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tv   Euromaxx  Deutsche Welle  December 7, 2019 5:30am-6:00am CET

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christmas. paris in the run up to christmas find out what my colleague maggie got to there for her perfect weekends of late say in the show. and with that a very warm welcome to the dish and of your i'm max let's see what else we have for
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you today. the new pirelli calendar pays tribute to shakespeare's juliet and. a traditional christmas truth coming to you from that area. the famous pirelli kendo was 1st published in 1964 and since then it has celebrated above all female attraction and beauty but not only that in recent years actress is an artist a more likely to be seen in the calendar than models the 2020 issue is a tribute to shakespeare's drama romeo and juliet to calendar is a collector's item and being signed up for it is every photographer history. the photographer and his models were at the red carpet at the presentation of the new pope really calendar in verona. it's the result of photographer power over
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a fantasy search for a modern juliet in romeo and juliet hometown. the concept times 8 actresses or dishing in a fictional caustic for the lead role in shakespeare's romantic tragedy brought them into. this story is still relevant for young people today. a german today that's why i was interested in it. every young woman today can very easily identify with juliet. and. 19 year old american actress yeah russia he read william shakespeare's tragedy several times when she was at school. my copy of romeo and juliet has so many notes in it you can barely see the original text and so it was fun to revisit all the notes that i left and to figure out what passes and then the other part of it was just
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like how was i going to embody juliet i like the fact that juliet as a character and in this calendar so fluid and so each of us presented a very different way. yarrow is joined by fellow american actress kristen stewart. british actresses claire forlani. and emma wants. emma studied english literature and is fascinated by romeo and juliet. for me it's so much about 1st love man it's about how close all of your feelings are to your skin can be so. tend the and painful. of as he is known for his sensible images he's the 1st italian photographer to create a calendar. the photo shoots took place in paris and for rhona the italian city
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where romeo and juliet is set tourists come here from the world over. couples of ballet turn on love under juliet's face and down create. their own i was a bit of nostalgia from a homesickness for italy for verona the opera in verdi's music that is there the. nicole kidman. cast and goldberg have posed for the for any calendar and literature is a popular theme such as lewis carroll of alice in wonderland in 2018 this year actress will be goes back as presenting the calendar she believes in eternal love i believe all of these things are possible i think we all want that we want to find somebody to connect to and so that's really what the juliet is she's the giant
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connector of assault for the 1st time the calendar is accompanied by a short film it compiles interpretations of juliet by being a text is. the calendar itself is a $132.00 page book illustrated with $58.00 photos. in shakespeare's play romeo and juliet take their own lives but no revesby emphasizes the positive side of the tragedy. in the. message is not that you should kill yourself along just the opposite we should love one another and live. more of. the actual dates not only printed on the book's cover on the calendar function takes 2nd. place leaving the stage to the many faces of the martin judy at.
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this time i call it maggie levy has chosen the french capital paris for her perfect weekend the city is set to be especially beautiful in the run up to christmas the bowl of arts a decorated with festive lights and the big stores compete for the best displays and visitors can even skate over the roofs of the city mag and try this and lots more to experience the christmas magic of paris. it may be a rainy day in paris but i'm not going to let that stop me. for sure and welcome to my perfect weekend in paris which begins at the city's most famous and most recognizable monarch the eiffel tower was built for the 889 world's fair it stands 324 meters tall. the highest platform offers
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a spectacular view of the city even in bad weather. well here's a little gem at the very top of the eiffel tower the stuff eiffel's office there there's good stuff i feel sitting on the right and he erected this office to entertain special guest and here he's sitting with the american inventor thomas edison. the eiffel tower is an absolute must see. not as old as the eiffel tower but just as french is the do shovel my guide alex is going to show me the sites in one. link you're going to show me the highlights what what's included well we're going to go 'd to see the google and then. we passed the famous museum with the pyramid and head on to the plus one don't. you see the top of the clump. and finally i catch
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a glimpse of the notre dame cathedral and the fire damage to it. alex tells me i'm definitely on a trite wasters here in term. time for that so maybe i would tell you how it's done you remove the officer from the shell and then use what's. on the straight taste. test. like you. they may be an acquired taste but oysters are my commentary tip for paris the city's most famous boulevard starts at the octave we got here that is a. soul that is a. song. i need a new. school. a
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special thing to do in the evening is go to campbell re. the parody like tom was also build by good stuff i feel it's one of the city's oldest cabaret stages. dinner shows are quite popular. camry is a paris staple and my special tip for a perfect weekend. my 2nd day in paris begins on the avenue montaigne where top designers have their be. one of them even has a museum devoted to his work paris and fashion go hand in hand we're about to get live one of the biggest names in. for nearly 30 years starting in 1974 you saw the wrong created his fashion designs in this house the highlight is
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workshop museum director olivier flavio explains to me some around creative process we've sort of what always start with a sketch from that sketch to workshops create a trois which is sort of mock up of the government to be approved by subtle and from the truest different bricks to create dress i think will be presented on the catwalk. clear lines borrowing from men's fashion and a touch of extravagant those for each song the wrong trademark. the museum is my culture to. christmas shopping is already well underway on the boulevard. the major department stores try to outdo each other with the best window displays. the gallery lafayette has set up a spectacular christmas tree under their dome with beehives as the. next i head to the rooftop for a little adventure on the ice rink. i remember when i since i was
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a kid. on our message. and a bit wobbly on my blades not destined to be any ice princess but skating with a view of paris is still lots of fun and my activity tip. in the evening i decided to take in the town again from the water the sound winds through paris for about 13 kilometers under 37 bridges the most famous is beyond us . and here we speed notes and down to. my boat tour wraps up my perfect weekend in paris and until next time it's over are and happy travels. she can find out a lot more about how mag and spend her perfect weekend and paris are you. do you
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know what this is when i try to make something out of modeling putty it usually ends up like this honestly most kids can do it better than i do but a lot of them eleanor mcnair proves that modeling party is more than just a toy what she is able to create from it is very impressive. colorful modeling pouty it's an ideal plaything for kids but it can also be used to create genuine works of art. especially in the hands of london artist ellen mcmahon. sat 6 years ago a knack of car friends for artists they ran a photographic pub quiz and one of their minds was to remake a famous photograph in place and my team won that one and say really i just part that idea. the idea inspired an arc project but it's
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anything but child's play the challenge for elena is to complete a figure in just a few hours the modeling compound dries quickly and turns brittle she has to balance speed with precision. i think the i and she take me through the longest time. and if the ice k. were wrong it's really hard to cash in my stomach and. number pro tools from the internet and recreate have favorite subjects images by well known for talking friends such as nicholas murray cindy sherman and diane arbus. i've experienced some people charging as just throw away this for children i think the reason is that we're very quick to judge shots and safe is good or it's bad and
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so i think i'm playing around with that little pat asking the question that can it because it upsets me from this lame to rio and because it's popular on the internet does it mean it's necessarily bad it's popular in the long form as well a london gallery commissioned her to make models for an exhibition they became surrealistic rent. didn't play though gallery manager gareth meredith says their real attention gets us what's so special about this exhibition i guess it's elena's concepts of taking surveillance artists recapturing them in through plato's sculptures and blowing them up into large scale here. in the 1920 s. to release like french although andre britain experimented with the 1st automated photo booths in paris. and the mcmath turns the black and white post book photos into colorful closeups. but no matter how big a success the photo of
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a model maybe all the figures meet the same fate. they're destroyed none of them survived longer than one day. and i did a zoologist face of all they have frightened us west it's like when we're looking through images on our fans every day we see hundreds and hundreds and we take stock in that we devalued images highly enough so it's kind of a video player not a modeling party becomes a welcome but it finally rehearses to with a regional unbuilt for. want to learn more about european lifestyle and culture. when you come to like. the euro mikes. take the plunge to an on the restaurant.
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try out for the winning flavor crazy join the race at the strong. euro max you join subscribe so you don't miss a. for some people the most important part of christmas is the food and this varies depending on the country or region and our serious tradition of christmas fair we find out how some of the festive dishes are prepared and today we are in the bavarian city of nuremburg for roast goose and gingerbread. roast goose and elise and ginger bread the 2 favorites here in germany at christmas . the guest house caught in a restaurant unearned bag southern germany ready serves roast goose during the run up to christmas as soon as the weather turns cold orders for the day should come pouring in their groups but i'm stefan to talk now about the romantic hotel
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gasthaus faulkner here number will be roasting a goose soft with red cabbage and dumplings. get his beans from a firm in the above area bring used in an animal friendly way. to be quite little while it's here because this is important that it ought to be free range in terms of size i'd recommend against waiting for an offer of 5 and a half. in front of an i.q. law that big enough to feed 4 to 5 people. for the still think he finally chops onions apples celery stalks and jinja. then the goose is seasoned inside and out with salt and check on. the good news then goes into the oven to bake for 30 minutes at 116 degrees celsius. in the meantime stephan houghton and prepares the red cabbage into apples.
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crates the potatoes for the dumplings they are typical for the region only a quarter of the day consists of foils potato the rest is made up of wool potatoes december is the main season for this dish. the gods is in there in the winter the goose is fountains the potatoes are harvested and the red cabbage is a winter vegetable woods over the terms of the season these 3 things go together wonderfully. the dumplings the cooked insult want time for 20 minutes. the juice has to be basted every 5 minutes otherwise it would become drawing. up. another 2 and a half hours also at $200.00 degrees celsius the goose is nice and crispy. it tastes best when said straight out of the often. for the gingerbread we had today ex-pat northwest of baghdad baker and apple is famous for
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his homemade gingerbread especially during the festive season. i mean we make the gingerbread from honey. you can make a witches call to out of it for example and the others all the gingerbread cookies you spread on to wife rose garden and being in a cold. brandy want to show and honey together and beaten until. the flour is mixed with the spices. on abol has a blend all his own it includes cinnamon cardamon cloves not meg and old spice the ants chopped hazelnuts and dominoes. in the middle ages the spices was said to possess healing properties. even a malazan gingerbread goes back to a nuremberg baker who wished to bake all the very best ingredients into a cake for his ailing daughter and then she actually recovered. and the secret to
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the whole thing was the spices. and all needs must be plan together with candied orange and lemon peel and finally chopped candied ginger sweet in tiny pieces then mixed with beaten egg whites on the spices then the paste to spread on to the way 1st and baked in the oven they need 10 to 12 minutes depending on the size at 215 degrees celcius the bacon glazes half of the ellison gingerbread cookies with the other with chocolate apple has a little trick to make the cookies listen. as their insurance shine for the gingerbread cookies went on. the warm chocolate with hardened cold chocolate chips . written from a. release in gingerbread i wish everyone a merry christmas and lots of greetings from franconia. traditional
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christmas fan. you can find that recipe as well as lots more traditional christmas treats on our facebook page from a village workshop to a celebrated designer label the bosnian family business that produces modern design of furniture paired with traditional what carving what makes our collection so special and who are the makers behind the label let's find out. this method of wood carving by hand is an age old craft unesco listed it as part of bosnia's intangible brand heritage in 2017 but the pieces in this workshop in konitz aren't mock antiques they're luxury contemporary design objects in the mom called white. mirror and herzegovina is a place where the cultures have been meeting and mixing throughout history which has left a mark both on the patents and that is signed and how things are made. for hannah
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and adam nick church run a family owned business in a full generation their great grandfather founded it in 1927 parts of the form of $36.00 workshops only one remains in conyers the concept has been redefined. furniture is sustainable furniture has created sustainable jobs in. the furniture. that help us protect and preserve our cultural heritage design not design concept bring scandinavian minimalism together with traditional southeast european craftsmanship this symbiosis is no coincidence. the brothers were looking for ways to modernize and in 2014 they turned to a swedish designer. internationally
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renowned designer monica 1st lives in stockholm and normally works for well established brands such as the italian label and bessie she took on the challenge of transporting the traditional craft into the 21st century. it is a risk of course moving from canton is that our extremely precedent on the international design market to become. any that on the part of the building to become press that. they share a vision of combining the traditional with the modern their creations are one of a kind on the design market. i've looked at it with my sort of scandinavian eyes or more humanistic minimalist eyes and extracted parts of the carvings and really applied it in
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a new way one of the biggest challenges of course that it took a complete change of mindset for the people who are working here that they're doing something completely new witchery quired attention to every little detail if you were going to compete in doha and segment of the market where everything started to matter they architecture of the library at the swedish national museum inspired the design of cham. a 2nd pendant in a way to what's going on in the city. county it says just west of sarajevo the bosnian war left its mark here too but the furniture makers are reviving the wood carving craft and creating new prospects bess in exchange is proud of his 2 sons achievements. it started as primitive handcrafting but today we are
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making modern furniture and of course it changed because every single decade brings new interior design trends so it had to change but i think it changed for the better. and the speech negative is it's his. brothers or hannah and adam next one bad land of modern design and traditional craftsmanship to become far more than an insider's team. and that by. to the end of this edition of euro max but before we go just a quick reminder to visit our web site there you can also find the details on how to and so our draw for that exclusive euro backs watch until we meet again from all of us here in the land thanks for watching yes.
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such. place. blame . blame this is g.w. newsline from currently burning out of control bushfires and australia combined to form a make it 5 new sydney which crusade to speak to put out the country's largest city is shrouded in a cloud of toxic smoke also coming up. climate activist gretchen turned back and joins thousands.


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