opposition to 2 shopping extravaganzas like black friday of the
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fridays for future movements also come out against cheap air travel in cars are you concerned that did you could face a popular backlash at some point. well our goal is to actually change policies so we want we don't only want to make flying more expensive we want to cheapen train travels so actually we want to just. take the moon method moving that we have now an shift of something else that is maybe even more convenient for people so we hope that people will support us and then travel with the train through incentives by the grand coalition with say ok so to present some options that you think that people will will like and can so that they support for exactly if you believe that there are options there and we're not using them and politics is not supporting the usage of those alternative methods of transportation and we really have to change that ok global climate conference
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starts in madrid next week ahead of that summit the u.n. secretary general antonio deters spoke to d.w. let's listen to listen to what he had to say. the preservation is unsustainable we are losing the race. emissions are growing there are 2 reports that were recently published with the emissions not. being reduced we have the highest concentrations of c o 2 in the atmosphere only millions ago we had the same situation but at the time with the higher temperatures and the much higher level of the sea we have seen in the 2 days the mission get reports of you know up that we are east at serious risk to not to be able to meet the limits of 1.5 degrees at the end of the century and that would be catastrophic so it's time to understand that we need to be much more serious political will to be able to defeat climate change. guitars
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are there a better catastrophic rest do you think that the friday's for future movement has the momentum to address the problems that the terrorist is pointing to. and i believe that if enough people actually will join us then yes i believe that we have to come together as a united and stronger force to actually change policies to actually address politics and that's what we're doing today that's what we've been doing for the last year and the fight will continue ok have you noticed a broadening of your ability to connect with people compared to say the last time we talked was that a few months ago yes i will leave the last time we talked that was before the law school level strike and that day. nearly 1500000 people turned out in germany to fight against the climate crisis to show the government that they were not ok with what was happening in this country and in this world and we just see that we're getting stronger we're getting more powerful that people continue to
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support us and that politics will have to listen to us at some point clara marfan for us today thanks very much for coming in this words are you can't. other news now u.s. president says he's restarted peace talks with the taliban 3 months after breaking off negotiations they also have came during a surprise president so busy to afghanistan where he celebrated the thanksgiving holiday with american troops it's the president's 1st visit to the side of america's longest running war. after talks with afghan president musharraf's gone e trump said the taliban was ready to commit to peace. taliban wants to make a deal and we're meeting with them and we're saying it has to be a cease fire they wanted to cease fire but now they do want to do a ceasefire and i believe it probably worked out that way and we'll see what happens but we've made tremendous progress. both china has reacted angrily after
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president trump approved measures backing pro-democracy activists in hong kong beijing says it will take firm countermeasures against the u.s. for meddling in its domestic affairs the new legislation mandates an annual review of the favorable trade status that washington grants on call. pro-democracy demonstrators thanking u.s. president donald trump for signing legislation that ensures the u.s. back to democracy in hong kong. there was music in viet including the star-spangled banner. trump a hero. for you as president i'm going on. the hong kong human rights and democracy act that's the remarkable achievement of all the hong kong listen with the courage and determination to hong kong as to fight for freedom and democracy
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it's all because of this trump signed into law an act that says the u.s. will check whether hong kong remains democratic as a prerequisite for keeping hong kong special trade status the government in beijing is really angry. sure. is china's hong kong and hong kong affairs china's internal affairs which i'm going no foreign government or power has the right so in something more than they go. through. beijing says it will use countermeasures if the u.s. continues quote down the wrong path. on matter what china says pro-democracy protesters are determined to continue their campaign during their demonstrations of a fog of tear gas has become in many ways the defining image of hong kong police have fired so far at least 10000 rounds of tear gas against protesters tear gas is
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used of course because it temporarily disables people but residents say is having a lasting impact on their health. when kathy jew and patricia rented their green room apartment in hong kong 2 months the 2 roommates how did was a good deal price was reasonable and the building in good shape but now they wish they had never moved here coming along my nose often it is in my skin feels dry i feel very uncomfortable and i have diarrhea that usually lasts for a few days. and he'd go to the toilet a few times every night i would hold hold hold out come out kathy things that it is a consequence of the tear gas to moan has become one of the hot spots of hong kong's protests often clashes occurred just below their window that night also that usually protesters would set up roadblocks here police would then come to remove them and they fire tear gas to try to catch the protesters so they could build
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a similar way to get. you to that tense atmosphere in the city they do not want to show their face and ask us not to reveal their real names but will say they have not joined any protests since the peaceful marches in june but that does not save them from the fact. the mood is up then you're when they fire tear gas i close all the windows in the doors but i can still smell it and feel uncomfortable the whole sheeple. since june the police have fired more than $10000.00 canisters of tear gas chemical interest in that mainly affects the i use longs and the skin it's use is prohibited as a chemical weapon in warfare that involved in riot control although its effects are meant to be temporary to have been case reports of chronic eye diseases caused by the chemical. they were also some cases that they had no small to begin with but after exposure to tear gas some of the protesters actually developed
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a spray like symptoms for 2 to 3 years and there they were also cases that people develop chronic eczema because skin problems going to tartus for a number of news. while the highest risk lies with from plan protesters enjoying a list residents have little chance to escape the consequences of tear gas as many protests happening in densely populated areas some logical call it i saw a doctor he asked me where i live and then he said i should consider moving away if i could show you some insight on that. both of them plan to stay with relatives who some time but moving home is out of question the landlord would not let them cancel their comp. this preview now some of the other stories making news today north korea's state media is saying that leader kim jong un is greatly satisfied with a successful test of what it called a super large multiple launch rocket system both south korea and japan saying
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coming yang did fire 2 projectiles into the sea on thursday in breach of a un security council ban. sudan has repealed laws regulating women stress and public behavior the announcement came as a transitional authorities officially dissolved the former ruling party. the dismantling of the islamist national party congress was a key demand of the protest movement was ousted omar al bashir in april. the former prime minister of japan yes a hero in office only has died at the age of 101 serving from 1902 to 1987 he presided over the country at the pinnacle of its economic power nakasone is credited with strengthening japan's ties with the u.s. . while pressure on maltese government is increasing over the slow
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investigation into the murder of journalist. believe. the prime minister held an emergency cabinet meeting last night that went on for about 7 hours angry protesters gathering outside his office at that time over what they say is a government cover up. earlier this week his former chief of staff he's trembly was arrested by police over alleged links to this case and was later released without charge among the protestors last night was the son of dr. who is himself an investigative journalist and we're here because even though there is rock solid evidence that the prime minister she forced off is probably the biggest criminals of this country has ever seen the police have just let him go so we've been brutus thing for 3 years because there's ample evidence in the public domain that the prime the search chief of staff is completely kora yesterday we found alt
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dot his possibly accomplish it in a murder and that's for sure he helped to cover up without a murder and a prime minister still protecting him they're in there probably discussing how they're going to work things out either to give he chambray his job back or to help him get to get him to our country where he cannot be extradited back to north is completely outrageous. well i was coronas song there after those marathon talks prime minister joseph muscat emerged for a press conference he said he would not be granting a pardon to the main suspect in the murder inquiry the business mogul york in fact he was reportedly seeking immunity from prosecution in exchange for lots of information about the case of prime minister made no mention of stepping stepping down over the scandal did not use barbara vai's all as more the expected resignation of joseph must the prime minister did not happen tonight because he
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cannot see the slightest reason why he should step down are the people in his cabinet and allegations that have been made against them to be implicated in corruption and into ordering the murder against the journalist they just sort of wipe them off without even commenting on it so multiple carry on for a while even though this is the deepest political crisis the island has ever seen. or basal there in blood this is deja vu news still to come on the show a convicted murderer is to be returned to germany from the united states after 30 years behind bars but serling still insists he's innocent look at the evidence. but 1st iraqi security forces have shot dead some 45 people during protests in the city of. outrage over corruption and iranian influence in the country has been
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fueling widespread anti-government unrest and we're getting. these protesters have a reason to celebrate the iranian embassy and not joffe is in flames last night demonstrators stormed the building and set it on fire their protests are a statement against the influence of their mighty neighbor on iraq a spokesperson for the iranian foreign ministry sharply criticized the attack demanding that the suspects be punished now an iraqi military crisis security team has been dispatched so how did your 1st when the consulate special not just police forces fired on us as if we had set fire to all of iraq. since the beginning of october tens of thousands have been demonstrating in baghdad and other cities against the country's ruling elite police used tear gas grenades and live ammunition against the demonstrators so far more than 350 people have been killed. many suspected tehran and its allied militias in iraq are behind these
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harsh police methods they consider their own rulers to be puppets of the iranian government and demand their resignation as well as an end to corruption and nepotism. billions from the oil business are going into governmental pockets local infrastructure is decaying there are power outages and the water is contaminated. with them on the removal of all criminal politicians from power. 16 years 16 years of destruction war corruption and self in richmond. their anger is greater than their fear and clearly the government's promises of reform haven't convinced them yet. 4 german national jailed in the united states more than 30 years ago is expected home soon the underselling is the son of a german diplomat and was convicted of murdering his girlfriend's parents you know
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actually admitted his guilt but later withdrew his confession analysis he was innocent from the very beginning he's being released and is said to be deported back to drug. this is the state prison in virginia where young serving has been held since 1990 when he was found guilty of 2 counts of 1st degree murder. this footage is from an interview searing repeatedly requested a pardon but to no avail a former state governor wanted to send him to germany to serve out his sentence but his successor disagreed the german ambassador in washington has spoken to the impending release of severing on parole. want to head to 2000 you could hear the relevant authorities granted mr serene karole on monday he has spent many decades almost 3 decades in prison we have always sought to have him released and a very pleased that this goal has now been achieved so i guess it's a it's unsafe it's i thought it best in 1905 derek and nancy hasan was stabbed to
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death at their home in virginia they were the parents of servings then girlfriend elizabeth. 2 fled to england when they became suspects they were caught in london and sent back at 1st soring confessed to the crime but he later retracted his confession he said he had wanted to protect his girlfriend and thought that as the son of a german diplomat he enjoyed immunity from prosecution at his trial he insisted he was not the culprit. i'm innocent. the conviction proved controversial the evidence was circumstantial experts including sheriff to parting to a turing was wrongfully convicted later d.n.a. analysis failed to link him to the scene of the crime he's going to locked up to 33 years for a crime. that myself and other investigators don't feel like he was there we don't feel like he was present when the actual murders were committed as he's maintained you know since he went on trial. he's missed his twenty's his thirty's and his
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forty's so it's time. to teach a new parole board has called hey some answering his conduct in prison exemplary and said they had served more time to move to be usual under today's know. governor ralph northam has made it clear that he is not pardoning inserting and elizabeth hastened his many provoked them on the board's recommendation. in a 2016 documentary the promise searching again and says his innocence and said he considered himself the victim and his former girlfriend looked like and. looking back at me because i know that i never knew this woman. and most of the story she told me were not true buys as a gun and i don't know who the real elizabeth was. the film's co-director marcus fetzer is pleased searing is being set free. is from us going to be ending for me is that the trials the circumstances the conviction put on not beyond a shadow of
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a doubt and if there are too many unanswered questions as is keep some future profits i can give these stirring is soon to be deported to germany the date has not been announced. to britain now and the police officer in charge during the 1989 hillsborough football disaster there has been found not guilty of manslaughter by gross negligence david duncan field was last commander when $96.00 liverpool fans were crushed to death inside the stadium in the city of sheffield the prosecution argued that the 75 year old bore personal responsibility for what happened on that day but after a 7 week trial the jury decided dokken field was not guilty the acquittal has left the victim's families devastated. this is for the 96 graves who is the 96 year old one of these planes this
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has been just that. of what's your take on this whole geographic i've read some of the bodies. all the acquittal of dr phil falls along legal campaign by their families and friends they waited 30 years before criminal charges or even brought. hillsborough as the worst stadium disaster in british history 96 little football fans lost their lives falling across the shuttle venue in 1909. in the wake of the tragedy as an entire city grieved. try to falsely blame supporters for overcrowding in the standing terrorists a front page story in the sun newspaper compounded the myth victims' families have been fighting for justice ever since. kenny darvish told you about that fateful day they were all. and so.
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you know we all really went to a football match. what we were. never going to. do with 24 hours later. the script was in fact police had opened the gate to try to relieve overcrowding outside. that's a crush then ensued inside an initial inquest said the deaths were accidental meaning criminal charges could not be brought but the families did not give up and kept pushing for a new inquest an independent panel was set up to review the evidence in 2012 it found police had tampered with witness statements a new inquest in 2016 ruled the deaths to be unlawful and police match commander david duncan failed seen here in the blue jacket was put on trial and charged with manslaughter by gross negligence the verdict ends a saga which changed the british establishment. skip your mind of our top stories
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at this hour protesters are taking to the streets in the 4th global climate strike today demonstrations are planned in more than 100 cities worldwide protests comes a day after the european parliament declared a climate emergency. china has reacted angrily after president trump assigned bills back in hong kong pro-democracy activist beijing says it will take firm countermeasures against the u.s. for meddling in its domestic affairs. and present trump says he is restarting peace talks with the taliban 3 months after ending negotiations the announcement came during a surprise thanksgiving day visit to afghanistan where he met with the president. and u.s. troops tribes of the taleban appeared ready for a ceasefire. the police officer in charge during the 1989 holes for a stadium disaster in england has been found not guilty of manslaughter by gross
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negligence david duncan field was commander there when $96.00 liverpool fans were crushed to death inside the stadium as acquittal also long campaign by victims and their families. the state of the news from berlin for more you can always go to our twitter feed or our website w dot com. our broad almost thanks for being here. good .
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morning sean opinions clear positions international perspective such. last sunday's election in hong kong may have been strictly local but the victory of pro-democracy candidates sent a signal straight to mainland china a wake up call for bitching find out on to the point. to. 60 minutes on the telephone. was the speech of his life
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perhaps his best certainly his most difficult chancellor and north korea addresses the people of east germany shortly after the fall of the wall. the crowd. clamors for terminology journalist peter lim borg was at the scene. 30 years later he looks back on the. distant. stars december 19th. w. . the crew to today's world. 97. the historical term inclusion politics business travelers play it run up evil of the islamic revolution the bombs are making its initial flirtation capitalism strengths in states of emergency it sinks into chaos from hope the 2nd to split hence the people threatens the old order the
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battle lines carson lives on the start of an era that defines a modest. 970 the big move to today's most since december 23rd job moved. to the back of. the book shop til you drop. out in droves to get a jump on black friday deals and it's no longer just an american phenomenon and. also coming up why and why young indians are leaving their country as india braces for the slowest g.d.p. growth in 26 months. on the.


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