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tv   Kick off  Deutsche Welle  December 8, 2019 5:02am-5:30am CET

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there's. a swiss keeper who feels right at home at brucia minton gladbach and in the bundesliga. a polish top scorer who clearly enjoys german culture enough to go out and celebrate with fans. that pretty much proves how interconnected europe is right. europe seems to be drifting apart and not just because britain is leaving the e.u. let's get rich. nationalist and euro skeptic political movements are gaining ground all over the continent can football do what politics can't and reunite europe.
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this man had a bright idea that might help. were looking all over europe to see where football could really make a difference. and where things might get tricky. when accompanied by iron stars as they visit a couple of fan clubs in the boonies now on kick off. i go. from the trauma center he's just as comfortable on the pitch as in the fans clubhouse thomas millen superstar and a regular guy all at once byron's bedrock stopped by the supporters and will meeting and party he had a blast even if the fans haven't forgotten his team struggles with teammates only people happy and yes some of them lose. so there's a reason here to stick together the loss as well for sure. yeah but there was
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nothing i could do so easy to say your mistake was watching it. that's how it goes when byron mingle with their diehard fans it's all about access and some players are rarely disclose exciting times for supporters and pros. this is philippe coccinea 1st time taking it all in a priscilla owen at the foot of the alps flanked by trumpets and accordions the midfield maestro gets a taste for bavarian traditions of its great shanty boat not to be here celebrating with the fans most of the usual question we've all got the same age again the people here are getting behind us every going home it's a close up when we're a family it's a moment when. the barren family is a tight knit one even when they're not running away with the league class zuma who's been shelved with injury since october is staying positive to. fans who dropped by kurt some good means think i'm a bit ahead of schedule i'm definitely aiming for euro 2020 seat at the moment so i
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believe i can i will make the most of what i'm working towards every day much in touch. with their close connections to napoli and co earn points on the pitch and in the hearts of their fans. glass shop keeper young sama is another player enduring himself to his fans we analyze his game. john zama is mentioned glassman between the sticks ready and reliable he shines brightest against the biggest opponents. plus a good save that for me i'm sorry but what makes him so dahlia for gladbach all over comes about to tell us. there's always a lot of talk about how tall a keeper has to bring me to 83 is far from the tallest. but here against
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a close range header he demonstrates how you can compensate for that short to reach with excellent elasticity it enables him to get across and pull this one away. or. butts are very good cycle checks for itself what we're seeing is a fine goalkeeper to cancer but i can now we'll see how a top keeper deals with a shot from an angle on the counter-attack zama takes himself to the near post takes a couple of steps forward he's perfectly positioned and also shifts his weight on his left leg to have the best chance of getting down to the shot. perfect and also to make cuts you'll see with his fingertips strong fingers that's great so. it's actually quite surprising gladbach higher in 1st 20 check the stats on average they cough up 15 shots on goal a game that's at the time the league's other top teams give up half as many
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policemen we have to work on making it harder for us to create chances against us it's a problem we need to get to grips with. they recognize the problem but maybe this has helped make some are so strong in one on ones. that in this situation muscle sabots his only option is to aim for young somers left corner as he's anticipating that already in a fraction of a 2nd he also has to decide whether to make the save with his left hand or his running mate the link i have already after he opts for what we call here the upper hand through and it's the right choice otherwise he could just drop the ball this is if you can use all the songs. as if you wish to illustrate sounds almost incredible agility on the lines that look up and this is what we mean by the keeper having quick feet once he's so memorable and here we also see how he picks the perfect time. to get down in a flash for the safe is
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a very good start for some. of our last examples another tricky pull for you here he has to slightly adjust his position as well as i know making it even harder to get down the street for another great strength is that having to go down and only being able to push the ball to the front he's like being fast with the follow up to secure its own r.p.m. is it going to try to elfenbein and possibly even biron striker extraordinary levon dosti was foiled by put all this in a nutshell for us mr khan. is maintaining a fine swiss goalkeeping traditions up on this league that he's getting ever closer to being truly world class. passion drama competition marketing numbers on a sphere powered by intuition love hate money cash millionaires fans friends but amps and found.
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it football is life life is going quite well it shall go well you know just what they're doing right. after last season it sounds like a fairy tale shall car on course for the champions league but thanks to a new coach and new spirit and a new game plan it's really happening. that a shout goes well. so the spin unexpected for all of us given how misery loves. shall have a total. a new mentality
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a collective spirit sure they're winning a lot and the team is delivering on the field but it's all about the nuance of their game. everyone gets on well together we can. this wasn't always the case after years of disordered shell to have again achieved a state of harmony which is key for such a big club. are on a roll and it's not a coincidence this is been planned to a team. from him coach david bach not. you know a change of courage can sometimes have a huge effect on that same you know what's happened here and he talks a lot with. the maximum. new coach david wagner suited up and broil blew himself as a player he knows exactly what makes shelter tick is secret staying realistic while making sure the whole team embraces this plan we know where we come from we know
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that we have to be very humble. we know that we have a long way to go we know that we. shall cause position in the table in december is just step one wagner wants even more. the table isn't important after 13 games that the board night at the end of the season after 34 games and it's only a moment where we are a good moment. does not make this a good moment for. daniel talley judy has undergone a transition of his own pocket to shift to the outside back into the midfield and shall his attack immediately became more potent and unpredictable the risk on the jury is still really was 6 hard to see joe girardi on challenger a. very happy playing in that position closer to the opposition goal. child are playing their. most refreshing football in years it all comes from their mentality
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as seen in the winner against on your own. but by the way that. doc. and where i was shall cause journey take them. it's always hard to say but getting back into europe would be a good way to end the season. shall because football fairy tale marches on. and everything's on europe and what football can see for the continent. is crumbling. can put it together. on such a simple game such a complicated continent we set out on a quest for clues because the state of affairs is complex this breaks it and
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emerging nationalist tendencies in every corner so. it's only the national rally. the freedom party of austria. germany. hungary to name just a few. all over the continent population national interests ahead of the european ideal. and we need to reunite your. number one our beloved game has worked it's just easy it's just. politics can be exhausting but i'm astonished that we've gone through the european championships all celebrating their 60th anniversary of the 1st tournament back in 1916 a grand total of 4 teams took part. this time 24 teams will come. people across
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12 european countries with. the idea of sharing the tournament across the continent came from the show to meet. sicinius who had put. me in the will to go. on. to can teach anything. that was back in 2012 and he has since been banned from football for corruption but he's still the father of this unusual tournament has he given europe with these wild idea back then the situation wasn't quite as precarious as it was today perhaps it was an unintentional stroke of genius. and historic of the lynch of the tournament filter between nations and fans building bridges wouldn't be a bad thing but it's complicated on the way to the tournament all of these possible
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qualifying encounters have had to be avoided for political reasons in other words of these countries will have between one another even under one of the same european route. possible qualify things get really tricky russia spain romania and azerbaijan 4 of the host countries still haven't even recognized kosovo as an independent state because they had to display the flag and play the anthem it could cause serious political complications so. it doesn't sound as if it could really make a difference here. at least the mascot with his his head cut might please the masses but can it accomplish what can get america and boris johnson calm. let's look back at a case from the past the last world cup in 20. 4 while many feel.
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travelling to russia because of the unruly local hooligans. during the tournament all the families had a great time in russia everyone got along and the world celebrated a peaceful festival before. this time russia will host matches once more the same features. entanglements around the globe might be on people's minds before they think of football but the game brought people together in $28.00 c. and it can do in 2020. russia is only one of many stages to understand the full picture we need to know to whom the what and the way. these 12 cities will host at least 3 group stage matches if the host nation qualifies their government to play some games at home so we already know about st petersburg the tournament kicks off in rome. the opening match is on the 12th of june at the
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olympic stadium. outbreaks of violence are common in italian football grounds fascist fans are tolerated at many clubs and racism in the country is on the mom. to counter it it's a these football federation is a part of you a 1st game antidiscrimination campaign. this will be the country's 10th time taking part at the euros they won it once in $168.00. can intaglio do it again. in scotland the games will be held at glasgow's hamilton park. in football as in politics scotland is divided and glasgow is home to one of europe's most explosive. it's a rivalry closely tied to religion. captain excel to. it was founded by irish
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immigrants rangers shaped by protestant. happen to dodge breaks scotland or toying with the idea of seceding from the wild celtic fans of no single mind on the issue most rangers supporters want to remain in the united can be said that the euros are unlikely to be able to bring. the ball will be rolling in the netherlands in the johan cruyff arena. at a recent dutch 2nd division match between den bosch and excelsior winger mad men these moreira was subjected to racist abuse from the stands and the game had to be interrupt. itself. if so. yeah. a shot emotional foot pool reacts. the next match day dutch teams from the top 2
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divisions stood still during the 1st minute of their matches to take a stand against racist i yet more proof that football can bring about political change. and honestly something like this is worth more than any politician speak. romanian looks forward to hosting at caressed some national arena the remain ians missed their chance for direct one of occasion but could still make it through the playoffs to do so would be a milestone for this country for. 4 years there have been protests against government corruption economically and politically romanians long to finally arrive in europe. a large european sporting event could certainly help the country and the capital bucharest with its 2000000 inhabitants. as a by john's capital is also a host city but even. you where does the borderline more about that like.
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denmark is another host stadium in copenhagen. wouldn't it be great if denmark could recreate that mystery of 9092 when they sensationally went all the way. to certain danish players don't have it too easy a moment unfortunately because of the color face. fear of the foreign sadly widespread in the country. the stadium sun is situated in well heeled val is situated in the boss country of northern spain. the spanish national team haven't played in the basque country since 967 just like the catalans the past people want their will tanami
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will display in games be considered home or away matches. who have us fighting for independence surely wants nothing to do with europe right or wrong. the boss feel their roots stem from the heart of the concert. so it will be interesting to see where the bilbao would celebrate what would be a fool championship for the spanish. in ireland there are more she than people and the euros will take place here to be a viva stadium in. europe is regarded highly in ireland because it's done so much for the local economy anything else. on we've got it from dublin to budapest we feed a hungry has for years had a government that's sweet europe there are serious problems here with freedom of expression judicial independence and the rights of refugees. the games will be
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played at the newly built fed in its push guys say. now let's head to germany to the audience arena in munich germany have made it to the euros every time since 1972 with 3 titles so far 2020 will be their 13th time at the top. of the german team is comprised of players from various cultural backgrounds. and the fans fun for to respect in the tradition that i think often come and see me feel on top of him and he should not have done much of that over the months is now to each of. us and for a good example then for german society currently dealing with the alarming growth of the far right euro skeptic a f d m 2024 is gets close. the whole $24.00. will be germany. interesting but now it's still about $22.00 and.
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the tournament will reach its climax at the wembley stadium in london this is where the semifinals and the final will take place and a new european champion will be crowned. london england the motherland of break. down how exactly is the european idea supposed to be revitalized here of all places and the english team is a solid contender imagine a non european european champion winning the european championship outside of europe. let's hope that boris johnson is not the only one who knows your. view is clear that you wrote 2020 should be a celebration for all europeans and for.
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but how exactly will it be for the support is. what if no one shows up in back to azerbaijan that could easily be the case. there is plenty going against this case. first of all azerbaijan's team having qualified that was more or less clear from the start. secondly this post soviet country has been accused of human rights abuses and violations of freedom of speech in the 2800 democracy index azerbaijan came in 149 out of 167 countries. also midfielder henrik make it sorry and didn't feel safe enough to enter the country for the europa league final base year as an armenian he feared for his life. thirdly the atmosphere at that europa league final
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between chelsea and also was miserable in azerbaijan no one is really all that fussed about for a. side note there will be reports about why this location was chosen for the european championship in the 1st place and maybe some suggestions that money from the u.a.e. for sponsors so crowd was behind it one of the biggest power companies in azerbaijan they'll be told about human rights and it will become clear that football and politics all talk the intertwined and that azerbaijan is using football as a stage of which to remark to say there's no 2 ways about it football is political . then there's the problem distance some 4400 kilometers separate back you and dublin isn't that a bit. little but it's a lot of computer you. put is supposed to devote us who have to sell it if they have to do such as for nothing to. a lot of those. you know with us today
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hoshi city is. brutally roto organiser to suppose it's. just. just an addition to living ones in the us you got a major come to my identity puts a few of them off edition because you know that often complement toilet official. ok so those who have the means and the time can hop around europe to the different cities one can learn a lot about the countries the people and above all the concert. to find euro 2020 could be a fantastic learning experience they can expand their horizons learn about european ideas and cultures and overcome parriott and misconceptions that goes for those who stay at home and watch on t.v. . but what does that really mean can football you not europe or not.
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europe still be a divided continent off to the tournament. or will all europeans unite together in harmony. we admit it's complicated. football will surely leave behind some positive traces off to the tournament in every european country. and we don't have to agree with everything other states in europe do all right now but we also don't have to criticize every little thing to the point of destruction football alone cannot be jura of hostile nationalist tendencies but football can function as a useful tool to show politics that we is better than me especially when it's plays all over the european comes.
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what is number kept the others it is the. amount of christmas nicola clueless feasts at the christmas market and listens to the visitors express themselves joy. into custody good becomes contemplative and explores other markets in the beckoning peddling village. next.
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day. i hope to. keep learning marched realises wait a 2nd we want the whole picture out facts instead of make ideas shift deliver us. from a dimension reality to cryptocurrency to your topics for live in an ever changing digital world let's start with digitalisation. shift in focus on t w. closely . carefully. don't move this soon to be nice to be a good. match.
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