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this is the news live from berlin a major shake up in german politics 2 outspoken opponents of the coalition with german chancellor angela merkel's conservatives are elected as leaders of the social democrats then victory could mean the end to the party's grand coalition also coming out. british police identified the attacker who killed 2 people on london bridge as a convicted terrorist who was released early from prison prime minister boris johnson visited the scene of the attack on saturday he says those convicted of
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terror offenses shouldn't be released early. and it's not the same old song and dance thousands of activists in mexico in chile and to open people's eyes to violence against women. great welcome germany's government could soon be seeing a shank up after shop critics of the coalition with chancellor angela merkel's conservatives were elected new leaders of the social democrats nor bedside to a boy younes and saskia eskin want to renegotiate their party's coalition deal with the conservatives and focus more on social justice investment and climate policies . such as skin and norbert all to borean celebrate their. when more than 50
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percent of social democrats voted for them as the new co-leaders of germany's all this political party the s.p.d. ones standing side by side with the candidates they ran against in a show solidarity goes into our lives so it's only all social democrats here and that's something we really learned during regional conferences and this provides an important conversation for what lies ahead it's up to africa to unite this party and invite our rivals to work together. clear a guy votes and vice chancellor a lot scholtz made the final ballot after making it clear they wanted to maintain the governing coalition with merkel's conservatives unlike the winners though the defeated duo emphasized the need for unity to clobber the i believe the s.p.d. has made a decision just means new party leadership types everyone should get behind the moment. as can involve still be confirmed at a party conference next weekend they're willing to continue the grand coalition if some changes are made. clear positions to our coalition partners and
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to find the areas where we can work together meet what is not possible and what cannot wait. these are all issues that must be discussed at the party conference. the spokesman for merkel c.d.u. party said the coalition stands gets instead of talking about parties we have to talk about the challenges germany faces and governing this country well is the basis of the coalition agreement between the s.p.d. and conservatives and nothing has changed in this respect. and for now in the months long battle to lead the s.p.d. is over. well i'm joined now by our political correspondent simon young hi simon people are calling the election of a late as a shock what's surprising about it i think it is a shock because you know the polls are pointing in the other direction these 2 relatively unknown s.p.d. politicians of pushed aside scholtz who is the finance minister and chancellor
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merkel's deputy in the current government so obviously he's very well known and you know they've won now on the basis of this vote of the membership these are left leaning politicians who want to see a change of course and are generally speaking skeptical about the future of the coalition between social democrats. conservatives and so what this could lead to is a change in that in germany's national government what let's talk about that these people are critics of this coalition how what is this bill for the longevity of the government right what they have sadie's the they want to renegotiate the coalition agreement that is the basis of the government they want to see much more much. or a social democrat policies in that things like massive program of investment for the climate for infrastructure also increasing germany's minimum wage for instance
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and various other things like that they say if they don't get that they don't get those new policies then they are inclined to withdraw support for the coalition the conservatives on their side except their leader anyway has said the question of really go shading that coalition agreement pretty much seems this the 2 partners in government are on collision course and what we're going to see is probably at least a period of minority government for the conservatives next year and i would predict a. you know the next election if you're set for 2021 will be earlier than that and indeed the end of chance of medical will be earlier than expected as well so it's a very interesting times ahead going back to the party this is crisis time for the s.p. day they've had a series of electoral losses plunging support a series of leadership changes now the party members have put days to unexpectedly it is in place is this the behavior of a party that's in panic or party members really believe that they can turn this
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party the fortunes of the party around well it's hard to say clearly this vote as i said is a part of who gets scholtz the man who's in government right now and who stands really for continuity. you know the membership of the s.p.d.m. he way have said we don't want that we think it's time for a change something new what they've bought a relatively unknown faces and probably more left wing policies we'll have to see if that does anything to change the waning fortunes of the s.p.d. a reason is all right political correspondent simon young thank you. and then. the far right alternative for germany also elected a new leader party conference in the city of braunschweig the pair include a 44 year old house potent turned politician from eastern germany is seen as
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a compromise candidate who is backed by the right wing as well as extreme right wing supporters morton an incumbent was also relate to. germany's biggest opposition party in terms of parliamentary seats and its main focus now is to gang control of local government side the conference hold logic crowd protested against . the so-called islamic state group says one of its fighters was behind friday's stabbing attack in london which left 2 people dead british police identified the attack as 28 year old. he was convicted in 2012 of terrorism offenses and granted early release from prison about a year ago during a visit to the site of the stabbing british prime minister boris johnson expressed his opposition to the early release of convicted terrorists. onlookers captured the moment members of the public disarm an attacker on london bridge he was wearing
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a fake suicide bomb vest moments later the police shot him dead one of the bystanders who intervened told journalists what he saw. when we got there he was wielding 2 noise one with sort of duct taped to his hand so all i could do was walk off to the guards his or held me down in a sort of putting him to the ground. you know kind of try to start because all i could of his restaurant you know release the noise as it were in the song so kicking off why police search for evidence of the attackers house in a town 250 kilometers north of the capital the 28 year old suspect was mccann had been serving time for terrorism offenses until last year he was released early before he had served half his prison sentence he was allowed to walk free after agreeing to wear and electronic tag that's a practice that u.k. prime minister bars johnson says he wants to change we say in the manifesto that we will to toughen up sentences for serious involvement offenses and i've said for
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a long time that i think that the practice of automatic to the rich where you cut a sentence in hoc from it really serious that this out simply isn't working and i think you've had some very good evidence of how that is working i'm afraid this case britain is holding snap elections in less than 2 weeks but campaigning in london a suspended for the weekend so far the election campaign has focused on bragg's it and medical care in the country but in the aftermath of this attack terrorism is likely to be high on the agenda to. now to some of the other stories making news around the world and police in the netherlands have arrested a man suspected of stabbing several people in a busy shopping street in the hague they say he's a 35 year old homeless man 3 teenagers were wounded in friday's attack but they are
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now out of hospital. and thousands of anti-government protesters in iraq and keeping up the pressure a day after prime minister. announced his resignation they say his departure is not enough and they're calling for sweeping reforms and an end to corruption. full multis prosecutors have charged businessmen new york and finnick with complicity in the murder of journalist daphne. fenech pleaded not guilty to involvement in her killing and one other charge related to the case police arrested him 10 days ago while he was trying to leave malta on board his luxury yacht. daphne koller on a good lead seal was investigating government corruption when she was killed in a car bomb attack 2 years ago w. spoke to her sister shortly after finnick appeared before judges in a lesser court i will be content when every when full justice is finally delivered
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for everybody involved in these murder and everybody she ever exposed and everybody involved in her murder possibly has not been identified yet which is why we are expecting the prime minister to leave office and parliament and be investigated himself along with his chief of staff. because they may have very well have been informed in the plot to murder. well the political crisis in malta is also sounding alarm bells in the e.u. the european parliament is dispatching a delegation to malta on monday to assess whether the tiny member state is he adhering to laws and values the pressure on the maltese government is escalating with ordinary citizens getting angrier by the day. day and night people are out on the streets to show their anger anger at their government and the state of their country. they have to pay for that drives they can't just walk away free. the
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face of murder journalist stephanie cutter want to kill it has become a symbol for all that's wrong our country has been destroyed by these screwball criminals you can call them posing as government officials the protests transcend generations and party lines people here want the same thing change. what we witnessed in the bus the airs is complete merger between the big business and the government but many think that people power can help clean up the country we can make a difference that change is possible. all agog you can finnick has been charged with involvement in the murder of to me carol want to see if he's pleaded not guilty he had tried to escape the island in his luxury yacht now he's trying to work out a deal with the government for his immunity fenix casino in puerto montt so is said to be a hub for money laundering and the delhi more power station jointly owned by fenech
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was at the center of one of the island's biggest corruption scandals. opposite the courthouse in valetta is a memorial to deafening kara want to see a 14 year old tiziana has come to lay flowers day after day after day the minister for justice which i would call injustice not justice sense his cleansing department to take this all of this people like tiziana simply put it back up that determined to make sure she is not forgotten and that her death was not in vain well a protest chant and dance is becoming popular among women in latin america they're looking to raise their voices against violence and impunity it was created by a collective body it's universal message and catchy rhythm have made it easy to repent from one country to another yes i knew. it was not my fault my clothes were not why i was raped lines from the feminist dance
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making waves across latin america and beyond. in the us angry we want to be heard and we want to be recognized as women a little people and citizen. it was created by a chilean collective for the never 25th close all day protesting violence against women and has spread to spain france and to mexico the rhythm and universal lyrics make the song easy to repeat its message to transcends borders. i vote in america and everywhere in latin america there are very high rates of femicide rates of infertility for rapists murderers for the disappearance of the women i mean. the whole thing starts with this chant and their fury the fight for women's safety can maintain today's momentum.
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you're watching the news from berlin coming up next german soccer action with the bonus league a stage in for that you can find more news on our web site d w dot com all followers on twitter at news time to our great. i'm scared that the war that's hard and in the end is a me you're not allowed to steal anymore we will send you back. are you familiar with this. with the smugglers would lie and say. what's your story. 'd with numbers and women especially in victims of violence in. part.


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