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you get that but. this is the news live from by the end bushfires it's running out of control in australia several fires have now come by into form and magnify near sydney charging the country's largest city in a cloud of toxic smoke firefighters say it's too big for his house also coming up fires too on the streets of paris as activists express their rage at proposed economic reforms that they say will make life on a political. and europe's misurata take to the stage here in berlin if you're
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a kid film awards will introduce you to the wish list. i met in the home for exaggerated join me firefighters in australia are battling hundreds of fires in the country's east now they include a massive bush fog north of the largest city sydney it was for many smaller blazes joined together authorities say it is now too big to put out. grass fires bushfires. and even a finite or a deadly swell of flames spinning out of control. these are just some of the dozens of blazes this is a ripping across eastern australia several fires have come together in a make a fire in an area roughly 60 kilometers across. leaving the nearby city of sydney
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swaped in toxic smoke. the speed and unpredictability of the fire leaves rural residents with little choice so any targum are just come out of the sorcery just leave bushfires a common in australia but meteorologists say climate change is exacerbating this fire season it's an extreme challenge especially for firefighters equipment as well for the next year there's a 30 to 40 boarders i mean you start to go there's little relief in sight forecasters say more hot dry and windy conditions are on the way in the coming days . well to another area of environmental concern oxygen in the world's oceans is being lost at an unprecedented rate threatening sea life important ecosystems and some coastal communities scientists speaking at this weekend's un climate change conference in madrid say that the rising temperatures overfishing and pollution also blame all of our own alex for is why he joins me now for more on
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this good to see alix tell us more about these findings and what or who are to blame well this is being compiled by scientists working for the i you see and that's the international union for the conservation of nature and it's the largest report of its kind and what they are all warning people is that the warming seize on leading to dead zones that means there is no oxygen left and they've also highlighted 700 sites where there was virtually no oxygen left that's up from just 45 in the 1960 so you can see that there is has been a huge change over the last few decades now all fish need dissolved oxygen to survive but the launch of species need much more so for example chewed and sharks what do they do to get that oxygen now when they go to the shallower waters where they can get hold of the gas that though at least invulnerable to fishing that leads to a. another problem of overfishing and there is one other issue here and that is
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nutrient pollution it's something we've heard about in the past where chemicals come off the land they go into the water the seas the rivers because of farming and industry and again exacerbating this problem so scientists are very concerned about it it sounds concerning it also sounds fairly scientific so what does this mean in reality well i think scientists are really trying to to remind us all just how important the oceans are to our lives and how they protect us for example from climate change and that's because they absorb the huge amount of carbon dioxide that's in the atmosphere and also heat so if oxygen starts to disappear it's going to have an effect such as a loss of habitat a loss of biodiversity so already scientists say this will have a huge impact on fish stocks which again are already under threat because of this overfishing and let's just remember that all our marine life is already facing
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problems from things like plastic pollution what's perhaps mood worrying though is that scientists are saying that in the long term they don't really know what effect this lack of oxygen is going to have in the future or something you never want to hear from scientists so what needs to be done where they want there to be immediate action in 3 areas 1st of all curb greenhouse gas emissions get rid of this new trim pollution so the chemicals running off the land and stop the overfishing the thing is it sounds very good on paper very difficult to put into practice when you're talking about global leaders who can't agree on things we know that some of those leaders don't even particularly believe in climate change and those that do will be concerned about the political impact the economic impact but the scientists saying you have to act and you have to do it now absolutely issuing a warning on a very important point indeed alex forrest whited that so much. let's take
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a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world opposition politicians have joined women's rights groups in delhi to call on the indian government to do more to investigate cases of violence against women protests have taken place in other cities as well they say follows 2 highly publicized i'm related rape cases with both victims down. in iraq funerals have been held for protesters killed in friday's attacks in baghdad more than 20 people were killed and 130 wounded when masked gunmen stormed protest sites the home of a prominent cleric was also targeted. the united states and iran have each freed a prisoner in a small a chinese american detained for 3 years on spying charges and an arraignment is divide 18 u.s. sanctions have both returned home was a rare acts of cooperation between the 2 cost on countries. well from says reeling from the largest strikes in decades which have caused the transport chaos across
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the country and national rail operators said that just 110th of trains were running rail staff and union members on strike in protest against changes to the national pension system the government plans to unban reform and choose dates expected to include incentives to make people work longer maybe unions that the plan threatens call it one because rocks chuckers also blocked highways to protest rises in food. and earlier we spoke to our correspondent lisa lewis in paris and we asked if the authorities there were prepared for those protests as you can see right behind me there's a heavy police presence here at this demo by the city you know one of the far left unions here in france they are demonstrating against the recent labor market reform unemployment benefit reform but obviously also against the pensioner from it's a big picture they say im about call the president they say is taking a part out. also the security system people are really angry and they're really
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afraid many people here have told me you know the plan. by nist to bring together $42.00 pension systems into one single system and they understand that the current system might not be sustainable in the long run but they just don't trust the president to do the right thing they think that he's just going to take away from those who are already struggling to make ends meet he said it was there in paris or new european commission president to fund a lion has a closer cooperation between europe and africa on issues like climate change the former german defense minister promised stronger european support to officials from the african union now that organization represents all 55 countries across the continent and its 1300000000 people on the line made her remarks at his headquarters in the ethiopian capital. now how cool for stronger ties with africa comes in the face of increasing chinese involvement. a new dawn for
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africa to underline the growing importance of the continent ursula. as her 1st international visit as head of the european commission from the european union to the african union which is based here in the ethiopian capital. it's important to me that we work together on projects to fight climate change here in africa in. people are experiencing the results of climate change as well. but climate change is just one issue migration is still a big concern for europe and it also hopes for closer economic cooperation. meeting with ethiopian prime minister and nobel peace prize winner i'll be ahmed the 2 sides signed contracts worth 170000000 euros for projects including infrastructure
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and health care i would like to express my appreciation for some need. to feel safe enough to. use the right i was. offered the fund lion regularly speaks of a geo political european commission one that would strengthen europe's influence in the world but they each new has some catching up to do for example the light rail system in ad is about was financed and billed by china. well the name is home to bright lights glitz and glamour as host of the 32nd annual european film awards and greece's jocose none to most has won the 1st major prize of the evening by snagging best european director for his plea named film the favorite and the same movie fresh off the oscar winning the same role persons an idiot coleman has taken home the coveted best actress trophy now the best european act to accolade goes to spain's antonio undead us for his role in pain and glory he
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was recognized for his work i think this year at the time when such different as well. i'm sure you know watching the awards for us is our culture correspondent scott roxboro he joins me in the studio scott tell us a little bit more about the favorite i know that it might have been one of your favorites it was it was it's one of the best as i see it actually the last 10 years i think. as you mentioned already comes off an oscar win for live at home and playing queen and this film what i think's amazing about this movie is we've seen a lot of period movies europe does them all the time it's a very sort of standard jonna but what your was thought was does with this film is he twists the shot on its head he sets his shift the focus so it's about 3 very strong female characters the men are almost side character and they're not that important all. and then he just he skews every single way that we're used to seeing a store called film twist every aspect of it so you never know what to expect in
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the movie plus it's just hilarious especially olivia colman in the lead role just the type of queen you've never seen before i think we have a clip of some of her best scenes from the film so let's take a look. i can tell even if i can't say i don't have the what font and up to. space to print tragedy everyone leaves me. you. don't have any. rap. due to that i. was. actually passing i'm such a big fan of house i'm so glad to see her having her moment we know that best actor going to another big star of course until he abandoned us for pain and glory was out of step with yeah very much so very much so i mean i'm fan of in the us anyway and he's this is with another film with together with. who sort of started their careers together but i think really this is probably the best role that bunder has
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ever played he plays sort of like the fictionalized version of that role automotive are himself the film pain glory is is very much a retelling of most of our own story i don't think i've ever seen but there is such a sort of macho manly character play so vulnerable and fragile in a film like this really amazing he won a best actor on already for this festival from here in cannes this is a very well deserved best actress win so overall then i mean how would you say the year in european cinema that was a good one i think was amazing this season this year i mean besides the sort of a stablish directors like a lot of the most like a vote of our producing really incredible work we've had some amazing new young directors the best 1st feature award given out tonight in berlin went to him is a goblet of the young french director and his film is set in the bond you know sort of the rough prison suburbs where he grew up and it's really a sort of a wake up call to the almost french government saying look at what what's happening
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on your doorstep incredibly powerful story about police brutality and about a neighborhood that's not going to take it anymore phenomenal film especially if you. i think this band has never made a feature film before and credibly gritty incredibly sort of powerful tale of what's life is like in france today and i think it's these kinds of movies that take socially relevant themes and then find a very strong on that are compelling emotionally powerful way to tell them that really is what makes european cinema so special and really well sean sean this year all right well i hope plenty of movies to add to my watch list then scott rocks for as ever thanks a lot. in focal table top as we're seeing mention emerge victorious from a thrilling when disney go about with by nina a penalty by irani been said by unique in the dying moments stealers you want pictures of bloodbaths cementing the surprise hold on 1st place on 2nd straight loss puts them 7 points off the top spot you're watching news from by then coming
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