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this is g.w. newsline from berlin the united nations climate summit opens in madrid. do we really want to be remembered as the generation debt could it be tending to spend that people while the planet but. the u.n. secretary general says it's either that or saving the earth by aiming for carbon neutrality by the year 2050 also coming up tonight in time to come murray slams
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into the philippines hundreds of thousands are forced to flee as the storm makes landfall packing winds of up to a 175 kilometers per hour and in china moves to track it's a cell phone users triggering fresh privacy fears a new law requires everyone registering new sim cards to 1st submit a facial skin. i'm brink off to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome to weeks to save the future that is how many are describing the u.n. climate change conference starting today in madrid delegates from nearly 200 countries have begun 2 weeks of meetings amid a growing sense of crisis and secretary general and tony a good test is calling for bold action warning that the world. risks passing the
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point of no return to go she had been tasked with ironing out the rules for implementing that historic 2015 paris climate agreement in which countries have agreed to limit global warming to less than 2 degrees celsius of both of the average temperature from pre-industrial times of the united states one of the world's biggest carbon emitters is also represented believe it or not president donald trump has pulled his country out of the paris accord but that does not take full effect until late next year. we are indeed still in. unfortunately we are having to fight our way through a bit of a blockade by the fossil fuel industry but that will not prevail and the america that you know the america of leadership the america of progress the america of confidence the america of clean and green energy. people like secretary kerry and president obama's work at the original paris capa
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something we should all reflect on while we're here today that america will be back and it's he said yes we are still in and that was us senator sheldon whitehouse at the un climate conference in madrid will talk about the conference i'm joined now at the big table by dr quentin and he is a researcher at the think tank climate analytics here in berlin is good to have you on the show when you see the u.s. senator there speaking do you believe him do you have faith that the u.s. the world's biggest economy one of the biggest polluters that it's going to do what needs to be done to mitigate climate change. is good a good evening 1st thanks for having me. the u.s. is obviously a special case they have agreed that they want to preload of the 1st agreement. but as in time don't trump eyes and said as stated that he wanted to boost the coal industry in the us what we see actually on the ground is the opposite so in the us
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we have seen a retreat in the cold fired power generation of the last years so there is progress being made there is progress being made despite. what stallman trump announces and what's u.s. official polices and or. unfortunately obviously that makes a difference if u.s. policies official produces would actually be supportive of the person and if all the countries. promised to do so complied with the paris climate accord with that be enough to slow and stop global warming. so there's it's quite simple one has to be done to stop the warming. you just need to bring carbon emissions to net 0 that's what needs to be done and fortunately countries are not in charge to do that and that's the issue here. if current polices or implemented
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if pledges pledges of emissions reductions are implemented the climate action tracker actually says that we head at about krispy degrees in 2100 which is obviously way more than the 1.5 degrees that your peers should agreements s right so going into this. this conference in madrid are you more optimistic than you were after peers in 2015 or more pessimistic. you know the political momentum of international political momentum and context was definitely more. thanks raging back then and that's why we have to remember back then. but i would say we live in a moment in a critical moment where we still have a window for watching to to reduce carbon emissions and to be in line with the 15 degree scenario. when used to be done is that's globally
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carbon emissions need to teach in the next years if not 2020 and then we need to your hoth emissions globally. every decade and we need to reach about 90 carbon emissions around 2050 run 2050. come back to you we want to take a look now at one region not only feeling the direct effects of climate change but also doing something about it the seychelles is an island chain off the coast of africa threatened by rising sea levels and the destruction of local marine life but the nation just north of madagascar is now the policies that it hopes will serve as an example to others take a look. over 300000 people a year head to the seychelles to enjoy a holiday in paradise the vast array of coral sea fish and other marine life in the surrounding ocean is breathtaking. but this entire ecosystem is under threat from climate change. the president of the seychelles. when he took in the
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ocean floor earlier this year in a submersible vehicle. the most alarming problem for the seychelles waters is rising temperatures warmer seas have bleached many of the coral reefs damaging areas of natural beauty for a country that relies on its fishing and tourism industries the impending disaster could cost many people their jobs. yet at least responsible for the problems of climate change yet we are vulnerable. in fact if we were different the fight would have been different the seychelles is working on a solution
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a government led initiative is turning one 3rd of the country's territorial waters an area the size of germany into protected zones the zones stretching out from the countries in iraq looms and group islands aim to limit human activity and thus make marine life more resilient. marine scientists from the university of oxford and the nekton institute have been examining the seychelles waters there was a incredible diversity an abundance of fish especially in protected areas like of which was a marine protected areas do work when they are put in place. the seychelles is aiming to become a model for marine protection around the world in an effort to slow the effects of climate change its president is hoping other countries will take notice we are nor that we have a problem what is needed is a responsible global action. and there is no there is no tie probably.
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the seychelles on its president are already seeing the effects of climate change they don't want discussion they want action now. think it is a realistic possibility that the seychelles could disappear in our lifetime so what should leaders from small countries like this who are on the front lines of climate change what should they be expecting from the big economic powers in these next few weeks in madrid. so there are several things that could be debated in madrid one thing is that it will complete the 2 completes their discussions on the paris were book which is a set of rules to implement the parser grammont and yours should be it should be agreed upon discussions and a set of rules for the article 6 on market mechanisms to achieve that and secondly discard comes before one year before $222120.00 is a crucial you're in
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a climate action because as i said before it is the year where we should see emissions. to be in line with the $1.00 at. the easiest easiest achievable of them and secondly so very important because the parts mckinney's in the 1st agreement has a mechanism which is called wretched to make an isms which says that in 2020 actually we should see the commitments of countries to reduce their carbon emissions. ratchet it up meaning that these countries should actually submit new more ambitious commitments bishan there is the key word we've actually we will see what have those over the next 2 weeks indefinitely by 2021 dr quentin lizard from the think tank climate analytics here is really quick thank you thank you farai. flow from the climate to the weather in the philippines powerful typhoon has made landfall the storm swept ashore with original rains and winds of more than 175
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kilometers per hour the typhoon has knocked out power in several provinces manila's international airport is due to suspend operations in the coming hours more than $200000.00 people have fled to safety. with that wind and rain getting stronger coastal residents ran for shelter and batten down the hatches. as typhoon approached anything that could be blown away needed to be stowed away. with the help of the military these families packed up and fled not knowing what if anything they may return to the. tens of thousands of people on the island of luzon have been evacuated to makeshift shelters like this. police prepared aid packages for those displaced by the storm. is on course to
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cause problems for the $29000.00 southeast asian games which the philippines is now hosting but organizers say they are ready for whatever comes. some people. there's no. but for many coastal residents the only solution is to get to shelter wait out the storm and hope for the best. or here are some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world a new wave of flooding in southern france has killed at least 5 people 3 of the victims were rescuers who died when their helicopter crashed near marci the country's mediterranean coast has faced heavy rains over the last few weeks leading to serious floods and transport disruptions hundreds of women have taken to the streets of the iraqi city of basra to show solidarity with anti-government protests elsewhere in the country it's the city's 1st protest to be led by women and it
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follows the resignation of the country's prime minister at the weekend. german defense minister on the great crum common boller also known as a k k has started her 1st visit to afghanistan she has called for an extension of germany's mandate in the country saying a lot of work is still needed to secure afghanistan germany has around $1300.00 troops in the country their mandate is currently due to end in march. you're watching t w news still to come romania sees a spike in births bice the syrian section critics say corrupt doctors are responsible and that they're putting mothers lives at risk we'll take a closer look in just a month. for the future of germany's government is in doubt chancellor angela merkel's governing coalition partners and social democrats elected 2 new leaders critical of the partnership with the chancellor's conservatives they've indicated
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that they want to see major changes raising the prospect of the coalition collapsing potentially causing either an early election or a minority government. south korea s.k. and norbert fatah boy the newly chosen leaders of the social democrats well their election mean the end of germany's coalition government. and the results of the s.p.d. poll came as a surprise as did the clear margin of victory the new leaders to be want to make their own mark and chart a new course for the party they also want to reopen negotiations with chancellor angela merkel on future government policies that does cut the responsibility of the social democrats to make policies for the low and medium earners at this time and again we see clauses in our contract with the c.d.u. that are not in their best interests and that has to change with. the conservatives are willing to talk with the s.p.d. but say renegotiating parts of the coalition agreement is not an option. is the
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chancellor is fundamentally prepared to cooperate and that's the way it should be in a coalition she is willing to talk as is usual in a coalition. talk yes but we can't renegotiate the coalition agreement incidentally that would also involve the s.p.d. discussing it all 1st with the rank and file again the opposition green say berlin is headed toward a government crisis b.s.p. did the s.p.d. has to clear this up this week do they want to govern this country yes or no you can't govern if you is maybe. the s.p.d. has veered left what this means for the german government should become clear over the coming days when he is chief political correspondent of the crane she can guide us through all of this getting to you is this a crisis. it is a shock and it is certainly a crisis for the s.p.d. which has seen its share of crisis is over the last couple of years whether it is
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a crisis for the government and for the country as a whole does depend on a couple of different factors so factor number one what happens at the social democrats party conference on friday they do have to confirm this new leadership duo seems pretty clear that they will but that is still one variable now in order to prevent that party conference from becoming a sort of yes no referendum on whether the government stays in power or whether the s.p.d. leaves the government the new leaders have said they don't in fact want to immediately precipitously leave the government what they do want is to renegotiate the coalition agreement meanwhile however spokesman for the government have said the c.d.u. isn't about to agree to that so both america spokesperson and also as we
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heard com current power the conservative party leader they've said that's not going to happen so this could become a crisis in slow motion we will see the 2 governing coalition partners negotiating with each other i think the c.d.u. is that it's open to that but if they can't come to agreement that would presumably lead to the s.p.d. leaving the government then the option would be either early elections or as you mentioned possibly a minority government led by the conservatives not a very stable option many people in germany would certainly not prefer to see that happen yeah and it's certainly is a dent in the armor of germans debility was in the european union at the time is also not good is it i mean we're preparing for bridge and a lot of other challenges for your. right just one example of that the other rival candidate for party leadership was the current finance minister in the
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governing coalition schultz highly regarded by many people in germany but not obviously within his own party because he did not win the referendum that means he now goes into crucially you meetings this week to some degree discredited and with a lot of questions being raised about the stability of this very important economy and the issues of instability aren't only at e.u. level also here domestically in germany we have a somewhat volatile political situation with the far right party the alternative for germany the a.f.d. breathing down the necks of the conservatives saying they very much want to be part of government so it's a difficult time for the s.p.d. to be engaged in a long process of self reflection and that same thing goes for the government as a whole if it is largely now going to spend months working on whether or not the 2 partners can stay together that doesn't auger well for the stability of this very
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important country our chief political correspondent linda crane of the storm force here in berlin melinda thank you. well here's some of the other stories that are making headlines around the world ukraine's president vote appears olinsky has denied any quid pro quo deal with the u.s. president to investigate double trouble political rival joe biden in an interview with a german news magazine der spiegel zelinsky says that he did not understand the allegations concerning his july phone call with trump and those allegations are currently at the center of the impeachment inquiry into the u.s. president china says u.s. naval ships and military aircraft will no longer be allowed to stop off in hong kong beijing is also announcing sions against several american in geos retaliatory measures come after the united states passed legislate. last week backing pro-democracy protesters in hong kong. are going to stay in china now with the question what do you have to do to get the new phone number beijing has put into
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effect new regulations that require people in the country to have their faces skiing when they sign up to get a new phone of the government's record river joins us now so this is ingenious even if you think it's sinister. but talk to me a little bit about this so what's what exactly is happening well this is a kind of a part of a broader push by the chinese government to make it increasingly hard for people to stay anonymous online now offline as well basically if you want to get a sim card for your phone of a phone number to make you find what you have to in voluntarily surrender your identity that is a huge deal because well i mean obviously everybody want to find it's almost impossible to live in china without one everything's of link to your online your apps and that sort of thing the facial recognition technology is being increasingly used for everything in china as well as the technology is being used to pay in
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shops and supermarkets it's actually becoming increasingly difficult to use cash in in many cities so alongside that china is setting up a social credit system to keep score of the conduct conduct of its citizens and then stores that madonna base that we that is that also linked up to this facial recognition technology and this technology was easy extensive the engine john province all is used to crack down on the muslim population there largely muslim population in that area is now being rolled out across the country at the same time china is aggressively expanding its use of c.c.t.v. cameras you know i mean you would think it would be enough just to give your address for example where you're one of the phone number you have to be in many countries already but this is like taking it to a new level now they c.c.t.v. cameras they want 626 minute across the country by next year that's one for every 2 peoples. will be linked to this facial wreck recognition technology that everyone's involuntary given our are people in china are they worried about things well i mean
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it's had lots of foreign criticism obviously they and human rights watch have come out condemning it but within china itself the criticism is bain been a little bit of a moment but mostly the criticism has been about the use of the dollar and the commercial interests and you know who you were going to get targeted by from this data but the reason for the lack of criticism is probably 2 pronged firstly there isn't much of a platform for people to be critical as even debate these controversies in china secondly it's being sold as a really positive thing for china you know that china is a technology called global leader in face recognition which of these. people largely agree that it's hard to know what public opinion is in china the that is true should we be worried about this because we are talking about a country with more than a 1000000000 people yeah exactly what i mean you know the human rights issues are you know apparent very clear but also closer to home perhaps so b. is a good example this technology is being used elsewhere and in serbia hundreds of huawei
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maids c.c.t.v. cameras hallways course the giant chinese take them being and sold around belgrave no one really knows where the dollars being stored or what is being used for and this is happening on the place as well the u.s. has been very critical in particular saying that while ways basically used as a back door for the chinese government to surveil spy basically gives new meaning to the strays i've got your number sure in fact rebecca rivers as always rebecca thank you romania have the highest rate of birth spices syrians section in the european union with as many as 4 out of 5 newborns and some hospitals delivered this way critics say it's because of corruption in the health service doctors make more money from c. sections than from natural births. when little aryan goes down the slide his father's always there to catch him at the bottom his mother manuel a can only watch because of the syrian section she had when she gave birth to him
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that nearly killed her but the doctor decided to take this action and i don't know what has happened but something room has happened because their respective week have to decide to be a head for surgery ever since manuel as started talking to the press about her experience many women have contacted her to share their stories doctors often insist on performing says. his doctor came into the clinic after hours apparently slightly drunk although the operation went badly he insisted she give him the traditional cash gift yes i think it's about the money when you go to hospital you need money from the nurses the entrance of the hospital can get into the hospital this is how he's a natural birth costs 300 euros but for a syrian you have to slip the doctor up to 1000 euros at the clinic no one wanted to be interviewed here like everywhere in romania the government has raised
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salaries for medical personnel over the last year but still 80 percent of births are ceasar ians irina put has is a midwife she has to meet patients in a café if she wants to explain the advantages of natural birth she lost her job in a clinic after contradicting doctors who insisted on a c section i am sure that. it is because i want my doctor knows me and. my medical for i. don't feel safe bribery is so common in romania's medical system that the government is clamping down and auditing facilities much more but even the health minister admits it's not enough. the thought of the future of the us recently we had to close a birth station because of the risk of infection and. the employees were against it . it was right before christmas they had 60 syrians lined up and needed the money.
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little eye and doesn't know why his mother can never pick him up but man oh well it is glad she can at least kiss him it means she survived. our sports news now about you know this woman the top women's soccer player is in the world is american meghan rapinoe that's from the prestigious door awards this evening in paris the outspoken lead the u.s. national team to this year's world cup championship where she also took individual honors as the top scorer and. the best player overall during the month long event the 34 year old furthered her status as a feminist icon in critic of you guessed it us president double trouble for the rest on a replay well as temperatures in much of the northern hemisphere drop off let me take you to hawaii where temperatures and cloudless skies are just about perfect
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for the top surfers in the world they've been taking on big waves in an event called van's world cup of surfing and this is veteran kelly slater if you last one the event 21 years ago but he's still at it and this ride the spike the wipeout helped put him into the 4th round and into contention for the title one more time i mean i don't think they age when they serve. we should put that in a bottle and sell it all right after a short break i'll be back to take you through the day stick around with the record .
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i'm not going to happen again well i guess sometimes i am but i stand up and with that the german thinks deep into the german culture of looking at the stereotypes aquatics put in here think the future of the country that i not. needed to be
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taken as grandma down to you it's all that a look i'm rachael join me for me the german sunday w. . post some time now to look at a section of me which was affectionately as you can. slam the mayor putin in the middle of his election campaign in the year 2000 and documentary was. filmed for russian television but director vitali munson captured much more that was to turn the camera back on to the young man of course. the film secretly chronicled the power grab actually everything is precisely planned in structure. featuring top supporting roles. to prove the freedom of the press and. to the freedom of russia. and featuring
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a lead role like you've never seen before let me be clear with you i have to act in ways that i feel necessary and people who simply understand that. players at a mirror image to the ends justify the means. to terms with mrs starts december 13th on t.w. . at the un's climate change conference in madrid spain naming and shaming will be on the agenda for the next 2 weeks the economy's doing the most harm tonight appear unwilling to change for good are they also when willing to change for the good i bring golf and berlin this is the day.
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we need the referee then people changing the way we do business.


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