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take. us. with. the. truth. this is news africa coming up in the next 15 minutes the gambia still reeling in shock the government saying is it sending a team to mauritania to investigate the deaths of dozens of migrants who drowned at sea in one of the deadliest such disasters. building proof house is famous for chain lagos and local often take to explain cooling design. a mass grave in berlin or see the auto exhibition uncovering
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a doctor chapter of germany's history in the mid be. a day they try to kill the whole. ethnic group the heroes as well as the nose and they don't succeed you know we're still here when we're told the story. hello i'm christine one bill welcome to news africa it's good to have you along. government sending a delegation to mauritania to investigate the drumming off 63 people in the atlantic ocean the majority of the migrants were gambians on their way. these are some of the survivors the boat they were on the left gambia for the canary islands at the end of november the vessel capsized off the coast of mauritania as you can see. now some of the survivors managed to swim back to shore although it is i'm not
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sure how many people were on board but instruments put the number as high as 180 people many of them are still unaccounted for and back in the gambia relatives of the victims are mourning their loss. news spread quickly among residents of that a boat carrying migrants had sunk of mauritania relatives fear they have lost their loved ones the same vessel stopped here a few days ago looking for passengers many gambians boarded hoping to reach europe and a better life. with a little boat anchored in and the smugglers were scouting for passengers and my grandson and 2 others heard about this and decided to join them but we thought they'd succeed because 2 other boats that left recently reached their destination are. these survivors managed to swim ashore they are being housed in the
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mauritanian city of new ideas and are receiving primary care mauritania not thirty's say more than 80 passengers have been rescued already only see what's going. on here today because we are illegally emigrating to find something to make a living and to help our parents because there's not enough work in our country. we left gambia a week ago wanting to go to spain the people who organized the trip abandoned us at sea because we were lost. we were lost and we didn't know where to go it had been a good. attempts to reach spain from africa have increased in recent years as authorities have clamped down on crossings to italy from libya. but at 20 quid a gentleman on the atlantic route and the western mediterranean route to become increasingly important in 2015 there were about $5000.00 robberies in europe each
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year and $28.00 team the number reach 60000 yes or 74 the people of bahrain gambia they are still many unanswered questions many victims were buried in mauritania without being identified. again for an update on the developments on the story let's go to day devotees all know while the who's in bundle in the gumby good to see you all must so what do we know about those who survived and who are in mauritania are they going to be brought back so the gambin and what about those have been buried in mauritania will their remains also be brought back to the country whether according to their press release issued by the government they are informed the presidency and the government it's walking route. to send a delegation to mauritania to investigate and walk on how best they can how close they mean to those who are left lives those who lost their lives and those who survived the accident although we talked about some of the questions that are being
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raised in the gambia about this incident one of them is where was the navy when people took off from the clothes to head off into the what is what what what what what what have you heard from the authorities about that. whether this is the same question many governments house in explicit understand media they said where was the gun that maybe because it's just a few kilometers from where these people are bored de bortoli have dysentery and they said how can hundreds of people have board a boat to retire to the knowledge of the ugandan navy who will use one or 2 are deceased so that's a question many people are asking and you have to get response from the authorities on that. oh mother the gambia has been producing a lot of refugees especially during the time of former presidents yeah yeah jamey looking at the statistics as they are which you have numbers for us it doesn't look like that is messing up it seems as though more and more people continue to risk
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their lives to leave the gambia and get say europe can you tell us why this is the case well from 214228000 are going to you and over to 5000 government seventy's country and when the general good to see or so how many talked out of the center of doing things to happen in this country in terms of investment and creating opportunities for young people look that did not change steve young people out who seem to have lived with them to see if they should to go to europe and this is a hoax and crime and a lot of who they have in that country because most of them to think that they kind of make it in this country are side began to get if this is in the west sort of i'm going to ask. it's been about 2 years since the new president came into office president adam a barrel is a question of his incompetence all other reforms that the gabby needs does he need a lot of time and people just don't have the patience help us understand why things are not getting better for people why they feel like they don't have hope in the
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country it depends on who you talk to too many president who is focused and he cannot deliver anymore sort of the young people in this country toward the problem was with the former president and the way they think when this new equipment that program and the sort of what that didn't happen 2 years into his leadership the young people are still continue to leave this country employ him bringing suit on the increase so for them they won't even get even quite under president bush have done at the end of 2 years into the end of his 5 year term because many people say he kind of do anything you cannot change anything for the people of this country. all right obama. and bundjalung thank you. thank you so much. on next story takes us to nigeria where temperatures rose up to 5 degrees higher than normal during the 1st quarter of this year it's a massive jump even for
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a country already accustomed to heat waves climate change scientists warn this year's unprecedented heat wave is a sign of what lies ahead for the country now the city of lagos is home to about 22000000 people and the houses people are building on not designed to save god from the heat but as you're about to see one has a plan. in the nigerian mega city lagos the poor feel the heat hardass rising temperatures hurt people's health and make daily chores more taxing children and the elderly are most atrocious in the city sprawling slums construction and overcrowding make heatwaves was there is no ventilation when the sun beats down on community blogger moses on jolo he built this plane himself from wooden planks top hole in nylon and cardboard after authorities demolished his old house in a massive fiction. economy to new developments
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well you don't get us. over. just. scorched by rising temperatures and wary of both or it is some residents are building their way out of heat waves. architect tell you has designed a training center for homeless children that uses passive cooling to keep temperatures like inspired by traditional nigerian architecture or mackay uses compressed earth bricks that heat up during the day and release energy at night a wing shaped roof disperses heat by diverting affleck. he says cities are not doing enough to guard against temperature increases. heat is rising it keeps rising as the city develops as we're not dealing with pollution as we build tighter and tighter spaces so i think it's really critical that people think about heat when
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thinking about design. with the city swelling by more than 1000 people a day cool buildings will become increasingly crucial for lives. now here in the german capital berlin a movie an artist is helping to shine a light on another doc chaps of german history when the libyan communities rose up against german colonial rule in 1904 imperial forces responded they were quick to crush the end wrist and the result was the nehemiah nation of the head a little and nama peoples in 2004 the german government formally recognised the atrocities and issued an apology but to date no reparations have been paid now in a movie in august isabel is addressing this national trauma with an installation in berlin. people cut t.v.'s ancestors are herrera one of them being tried as the german colonial power tried to obliterate over
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a century ago. with her exhibit here in berlin. gives a voice to those who were silenced they tried to various you know they they they tried to kill the whole. ethnic group the heroes as well as the numbers and they didn't succeed you know we're still here when we're here to tell the story . from 10141908 the german army brutally suppressed the herero unama rebellion killing up 210-0000 people or more. the 1st genocide of the 20th century shaped modern m.e.p. descendants of victims were displaced today 70 percent of private land remains in white hands germany has returned remains of victims to be buried but for land has so far refused calls for reparations. the. fragile masts of the artists own fake fly half buried in sand the work feels like
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an untended mass grave people's touch of v.v. hopes the started to scotch and about the crimes of the past before they are forgotten our biggest thing is acknowledgment to acknowledge its history to acknowledge that it happened because for so many years it's just been the not. germany has finally stopped denying what happened in the may be but the path to healing more than a century of trauma has barely begun. and that is it for now from the news africa as always you can catch all our stories on our website and facebook page. now we're leaving you with pictures off the table and on the people in the media have a good weekend. where
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i come from we have to fight for a free press i was born and raised in the meantime the ship was just one to the shadow and a few in his favor as one official information as a journalist i have work on the strength of many can trust and their problems are all the same 14 social inequality a lack of the freedom of the press. corruption we can afford to stay silent when it
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comes to the fans of the humans on scene or microphones who have decided to put their trust in us. my name is johnny paris and i work. alone i am welcome to news from the world about culture coming up in the next quarter and. this year's legendary perelli calendar features hollywood stars posing as modern versions of shakespeare's juliet. bringing the forest into a. french artist a visual arts may believe it or not from kabul.
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bots we began with a look at the annual european film awards which take place this weekend here belin joining me is all film expert adrian kennedy who has all the details adrian some big european directors up for the big award yes roman polanski pedro and more and yoko said that for most of the heavyweights in the running polanski's film is historical drama about the dreyfus affair and motive oz is semi autobiographical and slants the most of course has this incredible restoration which has already won his link actress and maybe a comb and. let's have a look at those 3 top favorites for the top. executives really and that's just it was only going to be the people on the beach did you see it. you should know the name.


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