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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 30, 2019 9:00am-9:15am CET

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the disadvantages are were banished are. going to sit on the beach to day since december 23rd don't. touch. the at. least says d w news live from berlin police and identify the attacker who killed 2 people on london bridge police confirm he was a convicted terrible offender who had been released from prison passers by tackle a man armed with a knife and wearing a fake suicide vest or police arrive and shoot him dead. than germany's populist
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a.f.d. party prepares to elect a new leadership that could see it shift further to the right look at the latest from our correspondents at the conference conference. was. the act. find helena humphrey glad he could join me police have identified the man who carried out friday's stabbing attack in london they say it was 28 year old man khan who killed 2 people on london bridge where he was later shot date by police khan had been convicted in 2012th of terrorism offenses and was released from prison about a year ago several on the captured friday's incident on their mobile phones and some of being praised as heroes for disowning these hakka. members of the public pin the attacker to the ground one of them taking away the knife used in the attack
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. police were called and arrives quickly it's been about 5 shots. as another 1. 10 i phones me who i. moments later the police shoot again. all my court. as you would expect judge of the nature of the incident we responded as though this was terrorist related i'm now in a position to confirm that it has been declared a terrorist incident. by witnesses were visibly shocked. it was extremely frightening yeah but if you don't know what to do you know you have done something just i don't want to do think twice gunshots going off in london again london's mayor denounced the attack terrorism is cowardly and evil we must and will stand united and resolute in the face of terror
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those who seek to attack us and divide us will never succeed and the british prime minister said he wants sentences for serious crimes to be more strongly enforced i have long argued that it's easy a mistake to allow serious and violent criminals to come out of prison and it is very important that we get out of that habit and that we enforce the appropriate sentences for dangerous criminals especially for terrorists that i think the public want to see. this is the 2nd terror attack in this part of london in a little over 2 years. when our correspondents a lot of parts joins us now from london shiloh some more details are emerging about the victims as well as the attacker what more can you tell us.
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well we now know the details what happened friday afternoon around london bridge the attacker was attending a conference at fishmongers hall just at the north end of london bridge which leads into the heart of the financial center here in london the conference was between cambridge students and former prisoners and this is where the attack us started stabbing people we know that 3 of those are still being treated at a trauma center here in london and 2 sadly lost their lives a man and a woman the attacker himself. 28 years old a convicted terrorist who was convicted in 2012 for plotting on the london stock exchange for setting up a terrorist group back then he was affiliated with an al qaeda inspired terrorist group he spent years in prison and was released in 28 and ever since then
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he was wearing an electronic tag he was monitored by authorities so they knew about his whereabouts but they didn't know what he was planning to do and many questions arising out of that but all of this of course coming in the middle of a general election campaign in the country as well how do you think that will be affected. well it's less than 2 weeks until the british voters will had to the polls december 12th and of course terrorism will now be one of the main topics going forward prime minister boris johnson as we heard in the report was quick there to make a political point saying he was always in favor of not releasing dangerous and violent violent offenders and criminals so we expect this going forward being one of the main issues being discussed and of course this comes at a time when the country is highly emotional anyway divided over the issue of
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polarized over this election the parties will refrain abstain from campaigning over the weekend but i'm sure once they head back on the compay trail on monday terrorism and how to deal with violent offenders tougher sentences for those will be one of the main topics going forward in this election our correspondent. in a london thank you. as a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world in malta protesters have called on prime minister joseph miscount to step down this after his associate described as the mastermind behind the killing of a journalist was freed from prison journalist ethnic one eclipse he was killed in a car bomb attack 2 years ago. korea's opposition leader kiker fujimori has walked free after more than a year in prison she had been held in pretrial detention pending an investigation into alleged money laundering the country's highest court and her release on monday
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but ruled that the corruption case against her can still go ahead. it's been announced that balanced new international airport will finally open at the end of october next year it was supposed to open 9 years ago but has been plagued by mismanagement corruption and structural problems the project to build the airport is also billions of euros over budget. germany's far right populist a.f.d. party has been moving eve ever further to the right since it was founded 6 years ago it is now the largest opposition party in parliament and it is about to elect a new leadership today at a conference in braunschweig is that to be a stormy event with demonstrations outside and conflicts inside the venue as different factions within the party jostle for dominance the very far right is pitted against the somewhat less far right. right floor of the founded at the height of the euro crisis the alternative for germany party or a.f.d.c.
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has come a long way since 2013 shifting ever further to the right after failing to enter german parliament in 2013 he seems support for the once euro skeptic a f d was waning until 2015 when german chancellor angela merkel welcomed more than 1000000 migrants to germany. we've done so much we can do this suddenly the a.f.d. had a new target my. yes particularly muslim migrants. soon members of the a.f.p. were walking alongside the islamophobia movement paquita and the parties and the migrant stems became the main issue. new germans we make them ourselves but because we prefer bikinis these were just some of the f.t. slogans in the run up to the 27000 federal election their rhetoric hit a nerve and the party sailed into the bund us talk with almost 13 percent.
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even going to their friends that this is a great day in our party's history we did it we're in the german parliament and we're going to change this country. as the biggest opposition party the f.t. immediately began ruffling feathers in the bundestag means our new book us book has its hands cover girls and men with knives living off benefits and other kids for not saying are we not secure our prosperity economy grows and in particular the welfare states. all the while reports of far right extremist links among prominent f.t. figures have continued to grow as has the voice of the party's nationalist faction the flea ago its leader beyond her career has repeatedly made headlines with nazi era of a calculator and his comments about billions memorial to the murdered jews of europe
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. germans our people are the only people in the world that would plant a memorial of shame in the heart of our capital city. now her could run for the f.t. party leadership but regardless of who is elected as a after the top dog this weekend the party looks set to continue moving the right the question then is how far. will our correspondent michelle a christian. in braunschweig where the a.f.d. party congress is about to take place we hear protests expected all we can i can see that you are in the midst of a crowd there so what is happening so far. yes we already saw demonstrations in braunschweig yesterday evening now a couple of 100 people behind me as gathered outside of the eighty's you to meet basically the idea was to prevent delegates from coming in the police cordon off the area quite a stretch of around the old song wolf and the whole itself was actually
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covered up its own name this is how unpopular this gathering is here in on strike so we're just heading into what could be a tumultuous day. carol talking about the actual congress itself of course party conferences as you know all about working out where they stand in times in terms of politics could we see a shift at all this weekend. probably if he says no if you talk to alexander gallants the leader who wants to step down one thing is to show we saw in that report and you also features large in the protests here is according to court order can be called a fasces now he's not expected to run for the party leadership but what is unclear is who will eventually get to be the new co-leader of the a.f.d. party and the new guy which is seen as the hot cool right wing of the party led by
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ok himself has clearly gained more interest it's been voiced by regional election results in the east in eastern states here in germany and the big question is will the f.t. party draw a red line and some that the leader of the wing at the very heart of the party at the center he says that doesn't mean the political position it just mean. they're an intake will part but even that means that there is not expected to be a real attempt to exclude them this also has a verse to the a.f.p. itself because that wing is very unpopular particularly in western regions of the ons and the big question is whether the f.t. will be able to marry these 2 extremes within the f.t. which is seen rightly so as for right here and me right putting it all into
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perspective for us our chief political editor. at the f.t. party congress thanks so much. to iraq now where prime minister as abdul martie says he will resign after 40 people were killed in the latest clashes between security forces and anti-government protesters the death toll since on rest broke out in october has now surpassed 400 people. i tell abrasions at baghdad's liberation square protesters traded stones for songs after the prime minister announced he would resign following months of deadly protests but his departure alone will not be enough. iron while this is only the 1st step the 2nd will be parliament resigning we will not leave the square into less corrupt person steps down the budget of the. demonstrators see the political class as puppets of outside forces especially iran. south of the capital
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violence between protesters and security forces raged on the clashes are the biggest challenge to the ruling elite since saddam hussein was ousted in 2013. poverty and unemployment have fueled the demonstrators anger parliament is due to meet on sunday. well thousands of activists have staged a demonstration in mexico city protesting violence against women and mexican feminist groups over a nice the friday demo with thousands of women joining the march against gender violence the chants and dance routine originated in chile it has spread through other countries including spain france and the united states. you're watching news from but in coming up next night groups meets frank should
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sing the bestselling author of the swarm and his band i'm have an unfree in berlin i'll see you again very soon. to. be in charge of the famous naturalist and explorer. drusilla racial politics on the front line boats 250th birthday were remarking on a voyage of discovery. expedition voyage on t.w. . hello world welcome to leave all and welcome.


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