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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  December 2, 2019 7:00pm-7:16pm CET

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this is due to the newsletter from the united nations climate summit our friends in the mid trade. do we really want to be remembered as the generation that bloated the hair in the sand that's feed the wild the planet but the u.n. secretary general says it's either foxhole say big i mean for carbon neutrality by trying to teach it also on the program. from camorra sponsors of the for the flames hundreds of thousands of forced to flee as it makes landfall in southern new songs
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packing winds of up to 175 chapters in a. germany's governing party is on a collision course the social democrats elect new leaders who want to change that coalition deal with conservatives the government. i'm phil gallo welcome to the program. we begin in madrid to add data gets from a 200 countries have become a 2 week climate summit admitted growing sense of crisis u.n. secretary general antonio tatar she's calling for a bold action warning that the world risks passing the point of no veto negotiators have been tasked with ironing out the rules for implementing the 2015 paris climate agreement which countries have agreed to demi to global warming to less than 2 degrees celsius above pre-industrial temperatures united states one of the world's
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biggest carbon emitters is represented even though president trump pulled his country out of the deal but that doesn't take the full effect until late next year . we are indeed still in. unfortunately we are having to fight our way through a bit of a blockade by the fossil fuel industry but that will not prevail and the america that you know the america of leadership the america of progress the america of confidence the america of clean and green energy. people like secretary kerry and president obama's work at the original paris capa something we should all reflect on while we're here today that america will be back and as he said yes we are still in. scientists have long warned that climate change is leading to more erratic and extreme weather with droughts and storms and
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hurricanes becoming more frequent and these hit developing countries particularly hot cycler on a day struck zimbabwe in march killing hundreds of people and leave new trail of destruction 8 months later victims of the disaster still in distress corresponding privilege must have been hearing reports. when ever dark clouds and signs of rain descend upon these 2 men in money community memories of what happened in march when psycho and you die swept through this community involvement in the poor us to living in these temporary shelter 8 months after the disaster struck. life is be not so good with us the way we live in the camps the kind of show. that we do believe is not saw comfortable for us but when i used to have my own i believe in facilities just to for myself and my family now then we use these
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it's almost. as good as public facilities. that when rains come this community could be affected. for him and instruct our. pretty. privileged most found here reporting will bring you more on site devastating effects and who's involved where they're coping in africa and around half. of the philippines where a powerful typhoon camorra has made landfall in southern luzon the storm swept ashore with rains and winds of more than 175 kilometers an hour it's knocked out power and several provinces none of us international airport is due to suspend operations in the coming hours more than $200000.00 people fled to safety. with the wind and rain getting stronger coastal residents ran for shelter and
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batten down the hatches. approached anything that could be blown away needed to be stowed away. with the help of the military these families packed up and fled not knowing what if anything they may return to. tens of thousands of people on the island of luzon have been evacuated to makeshift shelters like this. volunteers and police prepared aid packages for those displaced by the storm. is on course to cause problems for the $29000.00 southeast asian games which the philippines is now hosting but organizers say they are ready for whatever comes. some people. know there's no. one. but for many coastal residents the only
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solution is to get to shelter wait out the storm and hope for the best. first take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world a new wave of flooding in southern france has killed at least 5 people 3 of the victims rescuers died when the helicopter crashed in ma say the country's british coast has faced a heavy rains over the last week leading to serious floods transport disruption. hundreds of women have taken to the streets of iraqi city of basra to show solidarity with protests elsewhere in the country it's the city's 1st protest but not by follows the resignation of country's prime minister. the weekend. ukraine's president. has denied any quid pro quo deal with the u.s. . resident to investigate donald trump's political rival joe biden and an interview
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with german magazine der spiegel misters events he said he didn't understand the allegations concerning his july phone call with mr trump and matter is currently at the center of the impeachment inquiry into the us president. china says u.s. naval ships and military aircraft will no longer be allowed to stop off in hong kong asia is also $100.00 sanctions against several american n.g.o.s these retaliatory measures come after the united states passed legislation last week backing the pro-democracy protesters in hong kong. the future of germany's governments in doubt after chancellor merkel's coalition partners and social democrats elected 2 new leaders critical of the partnership with a chance as conservatives they've indicated they want to see major changes raising the prospect of the coalition's collapse potentially causing i think an early election or a minority government. skins and norbert potter bore younes will soon be leaving
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germany social democrats that in turn could spell the end for the grand coalition with the christian democrats and christian social union the results of the s.p.d. poll came as a surprise as did the clear margin of victory the new leaders to be want to chart a new course for the party and reopen negotiations with chancellor angela merkel on future government policies. has the responsibility of the social democrats to make policies for the low and medium earners at this time and again we see closes in our contract with the c.d.u. that are not in their best interests and that has to change. but the conservatives are likely to resist any major changes to government policy only 2 years before the next election c.d.u. leader on it could come common power made this clear. we stand by this coalition on the basis of what we've already negotiated. 100 m.
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we want to get back down to work quickly but. the opposition greens say berlin is headed towards a government crisis the s.p.d. the s.p.d. has to clear this up this week do they want to govern this country yes or no you can't govern if your answer is maybe you can the s.p.d. has veered left what this means for german government should become clear over the coming days. crane can guide us through this welcome. is this a crisis. it is certainly a shock a shock even to members of the s.p.d. as was evident when the result was announced. if it's a crisis it's probably a slow moving one the government isn't going to fall in the next couple of days for the very simple reason that delegates at the social democrat party conference that begins on friday must sign off on this new leadership team and
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given the surprises that the s.p.d. brings who knows but i think it's pretty safe to say they will sign off with them and then the next step would be how does this team move forward as we heard in the report they do say they think that the coalition agreement with chancellor angela merkel's conservatives needs to be renegotiated we're hearing from leaders of the conservative party the c.d.u. that they are not about to go along with that demand so there will obviously be some phase of discussion between the 2 parties and in fact the government spokesman said today absolutely they're willing to engage in discussion so that will also take some time but sure to the new leadership stick to their guns and the s.p.d. decide that they cannot remain in the government on the basis of the current coalition agreement then in fact the 2 options would be the ones you mentioned
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either early elections or a minority government of the christian democrats and the and they have been very partners the c.s.u. for some period of time but clearly a minority government is not a terribly stable government many people would view that as a very problematic solution and the timing is particularly unfortunate for the you seeing its biggest economy in such political flux as bret's it approaches as well as a host of other political challenges. indeed it is problematic for the e.u. just one example of that germany's finance minister was also one of the rival candidates for the party leadership the party decided to to or a slight majority of the party members decided to go for this largely unknown team rather than the country's finance minister in other words to some degree he is now discredited and he's about to enter into very very important meetings with other e.u. finance ministers germany's role as
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a leader within europe certainly looks to be in question where it's clearly going to be very much involved in self reflection self examination about where it goes and it's also problematic from a domestic german point of view we have the far right alternative for germany party the a.f.d.c. breathing down the necks of america's conservatives saying they very much want to be in government themselves all of that makes a face of political uncertainty like the one that germany apparently is about to enter once again very challenging indeed chief political correspondent melinda trite thank you. football brightman managed to end a game losing streak of vosburgh on sunday with a game at warm then on to a big court put braman ahead as diving had been its before half time to work at level the score made right through the 2nd half receiving defend william striker
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from the edge of the box but it was still time for another go 7 minutes from the end connected with the no rushing scoring the 2nd of the much took a 32 ending back when that's right. the annual battle of dole football awards will crown the best players in the game nice to us that world cup winner is the frontrunner in the women's category of things are less clear cut for the male players amongst the favorites are there no mass interest yana rinaldo both currently tied on a record tally a 5. awards also in the mix is liverpool unevidenced defend julia van dyke in the champions league in june. temperatures in much of northern hemisphere drop let me take you to hawaii where the temperatures are cloudless skies are just about
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perfect for the top surface in the world they've been taking on they've been taking on the big though somewhat unruly ways just off the island of oahu in one event allen's world of surfing this is a veteran kelly slater who lost when the event 21 years ago but he still says this ride helped push him push him despite the high jump into every wipe out in the 4th round and in contention for the title on more time. now staying in the water nothing like a hot bath to warm your friend temperatures a plummeting outside what works for humans also have the votes for monkeys no staff at this hot spring resorts in the japanese island of hokkaido come from warm water into them again closer every winter some monkeys get to enjoy ice soak the horses out and will stay woman till the early by next year.
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they don't do business africa is up next in ethiopia as president i'll be at one this year's nobel peace prize not his country is hoping to further boost its reputation abroad by becoming an investment stephen bears a well after story just a moment we'll have more world news for you at the top of the hour i'm going to. what secrets lie behind these walls. discover new adventures in 360 degree. and explore fascinating world heritage sites. d.w. world heritage 360 getting apps now. was the speech of his life perhaps his best certainly his most difficult chancellor and not cool.


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