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tv   Eco Africa  Deutsche Welle  December 6, 2019 8:30pm-9:00pm CET

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addresses the people of east germany and the mideast turns around clamors for german unity journalist peter lim borg was at the scene. 13 years later he looks back on the. interest and starts december 19th t w. hello from kampala welcome to the leftist edition of our environmental program it off rekha a coal production in germany n.t.v. in uganda on china's t.v. in nigeria i am saundra to know you're on to the next will be packed full of interesting stories on good ideas my lovely colleague nieto from nigeria has more
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details thank you sandra i'm now outside we're here in lagos and i am glad you could join us today show will take us on lyons to hippos to gardens on city routes just an example of ideas up protect the environment and make it a bit more livable here's what's coming up on the show we'll be taking a look at. how a german company is pondering environmentally friendly battery recycling. but 1st sandra has today's top story over to you something new to our top story is really all about hip we ladies in africa love to change our health so it's really like the straight calling a long shot and part of me in bright colors pale weaves all extensions may be the answer but they'll open made of plastic fibers which results in a lot of what ste now a young woman in kenya has told us will be mostly synthetic extensions but i'm.
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environmentally friendly material is even want to price for it. for many women their hair is their corning glory if they are lucky it all just falls into place and shines but sometimes even the loveliest hair needs someone at this hairdressing salon in nairobi they use i sew for hair extensions and braids in a wide variety of colors the owner of the saloon. came up with the idea to use a fibers in head dressing she founded us with braids 2 years ago after kenya advantage single use plastic products and to then hex tensions were usually made of plastic i prefer. on say so because they knew it was a wind rain doesn't sting they make him roll it doesn't cut it when
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being painted size of 5 by extensions are not just eco friendly they also proved to be cheaper over time the hairdressers here say demand is growing. look at branding with size so here is very good because even when my clients and do their hair they still use them but if in fact the care is only used one is safe and then thrown away the difference is that this text will not to braid unlike synthetic hair and it also states that within 30 care i braid very fast. drivers once a week took america almost 400 kilometers west of nairobi to cover size a leaves and process the fibers together with employee as a camel lekha. for. hair fibers are soaked in alcohol in solution to soften them and then left to dry.
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then they have died and packaged each set says for they quibble and off one us dollar some took us a boor is confident she could grow our business in relation with the economy this invention is due to the notice from the central government of kenya. they said that this the emphatic we are polluting the environment i removed and right on me so i stayed and thought how to remove synthetic ones when i tell you this in the thick then they take their biodegradable natural hair on a man's back to the sun when in there will be 10 of the regular customers committed fans of the new braids and extensions and some talk as a buri has enjoyed the support of the think positive are tentative mentorship program run by the destroyed techie money center she dreams of setting her eco friendly fashion port that's around the world one day but for now she is
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concentrating on the domestic market in kenya. those excesses made of slice of country is the full force that so they're not really a budget that environment but he thinks about about how buffy's what's going saying oh toxic substances traditional once these on us it a new a once more and that's because may help link young couples nicole on on the metals that are not only dangerous but fun with someone only about a lot of these chemicals can be separated unfixed lent now a company and somebody because most of the recycling efficiency considerably. germany is car country statistically every 2nd president owns an automobile christiane harnish does to the engineer also knows that when old cars end up in the junkyard a mountain of scrap and waste is created hunnish wants to salvage and recycle as much of the old cars as he can and he'd like to me. a living from it. he runs
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a small company that recycles car batteries. he specializes in batteries for electric vehicles which contain a lot of valuable raw materials especially metals. but it's not easy to extract them and it can also be dangerous. but that didn't discourage the businessman. bethink me i batteries already out that so it makes sense to extract the raw materials and reuse them we saw a huge potential in that. so 10 years ago the process engineer founded the do's and fed company the special shredder is at the heart of this firm it shreds the scrap batteries turning them into granular it. there's a good reason for the thick steel plates in the machine they protect the inner
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walls from the liquid components in the battery electrolyte which is highly explosive finding a way to separate the electrolyte from other components was the biggest challenge they took harnish 10 years of drawing calculating and testing now the pure battery fluid flows into a steel tank. this is the electrolyte fluid no one else can do that his company sells it to the chemical industry. the granulated lands in the sorting machine which results in a grayish powder. at 1st glance it doesn't look like it's worth much. so i don't be fooled this is the fuel for electrolytic it contains lithium cobalt nicolette manganese and that's what we want to extract. to do that tarnish needed experts on chemical processes he found them at
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a university close by. professor toby s. albert knows exactly which acids can be used to extract the precious metals without dissolving them. but isolating numerous metals from the grey powder is a challenge even for him he was so taken with the idea that he became a partner at deuce and felt. in the meantime the specialist in hydro metallurgy is able to break down the grain powder step by step into its components cobalt sulfate lithium carbonate nickel sulfate and manganese sulfate. in this pure form the precious raw materials can be used in the production of batteries. the i wanted to keep the impact on nature small as possible it's not truly punish
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wants to be able to sell the precious metals themselves for that though he needs his own chemical factory i think you're the one to a lot of thinking about it all but it's wonderful when you see that what you've come up with is being put into effect. he can already recycle 75 percent of the batteries he gets his competitors only manage a 3rd of that as a pioneer in recycling christiane hunnish has shown what's possible. now it's time for this week's doing good because it's a really good idea for the environment so you. think well in the eastern cape rita the new haven for me idea was going to be tested you know. but it's he's already looking up and he will hold anything to come back. that's right sandra i mean it's good. it's got to grow uses up waste from one point. $600.00 on to 3 bottles and
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keeping that kind of waste. will definitely make a difference. in south africa only 16 percent of plastic waste is recycled. the rest ends up in landfill sites all the environment the municipality of puerto. lizabeth is now building the 1st of a plastic road in the region the asphalt makes contains pellets made of shredded plastic waste they come from a firm in scotland that wants to test this new kind of roadway in south africa. the right i think that when you look at the fact that we're going to be recycling more . than the right but. by removing the pentagon reducing the requirement of any where you. feel that the department of the byproduct of oil.
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obviously reducing the amount of plastic that's into that. and potentially into the ocean. the company says that compared to standard asphalt concrete roads there's also last longer if the test proves to be a success the company will consider building a plant in south africa to process locally generated plastic waste each kilometer uses the equivalent of 684000 plastic bottles making the environment a little bit cleaner. and how about you. if you're also doing your bit tell us about it visit our website or send us a tweet hash tag doing your beat. we share your stories. now humans. living in the same region not a good mix in times and. often hunted and killed lions in retaliation for the big
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cats attacking their livestock. people have speared or even poison and. now a project is trying out a simple solution to ease the problem making friends the areas where i can spend the night in safety. people have protected. yeah use a natural barrier is made of shrubs and bushes cows and goats are an important status symbol and a vital source of income and food but lion sometimes get it to the corals in times of drought the natural virus can dry out so the messiah have gone on the offensive the predators themselves are becoming prey the difference is that today beyond just a spear people can pick up poisons they can pick up guns and that means that they can kill a lot more animals in one go and so instead of just losing one lion in
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a conflict incident we can lose the entire pride up to 1015 animals at a time. experts estimates that around 37000 lions lived in the african savannas 2 decades ago since then the number in africa has struck by 40 percent put in lions on the list of species considered vulnerable to extension the main reason is the loss of habitat and lack of prey but on open 7 as well lion still roam poaching for body parts and revenge killings are the next most significant threat not only in tanzania this is the big new sort of red flag on the rise and lions are now being killed all over southern africa in large numbers and never have their faces cut off their feet cut off or think it's more than 50 lion monitors from a cycle munity as have been trained by the african people and wildlife initiative in tanzania that they had to convince members of their tribe to protect the lions
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instead of killing them. miss i wore as like 20 petro is one of the monitors he thinks it's important that both humans and lions have enough room to live. if we were to continue protecting these lions are children we continue seeing them and future generations will continue seeing them and they would then protect lions because they will be educated to do so. thousands of these live in fences made of acacia trees and chain link fence have been put up with the ngo. the modern fence makes it more difficult for alliance and to the corals and in this way it reduces the size loss of life stuck. in several years like 9 years that's the time i've had a living fence have not been attacked once not a good comes absolutely. in
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201715 lions were killed here for attacking life stock this year then reports only 2 had been killed thanks to the living bulls and the work done by the lion monitors. it's been beneficial for all sides the lion population can recover and so can the herds in messiah community has. now led her to the waters but this time in west africa a sanctuary around the black border reviving northwest and gaga is only natural habitat for pygmy hippos in the country a couple of years ago there were only 2 conservation efforts by the local community have helped them bounce back activists believe they are almost 40 hippos living around today of course. those hoping to catch
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sight of the rare reclusive animals have a good chance here in northeastern gonna need the border with ivory coast and making a fuss and you'll often see the head spotting in the waters of the black belt a river. pygmy hippos are viewed as totems by people in the area there especially important as cultural symbols for the wallet and low be trite. up to lie the high school is one of the chief ranges of the web community here. he recalls how local village chiefs founded the conservation program 20 years ago. the reason for protecting the people and meant is to keep the poor life and we turned that into a. sword that children in the next generation or no apology he pull
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and the. poor also use the. opportunity for the while. the tourist season has started up again but the roads leading to the area are bad and the journey is difficult. to a guide to be anyhow you know says that prevents many tourists from making the trip thanks to the conservation initiative the number of pygmy hippos here is increased from to almost 40 the project has also been boosted by the number of visitors who come. in creston because. people all over the world and we receive this reindeer in our. power. every year so the numbers increase and because of that where. i went for my community and we get benefits from the get and my community people are
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put. visitors pay around fix your age for a tool that's a week's wage for many people in ghana a large part of this income is divided among the villages in the protected area. as a result these women and girls know. i have to walk all the way to the river to fetch water all the residential areas now have their own wells co financed by the century. the center also runs an alternative livelihood project in beekeeping the beehives attended by local people sales of the honey will provide additional income for 5 communities here. so what is going to happen is the harvest and they have a deal they can sell and then use the proceeds to put more hives into the fence and also if they start to get profit out of that they use their money
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to send the children to school to buy clothes for their children one of the local people who has benefited from the hippo protection initiative is some ability. his teacher training was paid for by donations. for the 24 year old has been back here for several years and now teaches children in one of the villages in the protected area. i just grew level are subject to chop up their. teaching them because most of them are british fluent when it comes to spoken and there was a pretty much attention to whatever where a certain sort b. r. or d. adopted what we call good or quality lives the most goals. right now and july is a haiku it's busy assigning his people to the new safari routes the century success over the past decades has motivated neighboring communities to several villages
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further up the river now want to join the initiative to benefit from protecting pygmy. our next report takes us to the different capital do you know what the population of carries over 9000000 is being cleared greater carries out to be over 20000000 than makes it the 2nd most populous metropolitan area in africa after of course by legal and also on the large cities come with a lot of problems like meeting the city's food needs there was plenty of farmland along the nile of course and egypt still imports i love to shoot now there's also a nice city that is wanting to use the city's rooftops as gardens let's per visit to one of these green or says. oh. every day mohammed tends to his garden for 3 years now the morrison has been
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planting different vegetables on the rooftop terrace of his mosque in the quarter of a teen. it's a patch of green in the concrete jungle of cairo. mainly looking to create a clean atmosphere in the area and on the roof but not much more than that. the income generated from this goes into the charity trust here at the mosque. he often brings his grandchild along who really loves roll cayle. mohammed didn't have to pay for the equipment kyra based organization should do have installed it for free. shareef cousin e. and his brother set up the n.g.o.s 8 years ago they decided to work with hydroponics because that requires little water and no soil and the space for the
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efficient system on practically any rooftop. eyelet a lot of us unmonitored there for families with low income this kind of project can raise income a little bit. of them inferred be it was valuable for that so it doesn't have only environmental benefits but also social ones. in poorer districts like how one roof often cluttered with all trash should do fish now setting up 500 gardens here instead the residents of this building set up their micro farm 3 months ago and now they're ready to harvest for the 1st time that i mean it's beautiful i wish everyone would do this and those who have the space should get involved and do this to. get up there unused here installing
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a rooftop garden cost the equivalent of $630.00 euros but the families only have to pay around $20.00 euros of that. 95 percent of the large scale project is being financed by a swiss foundation show defies any surplus produce and sells it in the egyptian capital with the help of other local n.g.o.s. what are some mustapha installed the 1st rooftop garden 8 years ago since then he's put up over 200 of them. were enough of her mind on this rooftop we're working with 2 families work. because each one will receive 2 setups that's $420.00 plants in total. after. the staff i'm sure do explain to the families how often the plants need watering and which strains grow best. we have around projects where we planted seeds with young
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girls between 9 in 15. people of any age can learn how to use this hydroponic system in the way the car but it's not complex or hard to maintain their how time and i'm upset that. the residents also learn how to get started by placing wicking strips in all the cups they feed water to the roots. then seeds are added. they've chosen malaki are a plant widely cultivated in egypt and lettuce. in a few months when the plants have grown to maturity the families can harvest twice a month. i mean they're also beautifying our roof people looking out of the window or coming up here will see a lovely scene. the dedication of a few families will hopefully inspire others to follow the rooftop gardens are already helping cairo grow
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a little greener. that's all from us today we want the show and we hope you enjoyed watching it it is a good bye for me. here in kampala. and from me in now in lagos see you next week but in the meantime head over to our social media outlets know what you think by and see you again very soon.
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w news lawyer from baghdad and germany's chancellor remembers the victims of one of the worst crimes against humanity and america makes her 1st official visit to the auschwitz death count passing beneath the infamous slogan what except she for the nazis murdered more than a 1000000 people it's alfred's most of the jews. swedish climate activists cater to baggage when thousands of young people on a march through madrid at a modern world leaders take real action.


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