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i am. i am. this is d. w. news live from berlin and germany's chancellor remembers the victims of one of the worst crimes against humanity i'm going to marco makes her 1st official visit to the al schmidt's death camp parsing beneath the infamous slogan what sets you free the nazis murdered more than a 1000000 people at auschwitz most of them jews also coming up thousands of young people marched through woodridge calling for real action on climate change now they are joined by swedish climate activists and they tend to back she traveled across
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the atlantic in a new york to participate in these march and to attend a un conference on climate change. celebrations in india after police shoot stage 4 men suspected of great thing and killing a young woman the officers are being a hailed as heroes but there are concerns that they may have taken the law into their own hands. on her own free glad you could join me german chancellor angela merkel has made her 1st official visit to the former auschwitz death camp the site in poland was the nazis largest death camp during the 2nd world war now chancellor merkel's visit marks the 10th anniversary of the foundation that preserves the memorial and she paid tribute to the victims of the camp and spoke of the necessity of remembering the atrocities committed. it's almost meat day when german chancellor angela merkel
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arrives at the place that evokes the crimes of the nazi era like no other. auschwitz former concentration and extermination camps the murder machine. by 945 as many as 1500000 people had been killed here by the nazis. silently merkel approaches the so-called wall of death with the polish prime minister. at this wall the germans shot dead thousands of poles. this is merkel's 1st visit to auschwitz as chancellor for 24 years no german chancellor has walked through this gate beneath a sign with the cynical slogan work sets you free a survivor who recalls the cruelty he experienced as a child at the hands of the germans tells michael how much these prisoners here and to be free and good at their going to vote for trump since the beginning since
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august 1944 when i 1st arrived we were all skiing when he says that we can be free. you know via cop on the cap. and say well if you want to be free. don't you see the chimneys. that is how you will be free. sure can tricycle mean merkel says she feels deep shame at the horrors of auschwitz . the crime should be silently remembered she says but this shouldn't be the only response. she's also featured once this site apply jesus to keep the memories alive you know we have to remember the crimes we have to identify the perpetrators and to commemorate the victims in a dignified manner that is our engineering responsibility it's not open to negotiation and keeping these memories alive is becoming more difficult as fewer
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and fewer survivors remain that's why this memorial site is so important the german chancellor promised to make 60000000 euros available for renovations this will go towards repairing barracks gas chambers and fences so they remain a visual reminder of germany's crimes. well d.w. correspondent thomas fire was at the memorial ceremony and he sent us his impressions of the chancellor speech this was our 1st visit to auschwitz birkenau since he became chancellor 14 years ago he was also the 1st time that a german chancellor visits this site in nearly 25 years this explains why i'm glad merkel's visit was described as one of historic dimensions. gave a speech today in which he stressed germany's guilt germany's historic responsibility and how that responsibility is a very important part of germany's identity as a nation but she also stressed the lessons that can be drawn from the past in
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particular lessons for today's context and that context today in germany and europe is marked by a rise in 97 it isn't. there was e.w. correspondent thomas is far back and now well chancellor merkel has pledged a gift of 60000000 euros of government funds to the foundation that maintains the former death camp its work is dedicated to preserving the memory of the victims and to raising awareness of the crimes committed al shits in order to prevent such horrors from ever happening again. what sets you free the nazis and the tourist slogan looms above the entrance to the auschwitz memorial horus were committed here now it has become an important tourist destination for visitors from around the well it's over the past 10 years visited numbers have doubled more than 2000000 people now visit auschwitz every year. it's very moving
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through hard not to cry and we'll see you on t.v. on for you missed many many times by the 1st time that you see the 1st time in person that's pretty reset itself is really important like a place it's giving great people kind of impression about what happened what people went through and so on but i think that we were paying too much attention to the buildings to the place itself to the general names and things like that and to small attention to what was really important so where it all came from. the memorial site is set to add new exhibition rooms to accommodate all the visitors pavel's civic he says the an ending stream of guests has posed a real challenge. the numbers of visitors that we are getting are already overwhelming this is low just a clean difficult operation so we are also planning to build a completely new visitor center that will be slightly at the side of the historical . site of the comp and it will also help us from this very well just
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a good point of view. even the better december cold doesn't stop people visiting the barracks in the canal concentration camp. here the nazis murdered more than 1000000 people mostly jews they died 3 manju tristian disease or in the gas chamber. now the barracks a crumbling but renovation work has started the goal is that they look like the original yes a steady enough to withstand hard winter is a task that may take decades to accomplish. this venue thongs stuff it's important to dismantle the barracks with very careful consideration for the historical location of a lot of the challenges to integrate the necessary store honest and precision into the process. we document everything in advance in order to be able to
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restore the place accurately krauts our. precision is also key when it comes to preparing items to go on display in this case conservation material used in the past has to be carefully removed because it's now understood to be damaging the exhibits. the goal is not to repair the objects but to preserve them. and you object of these objects reflect the history of this so there deformation contamination the fact that some objects are not complete at all this is testimony to what happened here. still there are plans to change the exhibition the present one was largely designed in 1958 by survivors who focused on the fate of the victims pictures of the perpetrators behati bearable for them but in the future their history will be included as well. when we asked one of the most important educational questions about the story about which is the question why this is not
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a story about the victims does is the story about people who accepted this ideology chose to join the nazi party cho chose to join the s.s. and day where here and they were working and at the same time they were bringing up their children it's almost 75 years since auschwitz was liberated germany is now providing another 60000000 euros to support the memorial site in an attempt to ensure the horrors of the holocaust and not forgotten. younger climate activists are taking to the streets in madrid as the city hosts the un climate conference call up 25 they're demanding urgent action from world leaders have tackled the climate emergency swedish activists go to turn back has joined them in the demo now she'll be taking part in the u.n. summit after making the journey to madrid across the atlantic by catamaran and she refuses to fly due to carbon emissions at a news conference ahead of the rally she said that the calls for real action
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against climate change are still being ignored by political leaders of the strike for for over a year and still facing nothing has happened. the climate crisis is still being ignored by those in power and we cannot go on like this it is not the sustainable solution that children skip school we cannot go on like that so. we don't want to continue so we would we would love some action from the people in power i mean because people people are suffering and dying from the climate logical emergency today and we cannot wait and they look. great in there they're well caught asleep to take is head of climate science an impact and a scientific advisor to climate analytics he joins us now from the trade thank you
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very much for joining us now climate strikes like those taking place today may have helped jolt the climate crisis to the top of the agenda but for many people you know is there enough action concrete action well thank you very much for having me and greetings and good evening from madrid. well you know climate action needs to happen on different levels and currently be a definitely not seeing enough climate action by governments so it is a matter of fact and the science is very clear that if the climate targets that we are currently seeing by governments we all fail to achieve the $1.00 to be target so we need to have increased and over the next year and by 2020 countries around the world need to establish new climate targets in order to get us on track for the purpose of women but on from the groundswell from the bottom up and this is i think you know they use this really championing that we have the have seen in an unprecedented movement of the global populace speaking out for climate action so this is also next and of a 2nd is definitely affecting governments and also this one decisions you do have
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to wonder why governments on taking a greater steps you're a scientist you feel that the scientific community is being listened to or not when it comes to climate change. well there are different governments around the world and one special thing about these un yoshie actions and really a thing most of all very much appreciate is that more than $190.00 countries come here and let's say vulnerable hundreds the small island states the least developed countries coastal developing countries they all calling for climate action many of them are actually taking and vicious climate action at home trying to become climate neutral trying to really you know get themselves on track and they are also here since since decades calling big emitting countries the quality and so if you talk about governments which probably should write or even be a little bit more specific and speak of those who are actually causing the climate crisis of course they say that you know most affected are taking the biggest steps in terms of those countries that all the big emit is causing the bulk of the
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problem what should they do. they should. i think scientifically you can even say they should take to the climatological in such a sickly and even economically prudent position because it is by now renewable energy sources and alternative technologies are becoming competitive even in many countries the cheapest options for energy so investing in those rather than investing in fossil infrastructure also has all the negative side effects and air pollution and what have you is the way to go is the future is the technology of the 21st century and i think distribution needs to happen it happens in some states it happens in some countries faster than in others but we really need to have a great great push to double down on our assets there right kind of. from climate analytics and here in science thank you very much. and now some of the other stories making news around the world france is facing more disruption as the
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country's largest public sector strike for decades enters its 2nd day it's already caused severe disruption to public transport schools and hospitals because of protesting against president a man who had mccall's plans to reform the pension system. 3 people have been killed by a shooter at a major u.s. navy base in pensacola in florida 8 others were taken to hospital with gunshot wounds the attacker was shot dead by luring enforcement is the 2nd deadly shooting at a u.s. military site this week. a 6 story building has collapsed in kenya's capital nairobi needing at least 3 people dead and dozens more injured ministry personnel have been helping with the search and rescue operation the kenyan red cross says 11 people have survived. well germany's social democratic party has confirmed its new leadership the jiro norbert and saskia s. can see new leaders want to want changes to their party's coalition agreement with
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chancellor angela merkel's conservatives but merkel cd party is expected to find their ideas on palatable and that is prompting speculation that the governing coalition could be in danger of collapse. the s.p.d. in celebration remote now it's official saskia esk n n no but vita boyens are to usher in a new era for the social democrats. 75.9 percent of the delegates voted for s. can and about a boy and scott 89.2 percent of the vote a mandate for the 2 grand coalition skeptics not the other nice thing only freedom norbert and i stood for election so we could help the s.p.d. return to the values that the social democrats once stood for recognizability credibility steadfastness a week ago party members nominated a decision that rocked german media leading s.p.d. politicians expressed concerns that s going and vote
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a boy runs would try to dissolve the grand coalition with the c.d.u. and c.s.u. but no one will be talking about this on the 1st day of the party conference and now all division and tension are off the agenda. is in we are in this coalition and we are in a democracy and we must be prepared to make compromises but they have to be justified by the muslim what we stand for. the new leadership team is keen to appeal to its left wing supporters but only to a point they don't want to make a sudden break with the union b.c. mark or indeed i was and still am skeptical about the future of the grand coalition i haven't changed my mind but with this proposal we're giving the coalition a realistic chance of being able to continue no more than that but also no less. now there will be meetings with the c.d.u. c.s.u. to discuss possible tweaks to the coalition contract but young social democrats are skeptical i wonder if that will happen the signs we're getting from the union is
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that it won't but at least we will have tried. now we've got to look at what we haven't yet achieved and what we could do in the next 2 years that should be the basis of any decision we make about continuing with the grand coalition. and so the grand coalition has been given a new deadline and the s.p.d. another chance. and our chief political editor is following the s.p.d. party conference for us this evening in a berlingot to see mckayla do these new leaders mean that the party will shift further to the left. well they are certainly pushing in that direction and the most important thing to know about them is that they beat all our choice it's his running mate and all of swords of course is a minister and i'm going to cabinet so it means that the social democrats will now try and renew themselves set up the new party program not just along slightly more left kind of turns and we see greenpeace for instance demonstrating outside here
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they are certainly hopeful that the social democrats will try and get some extra mileage out of that climate deal that was just actually agreed between the 2 parties so they offer to a certain degree a fresh start although they sound a lot less aggressive since the into the final stage of actually getting elected here at the s.p.d. party conference and wondering what would a potential lean a little bit more to the left mean for the governing coalition with i'm going to back as conservatives. well it means that i'm going to machall c.d.u. c.s.u. knows they will have to give them something at the same time they are adamant we've heard that from and if they are going to michael's successors to do party leader that she won't open the coalition deal that's the marriage contract of this political marriage of necessity that was forged at the same time the social democrat new leadership would be finished immediately if they didn't manage to get
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some kind of extra concessions so they both say they're not going to reopen that deal but something will have to move and that will be the interesting thing to watch over the next coming weeks i'm going to merkel's government has been at the brink a couple of times over the past 2 years this is not the worst crisis we've seen so far all right our chief political ad is in the us tonight at the party conference of the s.p.d. thanks a lot. now 4 men accused of raping and killing a 27 year old woman have been shot dead by police in india all 30 say that the men were killed as they tried to escape custody now. the case is fox nationwide protests over violence against women and some people have been celebrating the suspects death. oh hero's welcome hundreds gathered to shower police with gifts as news of the suspects death spread
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people across india have praised the actions of these police after years of anger over authorities slow response to rising sexual violence against women on the beat of what questionable many are all glad today the victim was the daughter of our societies that we have all gotten justice from now on whenever someone even thinks of doing such a thing they will think long and hard before doing it to me it's a lesson learned 3 years authorities say the men were brought to the suspected crime scene to reenact their alleged killing police say the suspects then tried to seize their weapons and escape the officers responded by opening fire for the family of the victim who cannot be named for legal reasons justice has been served . for them i would like to thank and congratulate the regional government police and all those who supported me i hurt my daughter so it's now in peace.
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with. the men were suspected of raping murdering and burning the body of a 27 year old woman last week she was found under a bridge the next day. but not everyone is celebrating the suspects deaths family members of the accused men were distraught at the news. the 4 men had not been formally charged with any crime opposition groups accuse police of taking the law into their own hands to pacify the public they are calling for a thorough investigation. now guantanamo bay prison in cuba how's this what the u.s. government says all some of the world's most dangerous terrorists the prison has also become synonymous with alleged crimes committed by u.s. military personnel drawings by one of my base 1st inmates have now been published and they paid a disturbing picture of the interrogation techniques used by the cia they kept
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pouring water concentrating on my nose and my mouth until i really felt i was drowning and my chest was just about to explode from the lack of oxygen the interim gator kept banging me against the wall i felt for a few instance that i was unable to see anything let alone the short chains that prevented me from standing tall and every time i fell he would drag me with a towel which caused bleeding on my neck i was deprived from sleep for a long period of time i don't even know for how long maybe 2 or 3 weeks or even more and it felt like an eternity. the very strong pain made me scream unconsciously the contractions in my muscles and nerves were increasing with every hour every minute and every 2nd that we're passing by.
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well to talk more about this i'm joined here in this year by g.w. reporter for him who's been having a closer look at these turing's tell us more about them so these are self portraits made by a guantanamo bay current a prisoner called a bite and the recently released in a 61 page report titled how america tortures they were released by his lawyers it's hard to talk about the drawings without going a little bit into the biography of the man who drew them this was someone who was captured in the aftermath of the 911 attacks in 2002 and in pakistan was taken to a cia torture site in. thailand he was one of the 1st people to be subjected to the enhanced interrogation program he's actually kind of the reason why this program was founded in the 1st place or was used in the 1st place because of f.b.i. interviews or started casting a shadow over his accounts or whether he was he was forthcoming this program has of course since been been outlawed but it's. worth saying that you know this person was never charged and it turns out that he himself was actually never in al qaeda
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or had any prior knowledge of the attacks he was also one of the 1st people to be water boarded was water boarded 83 times by the cia i mean as you point out has a checkered history it was one of the a bomb era election promises to close it down the way things stand with the prison today and the prison is still open i mean president trying to sign an executive order to keep the guantanamo bay prison open in definitely and the time that he took office there were 41. prisoners there one has been released since but during the obama administration obama was really faced with myriad opposition to try and close this down people did not senators did not want that alleged terrorists would be housed in their state but the number of detainees managed to go down from 245 to 41. and most of these detainees. these were than either freed or held in
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different countries but as it stands the prison is still open and the author of these drawings is still captured there despite not being charged with anything very interesting insight that report thank you very much for bringing it to us. well this is d. w. news these are our top stories germany's chancellor angela merkel has expressed her deep shame over the holocaust on her 1st official visit to the former al schmitz death camp the nazis murdered more than a 1000000 people there most of them jews. swedish activists cater to burke has joined climate protesters on the streets of madrid she's there for the u.n. climate conference call 25 the marches demanding urgent action from the readers to tackle climate change. in germany social democrats have elected to little known left wingers norbert balata boreanaz and saskia esque in
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their new leadership ship team now both are skeptical about the party's ruling coalition with chancellor angela merkel's conservatives but are willing to give it a chance. in india crowds have cheered the police after officers shot dead 4 men accused of raping and killing a 27 year old woman authorities say the men were killed as they tried to escape custody near hyderabad case sparked nationwide protests over violence against women . this is either news from berlin for more followers on twitter news or visit our website it's d.w. dot com. well don't forget you can always get news on the go just download on up from google play or from the app store that i'll give you access to all the latest news from around the world that's what it's pushers for cations or any breaking news now if you're part of a news story you can also use the d w out to send us photos and videos of what is happening where you will. next stop air extensions get an eco friendly maker that is forget your watching the
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news don't forget you get the latest on our website that is d w dot com 101 frame by live thanks to company and see very easy. good luck. to.
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you co africa. a young christian in nairobi is fighting for the environment. the artificial hair she uses is made from the plant some salt instead of plastic. she cultivates the plant herself to. rethink all of its eco friendly benefits eco in africa next on d w. do
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you speak this language. this. music your attempts. to feel. and does this take your heart racing. comes at the right place. drive it on t.w. . it was the speech of his life perhaps his best certainly his most difficult the speech but you clearly interest him on just summer 9989. after the fall of the lead the chancellor addresses the people of east germany. in the middest
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tense the crowd clamors for the german unity journalist peter lim borg was at the scene. 30 years later he looks back on the. interest and starts december 19th d.w. to get. help from kampala welcome to the leftist edition of environmental program off like a production in germany n.t.v. in uganda and so most t.v. in.


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