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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  December 6, 2019 10:00pm-10:15pm CET

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you. know as. well as. this is the w. news live from violating germany's chancellor members the victims of one of the worst crimes against humanity i'm going to malcolm makes her 1st official visit to the auschwitz death camp tossing beneath the infamous slogan walk set you free the nazis murdered more than a 1000000 people at auschwitz most of the jews also coming up celebrations in india after police shoot dead 4 men suspected of raping and killing young women the offices of being held as here heroes but there are concerns that they may have
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taken a little into their own hands. and germany social democratic party confounds its 2 new leaders who are skeptical about that party's governing coalition with chancellor merkel's conservatives. on hand on free glad he could join me german chancellor i'm going to merkel has made her 1st official visit to the former death camp the site in poland was the nazis largest death count cheering the 2nd world war chancellor merkel's visit marked the 10th anniversary of the foundation that preserves the morial pay tribute to the victims of the camp and spoke of the necessity of remembering the atrocities committed. it's almost meat day when german chancellor angela merkel arrives at the place that evokes the crimes of the nazi era like no other.
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auschwitz former concentration and extermination camps the murder machine. by 945 as many as 1500000 people had been killed here by the nazis. silently merkel approaches the so-called wall of death with the polish prime minister. at this wall the germans shot dead thousands of poles. this is merkel's 1st visit to auschwitz as chancellor for 24 years no german chancellor has walked through this gate beneath the sign with the cynical slogan work sets you free a survivor who recalls the cruelty he experienced as a child at the hands of the germans tells merkel how much these prisoners to be free and yet they're going to vote for trump since the beginning since august 1944 when i 1st arrived we were all skiing when it is that we can be free.
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you know be a cop on the capital. i say well if you want to be free. and you see the chimneys. that is how you will be free if you hook you should go tricycle mean merkel says she feels deep shame at the time she should once this site apply jesus to keep the memories alive you know we have to remember the crimes we have to identify the perpetrators and to commemorate the victims in a dignified manner that is i mean jus ring responsibility it's not open to negotiation and keeping these memories alive is becoming more difficult as fewer and fewer survivors remain that's why this memorial site is so important the german chancellor promised to make $60000000.00 euros available for renovations this will go towards repairing barracks gas chambers and fences so they remain a visual reminder of germany's crimes. and correspondent
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thomas sparrow was at the memorial ceremony and sent us his impressions of the chance for a speech this was on the 1st visit to auschwitz birkenau since she became chancellor 14 years ago it was also the 1st time that a german chancellor visits this site in nearly 25 years this explains why i'm going to visit was described as one of historic dimensions i'm glad i gave a speech today in which he stressed germany's guilty germany's historic responsibility and how that responsibility is a very important part of germany's identity as a nation but she also stressed the lessons that can be drawn from the past in particular lessons for today's context and that context today in germany and europe is marked by a rise in 97 it is a. thomas sparrow there in auschwitz well we can talk more about this now with g.w. political correspondent emmanuel shaz good to see your money where you know many people are asking why it took medical so long to visit in an official capacity i
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mean she's been transferred for 14 years and this was her 1st visit to auschwitz and in fact it has been even 24 years seems chancellor a german chancellor visited. it so it was long and a long overdue visit thank america is no stranger to such ceremonies though she visited a concentration camp in germany of how. i haven't spoke so federer a president of germany a fine by the time i was in poland for to come immigrations of the beginning of world war 2 earlier on. in september but is sure that this visit was long overdue it comes at a time where the. fund asian is celebrating its 10th anniversary and i go america came with that announcement that a german government will give the get will a gift a 60 more 1000000 euros for different nations so long overdue a visit but at last disciplines so that was one facet at least of that visit but it
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also comes at a time when anti semitism is on the right here in germany as you touched on that didn't she yes she did she talks about it and you know. italian writer prima davey who is us who was a survivor of auschwitz concentration camp had sayed these has happened therefore it can happen again and i was very much. spirit that i know america or warned against the rise of anti semitism she said archly it's teaches us that we can't turn a blind eye to do those who are persecuted today at a time of rising and to semitism and increased attacks on the liberal democracy and here in germany indeed we see the rise of anti-semitism see we saw a few weeks ago only did the attack in harlow where 2 people were killed in front of the synagogue and semitic. attack so definitely the president is very much was very much here of his today and it's almost hard to fathom because of course the
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horrors of the holocaust here in germany all well known so what is behind this rise in anti semitism well you know while i was watching the ceremony today i was also talking to a cd cunningsburgh who is one of the representatives of the jewish community here in germany and he was telling me that. the jewish community here in germany wishes for more education more. work in german schools so as to tell people what has happened 18 years ago you know like the there were survivors of the desk camps today at that ceremony but for how much longer they are and and ninety's they were soon there will be no one who has actually witnessed the horrors perpetrated by denied says to testify to say that that's how it happened and that's why does coming more asians are paramount not only for germany but does so for the rest of the world to remember and to understand what happened so that it never happens again right i mean it there has been commemoration here in germany so up until this
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point without taking a look at how germany needs to move forward on that how has germany dealt with its past and its culture of remembrance to this point the reason culture of remembrance like i haven't seen in many other places there is a monument to that to what actually angle america named a subject of shame for germany in 2008 as she stood at the easterly apology and the knesset and she say that for for us germans i quote her for us germans this is this is a moment of shame in our history and she say that again today when she said we cannot undo the past we have to be able to remember it so as not to repeat it and i think that's why she's she it took her a long time to attend that ceremony and also she's a. traveling to poland for the so objective of attending a ceremony up it took a long time but at least today she had a very strong words as she read history to guess and to semitism especially since
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it's on the rise here in germany absolutely a strong message indeed from the german chancellor d.w. political correspondent a man who had a chance thanks so much indeed let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world france is facing more disruption as the country's largest public sector strike for decades and has its 2nd day it's already cool survey of structure and public transport schools and hospitals work as a protesting against presents my new americans plans to reform the pension system. a teenager has admitted attempting to murder a 6 year old french for he was thrown from the 10th floor viewing platform at london's tate modern gallery in august jonty bravery from west london he was 17 at the time of the instant admitted the charge at the central criminal court to be sentenced in february. swedish activists say to berg joined kind of protesters on the streets of madrid on friday she's there for the un climate conference the cop 25 the marches are demanding urgent action from all the leaders to tackle climate
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change. for men accused of raping and killing a 27 year old woman have been shot dead by police in india or thought he say that the men were killed as they try to escape custody near hyderabad the case sparked nationwide protests over violence against women and some people have been celebrating the suspects deaths. and heroes' welcome hundreds gathered to shower police with gifts as news of the suspects death spread people across india have praised the actions of these police after years of anger over authorities slow response to rising sexual violence against women. on february questionable many are all glad today the victim was the daughter of our societies that we have all gotten justice from now on whenever someone even thinks of doing such a thing they will think long and hard before doing it as
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a lesson learned 3 years authorities say the men were brought to the suspected crime scene to reenact their alleged killing police say the suspects then tried to seize their weapons and escape the officers responded by opening fire for the family of the victim who cannot be named for legal reasons justice has been served . for them i would like to thank and congratulate the regional government police and varies he said to me i hurt my daughter so it's now in peace. with. the men were suspected of raping murdering and burning the body of a 27 year old woman last week she was found under a bridge the next day. but not everyone is celebrating the suspects deaths family members of the accused men were distraught at the news the 4 men had not been formally charged with any crime opposition groups accuse police
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of taking the law into their own hands to pacify the public they are calling for a store investigation. germany's social democratic party has confirmed its new in leadership geo norbert norbert. and saskia escott and he leaders want changes to their party's coalition agreement with chancellor angela merkel's conservatives and merkel c.d.u. party is expected to find their ideas unpalatable prompting speculation that the governing coalition could be in danger but the s.p.d. say that is a discussion for another day. the s.p.d. in celebrator remote now it's official saskia esque n n no but vita boyens are to usher in a new era for the social democrats. 75.9 percent of the delegates voted for s. can and about a boy and scott 89.2 percent of the vogues
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a mandate for the 2 grand coalition skeptics robin is to know that and i stood for election so we could help be a speedy return to the values that the social democrats once stood for recognizability credibility steadfastness. and a week ago party members nominated a decision that rocked german media leading s.p.d. politicians expressed concerns that s can invite a boy and would try to dissolve the grand coalition with the c.d.u. and c.s.u. but no one will be talking about this on the 1st day of the party conference and now all division and tension are off the agenda is in we are in this coalition and we're in a democracy and we must be prepared to make compromises but they have to be justified by the muslim what we stand for in. the new leadership team is keen to appeal to its left wing supposes but only to a point they don't want to make a sudden break with the union be smart and i was and still am skeptical about the
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future of the grand coalition i haven't changed my mind but with this proposal we are giving the coalition a realistic chance of being able to continue no more than births. but also no less . now there will be meetings with the c.d.u. c.s.u. to discuss possible tweaks to the coalition contract but young social democrats a skeptical i wonder if that will happen the signs we're getting from the union is that it won't but at least we will have tried in. the minutes that i now we've got to look at what we haven't yet achieved and what we could do in the next 2 years that should be the basis of any decision we make about continuing with a grand coalition. and so the grand coalition has been given a new deadline and the s.p.d. another chance. where you're watching the news have yet i guess has your business up day in a moment be shorted join him because it is his birthday so keep him company i've had in a home for a bad end as ever had told website for the latest headlines thanks to
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a company. i'm secure in the fire. and in the end this is a me your not a lot of the rules and you. are you familiar with this. with the smugglers were alliances. what's.


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