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this is deja vu news live from berlin fridays for future goes global again thousands of young people are taking part in rallies around the world it is also black friday and some demonstrators are protesting against overconsumption the call to action comes ahead of next week's un climate summit. also coming up hong kong thanks president trump for signing legislation supporting democracy in the territory but china condemns the united states for meddling in its domestic affairs and promises firm countermeasures. and baltar's prime minister refuses to do
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a deal with the key suspect who wants to tell all in a scandal of corruption in high places. i'm sumi so misconducts good to have you with us climate activists around the world are taking to the streets in the 4th fridays for future global climate strike they are demanding that governments step up their efforts to cut carbon emissions and they're sending a message as well to the u.n. climate change conference which begins in madrid next week now organizers say more than 3000 strikes are planned around the world today and here you can get a sense of the scale of these rallies that are taking place calling on politicians to do more to slash c o 2 emissions australians were among the 1st to take to the streets in sydney hundreds of young people skipped school to hold a rally outside the city hall. our house is on fire. part metaphor
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part call to arms of climate change activists as they seek to hammer home a sense of urgency yet for some here in sydney it's been a painful reality already. right . i thought. for. residents here are living on the front lines of this crisis and the effects are everywhere if you saw the crowd was shaken the south some people couldn't come out because of the smoke and this is that long after i'm not really really really telling people i'm out actually putting my minnesota bad. in the philippines
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sisters were doing it for the planet leading a march of hundreds to demand action. it was a more subdued picture in seoul where the friday protests have struggled to capture the imagination. but in india the roots of this movement as an impassioned call to galvanize the youth into something of a revolution are all too evident both going to. be feeling really really important but sooner getting caught in the movement not just right in the future because it's all about system change and it's about finally getting away says it's about to be moving this obsession on environmental issues between the on the overt to nobody make. it a charge out in south africa to with some leaving their bodies on the ground to make a statement about the impact that rampant consumerism of black friday sales is having on a global ecosystem. well here in berlin demonstrators are also
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on the march our correspondent hans front is following the rally earlier he spoke to a representative from the fridays for future movement let's listen in. so we hear of the fridays for future demonstration also at the brandenburg gate there's a several 1000 of the demonstrators here at the moment and with me is a kong pasha spokesperson for fridays for a future in germany thank you very much for talking to us having what is the message from here to the madrid conference that is starting next week well our method is to do what lead us to act on climate change to act what science is demanding and to look on the facts on the scientific facts and the consensus we signs to paris agreement to call the 15th so we have to acknowledge. here in germany the government has also paused a package of climate laws or new climate laws that on all stuck in the parliamentary process what is your message to the german government to the german
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government failed us if they also moved our so-called climate package because science is saying that it's not enough it will not change anything here in germany or in the global kind of global to of justice. today happens to be also black friday that shopping day what do you feel of all about well read friday is a huge day for a lot of people in the world but we as the future we are demanding to politicians to not to individual that individuals have not a lot of influence on the climate so we have to stop shaming people fall down behavior because some people don't have a lot of money so break friday is kind of a huge social injustice day so it's a black friday for the climate not for us. thank you very much for talking to us. while many of those striking for the climate have died today green friday it's
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their attempt to take a stand. black friday which is the traditional way of bargain shopping after the american thanksgiving holiday has spread around the world but in france it's resulted in protests these images are from outside the amazon warehouse in the southern city of the on where demonstrators have clashed with police climate activists want to send a message that the over consumption synonymous with black friday is harmful to the environment. it's black friday in france and everything is on sale well almost everything there's a growing resistance to this foreign invader marching through french shopping precincts even if i'm just creates more garbage a minute some years i think we consume much more than we need to and it's not just shoppers who are questioning consumption patterns. consuming has a real impact on our jobs on ecology on our health this must be taken into account like friday doesn't fit that picture anymore. 3 years ago the green friday movement
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for responsible consumption was launched to make people aware of environmental problems related to mass consumerism. whether who have left but when i see black friday it's unbearable when i see these low prices and i think about the people who are making real products in very badly paid i think about the environment that's leading attack they key to hundreds of french companies and associations have joined the movement they encourage people to reduce reuse recycle and repair the. body so one will be better to keep just get it fixed so last as long as possible you know especially that when a dishwasher doesn't work it's often not a big problem. over consumption and waste our hot topics all the way to the top next month the french government is to debate the future of black friday. and will continue to bring you in depth coverage of friday's global climate strike throughout the day now we have some of breaking news coming into us iraq's prime
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minister. mr abdul mahdi says he will present his resignation to parliament so that lawmakers can choose a new government that move comes as the number of deaths in weeks of unrest surpassed 400 demonstrators across the country have been taking to the streets since early october to protest government corruption and unemployment and i will have more details on that story for you in the next hour now to some other stories making news around the world u.s. president donald trump says he's restarted peace talks with the taliban 3 months after ending negotiations the announcement came during a surprise thanksgiving visit to afghanistan where he met with president gandhi and american troops trump also said he wants to draw down the number of u.s. soldiers in the country. russia has test fired an intercontinental ballistic missile a video released by the defense ministry shows the topple and being launched from the country's top with sinjar firing range the ministry says it successfully reached its target in kazakhstan. to brussels now where it is handover day
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a ceremony has taken place for the outgoing and incoming presidents of the european council current president is handing over the reins to shout of a former belgian prime minister will take up his new role december 1st praised his predecessor saying toasts can prove to be a true fighter for europe. is also leaving his post as the new commission president here's what he had to say. they are not much of a one for goodbyes i'm sure enough he is i have had enough of that. but i can tell you that i'm leaving my house at the head of the commission. with a sense an amount of satisfaction. to such folks. because of the. various regrets. but i am happy to leave
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because. being commission president is a topic that is not particularly easy. so you don't mind me of the title of the book i received recently. the most difficult job of do with. more on the story now with max hoffman in brussels hi max it's really an end of an era there in brussels with the both presidents of the european council and the commission donald tusk younger handing over the reins and you heard just held his very last briefing how did he sum up his time. there were some regrets some satisfaction as we just heard in the sound bite but as usual with the public appearances but there were also anecdotes there was laughter and of course we journalists we took advantage of the situation to also pay our respects to a man who has been shaping european politics now in various function for 30 years and was very dedicated to that cause so apart from the laughter there was also a moment when i got very serious when he talked about the state of the rule of law
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in the european union saying that he was highly concerned and that he would ask his successor the german funda law and to watch out for europe because europe needs watching out at the moment that's what he said and after that of course he went back to being jim crow don't go just guess what his last 2 words his last 2 words in this office were in front of all of the journalists of brussels you would expect something very high flying but it was i'm hungry. and elegant exit there. looking ahead what are the challenges facing the incoming president michelle and was enough on the line. 2 different institutions so 2 different challenges will be the head of the european council so that's the institution where you have all the heads of state and governments of the member states gathering together it will be a little easier for him because he knows all these heads of state and governments all these leaders because he was one himself the belgian prime minister until
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recently so that transition should be rather smooth and that was enough underlined different story huge administration with the european commission and they'll take a while to shape this administration in a way that it works for her and her goals and her goals are quite clear she told them to us this week in the european parliament at the beginning or the middle of the week one is the digitalization where you're briley lags behind and it states of america and china for example but her biggest goal by far is fighting climate change and establishing what she calls green deal for europe she wants to do that within the 1st $100.00 days at least lay out the plan that is a challenge of a tall order. and reporting for us there in brussels thank you max. in malta the government has turned down a deal with a key suspect who wants to tell all in the case of the murder of a journalist. she was investigating government corruption when she was killed in
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a car bomb attack 2 years ago angry protesters gathered outside the prime minister's office as he held a 7 hour emergency cabinet meeting last night earlier this week the prime minister's former chief of staff he's tempering was arrested over alleged links to the case he was later released without charge among the protesters was a son who's also an investigative journalist so we're here because even though there is rock solid evidence that the prime minister soon forced off is probably the biggest criminals of this country has of us seen the police have just let him go so we've been brutus going for 3 years because there's ample evidence in the public domain that the prime the search for self is completely kora just yesterday we found all the doctors possibly accomplish it in a murder and that's for sure he helps to cover up without a murder and the prime minister still protecting him they're in there probably
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discussing how they're going to work things out either to give the chamber his job back or to help him get to get him to our compuware he cannot be extradited back to the north is completely outrageous. after the marathon cabinet meeting prime minister joseph muscat emerged to give a news conference and he said he would not be granting a pardon to the main suspect in the murder inquiry businessman your god panic he is reportedly seeking to do a deal that would give him immunity from prosecution in exchange for information about the case the prime minister also repeated that he intended to stay in office at least until the probe is ended. will give us this assessment of where things stand now the expected resignation of joseph moscow the prime minister did not happen tonight. because he cannot see the slightest reason why he should step down are the people in his cabinet and allegations that have been made against them to be implicated in corruption and into ordering the murder against the journalist
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they just sort of wipe them off without even commenting on it so multiple carry on for a while even though this is the deepest flew the coop crisis the island has ever seen now to some more stories making news around the world rescue crews in albania are winding down their operation to find survivors of tuesday's deadly earthquake the operation is now focused on a collapsed beachfront hotel in the port town of duress 49 people have been confirmed dead across the region rocked by the 6.4 magnitude quake. transitional authorities in sudan have adopted a law dissolving the former ruling party the dismantling of the islamist national congress party was a key demand of the protest movement that ousted omar al bashir in april authorities also scrapped an oppressive public order law used to regulate women's behavior. and 3 men have been sentenced to decades in prison for plotting a terror attack in melbourne australia the trio had sworn allegiance to the
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so-called islamic state they plan to use homemade bombs and knives to attack a busy downtown area during christmas and 2016. china has reacted angrily to president trump's approval of measures backing pro-democracy activists in hong kong beijing says it will take firm countermeasures against the u.s. if it continues to meddle in its domestic affairs new u.s. legislation mandates an annual review of the favorable trade status that it grants hong kong the pro-democracy camp welcome the move celebrating what it's called a major boost to its push for more local political control and more autonomy from china. and we can speak to correspondent sherry chan she is in hong kong for us hi cherry have there been any updates on china's response to this u.s. legislation. so the foreign ministry reacted furiously yesterday and actually their offices also released
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a similar statement the hong kong and macau affairs office and also the news authors who usually dealing with affairs between hong kong and china they also accuse the us of interfering in china's internal affairs and also being a culprit of instability in hong kong while china has mentioned that it would react with some measures yesterday and the u.s. would have to bear all the consequences they haven't mentioned want these content measures will be so it's do is still unclear what china is planning to do next what about hong kong or cherry do the protesters here feel emboldened by recent support . right hong kong protesters are really happy about the passage of this bill for them this is a huge victory because actually for the past few months activists have been campaigning for this being a prominent activists like joshua bell and the news hole they even went to you as
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to campaign to ask for the u.s. government for their support and actually. less life it 3 pro-democracy district councillors last week and most here in hong kong has remained quite calm and relaxed saying people are still celebrating but there's also a small group of protestors who are quite cautious because they think that this is not true for them and this should not be the end of the movement so many are now discussing actually what they put doing next ok so things have been calm this week but there are more protests expected at this evening as well as over the weekend what can we expect. actually protests this evening has already ended and people were gathering outside. pretty. consulate in hong kong to ask for support from the u.k. government because one of its former employee he was detained in china for 15 days
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and he recently talked to media about being tortured during detention so i protest us we're asking for support from the u.k. but after several hours after they have had a letter to the representative they left peacefully but this is not the only protest this weekend and they are several other protests planned for the weekend so we are seeing that hong kong people are still going on with this movement to diffuse ceri chen reporting there in hong kong thank you. while the political turmoil in hong kong is wreaking havoc on travel and tourism there according to the reuters news agency the airline cathay pacific will have to cut passenger capacity by 1.4 percent next year earlier kathy was actually planning to boost capacity to hong kong international airport but the company says the commercial environment continues to deteriorate discount carrier hong kong airlines has also announced it's delaying payments to staff for this month saying its business has been
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severely affected by the political unrest. and we have monica jones from did have your business with more on this story hi monica so what about fewer flights in and out of hong kong what's the impact on airlines well obviously it's not good because hong kong for not just the cathay pacific but also for south african airways malaysia's an asia group all the big airlines of the regions for them hong kong is the major destination and they've all had to come to flights due to the drop in passenger numbers in fact the hong kong airport authority reported for october a 13 percent drop in passenger numbers and a more than 6 percent drop in flights coming in and out and that's the steepest falls since those undress the political turmoil in hong kong began the good news is because there's a downside to cutting flights the good news is that all those airlines won't immediately lose the air slots which normally would happen if you don't use them and that will be a problem because a it's very difficult to get an asphalt in hong kong airports because they lack
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capacity they're building a 3rd runway but that won't go into operation until the 2024 so the hong kong civil aviation departments and suspend the so-called usage or roosted rule until march which is the end of the winter season that gives the airlines a little bit of breathing space. a drop in air traffic of course what does that mean then for hong kong well for hong kong for the economy in hong kong that's really bad news i mean it's a big business big financial hub business choose they'll still have to go there. tourists will think twice and they do tourism is very important for hong kong's in column e. in fact the value of hong kong's good and services exports and that includes tourism spending is nearly double that of hong kong's g.d.p. and that makes hong kong very vulnerable to a drop in tourism numbers and we've seen a sharp drop in tourism in the 3 months to september tourism fell by 26 percent compared to the same period last year and if you add the u.s.
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china trade war which is already weighing on hong kong's economy that makes matters even worse hong kong fell into recession in the 3rd quarter for the very 1st time since the global financial crisis in 2009 and just to rounded up hong kong is now forecast to have the sharpest growth slowdown of any advanced economy so that's it's not good some serious consequences lately all right monica jones from your business thank you very much. now where does the human body end and the digital self begin that's a question posed by artist louisa clement whose work is making its way onto the must have lists of international museums and galleries clement currently has a solo exhibition in the western german city of aachen where her photos videos and sculptures seem to come from a future that has already begun. aesthetic beguiling and confusing louisa clements work asks the question of where we are
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right now still in reality or in a virtual world and what to find some people in the digitally. the artist gets her inspiration in city centers where she takes snapshots with her cellphone camera mostly a faceless shop window dummies photographs shapes and abstractions a reference to the digitalisation that's changing daily life. that 1st 5 months because of course there are changes in terminology conventions of speech forms of speech interpersonal relations always have had something to do with localization but with digital as a song space is no longer so directly defined if and yet. where does the human body end and the digital self begin for series heads luisa claimants assemble cell phone
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photos into a series of portraits of mannequins. in this wordless way she demonstrates the loss of personality in modern society. cutting yourself off from real surroundings can be done in analog too like with mirrored sunglasses the human disappears and it's unclear whether there's any. when behind the reflection covering some reflection symbolizing an imaginary world. make had a facial expression which have a lot to do with communication and we generally get a lot of information through eye contact if someone looks away if they're totally bored because we now communicate so much 3 whatsapp through instagram facebook telegram with whatever they're really called i live we no longer have the real essence of a conversation and of course it's much easier now to dip in and out of
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a conversation and ultimately a commitment and that's what i find so interesting about the change taking place in society is a virtue of what i'm done with it up with my note about something new. this cyber works mannequins and avatars and luisa claimants photographs and videos are loud and aggressive her work makes the man machine system seem beautifully unsettling answer dr. over the open border theory i can see that this digital existence these avatars that we're currently building on is something highly abstract art if i can simply depict myself in the digital world by leaving out all my flaws and quirks. so there's a kind of abstraction that's taking place in the form of parts only stock or not hello i am here to meet some other bots and you with this roundtable i am but 01 luisa claimants ideas are clearly hitting a nerve several international museums have started acquiring her work again.
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for minor now of our top stories. iraq's prime minister idle up to body says he will resign and allow parliament to choose a new government the move comes as the number of deaths and weeks of unrest are passed 400 demonstrators across the country have been taking to the streets since early october to protest government corruption and on employment. and thousands of young people are taking part in climate change rallies around the world it is also black friday and some demonstrators are protesting against overconsumption the call to action comes ahead of next week's un climate summit in madrid. coming up next on do you have your news asia the dangers from a rise in sea levels that could threaten the lives of 300000000 people worldwide. and the console none seems ready to take the fight to gender discrimination.
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fears fighter's she has those stories and more coming right up on news asia stay tuned for that. boy.
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they're crazy to today's rule. 97 you know. the story of the turning point in politics business the most. run up people of the islamic revolution. opens up making its initial flirtation capitalism strikes in states of emergency put things into chaos cuckold compass against displacement and shams the people
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threatens the old order. the modern cars. the start of an era that defines overmanaged today. 97 the big move to today's steps december 23rd double. with different languages we fight for different things that's fine let me all speak up for freedom freedom of speech and freedom of press. giving freedom of choice global news that matters d. w. made for minds. with him how to be done it goes on because when the highest high you know if i had known that the pope would be that small i never would have gone on the trip to be i would not have put myself and my parish so much attention to the bottom of the theme of the going to give us leave would.
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be able to give them i had serious problems on a personal level and i was unable. to live their lives i'm going to. you want to know their story through migrants verified and promotable information for more grants. this is deja vu newspaper shop coming up a dire warning see that one rise could affect knowledge box of asia in the next 13 yos a new study warns millions are facing the risk of displacement so are we all doomed scientists call 1st of all i'm sort of lost. back at the table the u.s. and taliban are talking again.


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