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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  December 6, 2019 8:00am-8:31am CET

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from berlin france is paralyzed by one of its biggest nationwide strikes in decades french public sector workers closed transport hospitals and schools in a protest against proposed pension reform a strike isn't over yet so will happen today also coming up u.s. president donald trump dares the democrats to go ahead with impeachment now and
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fast that's after the most powerful woman in washington said the time to stop dropping pietschmann for gifts to. the people of kabul faced violence every day but a far greater threat. now the government is taking steps to. also . germany's social democratic party is expected this week to come from its 2 new leaders challenging the coalition deal there with those so. welcome to the program france has been paralyzed by one of its biggest nationwide strikes in decades many joint. across the country public transport schools and
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hospitals have been seriously disrupted public sector workers are protesting against president plan to reform the pension system each union is deciding how long to keep its members are out on strike but further protests are expected on friday and in the days ahead. 3 very loud very angry and united in their opposition to the policies of french president emmanuel mccall. some cities saw heavy clashes between protesters and security forces in paris small groups of masked activists smashed store windows set fires and hurled flares was earlier in the day one of france's largest mobilizations in decades looked a bit different thousands came to protest pension reforms or a strikers say for the rights of future generations for their pension and security
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barely afford to eat. who don't have enough to make ends meet and this reform will make things worse all the independent mission by my free time myself in 10 years time and i'm not sure i'll be able to survive on what my car is proposing is that simple. the protests shut down public schools nationwide subway stations across paris were closed and 9 out of 10 high speed trains were canceled. many of the capital's most famous tourist attractions was shut leaving tourists frustrated but strike supporters say the measures are necessary due to the frustration by feel what the french government. take it was worth and is it going to he says i want to say the money and who is the $1.00 class who pay the price for the cuts unacceptable that's a fact if there's money out there the people in power are capitalists have to pay you duffy they know how to find money for not for the deals it is they've turned the world upside down and they want us to pay even but we don't agree with that you
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went on in the political trade unions called a strike over the government's pension plans many fear the proposals would increase their work time and reduce their pensions polls have seen high public support for the strike so far. there are several forces united for this it's really big there are a students nurses firemen doctors lawyers and yellow vests like me as usual. union say they might extend the strike as far as monday. while ago i spoke to your correspondent lisa lewis who was in front of the garda lest in paris is usually one of the city's busiest railway stations we asked what commuters could expect today. well a transport is has grinded all got ground to hold and that's still the case today the taxi driver this morning for example that it's not going to be
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a good day just as yesterday because people have prepared for this many people are staying at home across the country and there are very few trains running although local transport in some cities is back up running again this is how much of the public support is there for the demands of the unions. well the majority of the french are worried about their pension and support the strike however when you look at different parts of the economy for example shopkeepers are starting to complain obviously because they're losing out on this and largely especially here in paris you know this is these are the last few weeks ahead of christmas and shopkeepers know many make a 5th of what they earn over the year in the month of december so there is cause for great concern at least amongst them. any sign of one of them i call reacting to these stories the government is thinking about what they could do how they could
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negotiate this talk about you know pushing back the reform a little bit making sure there is a smooth transition or bringing in more members of the unions to decide how the future system will work the government doesn't want to drop the reform or together he says really important for markov to push this through in order to you know to please his voters but he's willing to negotiate is highly visible can we expect for the weekend and indeed for next week transport unions have already announced that they will can that they would consider continue the strike at least until monday and that's especially the case here for the r. a.t.p. the local transfer union that's running the metro so paris will be rather blocks also trains are all across the country are likely to be likely to be very few trains across the country so this will continue at least for a few days the unions have said that they would like to would like the strike to
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continue until the end of next week when the government should unveil the exact details of the reform well let's see what happens many people upset of the watching that very closely is alou is watching the strikes in paris for us thank you. now to some of the other stories making headlines around the world in india 4 men accused of raping and killing a 27 year old woman have been shot dead by police police say the men were shot as they tried to escape custody a burned body of the alleged victim was found last week the case has sparked nationwide protests. the world health organization says the number of deaths from measles is on the rise the latest figures show the disease killed about 140000 people last year nearly 15 percent more than the year before its sides failure to vaccinate children as a key reason for the increase. democratic presidential candidate joe biden has
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called a vote to add a competitive and a damn liar the man suggested biden had helped his son land a lucrative job at a ukrainian oil firm president trump's efforts to push that claim about biden at the center of the impeachment inquiry against. us president is daring the democrats in the house of representatives to go ahead with impeachment now and fast trump says he wants a fair trial in the senate impeachment is unlikely to succeed there because trump's republican party has a solid majority trump was reacting to the speaker of the u.s. house nancy pelosi saying she's ready to draft articles of impeachment he is alleged to have tried to pressure ukraine into investigating his rival democratic presidential candidates joe biden. nancy pelosi was clear about the way forward with impeachment she said the president's abuse of power with clear and required action was heartbreaking but the president gave us no choice so we're not going to
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say what we would we would honor our oath of office but what he's the one who's dividing the country on this we are honoring the constitution of the united states . has asked the house judiciary committee to draw up charges which could include abuse of power and obstruction of justice trumps response was characteristically direct on his preferred communication channel twitter. they have no impeachment case and not demeaning our country he treated the nothing matters to them they've gone crazy therefore i say if you're going to impeach me do it now fast so we can have a fair trial in the senate. his regular cheerleaders supported him calling impeachment is a just the most are we ok with it we think it is in ill conceived illegitimate process it will continue to be americans seem divided on the issue.
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i think the evidence is very clear that he put his own personal interests before the interests of our country. i don't for that appalling. and i have to say i'm really really disappointed. that the republicans. in government. don't seem to be able to put their country 1st. or right quite frankly i think is a very bad time. it's christmas time is going to be you know we have an election next year while they wait for the voters speak we only harvest big force if the democrats move fast in the house then proceedings move to the 2nd stage of the peach meant a try in the senate where the republicans have a majority which could be to trump's advantage in afghanistan
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people die in bombings and terrorist attacks almost daily yet reports suggest that air pollution is an even bigger killer no official figures spot it's estimated that pollution kills more than $26000.00 people in afghanistan in 2017 that compares to almost $3500.00 violent deaths in the same year now the government is taking steps to clean up the toxic gas. these 3 men mean business. deferent afghanistan's environmental protection agency. and they're not happy. they're checking the heating system of a public back house and it's seen that the filters are not working properly. this means the smoke being belched into the skies over kabul is even more toxic than usual and more. our job is to reduce the air pollution around the country
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we go to cities with our monitoring chains and with people from the local authorities such as here in kabul and we identify any sources of air pollution which are hazardous for the city and then take the necessary action to be taken but when it comes to kabul they're facing a huge almost insurmountable challenge the air in the city is more poisonous and in most other places on the planet much of the pollution here comes from cars and congestion other sources include poor quality fuel people burning rubbish and household cooking. in a country otherwise known for terrorist attacks and poor security pollution is emerging as a silent killer and it is the weakest and most fun ribble who are bearing the brunt doctors at the indira gandhi hospital in kabul say the number of children being admitted with illnesses linked to pollution is increasing. there are no exact
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figures but they say hundreds come every day to be treated her spirits are a problems in the food. there's a lot of pollution in kabul and most of the children under the age of 5 suffer from various elements such as chest pain flu dizziness and sensitivity for allergies. by turning up the hates on pollutants the government in kabul is taking steps to improve the situation. it's also trying to raise awareness among ordinary people about the causes of pollution but it's unclear when or if the efforts will enable them to move forward with the battle against pollution. up next in our program a victory for a fake conservation when you look at how rhonda has managed to reverse the trend in
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gorilla population. but 1st here in germany a political shake up in the social democratic party is prompting speculation that the governing coalition with chancellor angela merkel's conservatives could be on its last legs the social democrats are likely to officially confirm the new leadership doing this weekend calling for changes that. may find palatable to talk about why this matters are not joined in the studio by political correspondent kate brady kate why is this day today so important well the social democrats i'm a tense day care in berlin for the posse conference and as you say it's likely that the newly elected a jew i will be called during the leadership race and they basically a pledge that they would leave the grand coalition only the current governing coalition with anglo macro's conservatives potentially throwing the government into crisis and even into
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a meltdown and collapse but interestingly in the past week their rhetoric certainly seems to have changed rather drastically so they can have a look now at exactly who the new social democrat leaders are. now about vita and saskia asking us suddenly in the spotlight the social democrats have nominated a little known m.p. and a former state finance minister as their new party leaders. it's incredible that we're standing here having been nominated by the party. that's going and vital boyan openly critical of the so-called grand coalition. the s.p.s. formed a grand coalition with america's conservative party 3 times since 2005 over that period the party's popularity has plummeted now polls place the s.p.d. at 13 percent esque and believes that being in the coalition has weakened the
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s.p.d. image. for young women it plays a big role for young voters because they only know worse as uncle america's junior partner that's a problem because we are seen as 2nd fiddle and without ambitions of our own. young members who are openly opposed to the current grand coalition. their leader kevin is the head of the young socialist they backed the. says the days of the grand coalition should be number. 2 mentions of none are people want the country's big conflicts to be solved one way or another they want clarity but a grand coalition can't guarantee that that's why next time we need a political alliance clearly to the left or i hope this won't happen clearly to the right of the center. but neither nor esque in and want to leave the grand coalition immediately instead they want to place new demands on america's
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conservative party talked about how more needs to be done for the climate the huge investments will need to be made we said the question of distribution needs to be clarified and the issue of drifting apart we must address these and get clarity from our coalition partners. but 1st as going to not have that right i have to be officially voted in at the party conference once that's done it'll be up to them to forge a new path for the s.p.d. . so there's lots of talk and potential for change out but already it seems that support in the social democrat party itself and the support for this new joy actually seems to be waning. let's have a look at the latest poll by pollsters in france to up their ass germans if they thought the newly elected leaders. of buoyancy could give the s.p.d. a. much needed boost only 22 percent of germans said yes
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overwhelming majority said they didn't believe the new top drawer could help the s.p.d. gain more support among voters. who's that is what comes why a german souls sceptical about that you do well a lot of voters particularly leftist members of the social democrats potentially voted in favor of this new jiro have as well have been actually left rather disappointed as i mentioned the main issue which seems to have won this leadership race for a good and a boy and it is the pledge to take the social democrats on a more leftist course away from the political center ground of geminis political spectrum which by the s.p.d. and merkel's conservatives have moved further and further towards in the in previous years and that they want and they said as well that they would remove the social democrats from the grand coalition almost immediately and they seem to have backtracked on that in recent weeks in the in the last few days sorry and so it seems that a lot after all of these headlines last weekend about how the german government
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could be thrown into crisis it seems that the gro co-exist coalition is known seems it doesn't seem at least to be ending as quickly as we might affect expected a week ago so a lot of people have been disappointed by the change in rhetoric from the incoming leadership so be interesting to see how that plays out this weekend at the political party conference of the s.p.d. let's have a look at it a few more numbers when asked if the run coalition of chancellor merkel's conservatives and the social democrats should be kept in place a clear majority of germans 64 percent said yes while only 32 percent said no as be disappointed has also say they want to stay in the grand coalition. it's the coalition those seems to be riddled with problems why do germans seemingly want to keep well if there's one thing we know about german vices it's that they love stability there always seems to be this demand for change we saw that in the last elections in the federal elections in 2017 but then when that change arrives
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as often i'm a lot of worry and concern about its impacts and consequences and so stability seems still to be the way forward is in german politics and this is the 3rd grand coalition now. and sir germany as well as the polity the different political parties as well as struggling really right now to envisage what germany will look like once i stands down as chancellor come those 2021 elections if not before should at those elections be called early and although there are potential leaders or potential chancellor candidates among the different political parties as no real strong contenders right now so a lot of the parties they need more time to really establish who they want that candidates to be so of course they are really ready to face time with actions yet and if you just look more closely particularly particularly at the s.p.d. they really do want to hold on to that grand coalition because obviously leaving it would be
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a loss of power for them as well. thank you thank you very much. of a ship the mountain gorillas of rwanda were on the brink of extinction but after a concerted campaign their numbers are rising again a decade ago there were just $680.00 of them but now there are more than a 1000 status has changed from critically endangered to just endangered so how did it happen take a look. at a very rare sight this mountain gorilla is one of just over a 1000 left in the mountain forests spreading across congo uganda and rwanda their numbers have increased significantly in only one decade thanks to close trekking and constant monitoring and health births wound every movement of every single guerrillas recorded. but added his own little is to be named.
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in 3. groups. every baby gorilla is named in an annual ceremony in one of the villages bordering the forests. these ceremonies have become hugely popular. and that invites celebrities to spotlight conservation work and help people in the villages to learn about gorillas. and. we don't want to solve the protect the park with guns we want to. protect in course of this park with people who understand why and how. that is a possibility as well and the that is not. really. sustainable conservation strictly regulated guerrilla tourism has created
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a sustainable income with tourists paying a $1500.00 u.s. dollars per visit the government steers 10 percent of tourism revenue from volcanoes national park to build infrastructure and surrounding villages including health clinics and schools to date about $2000000.00 u.s. dollars have gone into funding village projects 21 year old. loves the gorillas in his free time he works as a porter accompanying tourists to the guerrillas. once i'm done with my study i want to become a god i want to make money so i can look after my family. consideration is sprays rand for its concerted efforts to save mountain gorillas from becoming extinct but they also warn that after all gorillas are still considered endangered
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. to boxing now one of the most eagerly anticipated fights of the year takes place on saturday when mexican american and the rules defense heavyweight titles against britain's anthony joshua stunned the sporting world when he beat the previously undefeated joshua earlier this year now the rematch is grabbing headlines across the globe and that's partly because the bout is being held in saudi arabia. and the ruiz became one of boxing's most unlikely champions in june and now he faces anthony joshua in the rematch at an unlikely venue on the outskirts of the saudi capital riyadh. saudi arabia has increasingly opened itself up to tourism this year and the boxing is one of a series of big sporting events planned italian football super cup boasting cristiana ronaldo already took place in jeddah earlier this year this season's match and the spanish version including rail madrid and barcelona take place in the
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kingdom in the coming weeks. the idea of holding big sporting events in saudi arabia has been condemned by the likes of amnesty international they believe the country should not be a major sporting venue because of its human rights record and last year's murder of journalist jamal khashoggi by saudi agents in istanbul but the saudis of porn huge amounts of money into sports they have paid a reported $40000000.00 to bring britain's joshua to the country local residents are excited to be the focus of the sporting world 6 for a weekend. you know lake in 2000 true earlier this oath even. though joshua. oh so excited about a current. joshua could pick up more than $16000000.00 from the fight as he attempts to gain revenge for his shock defeat in new york. it was going to win i know i can do it i was this close last time so next time i won't mess up ruiz will
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probably make only around $9000000.00 that's because he was only drafted in as a last minute replacement for june's bout he still won and now is enjoying being feted as a heavyweight champion by his saudi hosts i feel at home you know everybody's been treating me with and especially enjoying that they're really good for that they have here in this country and i'm just excited for for the 5 saudi arabia is in the sporting spotlight like never before if their last fight is anything to go by louise against joshua could be another classic. this is news these are all top stories francis preparing for another day of public sector strikes over president proposed pension reforms the nation brown to a halt on thursday as hospitals schools and the transit network closed. president responded defiantly top democrat nancy pelosi said the house of
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representatives would file impeachment charges against democrats the cues trump of abuse of power in his dealings with ukraine. news up next to the point debates the state of nato on its 17th anniversary don't forget you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on our website that's. called very much for joining us.
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good. good. good. good thing. because. the morning shaun opinion is a clear position on the international perspective some of the. nato leaders of this
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week be meeting in london to mark the 70th anniversary of an organization that wants to see itself as the most successful military alliance in history but how deep are the rifts within an eon us find out on to the point i'm talking about that . next time on the detail of a. poll of 4 degrees of global warming what difference does it make the show. and we visit the 1st climate monitoring station in africa and explain why it's so important. to also examine how dangerous the melting permafrost is. what miss so involved in geo engineering the climate in focus on. today in 60 minutes on g.w. .
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well if you when i arrived here i slept with a single people in a room for the 9th in america it was hardest for. i even got white hair. learning the german language help me out of office this gives me a little but you need to entrap play you want to know their story reminds her of fighting and reliable information for margaret. nato leaders have this week been meeting in london to mark the 70th anniversary of an organization that styles itself as the most successful military alliance in history however provocative claims from french president emanuel not crawl the late so is as he put it breaking into edge triggered an angry reaction from all those not least from u.s. president donald trump who described the comment.


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