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that defines our next. 97 a big clue to. his december 23rd. this is news live from berlin living with the effects of the climate crisis u.n. secretary general sounds the alarm on rising global temperatures we hear from an intervention fisherman waging his own personal battle with the resulting rise of global sea comes. a multi businessman is charged in the killing of an investigative journalist has connections to top government officials demands for the country's
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leader to step down the sister of the murdered journalist daphne cairo on a police yet speaks to. everybody involved in the mud cause they have not been identified yet which is why we're expecting the prime minister to. thanks for joining us u.n. secretary general antonio terrace has issued a stark warning about the threat of climate change and he's called for immediate action he announced that the bank of england governor mark carney would be taking up the role of special envoy on climate action at the un from early 2020 we have in a deep hole and. soon it will be too deep to escape. i welcome the voices of young activists i've been meeting they understand that you
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have just providing their future if you so i will continue to push everything to keep climate at the top of the international agenda the tertian statement follows the declaration of a climate i'm urgency by e.u. lawmakers showing a heightened awareness of the impact and implications of climate change for some people though in other parts of the world the issue is already a life changing one. for abdul hadi a fisherman in java indonesia the climate crisis is stark reality flooding in his home village of town back is so bad that he's engaged in a constant battle against water it's a graphic reminder of the risks posed by jobbers sinking coastline. it's always flooding my house is located at the lowest level lower than the road.
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and then every few years hardy has to elevate his house the flooding is aggravated by the ground level sinking caused by extraction of underground water and coupled with extreme weather and rising tides associated with climate change. and there's land subsidence of around $10.00 to $20.00 centimeters every year due to extraction of underground water and on the other hand the seed ever has increased. due to problems have caused flooding and high tides. other than that climate change also caused other impacts like big stream weather. and that. indonesia is particularly vulnerable to climate change the polluted capital jakarta is drowning because of rising sea levels because of this alarming situation the country's authorities have taken a controversial decision to move the capital which will cost 33 $1000000000.00 hardy though can't afford to follow his government's example.
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it's impossible for us to move we can't pay for it so even though there are title floods stay. for him the only way to confront the climate emergency is with a stoic fatalism. maltese prosecutors have charged one of walter's wealthiest people as an accomplice to the murder of investigative journalist stephanie caro on. the organ ferric pleaded not guilty to his alleged involvement believes years death police arrested him 10 days ago while he was trying to leave malta on his luxury yacht. was investigating government corruption when she was killed in a car bomb attack 2 years ago did you spoke to her sister shortly after fenech appeared in a walesa court i will be content when every when full justice is finally delivered for everybody involved in the murder and everybody she ever exposed and everybody
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involved in her to be has not been identified yet which is why we're expecting the prime minister to leave office and parliament and be investigated himself along with his chief of staff. because they may have very well have been involved in the plot to murder. and barbara vessel is covering this story for us barbara the government held a crisis meeting today what more can you tell us. the crisis meeting seems to be over nick from what we hear but no official announcement has yet been made so it's look as it looks as if joseph cut is continuing to cling to his seat to hold on to his fingertips because when he leaves office he loses immunity and that he might very well himself become embroiled in the murder investigations and so the point is that he seems so look to keep on in office till mid january when he is successor will be determined by the reigning labor party here on malta that seems
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to be his personal plan b. it is not quite clear yet whether the party will allow him to do that but he really is on the edge and in malta people are coming out now to protest on a daily basis what are they demanding. people don't want to live in a mafia film that's what they tell you here if they talk to you because they feel they have to come is sort of part of the scenery where the criminal dealings are like an everyday occurrence on the silence there is money laundering the government has started selling passports to foreign on it are some years ago there is a open corruption in all realms of the public and of private enterprises so it seems to be sort of all income passing it is just everywhere and the citizens of malta many of them are sick of it all this has brought wealth to the country there
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has been enormous economic growth but the dark underbelly of malta really shows the ugly side of this island and there are many citizens now who say this has to stop we want this or that all of this all these murky dealings are being brought out into the open that the people who are responsible will be punished and we want new drama critic new start from also now i guess bringing things out of the open means justice is allowed to do its work do you have any indication that you're confronting the accused businessman is cooperating with prosecutors and what might that mean what might we learn. he has indicated that he will it's going to take some days maybe part of course he is protesting his innocence he says i didn't do this i didn't order this murder some somebody else must have done it and he points at keys country the former chief of staff of joseph most of the prime minister here who live hurriedly left his office last just
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a week ago and he is sort of the man behind the trone he's the right hand man of the prime minister he has been embroiled in many corruption scandals on the on and this is not the only one that. uncovered it is much more far reaching and is so if as. soon as investigators are allowed and given the freedom to investigate and to talk to him and figure out what he knows and what he did then it can really start justice can start to be done in malta because so far we've just only lifted like a little edge off the cover here ok barbara just briefly when there's to this a european parliament delegation traveling to malta on monday what are they expecting to find. now they'll see a country in turmoil i mean the the accusation and the official charging off your fenech seems to be like an offering to that delegation look we're doing something
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we're doing the right thing we're not proceeding with the investigation and justice is doing its work because for 2 years they had been a total still stand bought there is so much more and they are the european union says rule of law is seriously stretton and they're going to look into much more than the murder of the investigative journalist they're going to look at the whole country and its institutions that are severely compromised ok due to political correspondent barbara faisal thank you. time now to take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world. iraq's parliament has approved the resignation of prime minister. amid ongoing violence and government demonstrations he has said his government will stay on until a new one is chosen. the british authorities say the man who carried out friday stabbing attack on london bridge had served time in prison for terrorism but was released early salem killed 2 people and wounded 3 others prime minister boris
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johnson says he will review the country's criminal sentencing system. the election of 2 new left leaning social democrat leaders has cast doubt over the future of german chancellor angela merkel's government senior german conservatives today called on the s.p.d. not to abandon the grand coalition but they also ruled out renegotiating the governing agreement the winning. norbert valid to. say they want to focus on issues closer to social democratic values such as social justice and climate policy and they have indicated that they would be prepared to exit the coalition if they don't get what they want. speaking after her victory last night co-leader designit said the pair wanted to discuss the way ahead at s.p.d. conference this week due to makati stick with a grand coalition is terrible for our democracy it has to be said we can also see
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that both big parties lost out in the grand coalition that means that we both have an interest in governing in other coalitions again. today marks world aids day much has changed since the discovery of the hiv virus in 983 over the last 2 decades the number of new infections has declined significantly and although there is still no cure a positive diagnosis is no longer a death sentence however remains a major concern the un estimates that close to 38000000 people worldwide are living with the virus about 6 percent of infected people live in a western and central europe and north america 15 percent are in the asia pacific region and nearly 70 percent of hiv infected people live in sub-saharan africa which also has the highest numbers of new infections and aids related deaths. around the world events are being held to mark world aids day china has launched a national red ribbon alliance to better connect medical facilities helping people
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living with the disease a hospital in brazil released thousands of red balloons to draw attention to the ongoing epidemic. and in a south africa an organization that supports mothers and children living with hiv health special events leading a performance by the soweto gospel choir. and to talk about the situation here in germany i'm joined by hogan victor of georgia a charity that helps raise awareness about aids what is the situation in germany as far as h.l.v. people goes well we have declining numbers of infections 2 in germany that's really good news that's because of the effectiveness of the medication the therapy under effective under effective therapy activities not transmittable anymore and that's really good news because it also helps to remove fears people are not afraid anymore if they know transmission is impossible and that isn't the case today but
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there's still stick while they're still discrimination against like in people judging other people saying well why didn't you protect yourself you have done wrong or are seeing a danger in other people like moving a little bit back wards or maybe it's still a problem maybe i could get infected that's not true of corus in everyday life transmission is impossible with an effective therapy it's absolutely impossible but that's that's good news not everybody knows it but why doesn't everybody know it are young people forgetting i mean i can remember you know how princess diana at the end of the 1900 shook the hand of an aids patient in really shocked people and but raised awareness and made it clear that you don't die by she she showed people you can touch people with edge and be that was a sensation and there was such a. so much panic and fear and today the situation has changed so much and we can tell people you can even sleep with people living with hiv sure we as long as you
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choose one of 3 possible ways to protect yourself one is still condoms the other one is the the the therapy because under effective therapy transmission is impossible and the 3rd one is joey prophylaxis as a journey negative it's everything you get to present you can take a medication to if you have a high risk and you won't contract it have you done get back to stigma you're talking about let's say i had each i.v. in germany what kind of obstacles and sort of rejections are problems that i face in society the 1st thing you should know is that you can go on living a regular life in all areas like burke family's sexuality everything still possible because of the effectiveness of each of the therapy but you never know how other people will react you will get a lot of support people will be supporting you. there are always some people judging you or maybe you will you have some problems of birth maybe because your
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boss things you're not an effective employee anymore and stuff like that it's not true there's still a lot of lot to do to tell people that people with a job we can live like anybody else ok thanks so much that was a victim of aids hiv here in germany thank you. and you are of course watching the news live from berlin coming up shift living in the digital age i'm max foster thanks for joining us i'll be back at the top of the hour with more world. was the speech of his life perhaps his best certainly his most difficult. the speech by calling dresden on december 19th 1989.
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shortly after the fall of the of the chancellor addresses.


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