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reveals thousands of sexual assaults on both passengers and drivers. this is your business asia report i'm stephen beers in berlin thanks for watching the trade wars starting to affect economic growth in the world's largest cities that's according to a new oxford economics report researchers say g.d.p. growth and 9 of the top 10 biggest global cities will slow in 2020 they said the trade war in a general global slowdown is having effect american high tech regions like silicon valley will be especially hard hit over the next few years a growth in china's 4 largest metropolitan areas beijing shanghai and pictured here has been around 10 percent per year for the last decade but that's expected to slow to 6 percent over the next 2 years and the fastest growing cities in the world are in india but despite booming growth rates in places like surat and bangalore overall those cities are economic lightweights when compared to the likes of new york london and tokyo so let's bring in our financial correspondent in singapore
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andrea hang. so many of the fastest growing cities here as i just said are in india how do those what's driving growth 1st of all in those cities and then how do they compare to those top 10 cities well like you said you know the they may be the fastest growing in the next few cares but they're also the economic output from the cities on not going to be very significant compared to those global mega-cities that you just mentioned now that said these are powerhouses and stick to such as i thief software development even health and pharmaceutical industries and engineering for example compared to other global cities it's home to global companies such as facebook and apple. now 100 the report says that china's 4 biggest cities should enter the top to the g.d.p. in the coming years i believe 2035 it seems to me that's assuming that this trade
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conflict is basically a blip that it's over by then what would happen if it structurally changes everything. well the trade war and the outcome of the treat well it's it's not quite critical but it's not entirely dependent on it either in terms of having these 4 cities rise up in the next few years now rolling back on terra would actually improve export to months so cities like swinton where it's a manufacturing hub that manufacturing and factory activity is going to go up again there's also the subject of intellectual property and that's relevant to the cities because it's where the young rich and impressionable chinese are living they want their starbucks they want that apple as well it's also these cities are also where a lot of foreigners live and work and in order to attract more of these people to internationalize china so to speak that so-called international environment needs to be present and if the u.s.
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and china somehow which looks very far away right now managed to sort out that ip issue it means that the cities can continue to grow and boost their global tech power. andrea hang joining us from singapore thank you very much. china is the world's biggest carbon emitter and also the biggest innovator in renewable energy sources as a nation that needs massive amounts of energy to feed developments but strides at the same time to reduce air pollution such contradictions are on display at the ongoing un climate change conference in madrid where china's carbon balance is critical to any plan to curb climate change. once upon a time that this was a common sight not anymore over the past few years there's been a significant improvement in beijing's air quality that stands for a range of far reaching government policies most notably related to coal over the last. 5 years or so there's been
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a lot of improvements in beijing's air called in the air quality across northern china. that's being as a result of a lot of government measures to. the burning of coal and households to switch. heating with gas heating and also stricter emissions standards on the industry still china the world's most populous country remains the biggest emitter of carbon the construction industry is especially to blame steel and cement are both huge sources of pollution in the last 3 years the countries use more cement than the u.s. did in the entire 20th century. factories too many of them operated by multinationals have proven environmentally damaging. that spirit environmentalist to provide day set to ensure that consumer goods giants like dow. keep tabs on their suppliers that environmental impact 1st question there's always like you know
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we have a green policy but in china story i just don't know who are polluting now who are not and i still remember the 1st meeting that were able to tell them that look we hope some data it's not just about cussing down on coal and monitoring emission china is also becoming inflow believer in fill their energy investing more in renewable than any other country and build more out. and stay with fossil fuels the op the opec oil cartel has agreed to cut production by half a 1000000 barrels a day and that's the equivalent of half a percent of global output members of the organization of the petroleum exporting countries and russia agreed to the modest cut at a meeting in vienna there is a mr price is the global economy slows down and to compensate for higher output from the u.s. and other producers outside the cartel. opec has lost a bit of the influence in a joint only a decade ago why is that well there are more oil producers outside the cartel as
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well as internal disagreements over pricing the organization currently has $14.00 members for many of them oil is their main source of revenue revenue which is why they'd like prices to be as high as possible here's the problem with that the world's biggest oil producers united states and russia are not members of the cartel they're outputs of around $12.11 barrels per day respectively exceed that of opec's top producer saudi arabia the thing is the u.s. is also the world's biggest oil consumer so while higher oil prices would help domestic oil companies they would tend to harm the rest of american industry. moving on meanwhile there's been an unpleasant surprise for the german economy industrial production fell sharply in october total factory output in europe's biggest economy fell by 1.7 percent compared to the previous month came with analysts expecting a rise of point one percent and it was down 5.3 percent year on year again much
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more sharply than it has a paid. and let's go now to our financial correspondent in frankfurt chelsea delaney. these figures don't seem to fit this narrative that the german economy is on the rebound do they now i think this this and thus trail rebound narrative and germany looks about dad right now this report is being called dismal by a lot of economists it's not just the 1.7 percent drop from from the previous month if you look at the year over year decline it's about 5.3 percent that's the biggest drop in 10 years or so and it's also not just this data there's been a lot of reports this week including and gestural orders stating yesterday that was also surprisingly bad and survey data that's a little more recent there november that's also pointing to continue to climb so the conversation has really shifted over the past couple of days and now the conversation is really is germany heading for a recession and with growth already so low with stagnation really being the
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forecast it could certainly turn to recession very quickly because your in your drop in 10 years that sounds significant what seems to be driving this fall is the car industry here in germany is it orders from china what are people saying. i think it's both of those things the auto industry and the shift to electric vehicles and new emissions standards and stephanie away on on the auto industry here the the head of the automobile industry said yesterday they expect a 5 percent drop in the auto sales this year the trade war with china in the u.s. is definitely had an impact on industry as well germany is a big supplier of investment goods to china and that's really chopped off but there's also been a big decline domestically and demand for capital goods which are things like machinery and tools so those are all sort of long term structural changes that could make this a bigger problem for germany right chelsea delaney joining us from frankfurt
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frankfurt thank you. and let's take a look at some of the other global business stories making news china says it's holding off on an increase in tariffs on u.s. pork imports it's also waiving a hike on levies for soybeans only goshi asians between the 2 countries continue trying to finalize a phase one trade deal 1st announced in october. and it's off after an initial hiccup space x. has launched its falcon 9 rocket it's destined for the international space station the cargoes rather diverse on border 40 genetically modified mice as well as christmas presents and fresh fruits for the lab 6 member crew. of uganda plans to borrow more than $660000000.00 u.s. dollars from international banks to plug a hole in its budget the government received less taxes than expected and it failed to get funds from the world bank you've got a debt has risen 30 percent in 2 years partly because of large chinese funded infrastructure projects. how safe are ride sharing apps well earlier this week
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several women in the u.s. filed lawsuits against lived over sexual assaults in cars affiliated with the company now rival has revealed how many reports of sexual assault it's received in the u.s. in recent years and the number is considerable. report made for some sobering reading there were more than 3000 sexual assaults recorded last year 235 of them were of rape this out of a total of 1200000000 journeys 99.9 percent of which was keen to point out and did with that recorded incident the report which covers 20172018 is the 1st of its kind and comes just 2 weeks after it lost its license to operate in london after drivers using the app were found to have faked their identity and it's not just super either rifle lift is also facing pressure over its safety record earlier this week 19 women filed lawsuits in san francisco related to sexual assault or rape that
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happened in vehicles affiliated with the company. his hands touched had woken up to him actually groping. my words. both lift and hooper have increased screening and background checks for drivers. lift has also pledged to release a safety report of its own but experts say sexual assaults often go under reported and that the problem could be far larger in scale than the figures suggest. and that's it for me in the business you can find out more about these and other stories online at www dot com slash business i'm stephen there's a strong. point
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witnesses starts december 13th on t w. this is d. w. news coming to you live from berlin jill muse chancellor remembers the victims of one of the worst crimes against humanity she makes of photos to fish in a visit to the auschwitz death camp bosses believe the infamous slogan makes you free the nazis modded more than a 1000000 people.


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